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Chapter NumberX
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Full Date1891-07-02
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Newspaper TitleThe Narracoorte Herald (SA : 1875 - 1954)
Trove TitleO'Neil M'Darragh, the Irish Detective; or, The Strategy of a Brave Man
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O'Neil I'Darragli,





CHAPTER X,—(Coktikoed.)

' My name is Turner,' said the rich

aian. ?

'You're the father of the galtheyoung ohap was to have married,' said the pri


' No, 1 am only her guardian.'

* Well, since you have taken so much interest in my case, I'm sorry I murdered the "poor chap,' said the prisoner, bluntly.

Jonathan looked aghast.

' Sorry , you murdered him?''lie ex


'Yes, sir.1

? Sorry yon murdered whom?' * Young Trendsll.'

; You are crazy, man." skid Jonathan


' I must have been when I killed the poor yonng man, and that will be my plea before the court,

Jonathan Turner looked perplexed, and hisface showed how great was his- astonish ment. . ^ ?

; fie could not appear to fully realise that i he had heard the man aright, and once more he asked? ^

. "Do you say you really murdered the young man V

* Yes,'. wbb the prisoner's dogged re 1>1Y

*J3yGeorgpl if thisijanofcrtfce ^Q«&trny£

terious affair! ever heard jofV" ? ^ » ? Again addressing the prisoner,'he said:

* I guess you are anxious to he hanged/ 4 Nt», J ain't/

'What makes you confess»thls^nucder,

then ?' ?. ?

'Because it is the best way to. get out o?j A had sorape/' • '*• j

•' How will such aconfessionhelp you out.; of the scrape ?" • .-^y '

* It will bring .my accomplices tq, my as


' You had accomplices, then i" . ? .'Yes, sir."

' Were they as crazy as yon seem to be, yon poor-wretch?'

' I don't knowmay-be they are.' , . ' Who were yonrJaJStemphceB

' I only had one." , . *. Who was that one?' ??>???

- *A'woman/

* Who was the woman ?'

'Mrs. Jonathan Turner,' answered the

man, in the most imperturbable manner possible.

Mr. Turner's face blanched to a deathly : -whiteness, and his lips trembled violently,.] as in a gnayering-voise,' hfc&Eelaiigfe^ •

" Yoasconndrel, if yon ever utter such an infamous slander again, "I will j^hiatyihe j hangman by. choking the very life 'biit of j


" No you won't."

" How dare you make such a charge as that?" - X;' 47

It's true, ,and you know it ?"

" It's false,.you wretch. Harry Trendall ] Is not dead. Then how could you have '

murdered him?"

" If he ain.'t dead you will have to produce him to get Mrs. Turner out of the scrape, -then!" said the prisoner, in a significant ' tone, and with the utmoEt coolness.

"What game are you playing, my j


"lam playing a game to get out of prison."

' " Is that all the object you have ?"

" Yes, at present."

" Are you telling me the truth?"

I am not under oath, nor bound to an

swer. You can bslieve what yon please, and J disbelieve what you please : it makes no dif

ference to me."

|' It may make some difference to yon,"

said Mr. Turner, in a low, confidential:


" Well, what difference may it make ?"

" I can get you out of this prison, and start you out of the country with a good many pounds in your pocket."

"How many?"

" How many would you like to have ?" " A thousand."

" You might have fire hundred,"

"Why are you so willing to give five hun dred if Harry Trendall. is alive and can be produced ?"

" That is my affair, if you and I are to talk business."

" Why do you want to talk business with

me 1"

, "I will tell you why. I do not wish my name, or the name of my wife mixed up in this affair. Harry Trendall, foy some rea son of bis own, bas seen fit to absent bim

self, and if he has paid you to play this role, I will pay yon double to defeat him." -

" I do not bslieve your story," said the prisoner, in'a sharp decided tone.

''"Be careful, you wretch! you may drive j me too far." ' _ " You cannot frighten me, old man. If I hang, your wife hangs with me."

These words had hardly passed from the prisoner's lips when the rich man sprang at him and attempted to seize him by the


Instead of seizing the prisoner, he was himself caught in a vice-like grasp, and held as helpless and powerless as a


Beaching over the detective whispered in

his ear:

" Villain, your time has not come yet, or my grasp would tighten, until yout miserable

life would ooze out." .

As O'Neil whispered these words, he fiung |

the man from inm as thongh he had been a dog. 4.

Jonathan. Turner arose to his feet. He waB cowed, but cot conquered.

Iknow jgu now, ycu wretch!" he ex

claimed, in a hoarse voice.

" So much the better, you will move care fully now."

. At.this moment the gaoler appeared at the grated door.

" Your time is up, and you must come out," he said.