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Full Date1875-10-16
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Newspaper TitleThe Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933)
Trove TitleHis Natural Life
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His Natural Life*




THE íoadci of tho foregoing chnptoH has doubtless asked himself, "What is tho link which binds togethei John Hex mil Smalt Purfo) '

In tho jeal 1821 there lived, at St Heheis, Toisoy, a ivttehmiker, iitmed Uiban Pin foy Ile was a lund woikmg niau, mid h id am tssod a little mont)-sufheient to givo Ins gi and dtughtei an eduuitton eonsidered in th iso di)s to bo ibov o the eommon At sixteon, Sai di I'mfiy was i ithei an empty he ide 1, htioiie,

willed gul, with big blown ey is, nul t i ledundint biiht Shu lind a bul opinion (f hei own sex, mid an immense loieieiiLo foi the othci-if it ins young and liindsomn 'lho lieujibois saul tint nho w is too Iinji and nullity foi hoi i ink in life Hei gi indfiitlni Slid she w 13 a "beaut), and liko hei pioi deal niothei Sho bet suit thought i ithoi meanly of hei poisonil iittiiictuus, and i ithei IIILJII) of bel mental ones Sho n is biimful of tituhtj, withstiong passions, indhttlciclic,iiiusKciitiinciit Sho had not much iispcct fn ino) ti coiliiiL,e, foi sho did not mulei st md it, but she was a piofound itdiniiui of penonnl pi UM est Kui distaste foi tho huuidium lifo Mio was loading found oxpiessun in a rebellion 15,1111st sicml usiges Sho coin led notoi lol) by eecentueilies of dicss, and was novel BO haj py is when shu was inisundeistood Sho was the Bort of gul of nliom women st)-"It is a pity sho has no mather , aud men, " It is 1 pity sho does not got n hush uni, ml n ho siy to themselves,

"When shall I hivo a loiei ? '

'lhere was no luck of beings of this laltoi class among tho oflieeis quai let ed 111 1 oit Rojal and 1 ort Ifeniy , but tho female popul ttion of tho uland 11 is fieo nu 1 numeioiis, and 111 lho ouihaiiassuient of riches, Su di was 01 el looked 'lbouc,h sho tdoted the soldaiy, hei fust livei was 1 civilian Walking (ino ti ty 011 lho dill, she mci 1 young man Ho nits till, nell Ink ing, and nell di esse 1 His linne was Lemoine

he was the son of 1 Bomen li it weilthy icsilent of tho island, md had c 11110 donn fiom Lindon to leeruit his hcilth mil to bee lus fi ianda Suth was stitick by Ins tppeu mee, mil Inked back at linn Ile had been uti nek by bein, and looked bick also Ho foil «ted hei, and spoke to hoi,-BOHÍO mer nsequenti ti ii muk tbout tho wind 01 tho weitluii, and sho thought his loico divine Ihey got into c mi ennuin! ahotit seoneiy, 1 mel) walks, and the rliilness of St Hebel s ' Did sho often it ilk theio'' "Sometimes "Would she bo tin 10 to monow ( "She mi0ht Mi I einoino lifted lu« hat md went back to dinuei, 1 ithei plciscd

with himself

Thoy met tho next di), and tho day aftor thal Lemomo was not a (,eiitlenitii, but he bud hied among gontlemen, md had cnight something of their 111 iiinei Ho s tul th it, aftei all, nrfue was 1 111010 11 une, and that when peuple noie powerful and nell, tho world le Bpccted them moro than if they lind been honest md pool S11 th agreed with this senti

mont Hei giandfiithei was honest md poor, md yet nobody respected lum-it least, not with such respect asshoeaied to tekiionlcdc,o In addition to his talent foi aigument, Lemomo was handsome and hud money-lie sho« ed liol quite a handful of bank notes one day Ho told hor of London, and the gi eat ladies there, and hinting tb it they were not always mtiious, diew himself up with a moody an, as though he had been unhappily tho causo of then futid lapse into wickedness Saiah did not wondoi at this m the least Had Bbe been 1 gi eat lady, she would have done lho s uno She beym to coquet with this seductive follow, and to hint to linn that »ho had too much knowledge of tho MOI Id to set a fictitious value upon virtue He mistook her artfulness for lunoconco, and thought he had made a conquest Moieoior, tho girl was pi etty, and when diessed properly, nould look 1 tther well Only one obstado stood in the way of their loves-the dashing piofligate was poor Ho hld been hung lil London aboic Ins means, and his f.itliei was not

inclined to increase his allon ance

Saiah hked him hotter than anybody else BIIO had seen, but thero woio two sides to ovor) bargain Saiah Purfoy must go to London In vam her lover sighed and snore Unless ho would promise to take her away with lum,

Diana w as not moro chaste 1 he moi oin tuous she grew, the moro 1 lcious did Lemoine feel His desire to possess her increased in pi oportiou ate rttio to her resistance, and nt hist ho borrowed two hunched pounds from his fathei s confidential clerk [the Lomoines nero meichants by profession], and acceded to her wishes There wies no love on cither side-vanity nus the mainspring of the whole transaction Lemoine did not like lo be beaten , Sarah sold herself for a passage to England and au intro- duction into the "great world."

Wo need not particularise her career at this epoch S u f fice it to say that she diseoi oi ed that 1 ico is not always conduciio to happiness, and is not, even in this world, so well renarded as its earnest practico would ment Sated, and disappointed, with jaded body and corrupted mind, she soon grow tired of her life, and longed to escape fiom ita wearying dissipations At this juncture she fell in loa e

The object of her affections waB one Mr Leopold Crofton". Crofton was tall, well made, and with an insinuating address His features were too strongly marked for beauty His eyes were the best part of his face, and, like hu

* The co»} rl0lit of " Iii« Itatm-tl I tie hit» liée« 1 m Hi tied bj tito proprietor« of Tke Çu c itlaiul'f from |Mr

Harciu tkuktt

hair, they were jet black Ho had broad shoulders, sinewy limbs, and small hands and feet His head waa round, and apparently well

shaped, but bulged a little over the ears, which vv ero singularly small, and lay closo to his hoad With this mau, barely four years oldoi than her solf, Sarah at soveuteon fell violently in love This was the more strange, as, though fond of liol, lie would tolerate no caprices,and possessed ni ungoveruablo temper, which found vent in curses, and ov on blows He seemed to hav e no profession or husmos, and though he owned a giod address, ho was even less of agoutleman th m Lemoino Yet Sarah, attracted apparently by ona of those strvnge symj atines vv Inch con stituto tho ranalice of such womens love, was devoted to lum Touched by htr illection, mid ritiug her mtclhgouco and unscrupiilousiiess at their true value, ho told bei who he was Ho w ci a swindler, a foi ger, and a thief, and his liamo was John l!e\ t\ hen she heaid this HIIO cvpciieuccd a sort of sinistci delight Ho tiki bei of his plots, his tricks, lus escapes, his v ill innes , and seeing how f c r y eai s this y onng min hid picjed upon the woild which hld deecived and disowned her, bel heart went out to lum " 1 mi glad j on found mo, she said " Two heads aie better thin one Wo will woik together

John Rex, known among his intimate a soci ates as 1)linly lack, vv is tho putative sou of a nulli who hld boen foi mail} yens valet to Loid Bellosis, and who ictiied from tho scixnc of that prolliyito nobb unu with a sum of monoy and a wife John Rev. was sent to as good a school as could bo piocuied foi lum, mid at sixteen was given, by tho interest of Ins mothei with hu fathci s oki mastoi, a cleikslnp in an old established banking house Rex seul )i w es accustomed 11 talk largely of " c,cutlcmen, and "high society Mis Rev w is intensely fund of her son, and imbuid lum with a desire t> shine in ariotociatic cueles He was n clevei lad, without much principio, would he unblii li nigly, and steil lilibei itely, if ho thought ho could do so with impunity Ho was cautious, acquisitive, imaginative, self conceited, mil de structivc Ho hal stiong puieptivo faculties, and much invention mid vcrsitihtv, but his "moud senso ivis iluiost entiicly wanting He found that Ins fellow clerks vvei Hot of ti) it " gentlemanly stamp vv Inch his mothei thought so uluni iblc and theiefore, despised them He thought ho hh mid Uko to go into the n my, for ho vv is athletic, and rtjuiced m feats if mindil u htlengtli lo bo tied all diy t> I desk vv is boy omi eiidiu mee But John Rev senioi ti Id lum to ' wait, and see whit tamo i f it Ho did so, nul m the meautuni kept lite horns, got into bid citnpany, and foigcd the inline, of i eustomci ( f tho b ink to a ihc pio foi twenty pounds Jho fnuid was a clunisy one, and vv is detictcd m twenty foin horns 1 irgcucs by clciks, unf irtumtoly, hovvevci i asily detected, mo not co))s)dcied to mid to Um attractions of a b inking house, and the old cstiblished furn deciding not lo piosecuto, contented themselves with dismissing Mi Tuhn Roi. fiom then service Tho cv v ilet, win ncvei liked his legalised sou, w as at fu st f 01 tin mug lum out i f doois, bull j the eiitieiities if his wife, was at hist induced to place the pu inisiiig b)y in a chapel s shop in tho City l md lins employ meut was not i congomil na, und John Rev plumed lo leave li Hu lived at home, and li id Ins saluy- about Unity shillings a week-foi packet money lhough he displayed considei ublo skill with the cue, and no1 unfieqitently won, foi one m his position, considuablo sums, his expenses iveiiged molo than his income , and Invine, bonowed all he could,hefound lum sell af, un in dilhcultics Hu mu low escape, hovvovei, bid taught lum li lesson, and ho ic solved t) confess all to his indulgent mothei, mid to bo molo economic ii foi tho futuic lust then ouo of thoso " lucky chinees which blight t>o ninny lives occurred The "shopwnlkei"dicd, mid MCHSIS IliUuty and Co muda tho gentle ni inly Rex act les his substitute foi t fovv days Shopvv dims li ix o opportunities not accorded to othei full H, mil on tho evening of tho thud day ho went homo with u bundle of Ince in his pocket Unfortunately, ho owed moro thm tho vvoith of this petty theft, mid wus i oui j ellcd to steal igain 'Jins time he was delected One of his fellow Bhopuieii caucjit lum in the voiy act of conceal

nig i, roll of silk lcnely foi futuio abstiaction, and, to his astonishment, cried "Uah es I Rev pietendcd to be virtually indignant, but soon hivv Unit such pietonco was useless, his com pallion was loo wily to bo fooled with such allic L itiou of itinoiento " I saw j on take it, saul ho, ' and if you won I shale, 111 tell old Ballilla ' T Ins uigumuil was mesistiblo, and thoy filial eil

Having become good fnonds, the Eolf maila pal tuci lent líex i helping hand m the disposal of tho booty, and nilioiluced Lim to i pin

ehnsoi Thu puicliasei vminted all iules of i oinimco by bung-not n Jew, but a v ci y oi thodo v Chi ist nu Hu kept a second hand clothes w no houso m the City load, and was supposed to have

branch es1 ibhshmcnls ill ovei Londm

Ali Blicks jim chased tho stolon goods foi limit i Hind of then v duo, mid seemed stiuck by Mi Rex H ippeiu met "1 thoityou vvns a swell umbali!m, sud he 'Plus, fiom ouo so ex. pciicnccd, w is a high e jiiiphiiicnt 1 iicouinged by success, Hex and his coinpuiion took moic ai ticks of v nine J ulm Ho v paid oil his debts, and beg in to feel himself quito a "gentleman

again lust as he in lived at this pleasing stvto of mind, li ill ity discoxeied the lobbeiv Not having he ml about the bulk business ho did not BUS) eel Rex-ho vv is Bitch a gentlemanly young nun-but hiving had lusoyofoi some time upon Revs putnei, who was vulgii, and squinted, ho b«nt foi lum Rex s partnci stoutly denied tho accusation, and old Haffiity, who wus i nun of meiciful tendencies, nud could well nil ml to lose fifty pounds, gav o lum until the novt morning to confess, and state wheie tho goods lind gone,-hinting at tho pctsuisive powers of a constable al the end of that time The shopmiii, with teais in his innocent eyes, enino in i hiuiytillcv, and nifoiiiitd lum tint nil wa3 lost Ho did not vv mt to confer, because ho must implicate Ins fuend Hex, but if ho did not confess, bo would bo given in ehngc 1 light was impossible, foi nilthei had money lu this dilomina lohn Rex icmembeied líhok s coinph mont, and bul ned to desoí vo it If Ile must io tient, ho would lay waste thu enemy s countiy His exodus should be like that of tim Israelites -ho would spoil the Egyptians Tho shop walkei was allowed hulf an hum in tho middle of tho day foi lunch 7ohn Rex took advantage of half an Lout to hu o n cab and di ive to Blicks That worthy man íeceived lum coi drill}, foi he saw that hu was hunt upon gieat deeds John Rex iapidty unfolded his plan of optiations The wniehoitsc doois fastened with a spring He would ! cumin behind aftei they wcie locked, and open them at a given sigual A light cait oi cab could be stationed in tho lane at the back, tinco men could fill it with valuables m us many minutes Did Blicks know of tin ce such men? Blicks' one o} e glistened He thought ho did know At half-past 11 thoy Bhonld be theie Was that all ? No Mi John Rev was not going to "put up' such a splendid thing foi nothing The boot} was worth at least ¡£5000 if it was worth a shilling-ho must have £100 cash when the cirt stopped at Blicks' dooi Blicks at firbt lefnsed point blank Let there be a div lsion, but he'd not buy a pig in a poke Rev vv is furn, how- ever , it was his only chance, und ut lust got a promiso of ¿C80 That myht the glorious

achievement known in the annals of Bow street us tho " I ho Great Silk Robbory ' took place, and two days afterwaids, John Rev and his partner, dining comfortably at Birmingham, lead an account of the transaction-not lu the least like it-in a London paper

John Rex, uow fuuly broken with dull respec lability, bul adieu to hu home, and began to redise his mothers wishes Ho was, after his fashion, a "gentleman ' As long us the ¿SO lasted, he lived in something like luxury, anil by tho time it was spent, he had established himself in his profession This profession VVUB a lucra- tivo one It wa3 that of a Bwmdler Gifted with a liainl=oiiie peison, facile manner, and ready wit, he had added to these natural adv an tages sumo skill at hilliards, some know ledge of gambler s legerdemain, and the useful conscious ness that he must prey oi be proyed on John Rex was no common swindler, his natural as well as his acquired abilities saved Lim from vulgar errors He saw that to successfully swindle mankind, one must not aim at corni ara trve, but supeilative ingenuity Ho who is cou tented with being only cleverer than the ma- jority must infallibly be outwitted at lost, and to be onco outwitted is-for a sw mdlei-tobo ruined Bvaimning, moreover, into the history of detected crime, John Res. discovered one thing At the bottom of all these i obberies, de ceptions, aud swindle«, was eoine lucky fellow

who profited by the folly of his confederates lins gave him an idea Suppose he could not only make use of his own talents to rob mankind, but utilise those of others ilso? Cnme runs through infinite grades He proposed to himself to bo at the top , but nhy should he despise thoso good fellows beneath htm His speciality was sn nulling, billiard playing, card playing, borrón lug money, obtaining goods, nover risking moro than tw o or three coups in a year But others plundeied houses, stole bracelets, watches, diamonds,-made as much in a night as ho did in six months-only their occupation was more d mgerous Now carno the question-Vi hy more d tuberous ' Bec tuso these men were mero clods, bold enough and clei er enough in their own rude way, but no match for the Hw, with its Argus c)es and its Bri ire m bauds They did the rougher busiuess well enough , they broke locks, and burst doois, and "ucddiecV constables, but in the fiuet ni ts of pi in, attack, ind escape, they weio sadly deficient Good These men should bo tho hands , he would be the head Ho would pim the lobbenes thoy should cxecuto them

\\ orking thi otigh many channels, and nover omitting to assist i fellow norkei when in dish ess, John Rex, in a few years, md in a most piosaie, business nay, became the head of a Bociety of ruffians Mixing with fast clorks and unsuspecting middle class profligates, ho found out particular houses lUfctiaided, and shops but insecurely f istened, and 'put up B'icks ready niftiins to the moio dangeious work In his ian ins disguises, an 1 uudei his many names, ho f lund his w ty mto thoso upper circles of ' faBt ' socict), M bei o mimais turu into birds, whoro a wolf becomes a look, aud i lamb i ptgoon Rich s[ ciidtlu if ta w ho iflectcil male society asked him titilen houecs, and Mt Anthony Ci of tonbury, C ipUmi Janies Ci n en, and Mr Leopold Crofton, neio u mies reincuibcied, sometimes with, pie isure, of tener tilth regret, by many a broken min of foi tune Ho had one quality which, to a mau of Ins profession, nits invaluable-ho waa cuiliou", md niistti cf luinself llanngmade tsuccess, iii ung commission fiom Blicks, looked a ¡, imbling limn) like Lemomo, or secured an issoitmeut of jewellery sent donn to his "wife" in Glouceitershiie, he would disappear for a tint Ho liked comfort, and levelled m the sense of Bccuiity aud ltspcctibihtj Thus ho had lneel fu thieo )cus when he met Sarah l'nifo), mil thus ho purposed to Ino for immy m it With this norn in is a coadjutor, he thni0ht he could def) the law She nas the net spit ail lu catch hu "pigeons,' she was the nell dieted ltd) who ouleied goods in London fn hei husband at Cimteibuiy, and JXIKÍ hilf the pnco down, "which Mas all this letter mithin ised liol to do, mil, w hei o a less beautiful oi elei ei ti om m illicit hal o f tiled, sho succeeded Hei luisbuiil stn foi tuno betoro him, and be

hot id that, with common piudouce, ho might eui) on his lueiatito employment of "gentle- man until he ehoso to relinquish it Alas I for human vi e ikucjs Ho one day did a foolish thing, and tho law ho had so successfully dofied {¡oi lum ni the simplest nay lUiagui tblo

Uudei the untiles of Mi md Mis Skinner, John Re* mid Snill Pinfoy vicio hung m quiet lodging» in tho noic,hboihood of Bloomsbuiy Then landlady nts a lespectublo poor woman, anil hid i sou who nts a constable lins son w as gn en to talking, and, coming into suppei one night, told Ins mother that on the follón mg et cuing m attack n as to be made on a gang of cornel s in tho Old sticet loud lho mother, du mung nil soils of honois duiing theni(,ht, enmc tho next d t) lo Mrs Skiunei in tho pu lor, and, undei a pledge of i lofouud sccicc), told her of tho dietdful expedition in which hei son was onga^cd lohn Rex was out at i pigeiu match tilth Loi ii Bellnsis, and when he leturned it 0 o clock, S u th told bim what bho h id hean!

Non, 1, Btnk placo, Old stieet load, was tho lcsitlctico of a min named Greon, who hld foi santo time cal i ltd on tlio lucí atn e but dangci ous tinile of "counteifeiting ' This min w is one of tlio most d nmg of tint army of lufhaus whoso

li tamil o client and miisti i of tho mint li is

Blicks, and his Iiboity was laluablo John Rex, citing his dinnei molo neiioiisly than usual, i uiinuatetl on tlio intelligence, and thought it would bo but wise lo warn Green of his thingei

Not that ho cured ninth foi G icon person tlly, but it wies bul polit) to miss doing a good linn to it corni ade, and, moicoior, G icon capluietl, Hugill nag his tonyio to» f i eely But hw to doit) If hu went to Blieks, it might bo too lato, he would go himself Ho w eut out-and w ns o ipttu ed Y\ hen Sar di hoai d of tho calamity, sho sot to woik to holp lum Sho collected togethoi nil hoi monuy uncí jewels, paul Mis Sltimici s lent, went to soo lum, and iiiiaiigecl Ins defence Blicks was hopeful, but Gicen \iho carno vory noai hanging-admitted that tho man n is an associate of his, and tho Roooidei, being m ii soiero mood, tianspoited lum for

seien jeir»

S uah I'm foy lowed that sho would follow hui) Sho was going is pnBSongor, nn eini guint, anything, when sho siw Mis Vickers' adt ei tisemcut foi a " lady s maid, ' and ans« oreel it Pate chanced that Rex. vv IB shipped m tho Milabai, and Sal ali tliscoicimg this be foro tho lenstl had been a week at sen, conceited the bold pioject of inciting a mutiny foi theiestuo of hei lovel Wo know tho result of that scheme, and tho stoiy of the scoundrels subséquent escapo from Matqtiauo 1 hubn


J HL Bendijo AdMtiici s tjs that Mi Lei0htou, a gontloman who sometime ago exhibited ni extiaoidinni) ponci of bl tin Htcicotjiiugatono of the populin leadings m the Masóme Ililli, by i celling piseuges fiom Miltons and Cottjioi H poetical n orks at laiulom, li beroi ei tho cxauimors still ltd him, oilers, by letter publuhod in otu coiicspondcnce column, to givo a h] cuni cntei

tiimiiieiit of the kind m ntl of the hinds of tho distliet hospital, if NIX y-ntloninii will form them sehes into a committeo to an ango prclnnmaiies Ile states Ins leadmoss to recito the entuo poem of "Paradina Lost,' consisting of 10,565 hues, without hesitation, onoi book, oi piomptii-i huculcaii font, indeed In addition to this he untleitakes to namo tho neck day of any gnen d ito within the ye us 1 to 3000 of tho Clnistiuii ern, "instantaneously fiom memory, the ac ciiiacy of vi Inch may ho tested by nlmuuacs dis- ti ilnited amongst tlio audience But what appeus a still moie wonderful accomplishment than eithei of those, is Ins ability to mi o au ex. pMitton of blindfold chess, which no furlhei oilers to do Such an unpaiullolcd succession of mnemonic fonts would occupy un entuo da), anti Jh leighton theioforo suggests that his atuhtoiy bo illowed nigicss and egicss to the hall on the ongiiial tickets of admission Yreiy mauy pei sous, vic feol BUIC, would take a great interest in such an cntei tammont, ind wo hopo that thoso most dnectly interested m tho manage- ment of oui charitahlo institutions will tako the mattei in hand

Wi ono au apology to our friend Colone1 Norman J Colman Wo started out tho othei day to gn e him a first class puff as an orator, on learning that ho was about to dehtei an additss at the Texas State fur YVe mote

" lhcio is i gieat ti oat in stoio for the peoplo of lexas" It appealed m tho Globe next day as follow s -" There is a t,i eat trial m store foi the people of Texas" lue pnuter who "set the partgiaph still insists that ho cnme ncaiei to thu truth than wo did, but ne have ordoicd him to be dischaiged as a mau w lioso mind is entirely too analytical, and whoso tendency is entirely too


St\DY tho ins STEED-In Scotland they hate nanow, open ditches, which thoy call sheep drams A man was nduig ti donkey ono day across a sheep pasture, but when thoanimtl canio to a sheep druin he Mould not gool er it So the man i ode bim back a short distance, tamed him iound,aud applied the whip, thmk lug, of com so, that the donkey, lihou going at tho top of his speed, would jump the dram befoie he knew it But not so YVheu the donkey got to tho drain he stopped all of a sudden and the man went over Mr Neddy!» head No sooner had he touched the ground than he got up, and, looking his beast straight m the face, Bald, "Y'erra vi eel pitched, but then boo are ye gJing to get ower yersel' J '

ATHLETIC sports foi ladies Jumping at con- clusions , walking round a subject, running thiough a novel, skipping full 'l«criptions, throwing tho hatchet, and during the holidays boxing the ears of tioublesomo young brothers.

WEDDINOS-A wooden wedding Marrying a blockhead A golden w eddnig Marr) mg for money A crystal wedding Marr)inga "glass eye" A tin weddmg Marrying a milkmaid. A paper wedding Man)ing au editor A plain wedding Marrying a carpenter A sill or ii ed dmg Marrying ti maid of sixty The worst sort of wedding Mairymg nobody