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Chapter NumberXXXII
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Full Date1892-04-02
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Newspaper TitleQueanbeyan Age (NSW : 1867 - 1904)
Trove TitleFor Cora's Sake
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OnAPmtl XXXII.-" Sic TRANSIT GLORIA If old Aaron Rockharrt, the Iron King, had never been generally loved, he was cer tainly very highly respected by the whole communuty. The news of his sudden death fall like a shock upon the public. Prepara tions for the obsequies were on the grandest scale. They occupied two days. On the first day there were funeral serviees at Rockhold, attended 5y all the neighbouring families, as well as by all the operatives of the wdrks. After these were over, the whole. assembly followed the hearse that carried the remains to the North End railway depot, where the coffin was placed in a special car prepared for its reception, and, attended by the whole

feamily, it was cotiveyedI to the L' Lapot.,1, and deposited in the long'drawin -roum'of the Rockharrt rnansion,7'w'here it remained: until the next day. On the second day the funeral services were held at the town house by the bishop of the diocese, and attended by a host of the city friends of :the family: After these, services the long fuineral pro cession moved from the house to the cembetery of the Lord's Peace; where the body was laid, in the Rockharrt vault, beside that of his old wife. On their return to the house the family assembled, to hear the reading of the wiil. There; were present, seated aiound tlie t ble Fabitink Violet, and Clarence Rock harrt, Cora Roths'y, the doctor and the lawyer, standing behind these were gathered tlte servants of the family. The testament may be briefly summed up, as follows First there were handsom. 1egaici . left ite each of the-old servants. One fullhbalf of the testator's vast estate was left to'his elder son, Fabian; one "qiiarter 'to his' younger son; Clarence; and one quarter to be divided equally between his grandson, Sylvan Haught, and his granddaughter, Corona Rothsay. Fabian was appointed sole executor. ' Clarence old boy, I hardly think' this is altogether fair' to you,' said Fabian, geid naturedly, and ready to deceive him into the delusion that he' had not schemed .for this unequal division of the enormous wealth... 'It is all' right,. Fabian.' You, are' the eldest son, and now' the "head of the firm, and you have ten times; over the business brains that I 'have. ,Iam perfectly satisfied,

and even if I were not,..I would not dream of criticising . my father's will,' replied Clarence, with perfect `good humour and sincerity: The legacies were promptlypnid by Fabian. Clarence decided to reman as his; brother's junior partner in the 'rm, and to leave all his share of the money invested in the works. The month of October was in its third week. It was high time for Cora to go to Washington and make the acquaintance of the Nevilles, if she wished to travel west under their protection. At the end of a few days Fabian began to talk about going back to Violet Banks, and invited Cora to accompany his wife and himself to their pleasant country home. It was then that Cora spoke decisively. She thanked him for his invitation and reminded him of her unalterable resolution to. go out to Fort Farthermost to-join her brother. (To &a continued in our next.)