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Chapter NumberV
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Full Date1886-12-14
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Newspaper TitleQueanbeyan Age (NSW : 1867 - 1904)
Trove TitleThe Bewitched King: An Episode in the History of Bohemia
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dOHAPTER Y ii ESECOOND 510W. Lime passed, as he generally does'; though by the way; it does not; appear that any .one has over .been fortunate1 enough to see him passing, yet wiseacres are very fond of tolling peopltot "'take Time; by the forelock." I have grave doubts ass~to whethor it is respectful to speak of thorold party as if he were a man, though I know le has a forelock, for I have seen hiiipictur'e often, and the fore. look is' al vayd the principal feature in it. As for catching hold of his forolock, I thinki shall have jto get you to exouse mse-the geiiitleman Fs armed with a forinidiable acythe, which might get into my way. I guess if I should over be throwni into his society I will not make. myself intrusive at all, but just quietly let him travel. Well, Timiie passed, and there came a day when the King was informed that the last of- the babies had been eaten. He called, a meeting "'of' the Privy Council, and laid the matter before them after this fashion: "My Lords and Gentlemoti,-Wolhave summoned you together to inform you' that a terrible' disaster` hias befallen us. We are ouit of babies. The small supply originally provided,* us has 'run out, and' your King has again to appeal to you for aid. "May. it please your Majesty," said the Lord High' Cha nberlain, "the subject of keeping up, aconstanitsupply of your Majesty's favorito food' has engaged our attention' for some time, but I regret to say we havo not been ableto see our way. Babies are at a preminiui at present, and; unless your Majosty will condescend to put up with criminals, we fear you will have to subsist without huniann flesh in future." '' ',' Nowt by the sacred beard of' St. Nepoinuc, that' will be' iover'l"" roared the King, " Abstain from human flesh 1 And that whun we fool it'has'given, us now life already? Formeurly ye existed. uow wo live:l W-. rtin, 'wd ;jump, . we laugh- -wo'ire in fact'as lively'as anyoung buck rateon his first wasy-path,' ,Abstain 'from human food, indeed'i Not if we are aware of' it. As for oating criminals onco for all, we are not on. No-will, hold another Baby-show." Argument being evidently useless, the Councinl net "o work to draw up the fIr.

tunately come to hand. It ran as followa -. Plik&If RY ANOUNCEMENiT. On the afternoon of Saturday, tihe jeth intant, 'will be held at the Hinmsoni PALAO;, A G --A.D SHO W. Three Prizes for Boys, arid Three for _.t Girls: