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Chapter NumberXV
Chapter TitleAT THE ACADEMY.
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Full Date1892-02-06
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Newspaper TitleQueanbeyan Age (NSW : 1867 - 1904)
Trove TitleFor Cora's Sake
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SCnPTErmx XV ATIIuIT, ACADEMY. It was a splendid .Mfiy morning. Out4 travellers were out of 1lsd ,rtfhalfpaist foul o'clock. The sun was just risin~;lhen thef altt down to their early breakfast.

,Imnediatrly after hbre?akfisti tliey left the-I hotel entered, the Cearri'ag whichI hIad,; olii engaged fur themn,/and droyo to the Hudson River depot: ' Tlihrb©'ithi doeait' exlcrnined MIr. Rock: hanril, has hiy eniiteied tli :hVaesiting-room.; 'oHe u?tusbn th o e. saiioe tr?i?n with us. ''" " . . . Ioso Stillwater did not start or change colour this timen. 'She had prepared herself for contingencies by taking a (lose of morphino just before she loft the hotel. But shi drew her ,vil, closely over her face; iniur inuring t1hk6 thei bi"iglitness'of the sun hurt her eyes.: .. Airong teo group of geitlethiui sIurround. ing the deanr.was IValtl-stre ;thbroker with whom old .Aaron Rockhlirrt hlid been doing hisiiiessjf *r theist fow dAyt'.1, )10 s Thins ,niiuuv.shtan.ding slonsin o he l ea , and lioLhstodil m innitediiatiehy infrotit'bnbt Mr. llockharrt iand, his par t. l Presently the broker turned and saw the Iron King. ' Oh, M r.-Rouklharrt, ?,Ha!ppy to meet you here. GoCtig to to Point, as voryblody else is'i Fine daty, 'Yes, a 'firine lidiy,'' respoidd:d lthe Iron King. ' You know thi Doan of Oli'vot of course, "Mr. Rockharrtb ' 'No, T.hav6 not that pleasure.' ' Let me present you, Dean of Olivet, Mr. Rockharrt.', pltih.gontlemen bowed., , .: ; The Iron king hlld out hi~s lund. 1'£ Ippyto welognme you to Amorica, Dean. t ?itto hibar youpreatch yesterdyl;nimorning. I c f'th©einest, sAt monos I evorfeierrd ili,:ny life, I do assure you.'

The dean bowed erygiravely. 'Let me present you to my granddaugiter, Mrs.R'lithsay,' salid the old ma"n. . The dean bowed graivel . the young lady,j who bent' her head 'And to our frien rs. Stillwater,' con-. tinued the old geptleman, waving his hand again.., ' Wiy'where is she? Why, Cora, where is,3~Irs. Stillwater?' demanded the Iron King in amazement. 'I do notbknow, I have just missed, her,' said the young lady. ' Well, upon my soul ! For the power vanishing she excels all living creatures. Pray, Corn, does she carry a fairy cap in her pocket, and put it on when she wishes to make herself invisible ?' SI. think, sir, thati-she has been pressed away from iusin JI' crowd. "'We shall find' her when we gnet throug the gate into ,more • Well, T hope so.' ' She is.quite abla to take care of herself, 'sir. Pray do not be alarmed. , Shle vill'be sure to find u.s' SWell, I hope so. Yes; of course i;be will.' . , At this moment tmhe '.i; vcr ~e ,sened. S:'T.a minydarm.. Don't let me luse you iti this. crowd.:. I. suppose. Mrs. Stillwvater cannot friil to join us.. Oh ! of course not I She knows the train, ailoe there is but one.' He drew.Cora'snhand closo under his iarm, and holding it tightly, followed the multitude t?rough the gate, looking all round in search of Rose Still water. hut she was nowlhereto be, seen. 'She may have gotten ahead of us and be on the- train., Come on !' said M. ' R ock

hiart, as he hurried his granddaughter alonu and ppushed her onttd the pilntformi'.:: i ' S'As.soon as this crowd settles itself down and leaves donietling like` na clear .I sage w?ary,. I will go through the train and find nirs 6tillhwter, she is onund to be oni board. She is no baby to lose herself,' said Mr. Itockhai'rt.' Tie people all gob seated atib lfat? and `he long train minverl. Mr. Rockhai 't left his sent, and stooping over, his granddaughter, lie whispered .. ' I am going now to look for Mrrs!' Still. water' aid fetch'h her ;" . ' 41e was go ne abouti fiften in iniutes At' the end of thatt time he i'eiippeacred, and camne up to the ci'i riand stoppied to spiak" to Cora : ' le is not in any of the rot ear cn. am gom. forward to look for her.' This timo he was 'gone twrinty minutes. When, lie came hack his face wore an oxpres. sion of the greatest anxiety. ' Shw is not on the train. She has been left behind L1:: Foolish womritf to let herself be separated from us in `thliis stupid way I' testilyi exclaimed ithe~ ron ' King, ans he dropped heavily into his seat. 'What 'can be done'l' oxclaimnedCora, now seriously uneasy about her unwelcome ,comt pinriiohi,? bc~iase hli6 fearerl that Rose omight hiave Ihen` n ied' with o'e0 of her sharp a'ih suildagt lai~laches' and stepped away friom thdemnse she haid done ini the churcllh. ,: ' ' I hope she has had the presence of mind, on finding horself loft, to return to the hotel ;andtiwitf?or the next train.',.:,-' - .;:-: : i: ; Cora was consulting: a' time table. She. looked up and said :

SIt will all come right, sir. There-is another train at half past eight.. If she slhould take that, she will reach WVest -Priii, in. full tim'e fur the opening f,thl,:;ex o:rxci 'VWe started unnecessarily early.'. :', I'always take time by.the.forel~cllk, Co.". 'Thati'habit'is :'one of the factors, of, my success in. life.'. The express train flew on, and in due time rdached Garrison's, , opposite West, Point. The ferry; boat was waiting for: the train.. As soon as it stopped, Mr. Rockharrt handed is granddaughter out. The other passen gers followed, and made a rush for the boat=' ': ': i'K: j - VA~ 'Let it go, Corn. \Ve must take time to telegraph to Mrs. Stillwater, and we can wivait for tlie next.trip,' said Mr. Rockharrt, still keeping a firm grip on his grand daughter'; arm, lest through woman's inherit stupidity she sh ,l.,, lose herself, a.' he marched her off tg the telegraphwindu~ o of the station. ;. , rd Txxj telegram, a 'very long-winded 'one; was sent. Then they sat down to wait-for. the coming bo~,~. In a fe:v iuinutes they' were on board, and' steaming ' roFs the! river :.l'iey ??adched the opp. ,its bank; and" Mir. Rockharrt led, his granddauglite'r out; and placed ?ier ii, thla'ae criag''lihe ff had engaged' by tel6graph to; meet, them, .'for carriages would be in very great demand;, he? knew. They drov up 'to the H;otel in which' he' had :taken .rooms. Here they went into' their parlour to aiind to wait` fox ii'' answer-to the telegram-;-but -no answer. came. Tlien they, went down -,tpgether, crosse 'the grounds, ;and. entered the, great h,74 ' 1 j/

wvhich· was denseoly crowded. ' Good soeats had beean trserVed for:themn;' andthey found themselves seatddrl it 'thoe Diati'of 'Olivet' on: Cor's righ ; arid 'the AVall-street broker ion Mr."Rockharrt'ci left. ? " "': i It was late in the afternoon when'th'e exercises were over for the'dayiso Cora'and :Mt. R6okhai'rt retiirndh :'o'"tohe hbliotelt o very late diinner. Tholefirst ,question the,Iron .~mirgasked. :was whether any telegram had come for hium.. There .was none. ' s: . . . , t.i' -? ,, ':It is very strange.: r " She could' nob have received mine,' he said rind'went'direetly to the telegraph office of "'the" hotel, 'and 'sedit'i? long mnessago to? the' ;lerk of the Blank House, tellinghiiii 'bf how Mrs. Stillwater had been separated from, her. party by . the pressuro of the crowd, and "inquiring whether she had returned to the hotel, and itfshe weretwell.:') =_ , sr J SHaving sont off this dispatch, he went tin to dinner which was vgry long,. and they were still' at the table when the following telegram was received: S Blank House,,N?lY., May, 18 Mrs. Stillwater is not hero, ,nd has'nnhtbeon seen by !any of oour pepl =seineo- she, Icft.the house with your party for the Huldadn:River Railway Depot. We, have made uenquiries, but have no news,-,..,, - . . Xi' . .. MART?Nt,