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Chapter NumberX, XI
Chapter TitleTHE NEW MINISTER/ A New England Idol
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Full Date1874-09-26
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Newspaper TitleThe Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933)
Trove TitlePrudence Palfrey
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Prurience Palfrey.

Bv THOM is Bun v Al »meit

[Ho published fiuni lliu Jfanmc Moall,l¡/]

Clin lill X.

lill. MW MlMs.ll 11

RlVlllMOUTlI is i limit where ilmost htciall) nothing happens Sometimes somebody is mai i led, and sometimes somobod) dus,-with siupusing ibiuptners as the old pinnn did, foi example,-and sometimes' a vessel is blown on the locks at the mouth of tho haiboi But of llioso siheut ti i"e his md lointdiis winch make up the sum of life m titles, Run mouth knows ntxt lo nothing Sinco the li ingmg of a witch 01 two in the pie i evolutional} da) s, lho olino of slienft theie Ins boen virtually a smtiiut

I ho polite oom t-wini o now md thon a thought- less, light duguid poison is admonished of the en oi of Ins wi)s, and tho one habitual di uni aid is peuodicall) dispatched to tho loun 1 aim scorns ilmost Ilka a branch of the Sund i) sthocl lho comnuuut) may bo mid to havo livid foi tlnily)iais on a singlodivoict cast, growing out of tliotlopcmintof AIujoi lum Dening with Alls Honoiii Maddox,-to this da) a ptuluus stoiy

I li it mitti us lull u ill, HIIIU pone 11 JII0UO, lo ni li Is willi I m ne l«t ej OS

In di fault of gleit tv tuts, small mittels uso to the in fat mi0iuludo ni Riv ti mouth I hu o are pcoplo theio who um guo j ou, if )ou ihaiitt to bo to the minnel boin, lho most minuto pai tiiulaisof tho enoel of )oiu gi uidfilliei, and to whom whit )Oii have foi diimei is fat from bung an iinnilei eating item

" I seo Capon Chi is Bell at Seth A\ iggins this moulin',' »ays Ali Unali Sttbbens to Ali Caleb Stoktls , "lit b'light th it gie it tin key of Seth s, and six point s of steik-light oil the tindeilmc Guess lie expects Ins biotliu in laws f ttnily down from Bosun Capen Chus bell always was a good prouder

J'lus pieeo of mbimitiim lies like a lue coal upon tin binn of Ali Stoktls until, with be coining giant), ho tunis it ovti to some othci enqiiinng tieighbii At t modinto estimate, not less than two thuds of the entire popul ition of Rivcimouth, sit down in inngmitiun it Captain Bell H dinnei table the next d t}

Unless the leidei is familial with tin intuioi life of stcluded New Ungi uni towns like Rivei

mouth, ho Mill find it dillieult to undustand tilt excitement that prevailed on the Sunda) when tho Rev Ali James Dillingham pi eiiehetl Ins fn ot sermon in the Old Buck Chin eli Yet oven a btiangu, pissing through tho streets, crowded at the eailiost sti ike of lho bells,-I think theie is no music this side of heaven sweetei than the clangor of those saino Riiei mouth bills,-could not hove failed to notice an unwonted, eagei look on the fices of the neatlj dic»sed Huong lhere was something m the vei} atmosphere different from that of oidiniry d lys A sort of pious 1 ourth of lui) halo dilltiaid itself through the fleecy, 11 v hanging tlouds, M Inch, w ith Mi) - time cipnciousiicss, bl oko into fino i un bifoi e

tho seivice was loncludtd A ciicunist.tiice in which Uncle Jedd detected, with microscopic eye, the mai keel disapproval of Providence

If such was the signifie ince of the unheralded show cr that di enched Riv cnnotith s spring bon nets, md bedraggled alike the just and the un just, it was not so accepted b) the congregation of the Old Buck Chuicb

The Rev Air Dillingham hid ithitv ed a signal triumph, md liad tiiuinphed in the tetth of very

serious obstacles A small number of tho parislnontis had been against lum from tho first, and the de ith of I'm son HivvkinB had not only strengthened their opposition, but created a reaction among those who liad insisted most strenuousl) on the i ernov al of the old munster It BO chanced, thin, that Mr Dillmgh un cime to face as critical and unsympathttit a congrí gation a? could well bo Perhaps the onl) it ill) impartial hstenets among his audionte were thoso belonging to other pinshes , for it was a notice able fact that all the other churches in tow n wero neailv empty on this occisión lho Rev Josiah Jones, who had not spared himself m pie paring his sermon for that forenoon, saw with ill concealed distaste that the larger portion of his flock liad strayed into the neighboring pas


If Air Billingham had had on intimation of the actual state of things, he would perhaps not have been bo little belf conscious and so entircl) composed as he appeared , but happily he hid

no suspicion of the unfueiidl) spnit tint am mated the mijorit) of Ins hoaicis

A\ lth n slight flush on Ins checks, which faded out almost nnmediatcli, Ah Dillnigham passed flinn the smdi 100111 it tho lcai of the chiucli, and ascended the pulpit stans-a slim )oung niau, neal ly six feet in height, with gentle blue C)es, und long han of a dull gold coloi, which he woio blushed behind his can It uns not i leiuukubl) strong fuci, Ah Dillinghams, but it wies not without elm ittei The fiinil) cut mouth and chin =ncd it, pcihaps, fiom being ellcuniinte Ho ins Hunt) nine ot timt), but did not look it, his clo el) sim ed faco nu] light complexion j,aie him quito t)<ittthful ni, to ono looking at him icioss tho elim eh

"A\h), he un't notluii but a bo), bud Undo Tedd to himself, icgudiiig the new linnistei cnticull) foi it moment 11 oin the vestibule "Jfe wont do, and the ineient sexton ¡,11c 1 final tug at the bell lope nindi ho hail ictamcil 111 his hand A\ hilo the 10101 bel ation of the sill ui ) crash thut followed w is Ho itinguboi otho house tops md sie ding min) to dm Huong tho otitl) tug lulls, Uncle laid softly closed tliegiconbu/e doois which opened upon tho tlnee nslcs

A colifi0ijiis apple ami lluttct had [ tsscd ovci tho congi eg ition when Ali Dillindi mi isccilded tho pulpit steps und seated himself ni the tnti pie high bucked chili at the left of tho desk lins smio lluttct and upple w is duplicated is he lose to open the sa nee, nInch lie did b) 10

pelling the Louis l'ii)ci m 1 clou, melodious vinco, unking it scan 11 new thing to some who had onl) hcaid it di oneil bofoio Quick, subtle 1,1 mecs, inihciitivo of gin pi i«o mid nppioinl, wac shot fiom poll to pen lhc old familial li)lim, too, as he lead it, giitheied flesh beuut) fiom his lips A chtpta fiom tlio Scuptiues followed, 111 which Ah Dillmghnin loucbed tho ko) note of Ins sa mon '1 ha e n as a sil tilge light ctniu into the gentle Uno o)es non, mid the selene, pile fice tint hld seemed lo pi omiso so little, w is nhio with intelligente

B) tho lune he bul 1 cached tins portion of the set 1 ice, the )oim0 linnistei lind Ulken 111010 thin half of his listeneis ciplne Hie seimon itself tomplttcd the uctoii, Ali Sclli AViggms md Undo Jedd dono KUI lining iiiieonquacd , lhc foi ma hal nig illili pal into obi 111011s sliunbei afta the fust h)inn, and tho latloi billing 10 treited into the bdfi), whcie ho lind sal 111111111a lue on a niftci, communing willi the gloss) pigeons and 1 uigdovc«, until it wies tillie foi linn to open the d 101 s below

Ah A\ logins inoko iiihtnictivel), with a jotk, foi the benediction, mil assumed tittil hilf depicciloi), li ilf defiant cxpie-siun vi Inch mail s the ihionic deliiiiiucnt, und Uncle Jedd tillen open the puldcd duois just at the culled 111 scant, us tf he had been waiting tlicieaccntiii)

As the people filed out of chut cb, bolb these gontlenicn weio niado un no tint the new nunistci hld ctcaled 11 deep uiipicssun on lhc congi eg ition A di/vhng w mu 1 tin had begun to fall, as 1 hilve bud, and gioups ot cldoily ladies and piott) gills, gi ispmg that sknts nilli dcspming cluldies, stoxl about the vestíbulo wailing foi umbi ellis to be bl ought

"A )otmg man of imciiiiiiiiiin talent ' Ali

Lithois, the 111 isla of tho I3n)s Undi School, lins he ud to loinnik to Ali 0 IIL,O)1O, lhc1 ein al plumboi

" Oh, uncomnioii, ícsp mded thal gcnlleiiian "1 Hunk hots just 1 oifcctl) splendid, sind AIiss Imogen Utan no, bunging hu cieusoless hu aida gloves togethei ocstitieall)

" So modest I sud AIiss llcsbu (iiiiftin

"And such (iiioc)cs' chimed AIiss Amelia, the ) Olinga sistei

"Jlow loicly it ins 111 lum, lonuiikcd AIiss Bl)dcnbuigli, coiupv-idl) fastening ha biacclet, 11 Inch lind como unlinked, and ginng it a little iduiointoi) pit, "to choi so foi Ins text tho ici) voino th it I'aison I lan kins was 10 tiling nilen ho died,-' lhoti good and faithful bei laut, ¡xe, ¿te '

"And lion beautiful!) ho spol 0 of Pal sou Hawkins,' sud )oung Alis New bin), looking dish iclingl) cool and edible-s imotlimg hko celot)-111 hei widows needs "I nisi cady to

tij '

" / did "

" AVhul a spu iliial fuco ho lias . ' obsei 1 ed tho cldci AIiss lnppcn, who punted in natci

edols, "it lominded me of oin Savioui s 111 tho engiaimg of Looiinulo da Vinci s Last Suppu

' And nlnt n delicious voice !-hko AA'ondcll Phillips "

' J bon such 1 seimon ! It is certainly an 1111 pioiomcnt on tho pool old pusoiisinlciiniiiablo

nnillilics and fittiilhcs '

"I nonda if ho is 11111 ned' saul Miss Candaco AVaodninn, a compact little poison, with elmond sluqicd blown o)cs, and ghttciiug)ellon 1 mulcts 11 Indi might have been sent lo the limit and cut up instant]) into ftvo dollin gold pieces

Al IBs Caudate s iciiiuk cist a sti ango g1 min foi 11111 uiiont oiei the gi imp 111 which sho sto id Ficoeiill) tho umbi ellas appen ed , snowy si nts nao duntily gnlltoied up, tho vestíbulo w is deserted, tho voices incited anny into the dis Unce Rae and thei 0 along the sil eels, ibu ling to und fio 111 the i mi liku Mutilons, me might hilo caught scoies of Mich light lunged adjec- tives as oiilhiiHiistic )onng women lot loose when the) gno expiession to then ailinn itim

' A\ell, well, mutlcicd Undo ledd, tuimng the ko) 111 the pondon us lock of tho chinch don, "I dunno vilut th woild isa eottun lot '

"And nh it do )011 think of Ah Billingham, Ti no Í * iskcd Ali Dent, as tilt, hoofs of the hoises struck on tlie shpptiy planks of the billige leading fiom tonn

Mi Dont had not 01011 blinked that di) in chinch It had been noticed mid commented on by the local situ ist, tint that suspicious smooth place on tho wooden pillai lntasecling the north nest coi 1101 of Mi Dents pow w is nut eoiacd once dining the seimon Mi Dent himself had obscned that " ilanme'd spot ' f n tho fust timo luth icinnse, mid lind scciel.y detei mined to h no Ibu inlciiui of tho chut eli lcpiinted at his omi expaiBO

"1 tlnnk, ' sud l'nidcuce, III icply to ha gitaidians question, "1 think ho Kids well mid

speaks noll

"Gail, J never heard aiijbxly speiik bottei, except one, and thal vues D m iel \Vcbitu

"Ile is veiy hmdsomc, md seoms to bo un conscious th it he is consumía of it '

" I decline, Pine, )ou 110 too deep foi mo ' '

"Isnt he, and nilli good itoson, just 11 little bit-you know-meal ly conceited Ï '

"Not at ill, saul Alt Dent "I kon't know a man with less conceit than Dillinthain He ia m earnest He is going to bo va) much mlci ested in Ins vvoik hore, and will iniko his mink I am only uf 1 aid w e bhull not be able to keep so

brilliant a fellow '

" Why not ?

" AVhen lio becomes known, Borne vi caltby Boston 01 New A 01 k socict) w ill lie sui e to m ike bun tempting oflus '

"But if lie is vay much intoi tstcd in b13 woik heie, he will not be tempted '

" Pah ips not But tho best of Hiern like fat salines, said Mi Dent, absentl)

Piudetice pictured to hciself Parson AA'ibnd dosa ting the North Pnnsh, 01 any p irish where he th night his duty la), to accept a cull fiom some ucbci congregation , lint sho was not able to (Iran a distinct pictuio of it

"Then I supposo the fatter the salai) is, the deepei the inteicst they take 111 thai noiki '

Pi udciice remit ked

" Yes," said Mi Dent, sliortl)

He felt that lie li id cast a 11flection upon his fiiend Dillmgliim , he did nut seo ovactly how, audit illino)«! linn Hie icst of the ride home ins m silence Prudence, too, was not satisfied with herself In intimating that she thought Air Dillinghnm conceited, she had departed from

hei usual candor

'llnoughout the seivices his manner hod been without a tange of Helf consciousness She had taken her seat in the pow rather sod]) lo Bee a new imnistei standing in the place hallowed so many )earB by the picsenco of l'arson AVibird -it was only a fortnight ago that lie stood there, nith his placid, venerable face-could not but bo painful to her 'Hie first few words Ah DiUing ham uttered had grated on hei heirt, then she hid ) íelded insensibly to the charm n Inch had fallen upon most of the congregation, and found herself listening to lum with hushed breath lho strains of the organ geemed to take up the prayer where he liad paused , the tones of Ins voice and the rich ewell of tiio music blended and appealed to have one meaning, like those frescoes m which the same design repeats itself in dîneront tints She listened and listened, and when Undo Jedd suddenly threw open the muflled green doors, it was as if a spell had been broken Oh, glonous gift of speaking golden words with a gjdcu tongue '

A sense of liai mg been chslo) ni to the mernot y of the oil pnaon was tiotibhng Pindcneo when Ali Dint put Ins question, and filie hid not answered lum f inly It w as sins like that w luth Pi tulum would hue liad to confess if she had bien i Rom in Catholic

She liked Alt Dilliiighmt mote than she hld believed it possible t) like Piroon AVil ml s sut Cisaoi , but tin liniititiotis of hu clinrictei would not allow hu to iikimwledge it up ni com pulsion On lining tin thuieli she felt m her hitit that she disliked Ah Dilluigliim foi lining mini hei listín to him, and there sh ipi I itself m Piudeiieos mind ¡m inexplicable wish, -often enough sho thought of it iftii wai tis, that ho had nivu conn to Rim mouth

CmiTiit \r

V MM I Ntl INIl mor

Ox lho following Sunday lho Roi lunts Dillnigh mt vv ia foi niall) installed pustoi of tho Old Bl itk l hut th T ho Rev I osophus Stn loi0h dtlrvnid the nibtillltim seimon (ofteiHunls punted in pamphlet toi ni it the request of tho ptitsli), and Ali Thomas Minson Giitno, a young pott of bul ulibnty, tornpostd tin ougtuil hymn foi the occasion

So the in nillo of Poison AVibnd li twkills fill upon tho shoulders of lho young liiinisln, and the solemn iliiuit osinidid, while tho gleit guns

wore booming down South

I hose wuo tho dus-what iges agi tho) stun '-w hi n tin tip of the sinn t iii uni and tilt sin ill treble of tho lifo startled New I nglanil fiom bei du mi, and iwuko tho vengeful echoes vv huh hid lieon sluinbiiing m tho moiiiitnin f esliicsscs and timing the hippy \ illo)sfoi in ul)

half a ci ntui )

It lud long nies«! to bo at Aft Dillnigh un s option to return lo South Cn ohm, ti ntl ho must lino congi itultied himself on li ivtug found so pliisimt a havon as tiuoiiiiouUi lo list m until the binioom blow omi And Ultimi} Hnei moiith congiatiilatcd itsulf on slielteiing so bi ilhaiil u y oiing du mo I li ipponul to bo lim o at that poiiod, uioviiiiig fiom ii iiolnelnl illness, and 1 had the pioviligc of witnessing i sputuilo whitit is possible only m ttntcel elicit)ed old towns, lil o that in which tho scene of ni) stoi) lies To see olio cn two hundred )(>uiig New 1 ugl md maidens huí mug intense mid strewing llowtis before i binn young gentle niau in blick is a sputtilo worth witnessing

unco in Hit ionise of out« lift

Tin )oung mau who, putting behind bun tho less spin tual tew auls ot othu professions, siloits tho iiiinisti} is tho hil 1 of Ins lab >rs-diawn to lus woik li) tim loiisiioiiHiiios thal it is linio lus dut) points-is tit tom lo impress us with the punt) of his pmposo I lint lie should exoil a bliongei inllutiitu ovei otu ninidstliiii v young ltwyii dois, oi a )oung mcreliaul, ot i yoting niau in in} lispiiloblo w ilk of lift, is oasil) mulei stood Hut i )oiing mun, becauso he buttons tho top button ol his coat and Wen s it wInto nock lie, is not neeebfl lilly a peison of exalted pin pose oi shilling ability Ait ho is apt, without my \uy seal clung oxatiunnlic n, to bo MI ioanuled in Hinno of oin piovinual towns 1 think lim sttatglil nil black co ii must p IHSI ss a subtile in tgnutiHiii in itself, somit lung inning ,us lo lilt ghtiiioin Ihtioisiii Ihoiiiufoiii) foyouiy nival m ann) olbin Bow tlst shall woixplain lho idmiiation which wo have in ni) a tuno seen latishul on veiy mfuioi young mm Î

I nm not spooking in this um of tho Rev lames Billingham j ho sen it of lus popuhuily was m optn secret It was liisniuily bilung uni liandbouiú fine and lindum tblu elo picnei thal mudo lum n f nonio al tinco mlliMinioulb, and would hilo toiiiiiiendeil lum my vi lui e If Ali IJilluigliiini lui uni the hi ids of ill lho y ming Moilun in lho ptttsh, bo won lliihtoilsof niuly all the chilli) pciplu also 1 Hunk ho w mill hive dono HUH by his ami ililli!) nuil talents, rf hu had Hot bun nth or y mug oi liaiidsome If hi had bun mai nul ' AV'ill, I c innot HO) about that A )oiuig ullin ii 11 d iloigyiirai, tsptci lily if hu is nch, is likily lo bo will thought of ni i biquibtuid \ illty wheiothtio tit a sill plus of blooming Itathtls uni a putctly of available

I teobs

] rom my point of view, it M is Hoiiicthing of an onie ii Unit Mi Dillnigh mi passed through in thoso hibt tinco iiijiilhs AB mm li as I ailiiineil his beiiiions, md Ihoy wore aliovo the tiver ige both ni style mid Itxluie, 1 iiduiiied greatly moio lho modest good senso which tiublcil lum to keep Ins buk lum m llioso pIoiiBaiit hut poilions viatei" A inn min would havo been wlocked in ivvtelt Util Uto Rev Ali Dilhiighniii, as Alt Ralph Ililli had {Iceland, was with ail c mint of Um HID ill kimi lho olluiilious Ali Dilhiiglitiu iittivtil fiom all iltiaiteis would havogmo foi to spoil eight men III ten plated ill his position It is Bo i wy lo add anolhti sloiy to Hit high opinion vvliiih othci people havo of ) ju

lhcio wtio ti tiling parties malo foi Afi

Dillingham al tho lllydiiibuiglis , tilt Goldhl mis , and lho Gunns , lhere niiopie nicsiiplho uvei, and ovtiti «ions dow li the lim hot, and titiutineitiljlü le lings on shore I do no1 know if Ali Dilling hain hld i veiy sluing suiso of liuinoi bul oven if lit weieonl) imldl) lnimoroiis, hi must lnvo been amused is will us tinbin III«HC<1 b) tho liuuibu of imbi oiilu ed shppois mid mgoiuoiiH pun n ipi i s ml study ups and eiivul papti

tulléis Hutt fi II li Ins lol at Um fan hold al out lins timo for Uro beucht of the foreign missions If ho bul bien a cenüpedo, he could no1 hive worn out the shppois undoi foin )cus, willing Ullin day md night, if ho had bion a liytlin, hi could not Inn o iiiailoliiid iigtinst Iheslml} cups in ii life time Biiuoiisvvoiildhavulaikid hands lo hold lho pipti nitluis J ho slippus oven nu Mi Dillnigh un s he li oom like the swnins of locusts that Bellied up in hg) pt 1 hu pen vi ijiei s tiiiulo his study tibio look like ii bed of vautgiled

d lillias

J here weil othci expressions of reg ml, ICHS malu nil omi tangible than llitst, to bo sure, bul winch must li uo been infinite!} bindii todibposo of 'I hore wtio sudden dioopings of o)o 1 ishts, block oi golden, M hen ho spoke , fin lil o gimms of sh)ness oi reverend , li Of parted lips, indi

tiling thal bl c lillians interest ninth is tilt vu y ti nun of toinpliiiiint, and liles to tho held like


Ali Dillingham moved guilefully and seienelv among the shoals and quicks mds , ho listened to tho Bungs of thu sirens, und pissed on Ho did not, how ti u, accept the llatleiy as if it were only Ins due , he accopled it modestly, and was simply niituiol, and undid, and gool naliiitil, liku a man who (mils himself imniig fiiends "I seo how it is, ho once itmaiktdloMi Dont, "I am Htiriding in lho biiiishuio ci cited by my picdiccHsoi ' it wiisnogloty of his own , ho was fortunato in falling among a pooplo who took kindl) to thin mimsttr

If Ali Dillingham lind beni blind, ha might have seen that lit toiild hive his chono of Rivei mouth's bellis , and ho was fit fiom sightltss Bo had read Wimen mid men voiy nell in his quiet f ishion Chilly, he was in no haste to be fettirid AVhot i crowd of keen, fin Bhwe mcreliants would hive fbektd down to the market plico, if this slciulir, blonde prince fiom Southland hld bein chinned b) the anklo to ono of lho stills, to be knocked down by .Ali AViggins to the highest btddci I

Miss Vcionrca Bl)denbingh, who passed hei wintus m New Yoik and New Oilnns, and h id fin ted in a high spirited w ay with vinous pro fissions, heciuno fitiddolily pensive Htsbi Gr if ton cindidly owned Out she had fallen ni love with Mr Dillingluini before he got half w t) up the pulpit stiirs the first Sundi}, but tint Fred Shclboi ne rtfiibtd to l dcoac hu, Hld sho supposed silo Bhould be obliged to many lied,-just to keep lum quiet Young Mis Nowbtny in hei widows' wteds, like a diamond set in jet, si emed to grow lov elnr d i) by day In ni) own mind I put tho widow dow ti as dangei otts Not that I li id any reason for BO doing Mi Dillnigh tm smiled upon her with ptettstly the same suido ho gavo to tho AVidow Mugudge Hitit xvas not a sh ido of difference pucoptiblo between his manuel to the elder Aliss inppew, a i im irkably plain lamb, and Ins manner to Miss A'eioiuca of tho golden fleece I said it before, and I say a¿im, I nthmrid tho way he timed himself through all this

AA'hcii Air Billingham, the morning following his initial Bannon, signified to the deacons Ins acceptance of tho pistorite of tiro Old Buck Chin eli, a. knott) question iroso as to the resi dence of the new munster lhere was no "par sonige attached to tho church , the cottage w Inch Parson Huvvkms liad occupied so many )eara did not belong to the societ) , besides, if there had been a parsonige, Mr Dillingham Ind no family, mid the absurdity of his gomg to housekeeping without a family waa obvious lho three oi four pnv ate boarding pi ices suggested to lum foiled to meet his views Deacon 1 nombi}, wiri saw the ¡idimtuge of li nmg a lucntivt boarder,

- ,.-mt!1Bt

liiiitcd at his Hist floor a» fin nishing desirabln, nccommodatton , but the one lamb was brouehfe.

up as an objection

Ah Dilhuüiain, who ins st tying at the Bell laiein, the onlj hotel in town,--havingdeclined. AU Dent sollet of hospitnht),-cut the Gordiaa knot b) deciding to remain wbeie he was

lins ¿ave a sensible sit »ck to some of the con- gi eg ition, foi it seemed sen eel) pi oper for the pistol of the Old Buck Gbnicb to live utahotel. Deacon AVetidell ndioitl) intimated as much to Ah Dillinghurn, who lopbed that ho did not see wh) it was piopei foi lum to remain MX di)a at} the hotel, as he had done, it it lias improper for lum to lemuin thoio six months, or six years. Pi oin let) wes not a question of timo The house was quiet his moms commodious and eomfoi table, mid ho did not sec how ho could da> bettet Ho invited Dtacon kendell to dinnei, md no fm thei objections nae he ird of

In tho fiist bloom of his populurit), Mr Dilhngbniii could haie done prott) much as ha

pleased, and ho did

Among olhti intimations he bl ought sunshine into tht Old Buck Chinch Pirson Rankins bad boen a good unit, i samt, indeed , but his sal Illinois had been of the Bombie sott, listen- ing to sonic of his dacti und sa mon», one might lino applied to lum lint cpigt un of Landors,

lint 1 unja I'ttui ii ml when j ii huir I nein Inútil 11 JIM j H pul fm.u innate, u It III mich u« ful neumt* hu «h nilli » IJ

Uni i ul) I un neu u I j m I t nu (in IJ I

I lint euh Pin itiin faillit winch sometimes ipiincd m l'aison 11 uikins tinology,butnever- in his ilml) life, w is an alien thing to Mr. DilluiL,h un m oi out of tho pulpit JhoBpuifc of lus te idling iviis cnunontl) a cheeiftil spuit

J bue n is i new oulei of things in lho North, Palish J he lato pinson hid stood igicntdeal of blow boiling lirst and list A comm vative man, le ming pel haps a little to > beauly on the ptllirs of tho chin eli, he hail eiei consulted the inclination of tho de leons 1 he) li id un inde- pendent linnistei now , ii puson vi ho sottlccl qui stums foi himself, md did not embaí inss Ins mimi b) loidnig it nitli outside opinions There lins i spice ol noi eil) in this um pi «singly tgtcciblo t) the pilito A ii community long accustomed to ilomiueci oiei itspesloi How long will it liest ' I used to vi outlet I lind seen so min) idols set up toioieutl), andhow'cdovei liithlossl), that I vins slighll) sceptic ii us to the ihnnliDii of Ali Dillingbinis poptilnut) If the townspeople vvoio nnngo w irslupeis, the) neio lconncliisls IIIHO, when tho mood vi is on thom. But Ali Dilhngh nil's populunt) did not nano dm mg ni) tinco months stu) in Kuoimouth ; it «cul on ste ulil) nicioasuig J he wai fever nas nt its height in those months, und the lu)iilt) of Alt litlliughim, a Sotithoinoi, stood nut in still lug conti ist with lho mild pilnotisua i f sol el al of oin n line bom statesmen AVhea his fiisl quat let s s il u) fell due, Ali Dilhiighuta set tho sud to public fnoi b) titi nmg mel the. murnini lo the fund foi tho Soldttis Hospital Undo fuld iiuii'clt, onoot the last ni lliopaush tint held out ¡if, mist the new linnistei, vi is obliged I) admit til it this lins vol) handsome in

the )oting inuit

Ali Dillingli uti lind u >l been tineo weeks in Bilumouth bet ne hu know ill the queer old men and nouien in the place, und stood in then? gou 1 (,i ices I von lho oin li ibtlu d diiiiikaid, when he vi is no1 lu ling lho light of his counte» iiutcu ut lho J omi i mm, would touch inn bullucd lint coiiiulsiicl), inectttig tho jouug puson on lho sit cot

Ali Dillingli tin i\ is oftctl in i Indi degieej nilli the genius foi knoll ingpcoplo, and displayed consiiiiinialo tact in his de dinga n iib (ho pool o£ the ptiisb A\ hen litmudo thoWtdoii Poppet eli and the Gletntnci hoja Ins pensioners, ho did lb so di lu liol) that the obhgati ni seemed on Ins, wile " J ho p usoii a smile, h ud S md) Aluden, " jcsl doubli s nhat bo giles a fella Jucminb. Uonditch, the unfortunate mobiiilc mentioned, - i sh), mot bid in m, nuil as soiiHitno iLSiin ex- posai nene,-vies not iii ud to ipply to tho puson foi i dollin, lining distoi oi ed that tho toni would not bo chopped upon him horn suth a inoi bid height is to knock the In c ith out of his boil) and wound tilth "ma feelings

" Vi hat I like in J nigh un, said the Hon.* S un Wimble), dcnioci al mcinbei of the General 0 mi t, "is tiltil llioio tsn t any Must family' noiiHcnso about lum A'ou em see with half art i)o thnl ho belongs lo the soiilhoin niistocruey, bul bo isn I oleiniill) shinning up his goneilogi eid lue 'J hues old l!l)(lenbiii(,li, who is tlw i)s poicliing himself on the itppoi brunches and hulling donn Hie the eocoi nuts of his

tnceslois at common folks '

It is not to bo supposed that tho Hun Sara Nimble) hunaolf would lune objected lo a fevvr biilhanl anccsloiH 'lo hiuo lho light to fall in al Ibu end of i long qiieuo of mon mid n omen distinguished ni theil dil) and geiici ilion, is a, ¡muley) nlneh nono bul i sniipleton noulit unde lillie His ipiiulege,h m eui, li luth of ten hu its (linnbud s Much is cepa ted »f annul whoso piogcnitoiM lune been ceiili ii liguies Ta iiiliei ti Uta gi c it u nue w ithout the a cat gifts is a pieco if liiimcil gnd foitiuio When one's itneestois Inn o been eui) tiling, and inossolf is; nothing, it iH pel hips just is neil no1 to doniiuid fioin tilt) wot lil lho sun« degiec of consideration thal w is given volunUiily to ono s picdcccssors-, 1 liuve cncoiiiilcic 1 Ino ni tinco )oung gcntle men m Ibu tapilul of lho Commonwealth o£ Al issithusttts win se mid to hilo tho idea that (lu/ non killed al Ibu battle of liunkei Hill. It n is possibl) tins Birt of assumption that dis pleiscd Hu Um Sam rumble) , if ni, the lion Sam Kniiblo) was quite light in the matter

Mi Dent witnessed with pndu the success of his jouug fiicnd and Piudence, who, hythe ni), hud imltiiulty sion a gi cat doit of Mr Dilluighuin nil'uni lult, begun to take herself to link foi ha cold dcmcitnoi tommin linn

If lho tinUi mint hu told, she li id been far fiom coi dm! to Mt Dilhiighitiu Now, it is as luortifjmg to Imio ones 1 ide of coull titty un- noticed as it is to have one s iiuimthototlooked Alt Dilling!) mi hid appaicntly no1 obseived that Miss Tu 'fitsy bul licilcd lum nitli li night» ness Jf h h d been the AA'idow Mugndgo, he could not hilo Hiiulcd upon hei mole bunmgly, oi listened t( ha mole ntteiitiiel), lihou she li is pleased t> liddies* linn 'J he ulleiico ti) her bolt love naf so subtile that Piudeneo lins ncvei iblo to account foi thoiestlessand half piovoked mood which, up to tins tune, h id iilna)s pos- sessed hoi in his ptCHcnec

"Jho fact lb, I'liideiice soliloqui/cd one oionnig nilen tho )ouiig cleig)mnii lind taken toa ut AVillonliiook, " 1 bal o an uniniiable dis p »sition , Uncle lialph has spoiled me by iiiimoiing mo I must disciplino myself, ana 111 begin b) li oiling Mi Dillingli un with a, little politeness, if his ro)al highness lull allow it I dun)» fcul as if ho stopped donn from a tin ono to comets«! nilli mo In Bitte of his smile and dcfcreiico, when one is Bpeaking, theic'B something dcpiesBing and condescending in Ina m If King Cophctui was the least hko that, I wonda tho beggar mud bul anything to

do nilli linn '

II nits, by thu via), Alisa Vereine i Blyden bingil who had thiistcucd lum KingCophetua.

Pnoi i SSOK Act iss.1/ having said that Niagara, will um chy in nineteen centimes, the Niagara lnckiiicn hive i used then fuies m consequence

'ill! fclltvivnig clovoi bit of practical philo- sophy hies itcently been attiibcted to Carlylo's pen -"ïhe cow is the fiiond und nil) of, but the 11 euch cook is Ina natural enemy "

I "QIOIKL,' saul i)0iing wife, "if you find a

sncetei spot than oin home, de'enbo it tome, und I vi ill ni al it, if I di« ni tho attempt " Oeoigo ram mured something about tlioteu spot, and a fon minutes lata entered tlio druggist's vuth his head bundled, and hint ledi) called foe

a vul of aimca

Lou ot CouxTiti -A AA'estem stump orator, in the com so of one of his speedie», remarked - " Gentlemen, if the 1'ar By fix Ocean nor an mk Btind, and the Ililli clouded canopy of beav ea and the lei el ground of our yearth nor a sheet o£ papei, I couldn't begin to vvute m) love of

coimti) onto it

Alit THOM is, the fathoi of tho artist whose picture " Calling the Boll " has excited BO much attention, w i itcs - "Alay I once for all-for I Im o a lion or of pla) mg the part of Le père de la débutante-beg to assuro all who are pleased to take an înteiest m my daughter that she ia not, nor oi cr lias been unnied , that sho is not, neier his been, neier could be, a hospital nurse ; and that any other report is incorrect that is in- consistent with the facts that her life his been a v ery uuev entful one, and that she has been from, her earliest days till now the inseparable conx pmioa of her patents-very quiet people, hut very proud to find the talents which they have seen gi iduall) dei eloped so generally and geua» rottsl) rccogn»e I no« "