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Chapter NumberIX
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Full Date1892-01-16
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Newspaper TitleQueanbeyan Age (NSW : 1867 - 1904)
Trove TitleFor Cora's Sake
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OHAPTEn.IaX. TUrMuoL OF THE WORLD. -TheRockharrts were again in the State capital. It was but thirteen months since the death of his wife and since the news of the murler of his grandson-in-law had been received --calamities which had doubly be reaved the family, and thrown them in the deepest mourning-yet the Iron King, elated by his marvellous financial success, had thrown open his house to society, and insisted that his granddaughter should do its honours. Cora, who; since the death of her grand mother, had deeply pitied her grandfather, yielded to his wishes in this respect, though much againist her secret inclination. She did not leave off her widow's mourning, but she modified it when she presided at the head of the Rockharrt table on those fre quent occasions of sumptuous and unrivalled dinners given by the Iron King to those whose fortunes he was making, with his own, by his mammoth enterprise. The old man was certainly the lion of the season. He had steadily gone from step to step on the ladder of fame (or enormous wealth), until now he was quoted as not only the richest man of his state, but as one of the ten richest men in the world. It was at this time that Mr. Fabian bethought himself of taking a wife. IT was indeed quite time that he should marry, if he ever intended to do so. He was nearly fifty two years of age, though looking no more than forty. There was, at this time, among the lovely "rosebuds " opening in the fashionable drawing-rooms of the city, a sweet " wood violet," otherwise Violet Wood ; a perfect blonde, with perfect features and petite

figure. 1oer beauty was peculiar; she was very small, very dainty ; her hair the palest yellow, her face so white that almost the only colour on her features were her dip blue eyes and crimson lips. She was an orphan heiress, without an:y near relation in the world. Though but eighteen years of age and just from school, she had alr"eady entered into possession of her fortune by the terms of her father's will. Sh 'lived with her fortner:guardians, the Chief Justice Pendletimo and his wife. They had given a grand ball to introd ce their ward into society. The Rockhar ts had been invited, of course. And they I ad all been present. The Wood Violet, as admirers transposed her namen, was equ ily of course, the belle of the evening. The tall, towering sunflower, Mr. Fa an, fell instantly and irrevocably in love with this tiny white wood violet. HIo resolved to " take time by the forelock;" " not to lotl the grass grow under his toot" in this love chase. The very next morning lie said to' his father : 'You hI ve lately expressed a wish to' see ne married, sir. I have been, in obedience to your commands, looking o~ut for a ivife. I think I have found a woman to suit/ mo, and, what is more to the purpose, to: suit you, Howeveoi, if I should be mistaken in your taste, I shall, of course, give up the thought of proposing to her,' added rtful Fabian, who felt perfectly aure tha hli father would approve his choice. ' Who is she I' demanded the Iron Kisg. ' Miss Violet Wood, the ward of Chief Justice Pendletime.' (o? be conlidued in our no?x.)

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