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Chapter NumberII
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Full Date1886-12-09
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Newspaper TitleQueanbeyan Age (NSW : 1867 - 1904)
Trove TitleThe Bewitched King: An Episode in the History of Bohemia
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7 llI) cOUICC1L~ An uhour lfteoLwads-whilch i uturval the. Inig had spout ill pacing up 11)1(1 down tCli terraco, inpantloudly whittihig alloy at his sceptrL Re if it hind been o z UrO etiul of kindling wntuC-thiu C0own:il rout. Aftur curtnin enloinui lltOlitlilnlIiO 1ru1r0 gono through, the King stut i Ctc th reawin he0 hund coilcd thomn together. Hoeijaid that in tho conrao of the uuouuumuug IL very imnportnuut idlil hand oCCuIrL'(l to hmimi. Tt ould be gene'ah'1Ily]Y coniicedeld tlh:at hing'e woru nut lu11 rdidnary tnuurtaa. Tit Council admitted thin proponitionc ait onco).

" Well then," continued his Majesty, S"being unlike ordinary mortals, it is y but reasmnal,le t, spptose that something t nmore than ordinary sustenance is required by us. W\e, who hare the cares ,f State y upon our shoulders, alone know how at times in overpowneriig scluse of weiarilliuss and despoidency atllicts us. At such s oments we feel that we need support, but cannot find it. Ordinary victuals have ceased to interest us. For us chops have no charm, pork sausages are without savour, and rump steak is but as dust and ashes in the month. Some of us seek liquid refreshment," and fly to the bottle of coiisolationi. I hatVo never done this. It 'ii trui I mayI on occasion have got tight; bit:liths beeii promiscuously,. and not of miialice prpepinse. I have bein no regular sswipesr, fo I have a solemn I·ariining always before .inue.: Theo. gallery o4ntaining the portraits of my anceestors ihave saved me fronim this- vice. I stand theeitoid gaze ipoii anr array of mUonarchs stretching ibaick to tho iFlood, and upon each is stamiied the biand off Cduin Tia( is to say, they have all onei featurei ini commoin .a bottle nose, scarlet in; lhue aS'. tlhe i peniii ;iul?erry. ave n? ? it spolien the trauth '; STlihe oouncil wis niuteo-it was but too ' (W1hat thein, continued ithe i " cahl I di to 'retli e i wiia??isted energy at. those seasons of, depression of which 1 har e spnkoken'? IIh save thoughlt ,ve r: the 'iatter uiitil imy briini hais eeluod and aill Ito iio puiposel Ti is mior ing hoiwever, :. I-tiveo at last seaeni yiway to- iiriaed All histoit y tellsus thiit as-ag nations, .vwho cultiviate physical stiiength alone, and kinow not what mental depression meian , lhaIs n nurtuioed l .their biaves utpon the bIoodies of their enemiines'i- : . Tlid King patused, and the dull c illss shivrd-. -V hat were they about to hear 4 wit a i?t`aful proj?ct ivas diiily shadr;iowed: forth itii this terrible p?cain?d. i ie temper'ature' of their bl:ifod fell iaidl -neighbour. i` i TheKiingcoitinuedi Need' I toll you?' nown ? i .:iit ; lisvO .doternmiidc ulpon.? I I tls a decided toi fiIlow the exanpl of ithe nableo -savag'i who I as listiiened to thi dictates of Natture, a:nd s ioughtmoh food ie i?sis noti palalaablo iand inourishing;:. I,: i future, will :nerve iyself ta f rl thei-'n::c'iious duties of my positioi?, iot, s myiancest'i'rs did, by alil?"l o stimulbants; but y? cu~nsumptiton of uiaii flesh,: :!' He stopped, aid Ithere was a- `dead silence iii the Chlmiinbol, :brokeii only? by:: tlid eeaing of : the furnituie ?s ?each Piivy Outuicill ,alivoreld ipaoi hlis' seat:: ", What iare: y?. ' tri tieibliing fori, yoe knaives ?" sihouited the King; ' xiitedli :'Y.ou halv henrd oui royal.ploasure.-ibe good eiough to; state whether you sec any objoetioim to the course ?ve prpopose.o ::'.;,. Still nobody sapoe? A.t last?r, itftdu paiusp, just as the gathoieriig wrath tiib Kii"g i aippearoed vlikly, to culninate. ini ::ituotler ouitburst, tl:: Lord . ; High Oliaibouraiiii ti tidly begai i- ? .Ai;lIn3'.4 pl-peaseý you .Jfinaj etyu...tei i a111monceieint a 'S. stam ling. so e:x trotrdinaryt-thtt : I "think If speakl the sentimonts of my 'colloague tio h li;hrlI say we ,don' t kiior what to say,. "Ti .ho doin't say it !'" shouted the Kinig; bangngg his royal fist oiis tl?i table;,: so that the hlieuit of :every Cotuiicilloi leapt iintc'his miouthb - ' Doin't?,simyi;:!Yd- i ave himiad our' will--beo ityour iduty to fiad: meians to satisfy out''requi eti?.ni ;ts f But your M11aIjestyp .oitortuld the `Laid H High _FClimeniierlain, , vei :'inu re tii idly thain''befori - "It scenss t1% no s yo!u haveI'- foriotte i:: oune importait p:liticular. `.; You; havie o eo dnemiies"-we ar it' peiae? vith alld'the' itorld.' Is it your r'oyalwishli thatli e shouldiluinge tlio country iimto confusion and debt by picki ng aitquaiael with iiny of nen ncighbouis.' "That is your' busiiicss, my 'ilos;'. aid tEli Kitiig, fooki?ng, - howeiu, tob is - nlist perpl fi kiiew o th atlthe Transu'y wits nie ly: cility ,?;v ii 1st iii as yoursm aif slothful pico had'gid rittly demo abhsod the army '1' I hs do 'wish to iiiitiiit aif ivar wiithout due:: coisidra tiin, still aiy desiros iiiust:'id= ahiihl be younag ispafi kiflii naw ll as ?ecilit o 0 Il:lalinicifdonlke i ,"e bogiii :I.adoi't siea tlihe needl fort ?all'thiis fa:s His MlajestJy lms talkeni a fmn?y3 to umun fls?is-lt hiiu iet a fll: tle orniiiiils;:ii c~,anq,- ean'ahilyhim g a<vfew'j -imoure tmIn usual s asto keuep li:; goiing ,; t ;"Mi Lord isaid te King, svutuly -' would you iourish yyour monri ll o i H _r-ow,, kowio,,you :smhat offc t? .suc.h niat

woul uIa?iu? Weo? ouriOlf, i?nigt?b -'la ocumo as bidas they: nIiiastoill io d at ;youi, ; Grtiaf ; I had thoughtl ibeti r things : of soi pmonisuig ai Junkoia Tlherei was °;e:i hum of apprioil at this lilthe onelos lhoping. tliat t royvliath iavhig found a vitiiicit 'old be divorted froim theirseulrdls M.aznwl ilo i tl K?iiig. chuck led inwaarillm:']iiiia sa't u *way -cleauitii; for the piroposition whioli eoven he had noLt dured to ':nitalkoeat tfs After l 11aoage hbe ati : agaz 1 :,uchl thesnino "objootioni ;thiit ?ex its Stotheleonsiuunitiuif bfriminals nuatplies ialsob to thoso of ,our ionelitoe ?iitoih; 'iniuht" captuivratid kldl hiiibattloi IVW 'shouldf inot k :i o i sho o i'vwhat thliey i ofro i h.iot, tihy; woroubf good iiiorIl chairiator adRid :loaii :feodoras, i::tlho roevirso .No dchidedly, it souriii to tou thitt it is not ait. all necessary we should ciat' our. uitiitesi 1'I Whlat wu requir is tenderly nirtured IloHh--gkod, moral, religious tleal, so to say. It is all very well four sav-ages to out only their ootnies--they cultivalo te ie physical qualities only i we aro Clhristiai t and nlutst think of the inetlial. IOut' food must be carefully selected fto nttolluot the people we know. l'rienda must sorely taste as well lnS fo?a--tnku for examplo oir" l friend hero--would ho tint cut up well ?" ' And thiu Kiiig, who had recovered hIis toimpe', jocularly poked his liluger in tihe ribs of Iho Lord High ihaimburhlai, who i sat nuxt to him. 1 1

That worthy nohlenutiu started violeutly ias he he:ard the royal words and felt tle g royal lhiguIl aT, turninig livid witl d fright, gpped ,ut aa faint laugh of e apIreciatuuin ,f lhe joke. " Your Milajusty," he faltered, "is in s rare vein to-dlay ; I do nwt reimember nme t to hlave laulorhed so miuch for mallny a day." " Laugh-laugh on," said the King. " You havo plenty of time for laughter at s present ; by and bye it, may 1)e another t unter." At thesi mliinous wordi the poor ClhaborIain collapsed on his chair, und hld to be slhaken up by his neighlbour before co uld speak., t 'Your AiThjesty," he iimplored -`` state your royal plleasure=-L, for one }will promise to do iiy itter?iiist t ? fulm:.your. 1 wishes." . ý Evc n to the suriendei of 3y?ci fatu carcaaso u-iide rioyl c-ook?" i9slsk:l the i moina?mch 'triimllyl'. I - S?.TIh ryil -the royal cool Oh, but Syniari; i,: hty musit be jestinfg ,in an [ old mian, great King. I served your royal fathiei chi and Gtuly for i`imany a year surel yu ,il 0 ould niot consign in- to such a .fate Bsides," l added,el: uy ,' i s. i toch li1 am icy;; tmns'd 1 L aisuri. your Miajesty : have. allway boeh n obted for niy toughiness :?Il aiis ct~riin:I ali sholdi disagree with yIUir?Lnjes ty° j ndi;d ilys t epasii is: a disoidtre of to be ,despise'i !"' S"ell well," said tlo Ki igu who, hid Sgreit difmiculty in contanliig hisilaighter 1at th o:itiliblestite of teiror ti which tlihe jLoid HFigh Oliliohlrain witv retluced ' I plio niso thel e ,o .w ill ,niit pidticed to such; extbs iily except iicaseo, airo ised.: nlow to the iocstidii- food of tho description mientioiied ust 1)0 fo?ind ivliero shall we seek it :" 5-At,' tgst the lows a rders, of course, i iil::: lithe Councillor who hifd noti , yet" • spoken liill - il -,And: cause a;i rebel!ion befoin.r o th'l t K hiii lad eaten .half idozien1" said:thed Gtiif von Lenerwurst"No Iis MNl ajesty w iiits well nuitutredi miioral oreligious .food-let lint eat the priests ? This propsition seemled :.'to please the Coiuicil, b"t thed King initeirfered?+ii-a : " iTy lord, a secidil timi you suiprise ine:by yo urthoghi tlesso ics s ..To mnieddle wil h the lpriests wivould 'be to call dosn vii upon ui thie :veneii ani?i of Heaven, aid: e were lost both heri anti hereftotii. ` ' "3But, sire," expostulate? Graft .'i .will not your' Ifajbity'entaili-tliat faLoe upon youise' c:fayliow? Surerly caniblinisn i: t the citios of tli Ohii trli . othimin of the s it, rietortle i . Kng, shaiply, " Is thero anything ablout titi '-"t Sri ptumres '. C :. of - .yoe, show -ifi wh~oroit ii fobiilil ..of -That was a loorer nobody couldiwtlih sti'nd the argulentt.*: r " Einough of this,,.'saidi ; the-Kingi I"We ho ave nceived a wnyatc?t of difieulty. To begin with our:roya . stomiaclh not bdiing ttuied to; thio recop tioni" of such soi ; feood mighlt t-rn agaist ? te ?meat of adults. \Vi will coninenoeo witli, th fleshl of tenider mfanit. : -TiiaiiCb' Filij h a llitrs' il ait excllc e opportuniity to lay imy ,i:tit kuf?i hiei it toI last for i o'ery long time." GiOrf Huiins von ?Loi'erwurst ':bj li?cted ihet ?there ,io?h, ? the douio?to Pl,'; with the inothers. ' Nut so," noplictl time -in ` they iieed. i.nia kik;v tie fiatei of tlhbiinhilcrhen._ - Veweilll offier aprizoof :ifr 'ariagtiicence for i?lih iiiiiig;-baby, on couditioini taf all rhoI others shall be o:gi iOn oveor fiur the ,use .if I tho State t ...Each .mother i .iom .vanifty ,ill tlhilik hrl own child suie ? if success i iland, belfieve mi io, it -in ill witlidraiwvi fri'imii the contest Whei thi: Show v is oeor the losiing lbabies shaill be cin veyed socriotly to our hluting castle i the foiest cl goivu?llnn ch:srIgo to a. cook wlhoim?o cian tlior'oughlly triu?s e . wVrill theliin,;'ihii; the lit is n an'i ;isesort t the' cis tle for refri sliieit takie cado to be i't feided , ,ily by s.nii oofoy nioile lordsi vl tli?hnie iii thesiecret. ;J Jy this" miiiis i:el: i trouibl ,;ituddan ger ~ ill bei vomidlei. ianti S:our.val appeittie ilappeaund.. ?t IIOW say yof, icy lirds, does this pliiiliiiet? ;ivitli your ,ii ?irobatiiii ?? J Thli.. uiiiminity; of -'the Conll-iva: - ,nly . prasted eiiffphiti igpp irov'almofbthe Pimiositi?in, 'iiid 01 ei""ry mienit sirb cietiy r, ii..ipir i th~e~r eofquitei ?o\as hihiti'lyt" inidiy ci it ted .foithie. [You?seeitil dlinhit lJiabeutiful thing d it 'is - \woe Kings?iii fqet, u will san mime, and lbucllil.&i ed tl"ir0eiy lliciids notiii: -the i si?l?gheist deigreies to ? iiit thoiu, tie tifuli had Counrils certahinlyl-bUt Ithey were ii n

no way bOiund to: ftllow the RtlVaLCou o nutr ooiio llo5 ;' ýiidlas a zoainhttr ofi; t facth0 I usnually zimido a point of anting in diriit o~pposition t, uii ,ch _:,ic-o, -o thoteb":y J tyiitniniih ining th 0dignity of the Crownand t ,assorting ;thir ,own isu erlvlo wisdom 1 SThy hid :`ii Parlianents to rufussi hiPildiCsg anidiffun Jds failed h , the131 had, nlwajs the Jews `to fal, back., upon s ; -Ihoy huniply applied tie zalick b, thubit v saoLow1('o drwn a fetw of the unb"lieoia ? s: t·htl th than e tei celuyity ittih ?inh they .; were itaconiodatedl do euta imezntileo t contiastrto ( the prent systui uof denliig .i Nolis ivens elianyc tioul t colani d IIt ni j nut iditoatiro that iohtvO'ia ganined 'much t by the clhtnge. I thiik T ktiniv one or C two highly civilizcd,. cotisititutiinally. goveornbd, conuinuitics, which would bo -ii none the wir n e fori I little tyr aniy o.f the anoiNotn kind, sutllrihvig no they do under e the miot galling of all ty'ranies, the tyranny of theo Mo. Yiou ti , 'i k ing, educated to rule fronm his li crUndle will " do his aliriting guiitly," mind oppress by ii right divin ; wihertnva it mob kio wt a nuthing, believes nothinug, earcs fr n uothinsg, r'tep.?cts inthling, ;tad dusq ilts work brttlly, bcatutse it, leaders knlow I that relin, mentl even iit cruelty, would a be offensivo ill the oyes of the |lgenui. o it

sanMl'rottle. Even in suche matters it is better to deal with the professienal rather than tie im; teur. If I were going to I, hanged I ahouhil intinitely prefer being turnlld off y the regular Jack Ketch to at novice. As for the Ilebrew <jueati it andl the sixty per cent. business, I incline to the belief that if Shakespeare hal written the Merclhant of Vcni-e in tiu niilctoueith century lie would lhav~e made Shylock a Christian, and probably a pronincenl elder of somo church. There would not be quite so much trouble about inducing such it one to change hi religion fur a cinsideration' and Jessica would be allwived to -ied awith even a heathen, piovided :a stiitable settlement was forth coining ,tr t Sylylock, alto, would not make any :;difliculties about eating or drinling~(especially, drinking) with his customers; but the chances are he would have blcated Podtia and l!ad that pound of flesh soimehdowv-: I have generally found hatli modern Ohristian Sbhylocks always do have their pound 'of : flesh, the laws of Ved ice o aiisyother State to thd centrary notvwitlhatandclig.].i Aftio? this long di? rssion.? f:r tihich I hauminly: ciave absolution) I i rsume tha thread of my narrntio as .:followsa : ;.Thoe (Ouncil?iten adjonirrersa'; wdieis.