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Chapter NumberIII
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Full Date1891-06-04
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Word Count625
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Newspaper TitleThe Narracoorte Herald (SA : 1875 - 1954)
Trove TitleO'Neil M'Darragh, the Irish Detective; or, The Strategy of a Brave Man
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Tba deteetivi ihen-£eked'a great many questions, all of which/were promptly an swered. | v

A fsw moments later be departed.

Tfeateame night, following the Interview above mentioned,•& plain, farmer-like-lcok ing man might have been seen standing at the station at Ivedfern..

The old farmer eeemea to be deeply im mersed in the columns of an eveniDg paper, although he would uormnd then look up as the station room door ;<opened and admitted additional passfnfrt-rp;

An old lady sitting ndar asked one of the parsing train men what time the train wouid start. , ' ~j

" In about half was the answer. At the same moment as the old lady asked this question a gentleman entered the sitting


As usual, the old! farmer looked np and surveyed bim as he ehtered, and the same instant a close obseiyer;inight fctve noticed a singular look of intelligence illumine the old man's eyes.

The passenger who bad entered was an ordinary man when subjected to a merely casual glance, but a closer Btudy reveled to a practical eye indications of cunning adroit ness— a dogg -d sort of courage of the most marked kind.

The train was at length made up, and the passengers were ordered to get aboard.

Tbe passenger wboiji the old man bad been watohiugdid not obey the summons, but re tained his peat. ;;

Ten minutes passed,\.and tbe usual scenes incident to the departura c-f a train fol

lowed. i

The passenger with ' the steel gray eyes still kept his seat, while tbeold farmer, how ever, left the sitiiDgiorm, and passed out upon thcplatferra. :

The latter m^ved'" along lost in deep thought. The innocent lock had fled from his face and had been followed by an ex pression of thoughtful intelligence.

When beyond sight and hearing, the teem ing old former muttered in a low voice :

" That phase of tbomatter is settled. That men has the face cf a.murderer. He'd slop st, nothing to carry a point, and I feci satisfied now .tbst my tracking wilt sot bo to discover the living, but rather the running down of a criminal."

Another train was to start an hour

later than the one which had just left the


The detective determined to wait and watch ; he bad an ilea that something might turn up.

He knew well that the man, Jonathan Tur ner, bad some object in waiting.

The passenger whom the detective hod been watching was tbe guardian of Miss Dawson, and his p.amo was Turner.

The detective had visited the station for the purpose of seeing the man, and so trained were his powers of obeei virion, that

guide but a girl's disconnected de

willi no i

sen'ptica, he was able to recognise bim at a glance.

O'Neil M'Darragb had his soul in his work


Since bis interview with Miss Dawson, tbe

detective had visited the o.;fiic-boy employed j by the missing man.

From the lad he ascertained the following


i The young lawyer informed the youth i that ho could hava a vioation for tsn days, ! as his master would be absent from tbe city

for that length o! time."; ]

Harry Trendall had been very peculiar j in his instructions, and had bid the lad ! good-bye in a cheerful manner, and kad left i the Gflic?. about half past three o'clock. j

Here was a discrepancy. i In his note the young lover had said { that he would leave Sydney in tbe 3 20


is vrould take him an hour to reach the station from his office, and yet he had vrrit ir.n that be wouldler.vs by a train eierting ten minutes odors liim. (jv> be cqjjixxcjso)