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Chapter NumberXXXII.-(Continued.)
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Trove TitleFor Cora's Sake
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F OR CORA'S SAKE. OHAPTER XXXII.-(Continued.) When Fabian tried to combat her deter nmintiion, she informed him that she had dubing the funeral week received a joint letter from Captain and Mrs. Neville, in vitin'~her to join' their party to the frontier. She said she had accepted this kind invitation and had forwarded all her baggage, which had been so long stored at North And, to Washington to wait her arrival in that city. ' Very well, then,' said Fabian. ' If you ase set upon this expedition I cannot hinder you. But I tell you what I will do. I will take Violet to Washington. It will divert the mind of my poor little girl. Her old giardians, the Pendletimes, are there. With them she will be able to let you depart without breaking her poor, heart.' Oh, Uncle Fabian, I am so glad you have thought of this I It will -be so good for Violet. She has had a sad time since her home-coming. She needs a change,' said Cora eagerly. ' When do you wish to go, Cor 7 ' 'As soon as possible; but if Violet and yourself are coming my wish must wait on yours, Uncle.' 'Let us go and consult Violet,' said Fabian, leading the way to the nursery. Violet, when told of the Washington trip, was ,more than pleased, she was delighted. To show her baby to her more than mother, as she often called Mrs. Pendletime, would fill her'soul with pride and joy. Very early the next morning Mr. Fabian and his party left the city by the express trainen route for the national capital, leaving Mr. Clarence to go to North End and take cha?g of the works. They reached Balti more'.:t 11 p.m., and remained overnight, reaching Washington about noon on the folln?ig day. They went directly to the hotel where Captain and Mrs. Neville were staiyi g.. Corona changed her travelling dress, went down into the ladies' parlour, and sent her card to the Nevilles. And presently there entered to her a very handsome middle-aged pair. SIt is very kind of you to take charge of me,' said Corona to Mrs. Neville, as the three seated themselves on' a group of chairs near.together. 'Myi dear, I am very glad to have your company, as well on the. dreary journey over the plains as at that distant frontier fort. You .will find life at the fort with your brother a severe test to your affection for him,' said Mrs. Neville, with her rather doubtful smile. ' ' You have some e.perience of life at Fort Farthe~rmos ?' remarked Corona pleasantly. b -i not at that particular fort. 'WNo have nevier been quite so far as tlhat yet. it 1is a new fort. We shall have to cross what used '.L9 be called the Great American Dese??tto reach it. , We go first to Leiven worth,' ad from there the long 'and tedious trav .lldcng by army waggons over the plains and tlhrough the wilderness will try your endurraice, my dear.' •' e."'e, come I' said the captain heartily, 'its, all unmitigated dreadfulness. To be`te 'vwe have no railways; no fine city hotels,; But we can stop, at one or two forts on 'th way for a day or two, and have good sport.':? The waggons by day make good couches by night; and as for a bill of. fare a lith'tch of venison from a deer shot by the soldier" on" the road, and cooked on a fire in the 'opin air has a fine flavour. All civilised condiiments we carry with us. As for amusements, there is alway sure to be some fellows can sing and tell good stories. I rather think you will enjoy the trip,; as a noelty Mrs. Rothsay. I observe that'most young people do;' : ' I renlly think I shall enjoy it,' assented Cora. ' I hope that you will be able to endure it, my d?r,' added Mrs. Neville. 'yYou see the journey is no novelty to my wife, Mi's. Rothsay. . Thirty years ago, my dear lady, I was appointed second lieuteniant in the. Third Infantry, and was ordered to Okononak, Oregon. I married my sweet heart here, and took her with me, and she has been with nte ever since. We have raised children, and they have married and Sleft us, and we have never been patited for a week. We have lived 'among soldiers, - savages, pioneers, scouts, border ruffians, wild beasts, and venomous reptiles all the days of our married :life. ' What do you think of us ? ' '.. I tiik it is unjust i tha't some, military •officers have to vegetate all their days in bho-e-wilds of the West; while others live for all that life is worth ii the iEastern centres of civilisation.' 'i Bless you, my dear,'w?o dontb vegetate. It nothing else should rouse our souls the Indit?uis would, a·nd make us lively, too. - It is not an unpleasant life on the:whole, IMrs. t Ilothiay; but you see o:we are growing old, -and myis wife is tired of it.' ' N~iv here are some people Joming in to isntemiupt ius,' said the captain, in a vexed

C:rona looked up and said : S ' TIey are Chief Justice and Mrs. Pondle tihue,`:me uo call on their late ward, Mrs. f Fabin iltockarrt. Do you know them T' T ai' bit I it of it. So if you please, my dear,?-ie will retire at once and leave you to d receive' themn,, cipecially as we are both engag'dc to dine at the arselial this after- I noon;, i'knid the captai i; and he arose, and g with ills wife withdrew from the parlour. h Cor?:wount forward to receive the noev: visitors." They both greeted her very warmly, and then expressed the deepest sympathy r with lidr in her sorrow at the loss of her k grandfather, and she made many inquiries for particulars about his illness, u When .Corona .had answered all their ti questions, and they had again expressed their y sympathy, she inquired: 'Hicv'e you sent for Violet? Does she ;}knowijou are here? If not, I will go and 1 call hiet' f' ' Oh, yes; the servant took up our `card. Y And here she comes I And the baby in her A -arms, by all that's beautiful l' said Mrs. I Pendletime, asshe arose to meet her favour- W ite, and took the infant from the fond bi mother and covered both'with ciresses, al •'To think of my child coming to a hotel a1 instead of directly to my house,' said the lii elder lady reproachfully. 'd

'But I wished to stay a day or two with Corona before she leaves for the West. And after, I meant to go to you and stay as long as you would let me,' Violet replied. SMrs. Rothsay going West ! ' exclaimed the old lady. 'Yes; she is,' said Violet, emphatically and impatiently. And •thenithere ensued more exclamations, and explanations, and remonstrances. And finally Mrs. Pendletime inquired : ' And when do you leave on this fearful expedition, my dear ?' ' On Monday next I go, with Captain and Mrs. Neville,' replied Corona. 'Well, I am truly sorry for it; hut, of course, I cannot help it..- On londay, there fore, after your friend has taken leave of you, you will remove to my house, Violet 1' 'Oh, yes; the thought of going to you is the only comfort I have in parting from Corona,' replied .Mrs. Fabian Rockharrt.