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Chapter NumberV
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Full Date1922-06-10
Page Number52
Word Count1336
Last Corrected1970-01-01
Newspaper TitleThe Australasian (Melbourne, Vic. : 1864 - 1946)
Trove TitleDaughters of the Seven Mile
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; "Wkett't «r n» thing ii all Cane on, Twcvefl"

They; timUwiByBfa^Mt Me* ?48_' *

!*8w taa^1pt yMtW/? »i4 Ann, w4»

§uic}riy unsaddling he* dte went iitfa'thfc-suftper-cootnto «e if.A# W 'tiwift her bAw) wtc. :"i

****#?..;? ..?

??, M»rk*d Mm. Carter, who wa« hovering aho«t ^)k table. "I do say tfe*t the boai* people knevbowto spfeotd n. ttffe, f«# ® AflT

ca®^ i^tiice,^ -

"Yea," agreedA»n. "How*b the dance going* i thcw^t tbere wms to -be . a

10*? '. . -?.?-?-.? '

"Well!" >I» Carterkrwered her voice, "Things «re not too good. We'** keptJoe quietaolar, bet-be says he Won'* have Farney ^ag. Yon'd better be «e>"

ful" -

"Me* Why me, Mre-Carter?"

"Everyone knows tint yoa can aettle the iwbetwfeen the town and bush pwhea fur evw fey narrying niy Joe, *nd -I «o hope, Ann, for-tfee ptece of j»B parties that

.cook for a mother^n-law, asyway, said Aim, "fa tfcaJr wed cai® jtpra : : - ; -

*rYe®. JgAtt jt tmjrtWdir..,

J&tb. Carter jeatend ioito the detafla of tbe

"wSZ^i^Z into % aT, .t U.

ahe found everything aeeniingfy happy on the surface., of/tliinga. Usere was »«to pede of protective partnern towards ter»

and Joe, getUngher fifSt, bore toer.waning ^

oti* ^

appointed group. How are you,Joer

"Tm fine, Ann. You w*mft forget your promise?" . - . '

"So, Joe." But her eyes wandwed .acrosa^iheroom ovir the mm!'" w»e dancers to Michael, who seemed to be play ing exceptionally w«ll. '

"You aren't .eofntr. to ante a disturb ance, are you, Joe? aeked Ann. softly ss the dance was ending. - '

^Ifot if-r-Jbe* replied, aDd hesitated.

"Say *Yea' »*>w, Ann.; ^ ^ ,

"Oh! Joe! Give-me time, she replied. And the dance was over, ana unother .partner bad claimed Her.

4^11 sought oat Ada tUcr the fiist set of lancers, and took her round the room 4o introduce luerto soiue of the' people whom, shehad j»ot met. "

It was Ada's first dance at tfe Seven

Wile. She was very .shy tor a StiitJ j* * and nodded nervously to Snowy and R Sullivan* whtim cvejyone csdled.^S^Hy.^

Sully was a hullocfc-driver, niia IKS ibnwt out a laiige, hard hand, and gripped Ada's soft little fingers ni a grip of utm when Ann introduced them.

«Havea darnceT' he asked,/AS* had not time to reply, before Ann waa ^say Hlpg; 7J- ~ ' *" V ? ^"

"Meet my cousin Ada, Bob! Adaytbis is Sob Carson, iuwrt^feanuten" * v

"How do?* wa. St>>

niriit?" . ' . . ...... .' ?" 3-J'.

"Yes," niurmiired Ada. "Ver>-." ' ^ ' ;"Danee?*'""? ... . ' '

' "Yes," she repeated, feeling like a snail gnat beside tfcAs ^nt^ yqrn^ itoii;

"Have next "one me?" die heara him stammer. . . . j

Again AnD'c voiee iwdie in. "Ajda, thi8 is Harry \V-itbe**, adeetor, and--"?

"YVhew!" aqiietfedlAda as Harry *nmg

her hand. .-"V ... ?

"'Glad," was/ all she CJuid niurnl^r; .and she wliispered in a oinuy to Aim, Oh, Ann! Pkaae don't i^itcodnK - ate to-.any 'more. I can't possibly iwjtsubei -

"Dance a And Ada found heCTelf auddia>\y is ihe. jaipdle of . the roora, .wttk enoiwwxhs.^yew. friend dancing all o«er hcr poor feet.

She tflt ntterly worn «mt when the danpc waa over. But Ann had no jnerqy on her.

. "A*U»"rf»e said. "Think J|^yBrofm.

She wants to meet some o£ tlw Hilt uoys.

- "How are .you? - fye been longing to 'iaert-Tw,*wTB6rr r "

; A«i prMeBtiy A^l^fustering through

Jl^^^|«^#e;jnore ^oowg

^ ^pwher Did?

|irl. "After Awn"

^ girl in'

, -_ wati to )*eet Jde Garter,"

Aan lookAd'down at ihe diminutive hut ierfyt fl«ttering'in a Wfle aud gold frock

'' '.* ! a»tdbi. Her blue eyea

l^qwt wider long, dark :

exquisite. con

-you .... e bird.'

. "Sitre! A^di if a ftow Fd be "after -wish .isg to look/* Kitty szojled, tossing .her U^rlitdTfaiwd.,

^As tfae^iw^ pils ^ralked down the hall people conld cot hc^) noticing the mailed oiffcrence betwt«i thpm - Ann, largo, strong, ahd beautiful, the breathing symbol of the bush-Kitty, -fnn.ill. alin^, dainty, and pretty as a French doll,, the gay syrbol of the city. '. .

"Kit," whispered Ann, "you've got too much powder on."

: "Whto eares?'.' laughed '|Gtty. "Alf lifcfta

it." ?' ??'?"" . ? ''? ?"' '. i : ?;?'

*'Joe '11 say something. He's dying to' meet you." -. . ' . , t

"DyTfi* M do a healthy bullock like him ariot ofliann, I'm sure. " v

"Hesnightbe your brother-ill Jaw yet." Kitty g»s*e Ann a swift glance. - , _

"Has Sii told you, Ajanr -

"Shi Tissl rith yau. But Dad '11. turn Alf but when he know*.?

"We shan't worry. .. I'd go and live y»"' a cave with Alf if he wanted me to. I lo\'«.him. A«d tliat's Kitty flj'nn. Joe's .'HM-pP-ti -fiT". -v-1.$>,'!&.'*. ?

Jo^ eatne aeroas to ihem, ««»d «oon Kilty. wm wilrfed awikir by hHB. "

"Sbtfd.iive.ia ,a eavewitU Jii'm," Ann

repeated to "/ "Tt^hdcffl 'u never

'|HMT -v' " . : " Z ,, r. . 'J*

He caught Iior

? <'£°* ii,?%'t< Joe

3-wat.* -

;. .'; J- ?

" ' promise ^

du«, !*#« we mkme."

You luihTw i j ....

v** M^her

r^»ar^ Ctt -the iL^ftL^hiss


uSb?S *a? Poshed

STitoS^Ai~jr*?,i'* ,Iof,» angler

Ommm gotfeg to ^ «rMf * D°l to

vmrnJ^Lw^1 ft" ** ««M hear Z* An^w^fC* BaotWd wordi. o(Z^Z ^tb?t p^d with the

f*5? f! %liici siie held* Joe ha*f nnt

"^^?\>sha-av "» «wr taa ne looked at Michael i;"

«wted with *h«gria. he J'fK8 going to ^ SL(»'b goin if ^°w !?e ove^ Everyone w ill fa^§ ^.^ jad My^^jnofa fetjthe Boam£

«et yotoprf, Jofr!' She's d.-dded J%""I*0*!®¥*****''* 3o*TWsaed to him f^* -^»d»:Je*k»8 of Abb* hart in his nB-a ST* ^d &p«ry «* *"» defeat, he looked -S «i» the

jjg* r. He^fwrnd enough, in

Site wu fearac ^HUi^ again and u°\?? reminded that on several occasions he bad seen thisa together. It looked as f -Idly.

&i too

i&r,|»e mnttered to hm$Sl.'

. T«.sullen ! l i5 ^ ,te»41att4jef which

..~?d^pat rouodhiiraeck te keep his «% X«?m fecpfltop fimp in .the hot J»»gfat:aff, weniea foch^ lilm as he glantfed from Afintb MJHy. ,:_ "

86 ciumsilr

6 P«» iad'tefused him, one aitea- another, approachedJoe as he stood wiping hut nfeek nervousTy witli his hand

about get ting We a darece, SfjC. *" 1

y?°i*8*n>s ii.C.;" returned .T oe


, Hooligan-wlio EadJae^adrinug lml loeks on the. J&ven 'Mile longer tiiau any man hvMig there dcept Bill Wilson, broke taeoEkT' thecryof"CoupIeg, pro

'. *"C * jfenice with a girl at *», Krumbled Hinrjr,-watching the cftuples

. I "no1 ~ 'ET-^T* VI f "»»*.'uw® iruc wviuucn

""W? red-cheeked through the second

set of Laurels; . -

"Shazzyr' cried ^OJd HrioltRan's nasal -vf^P* , Right! First aftd third, and se coiid and fourth cotiples visit!"

;5*'fv« shame," *wt on Withers, aud

waited." ... " -

"Tromfenndc?" canre H&aiganV voice

again. .'??? '.?*?... ^.??r.'?-v -! .?!*;-?'

_Joe tbrpat'-VS*. hands ifed;ets »^M%%.itfwWi)S Cheek

i", ye»ed OH m&wn: And ^ »*Wy* *n3 sepam ted to «*»an ail owr Aliei.aef

.,fche grand

drew MiHy away frwn-^r?^r^^Cei S',U1(1'

d»n« .

''B<^8r Are yo« soine

iner1 ......


And the


jyji' iifi»

Jgo..oDi and others swarmed rowd Joe.

.It*. Ha was

& SLa"tM<^ -.W0^ «S« "

wna imr mm gatltxai raA of ««iofttBan The

( for tlie &ritji," while ' JP- l1?*®® w tike tionr.

r^fafta^ai *iie liill

' pande

fW^ladics' heret5^*


-~^n*tnyoaBed to 8toj>

Skl^f»Se ®?, y®^' J^®u rough clods!

m a fit of toperfine jealousy.

^/to Mldwd^? Mmi (iragved hiin W the c»U«r from m pi«»o^ ^ T

at tiw insult. «loe!" she er&l.

But Joe elmok Michael and ewanr him rownd rudelly. .-.-:? '.,-x/.,- *

^XSet oat, -cuickl" he hissed. "I told W *e 5idn t waat &ny town

playei-i! h«re, aBd we a^rt, This Is the Seven Mile, not H3I. .Oear homer