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Chapter NumberXVII
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Full Date1892-02-10
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Newspaper TitleQueanbeyan Age (NSW : 1867 - 1904)
Trove TitleFor Cora's Sake
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CHAPTER XVII.-" A .JAD M?ARRAGE, MJ? MASTERS." When the pairty met' at a. late breakfast the next morning, Mras. Stillwater seemed-to have quite recovered lhor health, and whXt was still better, in her opinion, her com plexion. She was once again a delicately blooming rose. They were still at breakfast when Sylvanus Haught burst in upon them, bowed to his grandfather. and Robse, and seized Cora round the neck and covered her wtth kisses, all in aL moment, before he spoke a word. Old Aaron Rockharrt glared at him, Rose smiled at him, and Cora put her

arm round his neck and kissed him 'with tears of ple-tsed affection. SWell, sir. You have got through,' said the Iron King with dignified gravity. 'Yes, sir, got through " by the skin of my teeth," as I might say. And got leaveo of labsence, waiting my commnission. Hurrah, Conra! ]urrah, the ]:rose that all admire. I shall be your cavalier for the next three mont;hs at least, and until they send me out to Fort Devil's Icy Pleak, to be skinned and scalped by reodskins,' and the young soldier threw up his cap. ' Will you have the goodness to remember where ;you are, sir,' demanded the Iron King with dignity. Soon Sylvanus was seated at the table, sharing the morning meal. : Rose Stillwater took up the t.rorning papers and-read greedily till she fuond the long-sought item : 'Tihe Very Rev. Dean of Olio?t left the city last evening for lBoston.' With a sigh of relief s:ho id the paper down. iMr. Rockharrt came atl sat down besiloe her on the sofa, and beog to speak soft but earnest. Sylvanus, at the oyper aend of the room, was telling Cotra oftthe c:e.ercisek at West Point she had mi hd. After a while Rose, in a state of agnrition, left the room. Then their grandfastmer came up to the young people cutd sdod before thorn. SSir anm sa?darrr,' he said, addrleassing them as if tlhewere dignitaries. of the church or state, I have to inform you that anmd arbout to i rry Mrs. Stillvater: The ceremony will be performed at the church to.inorrow

noon. TI expectyrio both to attendi us there atnd mlight have starrin .Qrtui itliheir out count(.I tEuanir in their s.ile:t,. unutterable i:ou stltrlniti in, . Sylvan was the first to find his voice. SCorn. It is an out;rage I It is worse! It is an infamy I'he exclaimed, as the blood rushed to his face and crimsoned it. Corm said never a word, but burst into tears and sobbed aloud. ' Corn ! don't cry. You have me now! Oh, the old man is certaiinly mnrla, :Lnd ought to be looked after. Corn, darling, don1' take it so to heart. At his age, too--77 He'll make himself the laughing stockl of thrw worll. Oh, Cora, don't grieve so, it doles not matter after all. Such a disgrace to the family. Oh, come no?,, you know, Cora, this is not the way to welcome a follow home ! For any old man to make such a Oh, I say, Cora, come out of that now ! If you don't, I swear I will take my hat and go out to get a drink.' Oh, don't, don't !' gasped his sister; ' don't. you .lend ia hand to breaking my heart.' 'Well, I won't, darling, if you'll only come out of that ! It is not worth so much grief.' 'I will--stop-as soon as-I can I ' sobbed the young woman, ' but whenl I think-of his reverent grey hairs-brought to such, dishonour-by a mere adventuress-and w,, -so powerless-to prevent it, I feel as if 1 should die.'

' Oh, nonsense ; you look at it too gr,t.vely. Besides, old men have married beaGtiful young women before now, said sylvan, troubled by his, sister's grief, and/iacking airound in his opinions as deftly asjever :did any other politician; ,' . SYes, and get themselves laughed at and ridiculed for their folly,' sighed' Cora, who ceased to sob. ' Behind their backs, and' that did not. hurt them one. bit." ' Oh, if Uncle Fabian' wore only here I' ' Why, whab could hoe do to prevent, the marriage l' '. / 'I do not know. J.ut I know this, that if aniy man could prvent this degradation, he would be UnctO Fabian I It. would lhe no use, I fear to tolegriph to Clarence.' Slarence,' aid 'Sylvanus with a laugh, 'Why he has o more influence with the Iron King than have. His father calls hint an idiot-an he certainly is weakly amiable. Heo wou back his father in anything theold mnan had set his heart upon. But., Corn, listen here, my dear. You and I are free at present.- We need not'bnther, I can take you to another hotel, or take you off t Aaratogn whore we can stay until T get n forders, andc then you can go out with men herever I go. The Devil s Tcy Peak itself ill be a holier home than RItckh'hll, fm ou.' Cur, had become qu' a calm by this time and she antswnred q tly: SNo; you misa rohend tme, Sylvan. It is not from indi Cation or resentment, that I cried, and l at all for myself. I grieved for him, t spellbound old mnan I o,. Sylvanus; since we feel assured that noe power of ours, no power on earth, can turn

him frnm his purpose, we must do our duty .liy him. ~ve must refrain from giving him "r'mi r inh himn antgry; f ir his own pioor S w - n, , t , . this !. Sylv?a I nist-i . ntt ti Ils lri' ,. r... the?iL tar ; t 'l ,,1 I lus' .ltendl lin-us h-- se i tiredus to 1;'o (2'1 be continued in our ne..t.).; WE clip the following .important toestiimnial from the Illawarra MeIc';'evy (N.S. W.), of: tim 80th March. It needs no comment :--" 1Vr. John Loveday, of the Bulli mountain, writes ti? us that after suffering for four years with acute ,ravel, he has experientced almost completo relief hy usiig Sander is;rd Suns Euo.ilyp' lI.x;' tract. Be says. seioil the aid x'rac't d ?r cised in the hira?,,rra Ailr'cul y, in ,se sollhO !e ifg induced him t"i obtain a b : lea of toe umei,eauie ruin Mr. Hoskil eu, i, cir adi's , d;hat thei tue of 1. gave mae gritr relief at o.ce.. He stares that between the 10th iMirech inst., when hie obtained a bottle of the extract, and on the t2th the use of that .medicine continued to ifford him relief to which he had teen a stranger ir four years. Mr. Loveday writes also that he has found the Extract good for rheumiatisrm as well as gravel. He requoess usto publish this information through the Mercury. We have much pleasure in complying with Mlr. Loverlay's request, whose wordas calnnot be loubted, and who can have no object in view other than a desire to relieve poor suffering humanity.* ADVIoC To MorTnrlts.-Are you broken.i in your rest by a sick chillt suffering with the' ptin of cutting teblh Ii Go at once to a chonist and get abottle of Mrs. Winslow's S o'hin-g Syrup. It will relieve the poo",i suffeier' imniuditatdly. It is perfectly lharmless nrId pleasant tc the taste it produces a natural quiet aloej,,.by rolieving' the child froit pain, ndil the ntllO chlerub .wakes " atbright as a buttot." It 'sath as tin child, it softens the gums, allays-all pain, re:ievov wind, regulates he hoe els, anti is the bo:t known. remedy for dyaunt-y and dliarrhma, wheth?er arising from teeilthig or other causes. Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup is sold by Medicine deaiers everywhere at ls 1d pet hbottle. FLOIILINE !-Fort TauET .tANo ll tTra.-A: few drops of the liquid " Fl'lriline," sprinkled on a wet tontllbrusli produces a present lather, which thoroughly cleanses the teeth .from all parasites or impurities, hardens the gums, prevents tartar, stons decay, gives to the teeth a. peouliar pearly whiteness anl a delightful frag rance to the breath. It removes all unpleasant odour arising from decayed Ieeth +or tolacco smoke. " The Frag?ltnt. Floriline." I eing. composed in part'of honey and sweetherbs, is delicious to the taste, and the greatest.toilet" discovery of the age. Prico 2/6 front all Chemists; 'and Perfumers.' WVholesale Depot, iarrincton Road. London, England. THnoAT AFFECTIONS AND OAltASENItmS4.-'All' suffering from irritation of 'the thoiat' and, hoarseness will be agrreeably surprisad 'at the' almost immediate relief afforded by the'usd of. "Brown's' ronchial Traches " These fainius lozenges are now sold by mlst respectable ahemiats in this country, at Is lId per'box. People troubled with a "hackiaig bough,'" a "slight cold,"! or brnchial afteootion, cannot try oo soon, as similar troubles, if allowed to. irogritss, result in serious pulmniarty and' iathmatic affections See thati the ,words,: B' rown's TBronchial Troches," are on tlie' overnmeurnt Stamp around each box. Propared ,y JToHN I.' BtowN and Sous, Boston, U, S. European depot, 23 Farrington-road, London,. Englaud. VALUA?uLTI DxscovairY sou' , THlE HAII.--If 'our hair is turning' grey or white, or:: falling if, use "TTHE MEXI CAN 'HAIR RENEW.) ER," for it will POSITIVELY 'tRTOIRE iln. EVERY OAS1 oiucor. wVnITaE SAIRt. to its original colour, without'leaving: the disagreeable smell. of most' "Restorers.". I!t makes the hair "charmiingly beautiful,. as well as, promoting the growth, on bald spots, where the glands aro not decayed. Ask your chemist for '"THE MEXICAN' RIA. RENEWER." Sold by. Chemists and, Perfumers'. everywhere, 3s.. 6d.' per, bottle.' 'Wholesale Depot removed to 33 Farringdon. road, London. You are invited to inspect the'e Ao Stesnm Printiing Works . Comne and see for youirsel,'el what we turn out.* ..'