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Chapter NumberIII
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Full Date1886-12-09
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Newspaper TitleQueanbeyan Age (NSW : 1867 - 1904)
Trove TitleThe Bewitched King: An Episode in the History of Bohemia
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1 N O, "HE L UJ 51I0V "1 One on e a rill ant 1 asseniblage i{s It up by ; tih fire-of exipetation .nn eraatton,1wasscarcly subdued, even, Kby o :tlhnt oyf ti: Kin and him suite: After taking ?is seat onth, tfloo6i e His M announiceid ha,; 'ftolOT toia it lihi& Iiv ( d7oncilI '.lli.ha deterinled to alte thiioditnii f ths: She, ith`a i hse ; t tle m?lthel ,?c ofii chirtain objeots which i:sons tf Stat pipohibited himn fi'oint dlslosiii '-'t -that timc Ho ewished th otliho mot es the exhibits to pay particular atcijiiio -sehuit howas saying, andl:, duly? iglci d Consider the pnoposition ho tits about to' imake Ht proposed to confe ?tpoat t inning baby, if nI o telitleof ount togetther with the post.o; id e eeditary Gralnd B3ootjaik,. with. -aa stlary f ften thousand '-ýldcinp eiri annuuiim In the Ievent of th coli ci filing pon a female, shir aiuld lbe miadei Countsa 'iad o 2ereditary Grand Pwder; d Pff-Bx Bearer to the Queen, at a sinilar rate, of remilunerati c iitiusiiatic?iipplaiiuse, dtringvlhFthe Kiing took; siiui and -;(strove to look', aimiiable Wh'i`ie silence was restored he t It now becom-es niiecesry to state the condition to which it willobe uecems iy for overi moth f to:suibscri be before entering 'he ?'lrby 'fotthsi sepl -idpr itFeior ceit iri secre?a putoseif itis dniabl ,thai a n?l' s ib of oliildir iif nitiobl iirth?fsould lii gi? en up to .tli Etite -; eery', un suc.c1essful. cinpetitor; will therefore, lie firfeit;d, :. di sosedof .lf in acIdirdamce vitli tihe rresolutiion of c f Privy Couincil' Metliers. i.iiol? unlesaid thatli:d.: they calin-ot hoe ved again to l s ee their forfeitiled little ones aindTiheaing this in viev, w;i. ll iot Ightly unter .ntl contest.My; a1ydvice iidics " i added the" wily o1ironch, l isi thlat such of you Ias liand- oehiibite biabies of inifeior quality; ta o this oppertlityliri tcia o withdraw:rioni children,; whi htr!i? 1'oughl thiey maynot be gorod ci ugh.. trk: o thi prize' -idoubt eas possils somoge itration in theyes f? their parents. _ t::tIhe first onunciatioin of: the new echnditio is of"- ceity y?'every nothr. pItvately[i daetcriiicd iiot to risk her bblov.ed hild ii s eriousn "v cinpetitir n; but, ails lie King went on: theirMfeeligs "f. prld and ilnil:tin l worei aroused l so t(liit, lihe.: is ilajesty, concluded iiot oo lady could ntial up iah ,,imiid to be the first towvitlidtria lierexliubit althouglo mnauy iare" well iiaclined to back out if omebodyi lse wiquid rot the example Cora id' Joseplh ' aiie .eii iiirch Ali . ee. t Fredrichr Kairl Mai t Nepouiu?eh (Itl ohink I:forgot to gi- atile iainodbefore) kniew thelnii iiiable weaioi s i of i1 ithe getlei, sex ainti d llCd on him a ioN t liOedie h c calculited th iirtd owoina n -a rthlrlyof the nanii -woutild puliiicly coiifess the iiifriuiiity of her bato, oven if she were unfooniiiiiu otiougi to adlit it to hlorself. Aiend lio.wiveaiis.otd'ciAd afdofr, of all thu sixtyt,,iiieinotherei presentnot one made iny sign-of withchidiaial:; ii, -after i long patuse; His Mthjasty 'anouncil +that lIe iould i- once; procleed wiilr the work of 'udging iho xhmiiits,, nddescended into ho inidilcle of thehlil, accoimpanied, its befoi, by thea? Cohiituess von Stiefelputz. -Onil tus ciid t of iispiectioni ita as generally riak lids thiait His Majesty seeied ti ent iinto the work with a show of iitorist--hlici lid?dbeonliwholly wanting -it tlime inpi-nin ie- stolpcd religiously mit inc ls ae,1 adod toiilrfy handled and 1 awiglier?-on c th iiifant •niuttaiing to hinm self thio wiilo, andminuclking his lips after faidfitonvliully inexplicable to, lthose of i the oliilo?keris aii I hadm .t boo? initiated fintotliit li?idlri secret, - .t iho Piivy :oitlcillhira wuatlhed his progress -d?ay the lial it ith awe and I trionbling'; tlhat is, iill but tim irroverent I oatnttlU-auids. yon LihborWu-rst, who, "?tatidiig amnidtL a kiiot of his cninpeer-, intulged in ii runiiing cuinnoiltiry lii the liina'"s proediigH, which wasii ecu.!,,h, a; thoe L,'rd 11 igh COhma erlaln 'hui hu would observo tliat I fi 'Maj.elty iiitei-st in ihie p'CChiu.edhgi," with ni u iLcenit oni the \llid il dlevriinilg " whichr Thi , eic w. uil. call alettviitc to thI i King's iipncti cj cf a pjcuuliarly lino r sLpccimeli renu'kingl . Imit hoI "loloud nu if ie0 w<,ulh like to rut iI," &.,

S Of course the ladies who overheard r these remarks thought them neither out . of the way nor unusual, but tie Councillors, who knew hm, singularly o appropriate they were, becamne exceedingly f uncomfortable, anil nmarvelled at the levity which could approach such a terri a ble subject in a jocular manner. e At last His Majesty paunsed before a u cradle in which lay a baby so puny and emaciated that even the Countess on a Stiefelputz -- who, as a matron of m experience, was prepared to nalko every allowance for tl:e partiality of a mother -could not help expressing her surplpriso at the blind stupidity of the parents who could hope to win a prize with such an uialronnising comlpetitor. Let us onl, your Miajesty," said she, " it boots not to waste time by examining this starveling." " Madam," said the King, sternly, "i 1 am astonished at you. I marvel that a lady of your experience should be so lacking iii taste as to propose to pass over this most int'.restilg exhibit. We have here" he continued, pointing to the cradle, " a baby of whose merits we can judge, for it is not oencumbeored by rolls of superflcus flesh, and its framework is easily discernable. That baby is a study, Madanm-an interesting anatomical study. Look ait it's arms - thero's bone for you ! No padding there-all raol solid' bone. Then those accurately outlined ribs ..display the full beautios of the .wondrous franoworlc' ouf the huntan .skoldton. There's a fouuldation, Maclari to build upunt. No sihta i no limi-but-gio Fist ! t* Thi i t;hoLbestbaby of the lot." The jouiitoss groned, anid venoutured . mldlly; tjopopstulate, c.aging" that the !liid:iof, the infant plainly showed it wits Sf;- ill-lli lth;'aid lat'leanniess wias not m -t unil o ia baby, &O,- C. '' Enouigli :Counitess,' said the King, ho ih.:dliad listoened courteously but ita , ;~atientlly ' we conceive that this is a uestion ito be decided by us alone, and r wolihyve fully;?:iade up our mind. To malh e iiiffiait, A.lbrecht Von Sohkin inl-polioes o c.ilitinued, reading from he. i rrl attachI?i! to the cradle, "we awa I rthdrize.?r in your anlms to rthe d; istid~ l i1ve ill ciuseo proclamation The i- isiisuste riCountess reluctantly did as slie as ordered, but' managed ins Sliftin-g -o lbby b toive?e iit a sly pinch, 'whicrh caused > tio :iiforttunato little puny ,ul D xo 1ss o'.orNo 2 .'Tbe s512)ecZ bby the atmtellisgcsttrsetdem 'f*e cowded for time. t [realhyihmiust dligressl'hio e fior a? tiile. writerfthatlie 'liis itlhei to give Way to his orrant faniiey, o auif'dtr such tortures as no isell oliiisposed i' riistian would wish even tin. a-nuthoi' to endure . This is 'iJst` suhin ? ' ?lisis with' mile I an impelled o;to is zard few interjectional riemarkls .hore ven attho risk of.seriously dclniiigiig .the imarketi:?aluu of my tal ; alid I acnii oly once agan sue for pardon aid piroitiiu not to' do soBtiiy tiors (if Ican ':Th eas ijsthii _": 1desiro'to record my uopinion ntha"ta 'maicn i nnever h. pol to miniitain i l hi )i,sition . ' as the superior iasifniisal dtli?jl of til liious ?ld until lihe ias l eto_ p l n the baby[ ioperly. F'hathers' wlii`i e know w::`ha?t?; I: ?i:an': so' will minot1hessli, rn, aboive ?all, -so will nurses. T'h.i bjectihs lllportant,. and niiot oniotb treated glightly. ;'"How many afond"fatler liimfl iiid" his love0 for his oflspring'turn ied togall and hatred, as lie hais paced t'tifloor, rociuiitg and soothing . ref?ictory infan? iii his atins ! He may have ibeen eiished on i)npoitant work when the a'fiil;cry: "'Plouiso take the blaby, Ili ron tho uiet with me," fell iupoli his sta etled ear ,1 io may have beeoo slunmtlJriigs -sveely. sor,- worst of all, placidly suolulin his frugale pipe under the shelteoring: eaves f 'if - thl.;srandlsd :--no tiniit;tr ?ih atlliis ?Eccupiimions the cry is too poteift 'for: rualsticbh sil: work, sleep, ttic?ico antuiipi:e!i ',? ? istu:gie piieo to tho squalhng b?be'wiliqsei misery;. hlis boon casiid db ;. te idel; itely applied pinch of its f?ncl li?hr k ?bkl?ng!up 'l~,e: doemind ,for reli ef- ?iit a!:libsu lbys iicoittro rtible- vdiideni of-tli?,tftruthl of her w sllinsgly,"- and i ' recei es1the pieciiio s butrdosu in ; lif arsiinis. io-sisothes ;'h o pncer; up ?? i'idon isithe room; in a ieti los a feo curses ( -btt, o 1c-it",vouIld eo all up with him if lie uttoed .his curs's alnud), aInd oIsoih goes ca ituistil; the littie danr sbsitsbel f to sleo?p, a'iind lieis' n1ce nore froo. ." :': ; This is Iho isother s: pinchl-the dodge by which the hlisbandnd d fatlher is I wnollr. uonell?r

SThe Nurso's Pinchi is usually more deftly applied, beinig intended to deceive the subtler. instiincts of at womni. It is con soling to reflect that this last pinch has neover been known to fail, ovoen with the most suspicious and experienced matroni. 1 The pinches of little sisters, &c., are also well executed and successful in result. I The only person in the housa who does not pinlc is the father'; nuld I say thero fore agai:l that a man never can hopU to tmaittain his proper position until lihe learns how to pinch, aind ceases to believe I in the lictious of ' It's the darling's teeth dear," or' "Hlit poor little stomaoh is troubling him," &c., with which he has heoen gulled into nutrsiing his olffspring tiu. til it has boon reduced to quietness iud heo to a state of low desponidoncy.] 1I ihav had aiy say, land probably cariTed for mtyself the undying hatrud of my ladly readers; but I must taklu thle rink, andl hope for it proplortiolaito anlou,.t n of godwill frolll the males of thie house. hl lds. 'lh'o pinch adhmiistere d by the Countess \on SwtifVlputl to the young Albhreht. von ehl;iu-unu-plcaies hIvinig its dus red result, I uaecensarily attractcd attention to the 1: atll i]or if t'I noise, anI d loud 1murmu1rs of " diia'probaitioni proved that the Mistroess of the IRobes did not lack supporters inl her way of thinking. Indeed uyerybodyi a wmlldored ait theu Kimng's choice, and the w

Queen even ventured tolrges reconsider ation of tile decisio. ' But the King was ad;Innt, anll the heart of AlIrecht's ilther was gladdened by the proul;maintin of her skinny babe ns Count and -lereditary Gravnd Bootjack to the King ; while the other mothers raged internally, and vowed vongeanco upon everybody, but more especially upon their husbands, who, being at their mercy, were necessarily the most blamable in their eyes for the untoward events of the day: When I said "everybody wondered at - the King's decision," I erred-I forgot :i' the Privy Councillors. They did not wdn- .1 der-they shuddered ; for theyalone kneiwv al the motive which had prompted His Ma jesty to select the leanest of the exhibits foi exemption from confiscation ! That evening there was ghloom in the Hra.dsuhin, and weeping and wailing in maniiy ;, aristuocratic hluoe : but the King enjoyed his supper amazingly, and went. to he I in a most cheerful and edifying st:tao of mind, to slooeep the slooeep of the ji?t uand dream of baked baby. (To be concluded in our next.)