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Chapter NumberVIII
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Newspaper TitleThe Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW : 1843 - 1893)
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<ffram Enftllib, American, aud olhir PctlfKHeela.)


CHAPTER VIII (Continued.)

It looked reasonable, too-though, perhaps, not very flattering to her-that he should not fully TeBliae the state of bis feelings toward nor-Arley 'until the great heiress had been won by some ona vise, and ha began to miss her society, which she liad taken euch psàns to make bo fascinating to him ; .end so reasoning thus-perhaps she was very weak, but she could not help it -she yearned to accept all that he offered her,

She stood with her face downcast, hesitating and trembling before him, not even withdrawing her lands from bis claBp, se intent was she-trying to ana- lyse her own feelings and his professions of attach-


Her hesitancy emboldened him, aid infolding .thoBe small bauds still closer in his olesp-he pleaded :

" Arley,something makes me hope, in spite of all ifhe hard things that you have said to me-; tell me that you trust me,"

" Oh, if I might," she cried, with an intensity that ? startled bim, while at the same time it told him that .abe did love him-that his cause was won.

As she spoke she flashed an eager, searching .glance into his face-a glance 'that sought to read Ais very soul.

"My darling," Philip cried joyfully,"if you did .not have some love for me you never would have said 'that. You may-you must trust me, ana I will prove so loyal and true, so fond and devoted, that, Ivy and by, you will wonder how it was possible for jon ever to doubt me."

Looking down into that beautiful blushing face, into those glorious dark eyes, Philip Paxtan's heart - «as stirred with tenderer foolings than it had ever ex-

perienced before, and he really meant at that moment < .all that he said ; really believed that he should prove 'the loyal man and trae that he had promised to be.

Be did not know bia own weakness-who does in 'fact?-he had not a suspicion of the temptations which in the future were to try the material of which lie was made. It is so easy to make résolutions and promises; it is so hard, in our own strength, to keep


And lovely, pure-hearted, generous Arley Went- worth, won by the pleadings of her own heart, an d ills persuasive voice, smiled shyly, and, still looking into his eyes which seemed so frank and truthful, «sid, tremulously i

.* I would ¡the to trust you-I null trust you, Phi

lip," and her fate was sealed.

He drew her to bim with a glad, cry, and touched Hb Ups to her burning brow ; and, to hie honour be it «aid, he knew then, that fortune or no fortune, ehe vas dearer to him than any woman in the world.

At the same time he know, also, that he never ehould have asked her to marry him had it aot been, for her twenty thousand pounds.

41 Ton do love me, Arley," he whispered.

"Haven't I confessed it enough yet to satisfy you-?" she asked, archlj.

" No,.I shall want to -hear it again and again, Tell aie when did you first discover that you cared for


41 Must'I go away down into the valley oí humilia* 4Iod, and own that I lost ¿ny heart during that first tide from Horsham station to Hazelmere," Arlcy se torted laughing, but witfc her face covered with blushes. '

" Then I do not see why you needed to treat me as

yon have done during the loot fortnight," Philip re- < .plied, regarding her thoughtfully.

"I was obliged to in order to hide my secret," Ar- ley answered. "When Wil's engagement was an- nounced I began to be very much ashamed of the part I had been plajing. I could not bear that you ehould think me forward and utunaidenly, while, for the world, I would not have you or any one else ficepett that I had given you my love unsolicited, and so I concealed my feelings under an assumed


" Well, I am bound to confess that you are an honest little body," Philip said, laughing,

"Thank you j I never intend to be anything else," xeplied truthful Arley,

Philip winced at this unconscious reproof, for he felt that however much he might be interested in her now, he had not been strictly honest in asking

her to be his wife.

" I do not think I shall leave Hazelmere for a few days longer," he sBid, smiling. " May I announce another engagement this evening ?"

" If you wish," Arley answered frankly. I have so desire to keep it a secret."

And so it was made known at disner time, io tbe «uprise of every one, that Arley Wentworth and

JSîilïp Paxton were betrothed lovers. I