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Chapter NumberXXIII
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Full Date1898-06-18
Page Number4
Word Count330
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Newspaper TitleQueanbeyan Age (NSW : 1867 - 1904)
Trove TitleLove's Conquest
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OIAPTER" XXIII. Itvwas aboub eight in bIte evening when Denys and ;Adeolt ;reachled London, .and+ the dazzling lights of the shiop: and 'thetres, the crowd'of foot passengers hurrying along' in. a never-ceasing stream,' the :block'o'; 'viehils, and, above all, the roat "of sound on every side; miade Atelhi feel' giddy antd .confused. She had not heen in town since,iihecame,, up to se it doctor with her fabher4:and Mr Blun , and the gap between_ then, seerumd like a-lbridgeless eternity.: .Sle- flt'. more tlhan ever as if she wasn i d dream?; and, if it had not been for the conaciousnes~. that Denys was Iy 'her side and 'thie co0nfid ence. thlat she felt. in hisi powers of protection; -h, wvouid Ihave been afraid: --. : :: T The light of the electric lamps on ornie-of. the l;rie buildingsathatb they pissed lit up her face for a moment,--, revealing the pallor -of her cheeks andI her dilated ..eyes ;- and,. ob serving how weary she looked, Donys. took her ihand in his. .-. ;I ' You are tired-.r ubt, dear,' he said ten derly ' and, after all you have gone thiodglih to-day, I do not wonder.- -.gIt- has ';bea'ii: to fearful strain on you ; bubh chler up-it's all over now ! We shkll be at our destination directly,. and aunt Mary? will know' how `°to set yotn tip.' . . , What is " aunt Mary," litke,;Den-jsa ' asked Adela rathoe nervouIsly. .iYou have told me -so little about her,' and I musb con fis 'that, now-the nidhiineht for encriunteirig her is r6onear, I 'bgi'n to tremble ii little.' ' "You wouldn't-if youknew her. -She is the mst bdharming old lady yoa over s tw I' replied D?enys, w-ith eAthusiasmn ' That is .rubber vague,' said Ahdela,? stnil ing." ',Tell -me sometlhing defilitei abodt her. I don't even know her -name,; and .I, can't call' her "baunt Mary," as you' do.' ".: - - TO- 'ro fE ONTiNUEDl