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Chapter NumberXLI
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Full Date1892-05-28
Page Number1
Word Count651
Last Corrected0000-00-00
Newspaper TitleThe Bendigo Independent (Vic. : 1891 - 1918)
Trove TitleThe Devil's Own. An Australian Story
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Prepare to hear A story that will turn thee into stone. Could there bo hewn a monstrous gap in nature,

A flaw raaflo through the centre by aomo god, Through which the groans of ghosts might strike thy oar. They would not wound thoo as,this story will, , 1 ; Lbb, It was a curious square leather ease, giving the impiessibn that the outside wqs .merely th:» covering for an inside box. Three straps about an inch broad and in a row,; met follow straps, fastened by small padlocks and Joined the overlapped oylot bolus. For a moment or two Gustavo was at a nonplussed ? bo\y to open the case —true the padlocks ..woror'made bat ho had no in struments and my little strength. He looked round the room in vain. What could bo do ? Not send for a' blacksmith ? The blacksmith no .the/man pld Joan Leg aril was too terrible a gossip and would be sure to question the contents. Ho tried the small poltor—iri vnin.' ,' . .There was no help for it, tbo straps must bo.out neatly so as to bo token off at the top. It was soon done, though ho felt ?nervous and depressed-as ho out; >away slowly with his stopping for a

moment to recover- him.o1£ before h-i opened tho lid. Ho was weak; 6* on',. ihis ‘ this small ox ’rtion had loft him. faint. Ho .got-up and took'a little spirit and< water from - the tray by his bedside, wh : ch: revived him enough to continuediife wonk. ? Lifting tho cover slowly and thought-' fully, as if there was something sacred within, he found card, on: which was written as follows:—“Jn case, of iuy sudd-in deaths by accident or other wise, I request ihat tho largo pockekbdok, with its contents Jn this case nny bo re stored at oooc to its rightful owner, Mrs., Hubert Aaneylayo (so-called), of tho, “ Nest,” J3tyton, UoldsbbrougvAustralia, j or failing her to Miss Vavasour, Brook Street, GiosVonor Square, London. .1 also request , tint the« picket of parchment and o her deeds heroin—tied I with green ribbon he returned without I delay to. Leopold Durand, of tbe Rue r du Bao,Paris’ —and there were other requests but Gustave,' c mid walk no , further he felt sick and dzzynt reading thus far—r the secret was out this was proof positive of more, than one murder and ihot Mr. Annoylaye had bepn murdered and robbed Gustavo laid the card on tho table biside him leaning his hand against the'sofa'for a few moments too ? .sidle- and dizzy to think much yet there sure enough was tho large pocket , b^pk—which after a ; moments Consideration he (SouId not resist Opening. ; / lb was crammed with pipers—aud must have been a bulky picket for a man’s pocket. Gustave sorao of the evidence tho deteodves had read to him .concerning, 'the Soring i murder, that the deceased ; generally curled his pocket book with him in his shooting and fishing walks fearing it might bo robbed at the cottage,'also In case of fire, though no .one had ever inquired into the contents; a certificate of birth of Hubert Armytago tho Towers, Marloy, with tho date; a* certifipato of the marriage of Hubert Armytago with Vera ’JLeraplo at Albury churoh, New South Woles; o cutting from a -news paper of Lady Armytoge’a death t at the 'tourers; some visiting cards,, Captain Armytago, Lancers; two letters from Sir Lancelot Armytago to his son not long before hjs death. , . A statement that in case of death his will and all other papers were in the care , of his friend, Norm n Fort?soue “in trust of ruy life" also that for Certain reason's lit? had altered the pronunciation of bis name on going to a strange laud thinking it best. To bo Continued.