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Chapter NumberXXVII
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Full Date1892-04-02
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Newspaper TitleThe Bendigo Independent (Vic. : 1891 - 1918)
Trove TitleThe Devil's Own. An Australian Story
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CHAPTER XXVII (continued).


“Biyten, and look sharp.” said For tescue, as the hansom drove off, the Jehus racing each other the whole way, much to Miss Vavasour’s fright, For

toscuu’s satisfaction, and Voreker’a dii pust, whose “not so fast cabby, drive slower,” was only treated -with silent contempt. How the lost few days flew by, almost loo swiftly for some. Lord Voreker had betaken himself to the club a day or two before the departure of the party, to the regret of Aunt Dorothy. In vain shi had protested that ho was not in the way of the packing, in fact, a great help (he had written six addresses and tied o.i four labels) that he might get ill, etc. “You’ll have enough of me on board Mias Vavasour, so I am going to be raerolfu 1 , and get our of your way. If I may drop in now and then to help,” he said. “yOh certainly, certainly, Aunt Dorothy has lots more labels and addresses to be seen to,” said Forteacuo with a wink, an J so at lest they wore about to say adieu to the Nest, to their good friends, arid the sunny days of Australia. The La hore was about to weigh anchor, the usual bustle and confusion, hurrying and scurrying on board, an hysterical atmosphere of tears and .smiles. *‘I wish I won going, there’s no such good luck for me,” said a pretty girl ip a nautical costume, all anchor and navy serge. “Are there nice passengers going 1 ” “Jim, I must have that mail trunk in my cabin,” said a very fat woman fanning herself furiously. “ My dear, it won't go in at the door, and it wouldn’t be allowed to stand out side for people to break their shins over. Come and take what you want out of it.” “ Ob, I couldn’t; I feel squeamish already,” said the fat woman. “ Keys, Nellie, quick. I have just bought a lot of yellow backs, and I want to stow them away in one of the port manteaus we kept with us. There’s not room for an extra toothpick in the cabin, it is so crammed. Don’t know how on earth you will find room to dress. I shall get through my toggery outside—thore’s one consolation. Tot’s won’t want much space," said a tall dark man with a heavy brigade of fat, to his dinrnutive better half, whose attention was divided between a small f >or year old and tho scene on the deck. “ I don't exactly care about being shipped ofl under pro'est. There would bo such.a weeping and wailing and gnash ing of teeth on the part of ray wife and my numerous family, so i’ll say good-bye and a pleasant voyage to you, including safe return soon,” said Jimmy Gordon, shaking hands all round, and stopping to whisper something in the pretty rnr of the widow, which sent tho color into her face, though she laughed merrily, and, shaking her head, said, “ I shall reserve my punishment for suoh mischief till our re turn, Mr, Gordon.” A few minutes later tho Lahore is well on her way, and only a faint view in tho distance of the pier and Jimmy Gordon, who is waving his handkerchief aloft to. bid God speed to the happy party who hare of late added many a pleasant hoar to his days at Bayton.