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Chapter NumberXXVIII.--Continued.
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Full Date1898-07-09
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Newspaper TitleQueanbeyan Age (NSW : 1867 - 1904)
Trove TitleLove's Conquest
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' Ye7, she was my mother,' nnswe e Arl,!n, ' and since her death sone years ago, I have h t he ,tatleh r,'. W ell, r, . i nt c," ý eO " r ,lL these y trs, tll?? I showlliave a dauibfer so closely :onnected with my first love. How p2culii"10"Vee :ah' war'?khtk{hil aidl iAe .call providenc'. To think 'hit my egppslp?l.h come to love ilhe sisters d uwhterof my ear!y angel.-Pi3videnhce works in iti own way, there may be something in it -,?na?n iiaher'trjd affinity on both saild. Ho~ l lbil at'ne knows I Hern have [ hbe nr pp'gtng with all m al tii rgl td lý 4) itlm b i h, }ý; the very thing thti I shouhl have pl inne I if I hIad ittku ..'iy.• .Evi.1entjy ,ynnooi were thp wife ijnniie~ ' bý tiny, it "or Detily's; ndi. if my interference hld been s?n's~f??I ,t[ riTagitro havo spoiled his wife and defeated iis own ends. I have made a great n ,st'k?.'i..but yo: will not b-ar malice agaiitL-me 4 4 iti Lily Adela ' ' Not if you will cl.m a, " Adel ,,' and let me b 2t +;t N td'P)k,'t ;shri'si lwirlh a heeechlling I ok that was half shy, h?.Lfgon fi.ling. whet +_101_ cn i ?.-Ttrioc ,over , her and kissediiri it $ t 1lrehea l4jri thll was tirGelite Ia nyeys eIs" As her opened the door. ' My dear dliguhter,' said Sir Pattick, no' obs"rving i)enys, who stnod as if thunder. struck in the door~ay, ' pu make me more happy than you lfciaadd\ oi to? it by coming to live Ilt with Denys. If he is stt upon continuing in his profession, we th:ere,:s?il hoi'tfo 'b any nrhd'`fo'?t ind' should he glad for him to settle at home and take his proper plauc ih'ihi?boiriify-uu%, at all even's, you must mgqk this yogr ,home asa much as yot canl. Y?ou will persalde, imir, will gu nriot I T know thai he wi l do any thin'that iyogbuish .j , 'Oh, I don't know about th t!! '" :aid Adelde, laughing and blushing: 'But herae lie is a,:?Denys,..gomea and i ansye for., your self t?+ ,'-2-'d' '.I ;';t·' 4 Denys c Mmie' atasghtti bit' iltivi'sidesanid' wrolng hitfather'?hand. ' ly (?ir ilhei,' he exclaimed, with ýleep emoti,,n,, t qnp so thankful for thisa ..We will do jest wish. My' own inclin ation would be to?temain in the Army, and for the 1p'~ftentt, 't;any rate, that would not' prevent our living with you ; but we need not settle iabout that-yet. --We will talk it over.' "There was much to be talked over ; hat. nil three were too much relieve 1 by the sense. - of the conmpleteneas of the reconcilihtimn to think of any roin r considerations just)lhen ; and Denys, obseI a k ofx tion on his wife's fac abeotntas ~ r.:,fl, when Sir Pitric l? 'ined"jim. . SWait one moment,' he said, opening one of tlaedly.s Off thtPejritoi'7ad ;jtt fe, moment' There is something tliat't wan??t Adele to do for me, if she will. Ah, here it is !' , He broke off sudlenly as he found wyrti he was in selrch of, and, taking up a large envelope, sealed and tied, he hand.'d it to Adeln. . 'My dear, I am going to call your dauahterly services into requisition at once. Will svp.a bhii.i ptdket cita' thel fira , for m e 1' :,d .I "'l t * .:.. . ': The fre, heaped up with blazing pine logs, was hh ? niq iillt el 'thlie friln open hear Viatl, ,hai.t ?shh inndf,httl little at; the slrahgeness of the requlest, Ad..laexezuted it without hesitation. .", . i She took the paper, an 1, moviiug a step or two forward, stooped and droppel jti innt. thile dancing flames. It did not "Acut tit her what the nc'inn might mean ; b ~t Denys k,nel va 1well w;wai t.i~ me nt, al'd the 'ruddj fitelighi, springing up to a brighter flame as the piper caught fire, rriadledl?A\ lb6w in his face that was not wholly caused by the reflection of the lire. He knew now that the quarrel was indePed? , a in .end~i an,, he glanc'd.atl his fatlier svith , look tof' intense tbgn]?i?Jdesh? aidf 1lief ; bu Sir 1,itlick, Pitting his chliir, was quietly. watch. ingithrl? -?di ?,,,tita ~", . .. . . .. .. , -,. .. The document bltlckened ,ndr smouldere 1, anti auain fI ired unl unlid':i ithire" 're;aaned uitt quivering ashes glowin; and whitening in tie hot woqd1fwer:,1 *,'?h? lm'lS qt¶Je! nd looked t1hi'P" tr wtt ? ar' gra'itude in her eyes. She realised now what it was that he h.d chosen to do through her

Tb ml slhi W: ý 0v9y ! re Deny bhi jnhikit an l g4ashes pin ljse hearth j1d hid by ee 4 at' j gia gib had iagdcir 4ik r·` _ h d th. ? lreconciliation so unexpectedly brought about was complete and lasting. Captain and L dy Adela Esmonde have long been sett,litaifi Moce?den ýi~MciRtw ThroPmorton, who made the acquaintance of thl#i lTl ltiieyed maid in whom he found his fate when on a visit to them, iq now the Sir Fatrick, who lrovep- reprehensihly in. tlklit Sn~h e ht&t.'? of grandfather, is never so hippy as when he is surrounded by the little troop of children tht in the course of y;*ars hive come to gladden the two old houses, and by his devotion to his asghtae-in-lyw endteavours to eke up 1o ?lter" p 1; i that I 'he.' tree? ' `t sufferin th palb. He s cm h of time at kshbolt, except on the rare ocea"ions hq ? u at j is a visitor there, and t..hý n o shuns the pt (ce. Maude is still unmarried, and, as the art uging grcetally is tystery th]at beq9t fat r 1, her ri nds ar few d hdir-numbbt o ecomem s.wryver rthr. A rumour that at one time obtained cur. renc, ttD1at t`,l.Tresaitian rw)s paying her ,nark ??tl t bn i g'j yo~r9well founded that Maude betrayed complacency rather sandispleasnre when it came to her ears-a f.?.tir Patrick heard of with deep disgust iwd disdain, an l Denys with mischievous and irrespres ible glee ; but there was noth ing in it, for a little later Lord Tres'ilian genially employed in diusipt ing ter u and breaking her heart. o ''ectioi i% tch was severer autthe timra cahI h naarlg4aaR d nver bh~i. renewed by Adela, though Lord Tres sijian, ade strennous efoytr two retrieve his h1) ter when he die sved iow d fferentlqi fm>h ?]s anticipttion' g.&Cii were turning Oit't.""t her houte A'lad ceives the Fgr, tcgasiownhlly when Sir., Patrick is in the country ; but the ate?-bro'her who sinned against her sotu~p~rdoqab'y phg hs o ih, to "ir Aeeuain cýnoryse sha1tel& t acrnss hm mn tlote wi lly~diftTrelt s te, n whitth she "Aoves. Happ and bqlbve , Ade'a's life wjq ataclei di b1o h B' rekiika'i Ark h-r happineao, and some had seemed almost tirmegunontihle,;,lu , , io.e a, ,igt y i on qu' rot, tnl lOVo iovercfmeths TSL END.