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Chapter NumberV
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Full Date1883-07-20
Page Number4
Word Count1807
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Newspaper TitleEvening Journal (Adelaide, SA : 1869 - 1912)
Trove TitleThe House of White Shadows
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• BR a L. FABJEOIF, Anthbr W""BlBdMMfcass." " Joehoa ttarnl," " Bifiirt'twd lSiwii aed Klssee," "QrlC^lon.

OHAPTEE V. '.; TftUjJtTHtifYiar nt THE PBIBOH.

AtF»Me*jwnmaed'GMtran rose elowlv from the floM-ttt fate iMsiU^ll, npon which he had beeft^l^ljig^i, liflOjjp^m, face down wards, aDdJftijW^Vrejftie gaoler. " jVVii' Vdo yoa want with me . The gdulen«ci ufcmiixxl.hiui, aud laughed at hinrtB'ttOakofy:' R '»»VjBU look more like beast JlKn^ye" Wjjq treated," growled ^imSm ie»tr»i«i»So<r-ye«i have influential friends, it seems." " HaVe W'witi v earsgs scowl at the ^TTJlQtVJ''" '' • ''fovn&n ketsi&OUl.nie. .Xoaro to see no ooeJ^i <i •, 'o. • [T i " Tint may b«yMt JOB hare 110 choice; this gentleman >b'00pwto.£ettM.' > ' interest^ ® autran ' a'tfeutteinaa,'' . •, " Wko.i»i»i'tlien, «nd wbat does he want with<b«J" "•> ' i i "Whpishet A great lawyer who has sent moiflerett totbetr ffbbin'V—" " All l lsd Oan'tran drew a lohg vindictive kreaXfe&peuehhUeloeed teeth. " AnAhaseet tamaifree Ilm told." " Wbloh b be flOing to do for met" asked Gantral In a doll, hopeless tone. •'4?tthAi bl .Bjttaelfc Here he is. Sileqpe, , The door was opened and the Advooate entered the cell.. • • " TMelirOautrafi?'' he asked of the gaoler, " Tpis U be," repH&ltth) gaoler. Lea^i toe Hbfie %ith Ujm," " It M against ,uty, orders. Sir. " Here is jour authority. He-banded to.the caolor apaperwhichgare liim permission to hold fiwandiinintcrrupted converse with Uautrao, "aoctlsed of the mur4<3£, pf Ma^clltwe, t% flower gtrL The intempw not to last logger than an hour. The gaoler prepared tocdepart, but before he left'tbeceH he said in an undertone— " Be earefnl of the'tnaa, he is a enrage, and not bo lw trusted," " ' " TliCre ,1s' notjiine tin," sail thB Advocate... The gaoler lingeied a moment and then retired.' - " The '«ell was bet dlmlv lighted, and the Advointc. cominr itlto'it from the foil aualiKht ^a hrig^t day, conld not seecL&aply for a little '^tbjle, .On the qtdier .hand, Gautran, whose eves were accustomed to the gloom, had a distinot view -oi the Advooate, and in a furtive, hang-dew; fashion fcltoelyinapccted tic ftatureS pf^his viaitor. ( " Yon ^re a npAc^aq," aa4(l the. Advocate. " Aye, master, a -wosdmaa,. It is well known..' " HaveTOtt any money 7" ' " Not a 1 sou 1 .". " Wliit' ibont tj^W (nflrderr asked the Advi dvdeate uirnpUy. . " \f|)At About iW.HienrJcmanded Gautran, with an attempt at dt-fiance. " I am bore to assist you, If I see my way. You have no lawyer to ilefyiil you. " How should I get ouc ? What lawyer works without money, aod. where should an unfortunate devil like me gBt it from to pay hiin?" There was a eeor«t Running in his manifer Which did Aot escape thb 1 Advocated , notice. u ' " " • ' 1 11 11 "" '' • " Listei), GiiutrfKL .1 *rc gwUVs mnocent eat of oUiha _.. unuie, 10c that is a formula, and guilty-or not guilty yoa wouldreturn.*wt one snswori Have yo» »sythfng to tcll'mt?" '• „ t " ijpa.fev^,W,a»eviI.Ufe.'' , " Not my .fault. Iwaa bam in- kV; and that is ito simod'agaioat- me now. -I know well ddongh ther^ ia no-chance for me." 1 . " A^'thcre'iinj'^'itnesijds who woalds^eak' in yoii faVpM''' ,„'','. . " KoiwitluLt I know of.. . " Itiia true tlv»t you were walking with the girl on>tho night elic was murdereu 1" " man has heard ine deny it," replied Gautrari, shnddcrin?. " Why do you shudilcr "Master, I loved the girl ; w*r~woro to have been roarqied." . , " TJiat ia disputed." ' 1 Kverything ib disputed that would tell in my favour. The truth is of no iiae to a poor devil like Gautran. Have you heard ftuy uood of die, Moatur?" '' Nt^ anyt^ng. All that I have beard' is l'fiat^a tlic way ofit. Well, tlien, judge for yourselfu" " "Can yoa point out any one—«an you indicate any one who would be likely to munler he girl £ .yovafcudJq-atam.'" "I oannot help it. Master, put yourself lierc in this cell, as I am, without light, withoflt hope, without a friend. Yon would nocd p fjxpng,ntrv(; tq stand it. You. want to know if l cqn point out any one who could liave done the de«i but ine. 1 Well, if I were free, aaiicame face to hi En, I might. Not that I could say anything and swear to it, for I d i d n r * — x r - r_ji, lie to woulc,, reason .-to sustwot thai the girl had other lovers besides me, some who pressed' her hardly, I darftnysome who Wfere rich, while I wasimofctoni* who Were almost mad for her. wiie&itogo aWaj me aak if she was not followed by a dozen and more ? She told rocgo iiumolJ, but ahe never mentioned a name to mb. She. was- cloao—that made it all the MW,' You know something 'of * orneti, Maatet; IhM liW the men tO^ojlpw them,J,Uii Wwfdf tbetB do, ladies fu .well as peaaauU., TltPI .were uut into the world to drive us to jierdition. I was jealous o£ her : yes, L-was-iteaious.'' -Was that natural, ana am 1 guilty becttUSe of that? How could I liolp oqffife icaloio wtipu I ldved her? It is in a ap t blwd. Wcllj thep, what more can I say ?".,.,„ . In bis intent observance of Gautran's Bitcech QBd-demeaBow the Advocate seemed to weigh 4very wOrd that^U from the uuu's lips. ', ' i"l>"' "AtVti&t'time did you leave the girl.,on the last «ott mwiLw alive I" " At 10 o'clook.'i''" . ••" " Slie was alone at tbrt hour " Yds:" ' " Diflyou as^hcrugamaJteJ' ttuyt?" "Did yon have roaaon'to supi>ose that she was tomeetauy other mart?" " Iff hart thought it, IsnouW have ^topped with Set." '•" •" ;; ... , " "o, wfh .the mao. Me had .appemtad to Bceet. ,, . n • " A jd'ba*inffeeen Mm V'" " H» Wtmld haw Sad tb'itlBWer to mo. I am lict btqpdtdj Mjitdr.' WtJ cih up J6r my rig^ '„ '.,;,.., ' \\ euld, you have bannod tiie girl I" "Hrwe.I not.toid you il loved kier." r " Answer my queBtion—Would 1 you hsre harmeft fbb'Eirfr* 1 ". " NO'! ubjess 'sli^ axovc ipc . out pf, ray senses.,. 1 , ^ . • " Were you. itt turkt. statu on the night of lier death.?*' ••• "(No'| ! l kbewwhat I was ahoat." " You «-We heard td^ujjififty wjth fcef,* , . "MPft'A^fljl 1 '". ,'• • f.'. • \ on,„woce heard to.juy you would,kill her." i •, -I i . • 'i " Trtaei enoagh. •!. told her "that if I trver found (mt ahe 'Vras' falsf W tttc T Wottld 'kill bcr." ' ^ ' ' " l 11 " AnJ^p otilXDtlfiS™ 0 '' to rqarryyoq I' 1 Sl^li^ aworn to tuorry me." "'Dm)Uaadkercliiof round bor back, when' her body was ioand'in, the river/is WrimMl to liave btten'Jours.'" " • • " It Mt.' "Hiaa4ip\ much ,, " When yov.,i were arrested you< were eearclicdjjvj . < • • - " 1 was," MVMiWjTOlngtoSct^froWi ydb?" ' " Hatf.'^u ajdatbi pjrlle secntt' lover met on tliiU. n^lit you. msghti-iiave .-uaad- -your knife. S - "•• ' • " l'hat is sfmdriugbeforehand. I c(m't say what mi^t haWbatoV'li". ! " '•Strfp yWidlf Jo tii M'Wit." , Gautran stared at the Advooate. What trick are you going to play me, Master?" he asked, with a froWBT "" " Strip yourself to tbc wajst>" rcnje^t^J tits Advocate, alertly. n ' Gautran ((toda^tarttfe at tbb ABvocati for 1 full a mlikttf in anenAT ThSi, With i&Tm- Jiaticnt; iitoyeriient,'''ili though it eodld tiat] matter biftf WKy oi- aiiothiS. hb aiJii^'liaypikS 1 ordered to'do.' ' His tt-eaSt'-n'to cdrcred wfth "thick black hair ; his back alko. As the gaoler had said,' he Icokpd more like bfpst.thluLaialv " .SLfUid ^pwJectly still, 1 '...said, Jika Advocate. .ijrun >-1 i . hi i , ; Gautran obeyadt and thb Advocate: Mking apowcrf^i'glttWfrAm bts pockW, eiatbtecd Gautrah's nrtk, ^'.U,^ A A f^JViil,, the utmost pan md,.»uniitmiow, Qautcan wrapt in woildsr at. the,strange 1 preeeedng. The examination ooonpied ante ten miantes: at the end of which "the Advooate ordered the maa to dreSS'hiniSelf. , 1 " SinW"£ou/' arrest," t^le Advocate, " liave 3?ou'.t>een ejLainined„as X have examined vpu y', t " No, Master, it has not beon dono." "Has any examination whatever been made of you by doctors, or gaolers,' or Jftwycrs *"

" Do you v»lne yonr liberty r " Yes, Master" replied Gautran, with an eager flash, in hls eyea. ''Let no person know what has pasted between vt, aod do not repeat one word I have said U ybii.* " I nudentesd Master ; yon may depend nm me. Bat Master —after a pause— "will- yon not tell me something morel Am I to tie set free or not f " Yon are to be tried. II yoa are innocent yon will be a free man after your trial." " Then I shall never chop wood again, for there is no other man bnt myself who -can testify for me, and who credits a word I say? No one. The gaolers say there is not a man or woman in Switzerland who would believe me on my oath. Everything is hgainst me— and everybody, bnt yoa." M I am neither far yon nor against yon," said the Advocate in a Toioe of steel. "What I have to deal with are the crime and the evidenoe. I have nothing more to s ay to you. What is brought against you at yo or trial will establish either your innocence or your Knilfc" The Advocate knocked at the door of the prison cell, nnd the gaoler opened it for Mm, and let him oat. "Well, GautranT' said the gaoler. Bat Gautran, absorbed in contemplation of the door through whioh the Advocate had taken hit departure, paid no attention to him. " Do yoa hear me r' cried the gaoler, shaking his prisoner with no gentle hand. "What do yoa want to knowf asked Gautran. " Is the great lawyer going to defend yon T' " You want to know too much," said Gautran, with A etinning look. " He and I understand each other." And he refused to say another word on the subject Later in the day he asked whether he could not have more lignt in his oell. " Yoa have light enough," said the gaoler, roughly. " Light 1 Light 1 Light 1" moaned the wretch, hiding his eyes in his hands ; but he could not shut out the spectre of the murdered girl, which from that moment never left him.