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Chapter NumberIII
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Full Date1886-04-24
Page Number42
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Newspaper TitleThe Australasian (Melbourne, Vic. : 1864 - 1946)
Trove TitleDodo and Daisy
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Ciurrr.R III.

The sheerius was over at Yaranga, and Godfrey Compron, as he turned back to the homestead, having eeen the last load of his wool Rway. eeemed to be in the best of possible cood humours, as he had apparently e very reason to be. The clip had been a good one, grass was abundant, and the season the tinest that had been known for years. What more could pastoral man desire? A well-earned holiday also was his due after the chief business of the year had been successfully completed. As the old squatter thought of these things his heart was light within him. and he hummed a tune not unmusically as he mounted the verandah stops and passed into his wife's siltingroom.

lie surprised her in tears. The revulsion of feeling was too much. His heavy grey eyebrows gathered themselves together, and his strong firm uiouth contracted grimly at the sight, bnt he said no word.

" I cannot help it, Godfrey. To-day is his birthday; it has all cotre hock to me so plainly, i feel the little baby once again in my nrme. I suffer, oh, so much."

" And do you think that I do not suffer?"'

"Men can't suffer as women, as mothers da You are so bard, so stern."

"Not 60 hard, not so 6tern, as he waB, when he cast us off for the mike of a fair face and a soft voice. He is unworthy of a parent's love. Forget him."

"After all these years, can you not find iu your heart some pity, some forgiveness ? "

" Forgiveues3 ? Why, he took the tone of

not forgiving us. Let him Bee his error and ask pardon.'

Mia. Compton was silent, and her husband turned impatiently to the window.

" Hillo, he exclaimed. *' there is Toby returning with his wild ducks; or. rather, here is the canoe floating down the river empty."

By Heaven," he added, alter a pause, " there is something in it, but what I cannot make out Where is the glass ?"

lie seized the telescope, and, after along and steady look, 6&id. There is certainly something white in the bottom of it It looks like a child. I must go and see about


He rushed from the house, down through the sloping garden to the river, jumped into the station boat, and a moment afterwards had stopped the canoe, brought it to the bank, and was lifting our little wanderer ont of it with a care and tenderness for which one who bad seen him a few short minutes before would not hare given him credit

The astonished child awoke as be took her up, and began her accustomed moruiug erecting—" Mudder, I want you." Then, he* coming fully conscious of her surroundings, got ready to set up a good cry. Mr. Comp ton, however, managed to sooth her, and when he had her sufficiently at her ease he

hetmn to auestion her.

" What a jour name ?

" I'se Dodo, and this," holding up trium phantly ber battered companion, " is Daisy; and we're lost*" _ .

"Dodo what, dear. Have you no other


" Oh. yes, mudder calls me little Queenie.' " What's your mother's name f '' Muddere name is mudder," . " Have you got a fattier V

" Ob, Daisy, what a funny man ; of tourse

I have a faddet"

" Where do you live 5" "Atde tamp*"

" Who put you In the canoe V'

" Daisy took me to it; and I am very hungry, and so is Daisy.''

Thus reminded of the duties of hospitality,: Mr. Gompton carried the little waif up to the house, where her advent caused no email astonishment* But kind-hearted Mrs. Comp ion peremptorily forbade all further ques I Uoning till Dodo had been fed; and she took

jieraway toattend to her wants beraelt, leaving her husband pacing the verandah, think ing tenderly of his little captive. The sound

of a horse stretched to|

m upon his/reverie. fle took'M^^

a great Wack steed apiiro^ching at'

As it rcat)»$d the

himself from the saddle and ™ i B'i

before him, said:—

" Father, tlifeblacks kaveatoUrih,,. t. ^ help roe to find her.": - 8TOlea,Iif %

•f So you have come to fchoW . 'J

f^eu ~?lfe ? TV] ^ ijiti®:

Bhriek interrupted him, &a wiiTi ll.^t

cry of " My son " " My fodder" Htg. ^

ton and Dodo rushed into the a!™,^ stranger. Bol»i

Let the curtain fall here. What „«.i'« there to picture Indetail the tootW^I the unexpected restoration of hi iM what need to show mother imd ifra^Sy

mingling Uiclr tears, as Dodo SSS&l

tale of allher woes, and Dodo's gran&i forgiving Dodo s mother for DoMasSSi

Arthur's. , ,

Can we not fancy the father andBon ?«.! each ashamed of the tenderness he Siuli his kes&rt, but, overcome by that tenderi^l

shyly and stiffly clasping hands, aodSI

«n t\m+ mnmAnl All rU. I Mfvl

a well-bred indifference, and ,1H1

outward reserve, and inward wonder, oitei

race at the countless vagaries of the" jJl


And Dodo and Daisy were the heroin the hour. But for their lucky misadvei the stubborn father and the fiery son

have met noinbrc; would certainly |w] never met under circumstances ao farontfibl for peACC'tnalw I

And as Dodo StoOd upon her grandfatherVl verandah, and. gazed upon the noble tiro 1 that ball borne her , so safely to het' and saw the vast sheep-covered

stretching away upon either bank, hethM heart swelled with pride, she felt that h«-l exploration bad been a success, and (hn1!

she had discovered " grand country" efigl