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Chapter NumberXXXIX
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Full Date1892-05-21
Page Number1
Word Count331
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Newspaper TitleThe Bendigo Independent (Vic. : 1891 - 1918)
Trove TitleThe Devil's Own. An Australian Story
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They had come to a part of the route where there was some lovely scenery—a plantation of larches bordering each side of the road-a gothic lodge appear-

ing in sightv'which.'oponed to a broad avepuo of fine old beaches, over which w.ere whirling and, cawingas tho'sari got lower in. the heavens. “ Some country sent—fino old trees,” sajd.Nojrman. -> ,>t \ 3 v J*isTd% sir $ this is bho sbuth lodge of Mariey,,Towers, Sir. Hubert -Armytago’a . i fine old' castle They say : as -Sm- Hubert is expected Jiome.; time tod.. - He’s. nob been near the He- went to fiirrin i parts, \then the old squire died, so the place has been empty ever jinnee. X tho young squire is no great shakes—no more like his father time chalk is to che?se. ’Twos a bad business that, the old ’squires- ..death—he wore murdered. Burg enough. 1 was-lhat Uken back whom I heard of it. I waa’nt fib for anything for days. They say murder will out, but lor, sir, tho young squire did’nt seem to trouble his he id about it. Sir Hubert ’ll never bo like his lather. They say he is married.ongoing to be—afurriner of some kind ,£rom India or Americky, I .aint-sare-which.—Hero yer are sir, this is. Marloy, pud, there’s, the Arms, and I see yor friend alooking out for ee at the door,” said .the. -farmer, recalling his idea of a lunatic and his keeper. &Yesj that ; is my v friend, Lord Yeroker. 'Well, it is very good.of yon giving ,me a lift,-how can I repay you ?” ** Don’t mention it, ’sir, yere welcome.” do you live? I’JMook you up,”' said Norman. Abopb. two miles bother side of Marley. Both well’s Hollow is my place, sir; if so be as you’d like to have a -look; at my castle. Good day, sir,” as Nor man shook his hand heartily.