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Chapter Number2. XVIII
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Full Date1898-04-15
Page Number53
Word Count762
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Newspaper TitleWestern Mail (Perth, WA : 1885 - 1954)
Trove TitleThe Wealth of the West
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"Yon Bpeak with a fine contempt, , child. Where would you be if it were

not for Tommy Atkins P"

" And the colonels, dad, eb. ? I have no contempt for Tonitny Atkins. I honour him as J would anyone who does "bis work honestly. But I say, when the work ia done, don't let us rejoice over it. Z : Let the work be done ; but in the name

.of God and humanity let us-regret that rf ' it basto be done."

v " It's well for you women to talk; -But

is it well to traduce your defenders ?" .

.*? I am ¿ot traducing. Besides, if men j

defend us. it is against other-men-so |; logicwon'thelpyoufchereinucb, dad.' And

what is'more," she said, rising and com* ? : ing towards him with a modern transla & ; . tion -of the stride of a Semiramis, and ^ towering over .him . (remember: lie was.

||^. *ech"nin& «9 it was. hot^awi to tower),

? don't Ç*kë~ women .íor dollsrand play- er Ebings. vT4|i'\^^H^'^|i8^:'!'^>'4^/

gß-- "gänppwder makes all men equally tall. ^-.-^Thei«^are''tbJng8.I dread, but Í don't

¿read deathand there's no dread I .; ' could not overcome'? and . if it comes'to

; . fighting-well, dad, if it comes to fight pf ing, though I would rather use my hand ç| . tb stroke jour dear old head, this same ft: Iiand would load andere with the . beBt. g&-ii¿*Qh¿!Whé' «mall white teeth clicked and ^^^^^^ßiäM^M^'i^S^''t should

^pvilßjabafeli lóoklngTip. ' " Pjr^ylíéTia^pur lS*^^oir'^T#öni,^^pMtty sentiments." Antï: ^'£J&L< ttïê yGaboon country oí* England P<

^Staggie 1 Page ! Maggie Pageï ¿Maggie

^ *^rfkrgarefc's 4augh rang out with the*

p§; ^-sj»îa joyous, rather rebellious : ling.. -Shel

^tjli^^-JierJaö«»; and took the old boy 's

^ jbëaâ'inJier jat-xnsoaxdICÍBBC^tiixa. " ?'.

^-7 ''it** not « Bit of good, dad. % am |k - what I atiiij and there's an end of it/', and r hèïore be ¿ad iècovered himself she "was* ¥. down at the piano again, and binging,' í~^^t%::fcer spîritunl'thermometer at quite

^í/%il!tfércn^ "

§¡lip^#jk^ yon Jéud Jt

p^í,-' . ' - Oh, promise jne;ï.pb, prottuBe^me.*'. ^i^Sr^i^h father/' she said, coming Sown ^^^t|i^^-ipa-ï^'j»j«,- " there, H&atës ;

J§^:&tt'0¡tiw~ how 4btÍbT¿;^bw*ÍÁ> lire, hbiy ¡llÉ^fWr *° |pBÍi'"3*Id ' .^ITlfife^olceB^^ §|||ga$a^^ fppt;!

^'"^liier%ani&" ttat %bu jjlyeiso Inatiyl flier

te^^ ï»; Mt^iclHmly JnwJmp

' ill *% my, ín¿, myself, iud ^timber

> . -Ojae.* Thö «nan who wrote that

'';^^^^ntV:éóo%''''daá^he knows or he ^ V îeâs, and tíié sentiment of hie" song is gfe£.?..?.làÂé ánH great and eternal. There/' E bang on the piano again,. " what do you

p &ÎiuV*î;that? 4 And find ihe hollows fe Jr: *tefs& t*osë flowers grew.' What a. £ .. perfect expression-it means repentance, p£'>;:a¿«l íetóüiiecence, and failure, and i;-«uccesB, and tenderness, and the com

gij: ¿janlonSbip of love and Berviee,\andthe Ip^ïjtà&ce Jaàio sfense of: truth that aré to

^^fftff» &. the end of the lourney, and ""rr fr.,:,, with a ripple Over the keys and a little

4>f tire ineradicable English ehame

Pr ^ to egress* p£i ¿aa émbtíon before wil^ssea-' its iaítbí ;

ppS- SsNBßle P^ge, daiightet of X)olonel ^«m" |v.«:^Pagé; of Ser Majesty^ jOnéfy^ônèÔï/

fl; - VÍJüeH'thín^

"ftanother ^ü l did that it would . he |g|<^împudent and Tulgar.ánd disrespectful ;

M^srb^^é» it^T^^d^lié^kêd^S.^' ^^^^0^^ßl&^^iu^ ijßod^ta ? a bit P§g^1^8ie old Maggie Page back .again any* p ; *ay. What a little di-agon she looked a ¡£;"~ ' inmute ago, andwhat à mUd.milk-white

.p^räbrejshe »noV;, librdj Lord, when *vîll J. ^" ihe'.ses: ever be. civilised P Ñów, Tom v\ vPage, what's thebest thing to do ? To

y j :. ^ morrow snell be xa. the miserables again,

ft, - What ean*I flo to keep her'goihg ?" *

He smoked on and she played on. Then lifer playing wasintepnptea. ....

t|.- ^Maggie," called the Colonel, "come U^here/'y-: ?.. -" ' ?'?

-'Yes, dad.'-'

|íá ? . He. Jay back and watched the last 5^'.'V-«tend of smoke wi-eath upward before

. speaking. ;'\ .... r'J

- ^ *' What do you 43ay to a change ?" .". íí u^ "WhaVspitof a change?" '., . -

JlgKi t " What iori jpï a change ! Wouldn't S^? Anything "be. Mt^er than the purgatory,

: .*>£ monotony we'*e been going through '; - ^getb&rîàmf-f^éb^p/ Mömit'iiid: Âfr-^^^ïiSBMy^îÔçiiiit. and gó ttná bç ^c^D»r^Mdy^'v^.;." "v. .:. . :?

" ' i**Pfchich means we are ^jj&iit^oaï^-i Èiàfiâmo^^ bitte-' 'Medí--:

" Oh, dad, 'you-you darling - j&ték gi:ä"%^cn^lttstl'::' y