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Chapter Number2. XII
Chapter TitleAVENGED
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Full Date1884-11-01
Page Number20
Word Count971
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Newspaper TitleThe Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW : 1843 - 1893)
Trove TitleLove and Passion
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OTrom EaglUb, Amarle», and »th*r PerladlMli.)





There Gordon stood, his eyes riveted upo» the pair just within the church door, stood like one paralyred. Be turned slowly at last, and a wild cry issued from Ilia Ups ; he clutched hil friend's arm with a convul- sive grasp, and would have fallen but far hil sup


"Great Heaved" he gasped, brokenly. "My love ! ob, my love, Tiny I"

He broke suddenly away from tke hand that strove to detain him, and darting forwsrd like a madman, pausad direstly before the bride.

She gazed into his white face and sgo&itai eyes for an instant, scarcely comprehending the scene, -then she drew bsck, putting up both her small hands, as though to ward off an expected blow.

" Gordon I" she faltered, aid those who saw h« never forgot the look upen her fair face, the fearful horror and despair in her tone,

Bat that horror and despair were not for hil suf- ferings, not because he believed that shs bad de-

ceived him.

She was Paul Gowcr's wife now ; there was no gainsaying that ; and he would protect her and shield her from all harm. And she never thought, never dreamed that her very attitude, and the frozen an- guish in her face, at sight of her old lever, wera proofs against har which were strong enough te harden even a more truttiag and loving heart thai

beat in Paul Gower's bosom.

She fell back into her old position at her hvsband'a dde, one small hand clutching his arm as though for protection. Hit faee had grown ghastly pale, and there was a stem, resolute light in his grey eyes.

" What is the meaning of tai« ?" he whispered 41 Tiny, little wife, toll me, what does it mean F"

But she did not answer, shs cauld aot. She was weak and childish, and her heart shrank from Gor- don Carroll, the boy wham she bad loved when shs was too young to know the meaning of the ward ; and in her innocence and ignorance of tha world and ' ita ways, she believed for B moment that he had come

to drag her from the side af her husband, to sepa-

rate them forever,

Pale and trembling, shs could only graip Paul's arm, panting forth at last,in faltering accents:

"Gordon Carroll come back again I And I-ah,

Heaven 1 -I have broken his heart 1"

Gordon caught the wards, and a wild light fltehad into his beautiful blue eyes.

"You have broken my heart!" he repeated slowly, In a low, tens« tone which revtalad how horribly he was suffering-"broken my heart. May my curse follow you, false, treacherous woman I"

For be was the child of Altan Carroll, and it waa not easy to forgive. " The tins of the fathers shall be visited upon the children unta the third and fourth generation," Ah, oftentimes a deadly inheri-


The little group had involuntarily shrunk back ' into the shelter af the church to avoid the atara of

curious eyes outside, Gordon still stood gaxing into the face of the woman whomhe loved so madly-trem- bling like a leaf, overcome, quite, by his own misery and anguish. And Paul Gower, impelled by a wild impulse which he could not resist, stood silent, wait-

ing for the issue. The organ's voice was mate now, j

and the organist had departed ; there were fewprasent

to witness tba strange scene. An awful silence hung |

over the place.

" Tiny, Tiny 1" criad Gorden Carroll's voice, at lost "breaking the dread silence *' why did you deceive me so P True, you told ma when lost we mat that you could not be my wife because of the fatal promise given to your dying mother ; but yon never told me that you had cessad to love me ; that-ah, Heaven 1-you had learned to love another! Oh, Tiny, tell me why you bave done this dreadful . thing ?",

Bat Bhe only stood there, wringing her small hands and crying, wildly':

" Gordon-Gordon-forgive t"

His eyes flashed, and an awful look stole over his white, agonized face.

" Forgive ? No," he panted, wildly, I am not an- gelo enough for that, I »m Alton Carroll's child, and his son need never learn the lesson af hatred. My mother, too, was an Italian ; sha carno of a race that knows how to hate well aid long, and »aver learns to spell the word forgiveness. Forgive P Ah, no. Tiny Rossiter-Mrs. Gower-" (and the tone of his volee WÍS mocking in the sitreràe)-" I will ' never forgive you I"

There was a slight rustling sound; something flashed like silver ia th« dim light of the old churoh ; there followed the report of fire-arms, than a wild shriek of mortal agony, and Tiay fall into the arms of her bmsbond, the orimisn life-blood dyeing har . wedding-garments and oozing upon the floor of the

church-a great dull, purple stain.

" Murderer I" Bhrieked Paul Gover, madly, turning Mi accusing eyes upon Gordon Carroll's white face.

He bent over Tiny, calling upon her in the accents of wild despair. There was a faint sigh, a flutter of the white eyelids, and Tiny'i head sank upon her Husband's braust, and she lay perfectly motionless. Throughout tha great church moursful stillness »ung like a pall.

' And all tbe time, concealed from sight, crouching behind a toll pew near, a pair of fiercs, wild eyts were fixed upon the awful scene; eyes full of burn- ing hatred ; and from tha pala, parchad lips there fluttered forth upon the eilenca of the sacred place

? the ens dread word: