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Chapter NumberIII
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Full Date1891-12-16
Page Number4
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Newspaper TitleQueanbeyan Age (NSW : 1867 - 1904)
Trove TitleFor Cora's Sake
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FOR CORA'S SAKE. CHAPTER IIT.-(Continued). Tho weird woman never turned her head, nor withdrew her fearful, far-off stare into futurity. '-That is you. You are but a poor appren tice. But from this year you will soar, and soar to the zenith of place and power among your fellows I You will he the blazing meteor of-tho day ! You will dazzle all eyes by the splendor of your success, and then, ' in an instant, in the twinkling of an eye,' you will drop into night, and nothingness, and be heaird of no more I' . Mother ! Mother Scythia, wake up ! You are dreaming !' said Rule, laying his hand on she woman's shoulder and gently shaking her. Oh, what is this I Rule I What is it ' 'You have been dreaming, Mother Scythia.' ' Have IT' said the woman, putting her hand to her forehead and stroking away the raven locks that overshadowed it. And gradually she recovered from her trance and returned to her normal condition. When Rule was quite sure that she was all right again, he said: ' Mother Scythia, I am going to Rockhold to see the friends there who have been kind to mne. But I will come back to spend tlhe night with you.' WVell, lad go. Why should I try to hinder you ' Yousnust work out your destiny and hear your doom,' she said, wearily, with her forehead bowed upon her hands, as if she felt the heavy prophetic cloud still overshadowing and oppressinag her. ' Mother- Scythia, why do you speak so solemnly ofme, and I only in my nineteenth year? ' gravely inquired the youth. 'Y s ; you.are young:, but the years fly fast ; and IT--T see the future in the present. But go, my. hoy! enjoy the goofl of, the present -your best days, lad-and come hack this evening and you shall find your pallet of sweet boughs and soft blankets ready for you,' she said. Rule stooped and kissed her corrugated forehead and -then left the hut. He crossed the ferry aid went., as he had been used to go, to the back'"door of Rockhold, opening on the back porch; where, four years before, Corn used to keep school for her one pupil. He rapped at the door, and Sylvan sprang uip and. opened it. : He was warmly welcomed, and spent ia pleasant evening, The rest of hins vacation was spent in a way equally pleasant, and as seven a.m. on Monday, Rule was at work,'type-settirg in the Watch office. On the third of January following that Christmas there were three departures from Rockhold. -Miss Rose Flowers went East to enter upon her new engagement. Corona Haught, in charge of her grandmother and her Uncle Clarence, went West to enter the Young Lnadies' Institute, in the capital, and Master Sylvnnus Haught went North, in the care of his: Tncle Fabian, to enter a boys' school.