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Chapter NumberXII
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Full Date1891-07-09
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Newspaper TitleThe Narracoorte Herald (SA : 1875 - 1954)
Trove TitleO'Neil M'Darragh, the Irish Detective; or, The Strategy of a Brave Man
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O'Neil I'Darraglij





CHAPTER XII.—(Continued,)

The note wab written in a bold hand, ana ran as follows i 5

? ' Deab Maeion,—I do not know what yon mast think of me, bat do iiiot think that I . have been false. 1 have met with an'acci dent, andfor certain reasons can not show myself.. The rumour may have gone forth that I have been murdered, and it is just as well that for. the present each an impression Bhohld prevail. I have had an encounter, and I am severely wounded; and besides, I have made myself amenable to the law, so that it wonld not be safe for my whereabouts to be madeknown at present. Of one thing yon may rest assured—I have done nothing dishonorable, and it was on your behalf that in a mad moment I gave way to my temper, Yon mast come to my bedside, darling, even if yon are not prepared to forgive me. In closed you will find written directions. The party who will meet you is an humble friend in whom you can have perfect confidence.' Do not fail to at least oome and see me, as it is possible that I may die; Trust to the inclosed directions, and believe rae ever yours, truly and affectionately as ever.

Haeei.' '

The detective read over this note three ? times. <° ;

- Taking a note from his pocket he at once compared. the "handwriting in the two


-^?TheiresemblBnce" in the handwriting was perfect.

"• Where did you get ibis note from, ma dam?'. .

*1 found it in the room recently occupied by Miss Marion.' • .

' "What has faeeome cf ihe written direc


* They must have been written on a sepa rate pieae of paper, and the young lady most probably took it with her.'

' Would you have any. objection to leading

me to bet room ?'

* Not in the least, but is not the missing yonng lady tbe one who was to have married Harry Trendail, and the heroine of the sen sation which is now agitating the pnblio


' The yonng lady who was yonr boarder is really Miss Marion Edeiin, the great


* And her lover iB not dead after allf'

* This note wonld indicate that he was still alive.'

The detective was shown to the room which Marion had occupied.

He made a thorough search of the apart


Hissearohwas unsuccessful, and shortly after he left the honse, but not before re questing tbe landlady to have an eye to what articles were in the room belonging to the missing girl.