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Chapter NumberXXIII
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Full Date1892-03-02
Page Number4
Word Count278
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Newspaper TitleQueanbeyan Age (NSW : 1867 - 1904)
Trove TitleFor Cora's Sake
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ClArTEn XXTII.- SYLVAN's OItDEns. While the amiable Mr. Fabian was en gaged in soothing the woman he was resolved to make his instrument in gaining the whole of his father's great business, calrriage wheels were heard grating on the gravel of the drive, and a few minutes after wards the master's knock was answered by the hall waiter, and Aaron Rockharrt strode into the drawing room. SI did not know that you had gone out again. I left you on the library sofa asleep,' said Rose, deferentially, as she sprang up to inset him. £I was called out oni business that don't concern you. Ah, Fabian I. How is it thatl I find you here to-night 7' inquired the Iron King, as he sank into a chair. SI brought Cora Home from the Banks,' replied the oldest son. ' Ah, how is Mrs. Fabian 7' 'Still delicate. I can scarcely hope that she will be stronger for some weeks yet.' 'When are you going to bring her to call on my wife ' demanded the Iron King, looking suspiciously on his son. SAs soon as she is able to leave the house. Our physician has forbidden her to take any long walk or ride for some time yet.' 'And how long is this to last I 'Until after Ia certain event to, take, place, at the end of throe months.' ' A? I A'nd. thLI another m(nth for con. vitlensclrnc. Snit will be late n the autumn befr,r,, we can Ihope to see O/rs. Fabianli RbI clkhlnreti nt, Rockhold.' / SI fe a cr, i ,leed, sir 1' j (lb be continued i ur?q iolu t ) t