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Chapter NumberIV
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Full Date1894-01-27
Page Number46
Word Count1758
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Newspaper TitleWestern Mail (Perth, WA : 1885 - 1954)
Trove TitleUnder the Southern Cross
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se hadheenj

i ^w/ui noV a je'çôntirj


They wera early risers at MArara Jflara.,]

and breaktfcst ^as always on the feble at se rani ;'-.*>* :- vvr--V- '

John Prescott's perse rer crowned ^tfc euecÄls.)

prospérons Und ojri&K bnt ¡ to toü^f^ind^a^ami

the rnowipM niter Lorne's s_ took hegftlaa)»~8 usual at the head ol table, oheTujnhte before the clock atr seven, and watted ¿or her father, sinking fe^ng a^berjheart; abs

these breakfasts witb¡fil*wvaríTnCT

dread. W|oJBl|^^ was di-fimOfd^ and LordtJhttP»V^

tentions seat at herva1aterjs /«"rfeh^ without feeling that sbA was tb

her^thflr^^ivijed af

ataruCk%#vw£ trM ^pk hf


A certain number of sentences were

always interchanged between these two, until the monotony of them became far iTüüf» tuniblw thaw abseiet s silsimn 1» JUiuJ girl. ."" V"" Ir. Prescott fixed his stem i»lnev eyes'

is daughter and said gravely t 3-ood driping, Lorne."

jrood morning, father." Each morn'

ilhen she gave hinr^w tea, and took an*

!on her own platB/Jrud th^meal pro

ledin silence untilit was time for her

hyT^h^l%lT«ye_ aüotho**ap of

Slather F"

¿Cf yon please."

waar 'wmm&S day afta* day,iihftanjne*

«nelsen wUh tho name studied «ekL,

m until tfiey became unspeakably awful.

cj»oor Lorne; ' ' .

dafter about fifteen minutes of this^owi tjttwure, Lorne seeing he had finished rose

antf was aboat to(ibfj£ft*^e ^r|Ufsb>] n%er met her father daring the,, day), when he said abruptly : 5

; '«* Jiia^^bttsrJt^uirirour sister yester^

any^;^S|^'Vfö^ m^^Wi

" Yesterday r Lorne repeated in snr pri8e', knowing it hàd not beena mail day.

Her father condescended to explain :

" Tom King's son was riding, ont from Brisbane, ¿nd she sent it by him. She tells me not yt expect her home for a week or ten days."1 1

' It seemed ah eternity jo Lorne,, father P/ she ventured to ask.

41 No," he answered, coldly. "Here, yon may read lt if you like." 4no] he went away to his work.

It was. jjt^sry^p^nofa^^ ^gjjjy^gig woaígive tho ^e^^t'bokX^^o

Traie will. Be îs in MArybeVough si

Îresent, but4s^xpeeted-home in~a~jvsek.

t will be best for me to welt «nd see him. No time for more. King is waiting. My lore to dear Lorne, I have got a nsw book of poems for her."

Lorne kissed the letter through a mist

of tears.

"Dear,dear Rozaie!" she murmured. " What should I do without youP"

' Then she pat it in her dress, end pro«

ceeded to help Maggie O'Brien wini the ! housework for a little while, and gave in« «tractions about the midday' meal that was to be sent to the men in the field.

Then «be said, " Ont sontathing for me piesse. Meggie ; twice as mhch as I bad yesterday, and mind'you poi some ham In to-day r

" Masha, bot thr&mpln* t|ô,, creeks agrees wid your appetite !*??...pxólaimed Maggie, for Lorne rarely took «neat with her. ';' .' -

The girl laughed and did not answer; batt Maggie looked at her closely, and thought she looked in some way diff erent to the Lorna of yesterday.

"An' whin'llyon behack. Hiss Loras ?" " Hoar can I telUsIaggie t Some time before the ann gees down," she answered, lljghtly. " JSTow Ï most pat on another frock and get away." t

Saoàa<|Tasen wendering all the morn,

ing what she should wear ; she did> not like to pat on any bf her prettiest things, though she oonld not tell why. Atlast she decided on a eimple »white lawn that had «feeen Janndered a dozen times, but she discarded the'bright surah sash ohs ttsnaHy wore with it, potting on a tan leather belt instead. On the iridescent brown hair sh« pinned a white "shavings" hat, ornamented with a spray of briar

3WBS." "

?"-I- wonder if he snll 30nii,"7|ab thought. MI wonder if hs has forgotte p."

When she took her lunch from herold servant's hand the woman stared at her ag»»«- .

"Take care it lent umgh-a-dhawns you'll be meetin' on the banks of thom! sthrames, acashla," she breathed, with a sadden lapsing into the sweet endearment

of her native isle.

Lorne's face went scarlet in an instani. " Larragh-a-dsawns ! What are they1 What do yon meant" she asked, hotly.

" Good people! Didn't yon know tba, Miss P Bat it isn't zne that 'ad like t > meet them !"

''Fairies do you-meanP" smiled Lorn i.

" Why X meet%em every day, pr fancy [ do ! and that's Just the same, and I ral r. to them by théTxônrl"

"Glory ii iSoaA ns, misj! It isnjt right to think about them-HÍet alone to*

; JUg^^Ssad' curved pr ir >

har eyes, watched the tall enpple fignfe ¡ »

it sped down the sunlit path. I J"*

"She has more heart than she used ó hsf e," thought the aroman. « She hld a,

mnile this ^ornlnfi \hat she might pa re

had If 'twas a boncheleen bawn she [wis*'

Jfroin* to meet. The sainte^sreservë h »r from tba!) ; ^oieuwe-o^ Mofas on! tl e

min^ie^fcÄluI'i ^rpfitâblhle jtia»y

^ringvWid^hBto.^herovorder come/" and her thoughts wandered back to the " boy " who had wood her nader the haw* thorn in far Connemara long ago, and had " gone for a anger " when her heart [was won, and never went back to claim it. .

- ..It jyaa aJiJbtlojitter. Jen jirhe»_Jiorns -rosehed^ke-4rye^ng-phMe,~4Hid to her' greW ^rpr^ bf

yesterday waa there before her. f ^

j|l«|hnre she didj^TaEffl^ to. < >nceal.

^A^a^rss^^^^m^^^^nk ye tonbW

iras a dessin, and, that we had nev r met* ataU." !'l ? #mto\l"y»v$&vmtoSBa«aal y snr.; prised «iÂîfeeaaicIPjX «hi askbd,

seriously. "I soi always baving Ireams

like^bafc/7 n¡^t^]jO|fnj^tiayinec people.

I have read. i>f,,_ and. JUMO hali re that

tryíngW^ «geri; ie;

jras^^yeqoyedto find that ai \ could MkÄfaim ftfefthis; contd oj m the' whito page . of her ^innermost tl ougbjts

for him to read I " !

^^^wmi^m'^ßm'^m^ ls Betty Trotwood, and Nie, little tuft close by is David Oopperfield. That p.ick-a.hean on the b^er ^'slm^^gliift^gphe eonyolvolos ia 1^ &

« And. wfy»ra fBMli^ "îBherels m?qgl$

IPÍ^er^ot^hefF^ , .

tero never, was any Itoirans.;*' 1

"?Çoàluiyo ctóB^nBáníM^^eíli

¡andona. Have yon endowee

Oh, yes-*merpfthsni!< J; Arthur,


i the white cedar is Lancelot,"

Where ia ^fcoe queen P And which is EHeure P"'Basil-saked, smilingly;

: "Thn-my hythe water's edge is Elaine *, ' I was going to call that euloon tree Gain* eveve bat I didn't, I thought we could get1 on much better without herí" said Lorne seriously. ;

"Tell nie," he expLainied suddenly, ?' Is this the secret yon apo te'of yesterday P I« this what heaps you from feeling lonely P"

&Jtâ\Wk tbiakajt^ry silly;I Mn

poseP I wonder why I told you!" she added, half wishing ' she/had kept it to, herself. - : / 1

"I think it a very beautiful fancy," he


glad I am that yon trasted mel I lay awake all night trying to make ont what yon meant. h

" Really P But you should harejà^eÉ me if you wanted to know, I am so méffiT,

». I think I should have kin awake &f

any case," said he, for he did n^nm£u| faring even the shadow of distrsra'J^^^ face. Then he added : *' Dooli JWHffi to see the books." ¿t f ff/

"Very much. Ok, ^ow¿4ovely 1"

exclaimed when jí^Sffltaw.". TIMK; ."Alice Lorraine,' A hara often' wi*hw for that because Lorn.. Doondie so hea^~

fol. 4 Middlemaroh.' I have «ever *sm' any ot George Eliot's. So now yon knew

^më^^^Mi.^6Î. f^ihaW I

have often seen advertised and weudnred about it. How good you aré "to come ana bring them to rae !" . .

" Yon don't know hew happy it makes me to seek you so pleased," eira hatead; them T%,;and |_wj# fetch «thew,» but, I think I was wrong in bringing 'Menalan, I'll take it back and bring yon- aowàhiog

have often loncha lor it.. Xs HehsdaV tnsj

name of a girl P"

"Yes. I wish I had not hroughtrftr

and loving-and never vmdor^^^^^^l

"Yes, he was shunned by every one

"Ah, why^wm ) poopte write aoih books !" she exclaimed, with tears in lier

" I know you; conH _ftt," Ju

same look now. that Jfchev had yesterday," grown awfully tired of myself; ï^ion't*

rahmetywf f^x^aamobtt^s^tít1 eorilng^

home tor ten daya" < <>.'Vi

He almost answered "Thank Heaven Î" bat he was wise enough to redress the words, and say instead.

" Then you must meet me somewhere every nay and let me banish your bnety.


Bat he called himself a scoundrel when she replied, with innocent pleasure :

"Oh,I hope yon will!"

Bj^andhy he said j .-*« Isn't it timp we thought of sustaining Nature by having ». snack P I got .Mrs. Rearan to put np aoms. thing fdr nie this morning."

' Mm, why did you P I bava brought a double supply 1" cried Lorne. :>'»

"That's jolly; we can have a Lord Mayor's dinner I? laughed BasiL " Are those ham sandwiches P They aro tha* joy of my heart. I have not brought any meat, aa I rather fancied yon ware a/< vegetarian."

"I am not," she answered, ** but .J seldom eat meat, except in the erb-t-tf.

f^w^wpemtsti /u -y

"That's glorious 1 I got Mn. Reran to make some bf her covered tarts, they are very good as a mle, and here's'a tfponge cakei and bread and bnt^ ; «his flask is foll of milk, and here's a tin io* ^apricots I" ? ..^

"Didn't Mrs. Regan think that * enrióos kind of lunch to pack ?" -rightcT Lrtrrha. .»

" She did indeed ; but she treats csa ai « harmless new chum, and doesn't

àmeh attention 'to tony freaks. Sha did rematk that she knew 'Er^islunen Wore goad to their insides!' and of course 1 wasn'tgoingtp contradict her!"

* Aid yon have .aottudly brought, 'tj^ sppoos'l l suppose, yon told bee J$&

ifould tee «ne."

. "G)ood heavens, no J Bo yon think I would dream of such a thing P"

" Bit why not B" Lorne asked* aston» ished. "I.Jmów Jurs. Regan well, agd sha woojd not haws inindrd m the least.'

: BasllilooJred mt lier onriansly. ' Whf< waa she so frightfully innocent P ; Had; she no idea that she waa being 'oö-pro.^ tufaed P He did not know how to- leplyr Lorne ejxiketgfa&n,

«f l »rn snprised that you did. mob mention me to her; how ii lt yon nml,