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Chapter NumberXX
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Full Date1892-02-27
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Word Count252
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Newspaper TitleThe Bendigo Independent (Vic. : 1891 - 1918)
Trove TitleThe Devil's Own. An Australian Story
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CHAPTER XX. (Continued).

AN AUSTRALIAN STORY By Mrs. Richmond Musty. (all rights reserved.)

She was silent for a while, thinking it out, as she said to herself— “Hark, it is some one coming up. I must be cautious, and got rid of that

horrid habit I have of thinking aloud. Hush! 1 hear some one at the door. Sorely that poor pilgarlic of a porter downstairs could not have been listening. Well, good night, dear, you looked radiant to-night, every one said. Good night and pleasant dreams,” she said, nodding to herself in the large mirro'*, as she went to the door. Some one was coming up the stairs bumming softly to himself “Ob, stay with me, my darling, stay, And like a dream thy life shall pass away.” She knew the voice to be Forth’s, and smiled as he softened it on hi -i way towords her room, evidently fearing to awaken any sleeper. “Ho is at least merciful,” she said, as she wended her way wearily (o her room, next to Mrs. Chohnondtley’s, closing the door gently. “ I wish to goodness I had been introduced to Lord Vereker. What an idiot I was not to think of it. Well, it’s nob too late— to-morrow will do Ho will be there, and see if I don’t cut my lady out. And yet I owe her no grudge, she is quite welcome to Sir Hubert Array tage. Sir Hubert Armytage, eh—his Satanic majesty in disguise! Good night, Fauchette.”