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Chapter NumberV
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Full Date1894-01-27
Page Number46
Word Count711
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Newspaper TitleWestern Mail (Perth, WA : 1885 - 1954)
Trove TitleUnder the Southern Cross
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. lorne a^d/Baatt had neàtlyj finished

their repast When a tremendous noise re- .

sounded from the scrub on the opposite JP


" What can thaï be ?" Basil asked.

For an instant it had flashed through bia brain that her fattieriwas coming, like the father in the song " with a well armed, chosen hetfdJ'ijbat Lorne -re.

assured him by saying I ' n " " r

, " Blackfellows eje banting. See, there goes ai rjadfly*bieloni poor little créature ;

I wish we could save him."

Sut it was* too iate i for; that. : On an instant be was pounced upon by a pack of dogs, and Lorne covered ber eyes with her hands. Mr. Armitage watched what tifoUowed with interest; a powerful black niaa rflabed out with uplifted nuUah'>

^*llab,aho)uting " nya-yah r and snatched $heUt^dead thing away from the yelping

j'r^jWapIl over," said Basil to his eom

äpampni'-'^Ciorae raised her eyes «nd re^gnisedtbehUckfellow.

i-^%^ia«uck Jumper," said she. "And !ittebâ|^»J^. wiv«s,n as two gins ladea "Wl&^l^^^mtuly bags, dead bandicoots, '^eisnn^'suid paddy-melons, joined the


'Xttherp fplknrsdj young ^pnp. ^PjPWP and little naked pickaumMes; mitil abbat, dwenty 'ot* them were collected ; some drinking in the creek ,* others lying 00 the Isaak caressing their dogs, ana jabbering

^resenw Duke,' who» badÍ bein bristling

with eiccitmént, barked sharply and 'atr tracted the attention of the mongrels on lihe ether side.

j : .Then there arose almost unearthly din,

occasioned by howling dogs ant yelping puppies; ahrieking gins and shouting iuackfellows, until Basil was nearly deaf« ^snedf but.. Lorne sat quiet, with an

WsM^m on^er.«p^ainM some of

^^Uaadera bad succeeded in rsrtoru^f hmgj^d imto^ja1 face^^'asia^^^^''

5 Äullö Lorne 1" To Basil's nnspeak. ^ ejna^mbrijî ehe rápt>a W&JW&&

kindliness :

íapariad f'l.asked the

sable giant.


long the conversation, but did not, know gins:

)¿íf'ja%/.eamá iiBBör ^ttf bounded from the bandle of blankets on which abe

4>enk3intil she rot to the falls, «har« . tba water trickled only ankle deep evet ts

^pu huagrv, Kittf-f" Lorne asked aa sae approached them.

' The$trl rait bar fingers', through her woolly head, laughed softly as if ijt were a good joke, and replied :

''' My word, plenty hungry I"

' Lerne looked at ber companion.

--' " We. don't need any more; do wet" she almost pleaded.

- «'No, certainly not! give it to her by

.^BBr Kitty !yon fake au this."

?ttve some to other fellow black Mary, miad.» . .'.

^oj^Jea). am^JfmP. «

äaimed the girl, clutching the remuai of the " Lord Mayor's dinner," " Black Mary plenty lite em jam." She looked at Basil loria ipinûtcfand said, ^arning to Lbrfie &

. ^W^aÍMmethatleTlówr^ ' T

Lormojehook her head. "Baal ma know. Óood-bye Kitty!" i

* Good-bye, Lorne." And the girl har« tied (Ott arith ber price.

" What did she call yon P" BaaU asked.

"Lorne, herepeab-d, almost to himself, yet Whet too. ^And do yon allow them to use lt without a prefix r'

"Whir, bf «ourse. A blankCeUow. always

tbp èbiîBtUn name. They éventail

- "John' Pf^cott," abe anawes^ «if> prised," Why do yon speak lue thatr

»U that your fathare nameP And yours is Lorne P Heavens 1" he added almoet nader his breath* "here's a Jangle P

* Why w it a tangle? What dc yo« mssnf T cannot niulerstand yon J*. -

^otnsl1* be repeated again «lowly, i >.« Lome, let me look st you." And he fixed

his eyesupon her wondering face.'

"I have been pnaflled, hannted, trying to find* oat who it is you remind a» ^of |

And now I know."

<'And you will teU mer she askedv with sweet entreaty. -: ~

.'1°? thinkHe moved away trom her, and'looked ont Into the panda

'dentbs d$hemountain.shadow,

v Shroud he tell ber lost tale of a cruel wrong done long ago, and cloud those mysterious eyes with sorrow P Now, when he bad jt*fi*t *hem how to emile f

,-: Tho~* thoaasna times. It eoold mot db aMonb1 any «otóÍHól ti^tg

^Ärtr^eW^H R dW **

tass tum long to atofcia.

PJPI » Wracke P;1 Yon! wei&T wiso.

Vi* srçffonng that éndçd only in .WW»' ä*»*00^1 w«nK yo»r henri) to hoar

OBLO* conïtntMlî.)

. i's.; -, .. i