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Chapter NumberII
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Full Date1889-05-25
Page Number43
Word Count389
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Newspaper TitleAdelaide Observer (SA : 1843 - 1904)
Trove TitleThe Sexton's Secret
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Meanwhile a brilliant Bcene was being enaoted in the thronged and also fashionable Mnscovitish city, at least a hundred verats distant from the spot to which reference has been already made.

An event replete with importance In the Bocial sphere, as regarded that special looality, is even at that moment taking plaoe within the gaily domed city tairhia, or ohnrch, in which rich and poor are alike wont to worship daily. The bells ring out their merriest happiest chime, for many a Buesian heart is glad that day, and the hopes of two leading families have at laBt been realized.

The day hu Ions been looked forward to when tbe beautiful daughter of a long lias of ancestors should wed the stately, sombre, but still ever fascinating to present represent ee of tbe house of Zaraky-Cyril Cyrilovitoh, as he was ordinarily called, the son in Rustian

arlance, always asBumiog, in additioo to is own Christian name, that of his father. It would be a brilliant matoh for the former, as every one considered, and as the bride groom-elect bad chosen irom amidst many who wonld gladly have acoepted his band bad it been placed at their disposal, the dark eyrd Vera was tbe envy of many.

The crowd around, beneath that richly coloured roof, in whioh neBtled delioate fretcoeB, gazed wistfully and also admiringly upon tbe handsome pair before them, sow plighting their troth to one another, in the presenoe of that assemblage, for ever and


Tbe crown, according to wonted Enssage ueageB. was duly held over the head of the sweet bride, who walked round meanwhile three times in a cirole ; and then the oere mony at last completed, tbe right foot of each (that of the bride and bridegroom (dike) was permitted ' for the first time to advanoe at an equal distance upon the rich crimson carpet lying just before them.

The two have indeed pledged their faith to one another till life shall end; and all is happiness. " My own sweet wife 1" It IB tbe husband who Bpeaks as he leads her now tenderly down the aisle, and the two pass out once more through that great western doorway; facing the crowd without, which stands on every side, with the view of giving kindly greeting.