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Full Date1897-05-16
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Newspaper TitleTruth (Sydney)
Trove TitleAn Australian Anarchist
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— f ? — — ? ? i iCSTR ALI4N*AN ARCHIST

[All Bight* Kwerved.]

(Br V. L. TH0MA8.)


4*' SrDKET Harbor* though beautiful to the eye, it infested with sharks- These monsters, tbe terror to bathers, we not SMiijr to plentiful abeut tbe Heads as higher up the harbor, where foad ia more abundaat, Even within a few miles of the ancient tow* of Parramatta — by tbe way, , not a century old — it is dangerous to venture into tbe water.

Perhaps the peat is at it's worst troond Balmain. Naturally enough the ?harks flock around tbe Glebe Island side if the working man's Buburb, as it is ? tailed,' for tbe oflial and rubbish from the , Usbatoirs famish toothsome food ; bnt they are just ae prevalent on the Iron Cove side, and swarm round th* points of Voolloomeoloo Bay. The school children around Loich ?^irdt and Vest Balmain, and some 'odor people who, perhaps, ought to fciow better, apeak with awe of a monster el ark called Big Ben. .lust ae Turkish mothers UBed the same of Occur de Leon t« frighten their children, so tho mothers ?Lt there quieten their brata with mention of Big Ben. Ko one ever epeaks of a email rat, tho vermin are always larger Sharks, too, run big ; but when «no larger than the average is seen, Balmain people shake their heads and mutter that Big Ben is up to hie games again. And Garden Island has it* Big £en» A little group of boys stood on the Domain Point towards sunsat, pointing to tbe dona} tin of a large shark circling aronad a small but beautiful yacht anchored on tho shore side of Garden Island. Presently the yacht began to move slowly towards the poinr, and the lads turned home. They had their lessons to prepare, and mothers have a atom way of dealing with little boys late for the evening meal, the only one which tbe family enjoys. The lads cast a last look at the crawling craft, and one of them Baid : 'Blime, if the blokes ' aboard that ore craft don't give tucker to Big Ben same aa if he wor a pet I've been vratcbin' fur tha last two' evenings.' Meanwhile tbe yacht steamed slowly on, the fin of the shark occasionally appearing in her wake. When ehe had cleared the Island steam was ehut eU , and the anchor dropped. Then a tall man came aboard, and said in French to two foreign-looking seamen : 'Bring him up, and let all hands come.' Ina few minutes tbey appeared with the Eton George' Marker between them, gagged and ironed. Four other men bIbo came on tbe scene. The tali man, no other than Vallambroea, delivered a ehort address 'Comrades, you wore all present at the trial last night. George Marker, you have received a fair triaL The charges against yon have been carefnlly considered, yet are fully proved. In tho first place, you have been guilty of converting to your own use the f undB of tbe Cause. That alone means death. Nest, to hide your delinquencies, yoa entrapped me and gave me over to my worst enemies. It is net yonr fault that I am alive, and now here. Yet I was your benefactor when you were starring. You are more than suspected of having paused the ^itoAth of one likely to be of much use ^*$l£,-Cquee. You

allowed a poor ana defenceless girl to be . chargod with that crime,- without using yonr voice- te proclaim her innocence. Worse still, that*- -ia rsaaou to believe that yon did all in your power to fasten the charge on to her so aa to shield yourself. For these crimes and offences a committee ef tbe brotherhood have agreed tbat you merit death, and have directed me to carry out your exe cution.' The old man paused, and gazed at — ^Marker, crouching an the deck with jgi^rerted eyes. Ho. resumed— rJtt^.'Fojjvoa I have planned tha cruellest n^fleaS?*! could think of. It would be sacrilege to give vou the death of a brave man. I have heard of the old Sydney convicts, who tied a tyrant on ian ant bed and allowed him remain there uctil the flesh was oaten off his bones. That is a death I intended for yoa. Unfortunately, en account of the increase ef population, ench an execution conld not now ba' car vied ont with certainty; and, any way. I fcave'&t the confidence to poison' ants with yen foul carcase. But I have hit en ia . death that just suits , you-' He paused and eeemed to gloat ever the pallid, twitching face of tbe Minister for this Crown. 'Only that you'd deny year own con ftarion, which is new in proper bands and will soon liberate poor Viola. I'd like te wait here, and in a few hours hand you over to be torn limb from limb by the victims who are now anxious over your bank swindle. Bat, of coarse, the cursed power ef Government would step in and ,TC8oae yen. After a mock trial -you'd be liberated as other swindling bankers have ' When will tbe poor see that they caa gain nothing from whit is callefl Govern ment— even ef the most constitutional land? The radicals and democrats of Sydney, who made a Minister of you, might as well have elected the Czar. Fer my part, I prefer the ruler bred to the job te one who gets it by feeling bis fellow* men. . Sjtoh foolery makes the public mil on a. .and inclined to Hv. hack ta eon

aarvatiaai. The real democrat who'd y«il to cheer you. No, I ghan'J, hand xoq mr. It's only saints who are stoned fey the mob, and Lynch Law does not wem to have taken root in Australia. ! Your «entence will be ef a different kind. XutenalL' ? The foreign looking sailors drew nearer, aad craned forward their ? headB. - He apoke slowly and impressively : ' a few evenings ago, while meditating j an as fitting punishment, for, though the j trial had not taken place, I knew what tbe seralt waald be, I saw yonder shark bang* i ing around the yacht. I saw at once that Jbe would be b fitting executioner. I have laid my plan before the brotherhood. Shoy approve. The shark bas not been '. i '? fed to-day. That is why he hangs round ! so persistency. Boys, a long rope.' , Two of tbe men disappeared, and soon (?tamed with a long coil of tope. 'Now then pasa it round bis waist and lower *»'» to, the smface of tbe witter - when the shark makes for the western aid*. It is now dusk, and there are no , boats about.' itis commands were obeyed. The Hon. Clearge Marker, ironed, gagged, and rilent, was slowly lowered like a bile of woel over the Bide. His feet almost touched the water, and. hia eyes gazed deBowingly in tho diiWJ&m'cf the chore. « Con# the brute,' said tho #14 Aucekut^

after a few minutes. 'Ho seems to have, no appetite ; and a boat may come np at any moment I don't want - to postpone tbe execution.' One of tbe sailers spoke to him in French. 'Ah yes,' cried Vallambrosa, 'let us keep out of sight : move across here, and let us wait. If a boat comes along we'll have to haol him in again.' In half a minute there was a tagging and straining of tho rope, tbe other end of which bad been passed round tbe mast, while two stoat foreigners held it ' Hurrah,' cried the old man, ' the shark has got him.- Good shark.' With a blew of his tomahawk he severed the rope, and quickly glanced over the tide. He just caught a glimpse of the Honorable George Marker's form disap pearing beneath water, and hissed, as tbe water became discolored with blood ; ' A villain' has met his doom.' Then be addressed those on board : — 'liake ready to go at once. Captain, steer for South America. When the Cause iB wauing, we can always overturn a Government there and thus keep the j movement going.' j A cart was standing at the Man* I of - War Steps. Three men were

seated in it. Tbe French rag-pickers were rather listless this evening, and out of their regular beat. Tbey looked eagerly down tbe harbor. Suddenly a rocket went up, and they could discern a yacht steam ing quickly oceanwards. All three mat tered : — ' Vive Vanarchie,' and one added in French — ' The traitor has met his doom.' For half an hour they gazed down the Harbor. At last, tbeir patience waB rewarded. Close by the Heads another rocket went up, and all three exclaimed in French — * Heaven be praised. Our comrades have got clear.' For the next week Sydney is ablaze with excitement I First, of all the evening papers announce j the strange disappearance of a Cabinet Minister. The Hon. George Marker's weekly paper published the inspired ac count of the elopement; but as Vera Samuels appears everywhere in public people laugh. Then the Labor Bank .shuts its doors, and a discovery is made of grave irre gularities in the accounts ef the Circum locution office. Everyone is asking for Marker's whereabouts ; at last the detec tives get to work, public excitement in creases ; there is a political crisis, and Jelly-fish Gasbag falls from power. There is to be no £-ady Gasbag. Meanwhile Marker never appears. The little boys at the 'Ghair,' etill gaze with interest en the fin moving along the surface of the water, and tell terrible tales of Big Ben. They do not knew all If sharks could speak, one of them would : be able to clear up the mystejy which is j troubling Australia. (TO BE CONTIifCm)