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By Captain Abmstbong.

Chaptee XXXV.

The day passed away pleasantly, for Sir Edgar Manners was, when freo from his redoubtable enemy the gout, a most agreoable companion.

In tho evening Mrs Shaw, as the baronet wat exceedingly auxious to hear all the particular» from the period of her mysterious disappear one in Dublin commenced o narrative of her life, neither attempting to conceal the errors of a fal»e education, or to extenuate her faults of character But when eho reached that part of her narrativo which related to the loss of her little boy Edgar, tho baronet could not control his excitement, ho started from hiB chair with such precipitation, forgetting that hu cork leg was not near so substantial as its humble rival, the timber one, that, but foi Miss .Shaw, he would have measured his length on the lloor.

" God bless my soul '" he exclaimed, recover« ing himaelf "Ivory nearly cip«izal you, my dear Mi«s Ehnoi, that confounded rascal of mine, having a spite u0amst this cork leg, has left a screw loose, and but for y oui timely aid, my dear, I should have come down like the muinmust of tho Trincomaleo m a tvphoon I huve still to be¿ y oui paidou Mrs Shaw," co',t tinued Sir Ldgar, le »eatiag himself alter set- tling his deianged supporter with >elly'B assist- ance, " foi in) singular excite-nent at that part of your narrative concerning the loss of your

little boy Ld¿ur \o\i art looking agitated,!,, pray you be calm I am au old excitable fool at times Now, do not be too sungume, but, by Jovo' I think wo cm lind your lost son "

" Oh, Henven '" exclaimed Mrs Shaw, trem- bling with intenso agitation, and palo with ex- citement, »hil»t >dlv sit guzing with clasped hands at the commodoic, feeling such a fever of hopo at her heal t with the thoughts of having a

biothtr to love and ebon li

" I must not keep y ou both in suspense," saul the baionet looking at Lilly's bright eyes fixed upon his " and yet I do not wish to raise hopes thit ma> bo fallacious You shall hear all I know I h uve only lund it a week ago from my gallunt nephew, now Loi 1 Courtliud, who wai present at the light of Inkerm un, and met with u sti ingo adventure there, but I will not be woikmg across haw te in tins manner, but go straight to tht fact luu are aw aro, my dear madum from our previous convtrsation, that Lord Courtlund proceeded, us I considered it, on a mad cruise uftcr his lo»t sister I thought it a wild project becuu«e of this war, however, he «et Bad, in his yncht, the Medoru, one of the hand»omest crafts uilo it, und, uftcr a variety of strango udv entures, by Jovel be not only found his si»ter, but n Young Russian Princess, to whom ho was m a kind of away botrothod when abov.aud for whom ho always retained a ro I mantle attachment, and with whom ho is now

desperntely m lovi , by Jove' that lovo must be a very curious tiling," continued the com- modore, with a very serious face looking at Nelly, who uiYoluuturily blushed Perhaps she thought so too, but seeing Mrs Shaw looking nnxious, the baronet continued-" I am a bad Btoi) teller, muda n, I vuw about in my tale just like my old ship when scudding under more canvas than sho liked However, about a week ago I receive 1 a packet of lotters from my nephew , he was then ni the Medora, lying with tho lleot bifo-e Bnlucluvu, ho lind gono into action uboard the - fngato Captain P-. Aboard this vcsel he h ni u very dear friend in> deed-a companion of tarly days-and his com» lade in many u bold exploit 'This frieud's name is Edgar 1 rwin '

Mrs Shaw's heart beat quicker at tho name of


"Lieutenant Erwin,' continued tho baronet, "received a slight wound, and ho had permis- sion to remove bun aboard the Medora Now it api ours according to his letter-I wish I had it here, but you shall seo it to morrow-it would savo me working and backing and filling m this wav But tho short and long of it is, his friend Lieutenant Erwin told lum that ho had no real right to tho caine of Erwi i, that ho was picked up at sea when between four and Ave years of age, in a small boat, by n ship called the Ocean Queen, but oil whero ho bud no kind of remem- brance, but he knows ho was callod Edgar "

Nelly passed her arms round her mother's neck kissing her fondly, and whispering, " Oh,

mother, Providence is over good and watchful ; .

there is great happiness in storo for us yet " \

The old commodoro looked at mother and daughter, wiped his eyes, and thought Nelly the prettiest maiden he had over scon Called him- self an old fool to have let life slip by " If I had got spliced when I was young, I might now have just such another sweot loving child to .ootho my passage out of this world But it'i too late," said the commodore, involuntarily, speaking out loud, " at least I think so."

" M hat's too late, my dear sir," said Mr*. Shaw, recovering hersolf and looking up

Tho baronet smiled, saying, " It's never too late, my dear madam, to m uko an old fool of oneself But I must go ahead, and not keep you so long m suspenso It seems aboard this Ocean Queen, that picked up the boat with tho child in it, was an Irish seaman, of whom tho child becamo extremely fond, and ho of the boy. But the Ocean Quoen was boardod by pirates in the Chinese seas, I believe, and every sou! murdered except tho poor boy , at least the boy thought so But strange to say, at the battle of Inkermann, Lord Couitland fell in with a vvoundsd soldier who belonged to tho Connaught Rangers Now this man told my nephew that his b other, who was once a seaman on board the Oceau Queen, was still alive, und actually eorving in one of our ships of war at anchor before

Balaclavo "

" Most wondorful aro tho wa-v s of Providence," sud Mrs Shaw, earnestly, " whon wo least ox peet it, wo receive consolation and happiness, ihoiigh perpetually haunted with the imago of my lost bov), I novcr oxpecttd again to gain the le ist troco of lus fate, for all at Castletown felt »o conüdont that tho boat must have foundered m the gale that followed its drifting away "

After some further conversation on this, to all partie», interesting sulject, Mrs Shaw, by Sir Ed,ar's request, rojumod hor narra ive, which sho finished In speaki ig of George Shu», sho «truth refrunod frjni mentioning the act ho hil committed, but exprossed her grititudo in warm and ailcctionate terms for the pnsirvation of her daughter's lifo

" I um sorrv to think," remarked Sir Edgar, .< that Mr Robert Shaw should hw o sutured so much and died so euldonlv, but it is a great satisfaction to know that his ion has acted «o well You hav e, my dear madam, o meco <*V ahvo, oithor in Australia or Now Zfaland, George Shaw alono oan give us an) information about her. But, with rospect to the young man

himself, his conduot has gioatly surprised mo My solicitor wroto to me to say that Mr Georgo Shaw applied to him for his shai e of tho logaoy ¡eft by Mr Fitzharding, and oxpiossed a wish to settle tho whole on his father, and in such a manner that his creditors might not bo able to deprive him of this, his only suppoit, in his old agc My solicitor wrote to know my whishos on that subject, and I at once wrote back to sa} - certain!} to comply with his dosiro At tho jamo time I felt surpciso at the young man's leaving himself without the means of support, I havo not heard 6inco from my solicitor."

*' I wish I could have an interview," Bald Mrs Shaw, seriously, " with him , I roally wish to share the Kilgerrun ostato, and let him have a sufficiency to live ns a gentleman "

At a late bom the pleased old sailor entered his carnago to return to his residonce, vowing that Elinor Shaw should bo his heiross, as Lord Courtland had moro riches thon ho know what to do with, and now that Nelly's brother was in the lund of the living, and would inherit Kil- kerran, Elinor would bo without the fortune she

would other» leo haio luheritod

" Well, your honor," inquired Tom Delany, as he unscrewed tho cork leg, preparatory to tho commodore's rotirmg for the night, " what aro the ladies of Kilgerran like ' nice people ?"

"The young girl is au angel," answorod the baronet, " and her mothei as fino a woman ns evor I saw Thoy w ill be hero to spond tho day to morrow, so you mu«t bru«h up tho women, got the flags out, and everything in ship shape "

" Oh, be the powers, let mo alone for that, I'll stir tho pottiooats about "

" Ye« } ou old vilhan, I dare say you will, you could not exist if you hadn't them flirting about you like so much bunting on a Queen's birthday, but do you know who Lieutenunt

Erwiu turns out to bo p"

" Faix, I don't know, a Russian, perhaps "

" Pooh ' you're always dreaming of Russians By-tho byo, you rascal, you purposely left a screw loose m my leg Ah, jou aro griunmg, aro you ? take that," and aw ay w eut tho pillow.

" Upon my conscioneo I did not," oxclannod Tom, ducking as the missile Hew over his head , " but I always warned you it was a poor sub- stituto for a stout, atilf timbei suppartei. Hore's a pioco of stuH," continued tho cockswain, turn ing up his prop, " a typhoon wouldn't bend it if you stuck it up for a skysail yard But your honor did not tell mo who tholieutonant was."

" Why, Mrs Shaw's son, of Kilgibbet "

" Kilgerran, I told you a hundud times this morning It's easy to romombor a name like that, I liad an aunt that lived at Ballygruddy "

" Dovil take you and your aunt Hold your tongue and put out tho candle, and tako your- self off to your ivifo , I hopo sho will takoyoui old leg, and givo you a dozen with it I might hove smashed a «bolo table of ornaments by your loaving tho upper screw of my log looso "

"Bo gor, that's too bad," said Tom indig- nantly, " whou you know I'd rather break my own neck than íazo tho skin of your little finger "

" Well, well, I bohevo you, Tom," returned the commodore kindli, " but to morrow you will soo one of tho prettiest girls you evei saw Ah, if I was a young man-"

"Oh, faix, it's woll you aint, you «oro bad onough,-do you romombor tho two pretty


" Put out tho light, you villain," roared tho commodoro, raising his ne ad from his pillow, " you want to deprive mo of my natural rest, I

want to bo frosh to monow "

"Ayo ayo, sir, I'm oil, though, bo gor, I can't mako out how Lieutenant Erwin can bo a Shaw. Noter mind, I'll find it out to morrow , he's a truo blue, whoeicr ho is" And off stumped Tom o his better half, «ho gave him a curtain lecture foi stopping spinning yams with

his mastei at that late hour

" Oh, bother," enid Ion, turning in, " if wo wero two old «omen, wo wouldn't bo dono till morning "

The following day, at an early hour, all wero on the alert m Wild Drako Lodgo, tho carnage was eut for Mrs and Mi s Shaw, tho battery was dressed with flags of ull nations tho Queen's standard tbovo all, the women as smart ns possible, mid Mrs Deluny herself, as Tom declared, like a full rigged ship

As soon as the carnage malo its nppoarunco al the lodgo gute3, bang goes the battery of four guns, one aftci the other, to tho delight of Nelly Her mother thought tho horses would bo oil, but the! «ero quito accustomed to loin's modo of reception, and, mcleod, scenic 1 lathei

to like it

Tho commodoro «as at tho door, hut in hand, to hand them out, and Mrs Delany behind, with her handmaidens, wluUt Tom himself, tho beau ideal of au old man of war's man, still erect and full of vicor, came «tumping up to seo the angel, and, as Tom told his wife in con fidouee, "that be the powers, if angels «ero only half as beiutiful as preltj Neill Shaw, ho didn't care ho v soon li was amonp?t them "

Tho dav spent at Wd 1 Di iko I o Igo «as an oxtremelv pleasant and huppi one to all pu tics Nelly was in niptiiies with the reilly ?¡ lendid view, ovinin nintir, oier tile, rich woods and sloping heightä of Btbbicoinbe, and oicr the woteis of the beiutilul bin ilie commolort was delighted «ith his fair yoim quests praises, ho walked by her sido all oier his «eil laid out grounds lorn Delini following with a telescope and folding chin foi the lilies to rest upon, and havo a iiei thiouçli tin l,1i » it the shipping in the fur eil «utera Mis Shut praised all the baioin s improve nuits, 'Seilt oven, to Tom Dclani s delight, uirpectal the batterv, and uctu illv stood b} without winking ho declared, when ho tired tho tuning gnu She al«o expressed guilt ailinn ttiun of tho maa uiflcently executed poitiuit of I oui Com Hand, sho thought lum tho handsomest mun she ovei


Mrs Shaw was completely happy She saw her daughter imb the bloom of health and con tentment on her check , die « is untoicd to hu relations and tho woill, and looked forward with hope to a re union with her long lost sou, to whom Bhe had commenced a Ion,, letter that

very morning

But, m tho mid t of 11 her happiness, Nelly never foigot tho unfortunate Geoigc Shaw Sho oould not hut icmcmbu th it he h id suied her from a cruel ai d cult death Slit forguve him in her healt the euor he lind intuí led to com mit, her gnuie nature found excuses for his onrae She imputed his on ina to the impulso of tho moment, at finding lunisilf deprned of an inheritanco ho considoud his futhoi «, and not tho premeditated act of a bad und nickod


A day or t«o after Mrs and Miss Shaw's visit to Wild Diako Lidgo, Sir Edgar paul them a visit no showed Mrs Shun a letter from his solicitor, tho priuupul purport of whioh «as,

that he had positively ascertained that Mr. Geoigo Show had onlistcd in the gallant -th

Regiment of Foot.

Chapter XXXVI

We must now, kind and oonsidoroto reador, quit old Iioland, and again visit tho dark

aTid turbulont waters of the Euxino.

Onoe moro, then, wo step on boo"d tho giaco ful Medora, at a timo when, undei easy soil, sho was Btuuding in for the bold coast of Circassia, between the Russian foi ti ess of Anapa aud the haudsomo and pioturosquo town of Norvu


Loi d Courtlaud had stood in close to this town whioh soomcd to have boon recently abandoned by tho RusBians It had tho appearance of being n romarkably pretty place with hospitals, barracks, and a church of considerable aizo aud oleganco

lhe fortroas and the town woie built upon a sloop hill, ond by tho look of the whole place it was evidently a town of recent construction

Tho coast from thonoo to Anapa was a suo cession of nclily wooded mountains and hills, but beyond Anapa the dcaoluto stoppea of the

Cnmea commenced

Loid Cotutluud und Edgai Erwin, with Mr Bornai d, hold many piotractod consultations on the best means of piosocuting their voyage, under the thou existing stuto of nQuirs.

It wus now the iii st week in Docembor, and already heavy galos swept tho turbulent wuters

of the Black Sou

So fui to tho castvvaid as (hoy were, and on tho Oircassiun coust, where tho wator is pro foundly deep to tho veiy shoie, tho extromo Boventy of tho approaching winter was not yot folt But alroady thoy had oxporioucod what the Luxino could do, when putting on its wintry aspect Fortunately tho wind kopt woll to tho eastwurd, leaving the watei within many milos of tho Circassian coast quite calm and smooth

After Boverul consultations with Lioutonant Erwm and Mr Bernai d, Lord Courtlund carno to the roBolution of landing m tho night, at the sumo place as baforo, some threo miles below Fort Aloxundrmo and tho late governor's man Bion Michael Boris declared that ho noror saw moro soldiors in tho fort than Unity, with two ofheors, but he at tho samo tuno intimated thut tho guns of tho foit could bo directed upon all tho approaches to the mansión

It wua nearly dark when tho yucht stood in for the wild und dcooloto spot Loid Courtlund bud solectcd for Ina first landing Bold piecipitous rocks, thou summits covcrod with noblo trees, deep inlets, mid at tunea shingly boach of Binall extent, formed this patt of tho Circassian coast

Tho Medora wus hove to within o milo of tho shore, tho boot loworod, und our boro and Michael Bons seated m tho stern alioota It pulled away from tho sido of tho yacht, the former bidding lus anxious frionds farewell, and requesting they would have no appiehonsions about lum, as he should not bo long held oap tiro, oven if discovered , and, stall events, was Büro of good treatment

In less than half an hour the boat reached tho placo whero thty íutendcd to lund, and Lord Courtland and Michael Boris looped ashoro , his lordship, tolling his mon to bo of good heart and keep a sharp lookout, followed his trusty guide, and soon disappeared amid tho dark woods that bordeicd the shore His faithful and attachod crow lost sight of him with extromo regret that they could not sharo whatevor perils he might be likely to bo oxposod to, not one amongst them would hayo hositated choorfully to poril his own life at all times to servo their oom mander

During tho night tho Medora stood off to boo, and remained ly ing to during tho greater part of the following doy

About mid doy the crow bohold two largo ships, aud a Bteamer, standing away towuids

Soukem Ealeh

lho Btoamor at onco altered hor courao and carno rapidly towards thom , Lieutenant Lrwin, who waa on dock, recognised tho ship, and cried out, " It's tho Bragunzu, Mr Bernuul, hoist the yucht's colors, mid ulso tho distinguishing (lag of

Lord Courtlund "

As soon as the»o woro obsonod hy Hie stcimer, bIio hoisted her own oolois, lirod u gun an 1 altered her louise A gun was returned from tho Medora und the colors haulol down

" Cuptuin Beard is a great friend of Lord Oourtland s, ' said F l0ur Erwm , ' those ships no doubt aro bound for tho Bay of Somoa "

"I wish," observed Mr Bcinurd thoutjitfulh, " thut We bud lu» loidslnp back safo and sound I cannot but consi lei his advouturo very perilous und a very wild one "

' It ceitnuiH would bo o rash act in any othor Englishmuu "i turno I tho lioutonant, " but ro

mi tuber, Loid Courtlund is perfectly master of tho lunguago und m innera of the pcoplo, besides winch, ho feels a coniidenco it is moio than pos

siblo nnothcr would Lot , und his cnorgy, couragi and prc»cnco of mind, cun carry lum through um difhiuUi "

Tho weather duung the day continued Pino and moderate aid a» the sun wei t down the ynrdsof (ho lie lora wero bl iced louid and hor graceful bow turned towuids tho shore

Aa soon as the ni(,ht waa sufli lenth dar] the boat w is lowcied, mid Lieutenant Irwin took the tiller, w hilo the six sturdy o iranien pulled in for the op, omtc 1 spot

On reaelnnt, the rocks, they weie hailc I by n low -voice-it was tint of Muli iel Boris, up partntU ¡,ieitlv ixlnustcd and bleeding from two mubket shot wounds Lrwm was ehoel ed to see lum but tould only linderst nd by s giiB that "Mulind JJori» mule, und the single word pn»on ti at Ina bdove 1 friend hud buen in eomo win or other cuj tured

The ciew entreated Lieutenant Tarwin to let

tin m pioeecl on short, but the Rus»im b\ ti^ns mice them to understand thut tin re wert uiM! than a hundred men in tho wooda above


The peasant had sen eely ceased speaking when o bullit lla»h was sein m the wood above, and tho rattle of mueket bulls dashed tin water up bev ond the boat

" Hu li, not a word, ' said tho heutinunt, 1 they Mernot see us, and on!) hied at rondom, but put youl j iel ets in the rullotks, and pull sttudil) out, we could do nothing but aacrillte

lift usele»sl\

The men weit »avago, and Lieutenant Erwin groutlv di tr »ed but ho tould understand i cr) little if oin thing fiom Michael Bona' «igna and umnteUtgibl« 1 mguage, delny was uscloss, so re peutiug hi» njunotions, tho) pulled rapidly to tho yacht Thero was a ground swell using winch bttokenod a chango of wind, and luckil) it was intensely durk, whith doubtless euved them from o second volloy of musket balls

As soon as Michael Boris' wounds wero dieescd, tho maBter, who understood a little of tho language, and which ho had improved by

study and Lord Courtlands instruction, managod, though with difficulty, to moko out Michaol Boris' account of tho muhap. Tho poor fellow's wounds woro fortunutely not daugeious, and as soon as ho had gained strength, for ho was greatly exhausted b} some nolont exertion, ho gai o tho following account of Lord Courtland's capture

On landing, his lordship and Michael made thoir way through tho woods, and reached tho village where the hut of tho latter was situited Thoy found the door closod as ho had left it It was standing a fow bundled yards fiom tho little villago, which Boris said did not contain one bundled and sixty inhabitants altogothor

At that lato bout not a soul «as to bo seen, and cntonug, Lord Courtland threw himself down upon soino dry fan and ru«hos, and Boris, lighting a very primitivo lamp, a wick swimming in oil, held in a bowl, his lordship commoi ced eating his supper, having brought some from tho ship in a basket

As soon us it «as daylight, Boris proceedod into the villago to collect eggs, fowl, and othor articles, so that they might hil thoir baskota, and then procooded to tho fort to disposo of


Ho stated that just us ho was ontonug tho village, ho porceive 1 a party of soldiors with thoa muskets shouldorod, marohing m from tho Anapa road , foituuutely for him, two or three of tho mou, porhaps from pity, guvo a loud shout, ciying out " lhuo ho is '"

Michael at ouco turned and lied, knowing that if ho «as caught he «ould suffer tho knout till he died undu it Scvoial of tho soldiors pur sued b} order of their olhcer , ho iiiupustliis own hut, and as ho did so, Loid Courtlaud carno

to tho door

"Wo aro discourcd," «houtcd Boris, ' fly for your life ," but Ins lordship stood his giound

Soveral of tho soldiers then fired thoir uiub

kots at him, and ho felt himself wounded, but being a strong man and swift of foot, he held on and plunged into tho thick wood and thus bliilkd his puisuois Ho concealed himself m a Bpot ho knell, und tearing up his garments strovo to Btaunch his bleeding »ounds When ¡t bceamo dusk, ho stole up to tho hut of it com rado ho knew »oull not botrty lum, and there learned that tho soldiers of the fort had boen hunting for him and his brothor for two da}s, by ordoi of tho Commandant of Anapa Ho also lcarnod that Loid Courtlaud «as mido pri

sonor, and taken undor an escort to tho foit, and there «ero liftv or moro mon added to the gar

n on, and ovoi} pucaution taken to prevent it surpuso, as it was reportod tint an English cor

votto «as cruising off tho coast His comrado advised him to fly, us ho «ould bo shot if takon, ho «as so faint and woak from his wounds that it was with dithculty ho could move, but ho made tho cflort, as a party of tho Boldiois «oro still m the village Ho therefore summoned till his energies, and mado for the landing placo and w»b nourl} discovered twico hy n party of

soldiers m the wood m ambush

Such was tho substanco of Michael Boris' narrative, understood with considerable) difhcult} by tho vexed and distressed Lieutenant Lrwin

and Mr Bornai d

Hit eutnocrew of tho Modoia carno m a body to them, and anxiously requested that un attempt might bo mudo to surpriso tho garrison at tho fort, and roleaso I ord Courtlaud at tho risk of their lives, protesting they woro read} to sacri fico them at anj time m his scrvico

Edgar Ern ni thanked them warmly, but do clarcd, ready us ho was himself to risk life for his friend, it woro madness to think of it The fort, by Michael Boris' uocount, «as now strongly garrisoned, tho enemy on tho alert, and 01 idontly in forco along tho shore, watching any attempt at landing, and, though ho felt deeph grioiod, ho said ho sure Lord Courtland would bo woll treated when Iiib rank became known Iho mon were forced to appear satisfied, but they felt cxcccdu gly oxuted and anxious

During tho night it cume on to bio« hard, Bonding a beaty Burf in on the rock} con«t, uuder their lee It was not the season of tho }oarloloitu on so wild a shore, so, nftoi an hocir s unxijus confcrcnco with I loutonunt 1 ititi Mr Bernau! bore up for Gheluidjek

lho next morning tho Mcdoiu nas plunging her graceful bows into ii heat} cioss seu, under Bingle ree fed topsails und housed topgiillunt mists Amazingly chagrined at the result of Lord Courtlun 1 s projects, Mr Beriurd «oikod the iueht skilfully and «eil till ho inn into tho Baj of Seines «hero thoj beheld u sere« sloop ot «al, and tho Brag mza etc ima l}mg ut auohor, tho lattor with hoi steam up, preparing

for sea

lho Medora iinchoscd closn to tho etoaraei

Lieutenant Lrwiu «us porfoctl} uivuro it nits his duty to return as quickly as possiblo to his own ship, therefore, though sadly toxed and disturbed in mind about tho fito of his fnond ho requested Mi Bornurd to low or tho boat and put lum onboaid tho Braganzi, «Inch perhaps

«as returning immediately to tho Crimei, oi ¡t was possible tiley might bo cngugod in rccon noitcring the coi«t, previous to mi attack upon Ynupa, which had beou tulked of btforo he loft

the fleet

On getting on bourd tho Biagan/n, he oniiouBly in )uncd how tho fl ot ant tho army got on, in their endeavors to reduce Sebastopol

"Balli badly," returned Ctptum Beard, 1 thoro will be but the shadow of an ur ny tluro ntxt spring I cannot siy «hero tho blumo is, but it's heartrending to behold the Bulleringa of

tho um y

" Vu I has there been no fresh attack mado by tho licet upon Sebastopol t ' inquired Lieutenant


"No, «o havo bcon lying thoro inactivo, an I i lulling the ships in the terribly Buddon tules ti at sweep ovci this so i It isa mid anchorage, and I fern that somo of these nights wo shall find

that out "


As Michaol Bous Btated, ho left Loid Court land sleeping, whilo ho proceeded into tho iii

lago lo pioDuro somo oggs, fowls, or icgotables, but ver} shortly ufter his depuituro his lordship anoko, and {.citing up from his oxtremcly humble couch, udvauced to tho door of tho cottage, au I «as no littlestartlod and astounded at seeing Michael Boris running foi his life, foi lowed by u dozen or bo soldiers, who «oro pul

suing linn As ho passed near tho hut, Michael Boris shouted, "Tly and suvo yourself " Just thon the soldiers levelled and (hal at tho fugi- tive. With a fooling of rohof ho san tho un fortunato Berf still pursuo his flight with tho soldiors after lum, whilo another party of oi(,ht or ten, with on ofllcor at their hoad, cunio running up to tho hut lo fly ho had not tho ehghtost intoiition, and to resist was equally futile to tako life usolosply, or loso his own by a mad tctittanco, novor entered hie hoad, but at

a glanoo ho saw that death would bo his fate if ho remained in his sorf's garments, so, casting oil tho bolt, ho rapidly throw aside his disguise, pulled off his false board, ivo , and just as the Rns»ian olhcor oamo up, whom ho at onco ro cognised as Captuin Kiukoinoll', ho was standing quite calffily at tho door of tho hut, vested in the neat but simple garraonts of o Butish sailor, which ho wero bonoath hie disguiso

Captain Kitkomoff paused, amazingly bui

prisod, but ho ordored hie mon who woro rush- ing engcrly upon Lord Courtland with their ba) onotB to fall back, whilst tho worthy captain lookod ut the tull, noble hguro of his prisoner, and then up to his features, upon which there was a Binilo Cuptaiu Kiokcmoff stat tod ond


" By St Nicholas, tho Armenian fortune teller," aud thon added, "you ure my prisoner, whoovor )ou may be in roal oui neat "

" Such I supposo would bo tho cobc, Captain Kiokomoll," îoturned Lord Courtlaud, calmly , " novcrtheloBS, I demand, as a Bntish subject,

houorablo troatment "

"By St Ivan, you moy bo a British subject," replied Captain Kickeinoll cavalierly, " but us to tho troatmont y ou may recoivo that depends on tho will of my commandor Count Zouboski, you seem to folget thut you aro found on this coast in disguise, for there it lies at youl feet," kicking tho false beard aud coat m tho road "You have also tampeied with tho loyalty of o RiiSBiun, mid ni ade a truitoi of him, und oven introduced y oin self into ono of our fortrossos thoroforo, by tho rules of war, you uro a spy, and mem tho doom of a spy "

" Have u caro Captain Kiokomoff," said our hero, sternly, "what you Bay, at all ovonts, cokductmoto youroommandiiigoflioer, androcol lect-foi I may have to i oumul y ou somoof theso duys-that you have dtired to upply tomoo tirin thut may cost you doar yot "

Tho captain was about to reply whon his men formed into a iilo twoubrost, forthoy woio enter- ing n very siugulnr und wild dolllo, tho locks on ono eido rising to tho height of moro than a hun- dred fut, und through on mimenso oloit gushed ono of those i lolont streams thut form tho tribu-

taries to the Kunbun

'This stieiiin crossing tho road, lushed with prodigious violence over tho îocky unpediuientB in its courbe It waa loo deop und violent to ford, mid the rocks too ehppor) and stn p So ocrosa tho torrent wus erected a rudo bridgo, coustiucted of trunks of gigantic pines, thrown ocrosa Only two persons could piiBB obieust

Tho advanced soldiers had passed ond Lord Courtlund ond Captuin Kickeinoll wero pio

codling across, side by side, when a volley of nile bulla from tho rocks above, and another from a thicket bolow ii to tho soldiers m the renr, stretehid nearly half tho number doad 01 wounded on tho ground

?\\ith an oxeluimotion of lioioo rogo, Cnptam Eickonioll diew his rovolver, and gruBpcd tho pi isonei, aw curing with au oath ho should not escape, but tho next inomont tho pistol was wrested from his hand, und Lord Courtlund exerting all his strength tote tho Ruasiun olhcor f oin the bridgo, mid pitched linn headlong into the deep foaming pool beneath

\\ lulat this abort struggle was taking placo the fow Russian soldiers surviving tho two dis- charges, fled and Bought Bheltor ni tho wood, thut stretched for miles to the westwnrd A body of armed mon now showed their hoads abovo the locks Hib lordship who stood Iub ground, guessed ut onco that they wero Circassians , he perceived Captain Kickomoff without his hut crawling out of the pool und dodging amongst tho rocks to avoid the dropping shots from tho Circassian rilles Not knowing how ho would bo received, oui hero moved oil tho bridge to- woi ds his deliverers, who woro now descending tho rocks As ho stopped oil tho bridgo, u very young ond fino looking mun with tho picturosquo cup of tho Circassians, und his bleust pi0tooted by u shirt of mud, und cnriying in his hand u richi) mounted nile, upproathod, and in a kind tono saul somo woids in u liinguago our boro did

not understand

" Ah ' ' Bind the Circassian, immediately, " you do not understand mc Do you spouk tho Hue slun language ? '

" \cb, ' rctumod Lord Couilliind, " in that tongue allow mo to thank you for my rcatoiution to hbert) I um an englishman "

"Good," lotiirncd tho Cniussiun, "I umowoio of (hut, und it wus lo reluise you wo plunucd tins unibueh, but follow mc, for wo must not

loiter hcio "

Whilst oin hoio and tho Circassian chief vvcru conversing, his men woro vciy busy Btnp pu g tho dead Russiuiib of their arms, and am- munition, und nccoiitrcmontB, but the sound of a Russiun bugle disturbed thom

Speaking to his men m unonorgotio tone, thoy sprung up und commenced asconding tho samo rocky mount from which thoy had fired upon

tho Ruasiau BoldicrB

Lord Courtlaud and their lender followod, Hie) bud scnicclv doircd tho steep ascent, when u voile) of musketry pealed tlnough tho mr, the balla rattling u"au st the faco of tho rocks, scattering puces of them our tho fugitives , be foic another volltv re ithed thom tin Oncassiuna threw themselves on tlitir fucca, und creeping to tho tdgo of tho thll with (hoir nilta, pu pared lo pick oil mi) of the RiiBsuins that bieune ox

posed to their fire

" You will come with up, Bey , you havo no other thunco of sufeiv You cniinot regain youl ship, ua tin Russians huvo dispeiaed a

number of nun tilon.» tho co lit "

I ho English nobleman wus oxceodni[ ly Bur puen! to find hu d nun so well acquainted with himstlf und his movement?, und ultliouf,h uneasy about tho fate of the iinfortunuto Michuol lions, and distressed at bung thus tut oil from his friends, ho wus too thankful for his proaon i

lion und esoupo fiom tiptivity not to oppiooiuto tho Bcrvico rcndereJ lum

'Tho Russians made no uttompt ot following the CircussiuiiB in (heir rctreut, tho) therofoio piococded lciBiircl) on thin way through the wild hills, during which lord Courtlund had tuno to oxunino lus ilehvoier and his gallant litllo bind Tho young ihuf lnmsolf tould not bo moro than one oi two und twenty, Ina feu tures were nmaikubl) hundeonio, and his Hguro tall and grace ful Ovei his tumo ho woro the highly polished stiel shirt of mull, und in bia onibroidered belt wus piuco 1 tho double tdgoj Circassian dirk , a d dung ovei Ins shouldus his handsome nllo Added to Iub equipment wusu Damascus bindo | excepting his nllo ho presnitcd a pcifect picture of the warrior of

olden times

Ula follow era without ono cxocption wero

young nun I he) culled theinsolvos " Dell I Khuns," or will bloods 1 hoir dross dillued from then chief's Thoy woro tho «hiopskin

bonnet, collarli-s frock, with looao bunging | bIoovos. 'Their frock or tumo faatoncd m front

«ith loops, snd on each sido of tho breast a row of ten oaitridges. Their tiousors «oro wido ubovo tho knoo, hut at the knco and calf thoy wero tightly gathered in. Their parti colored, and gally garti red evoialls completed their eos tumo. 'Iheir boots, howotor, wcio remarkably noat, boing made with rod moiocco, tummod

with silver lace.

They wero all ounod alike, withsifio and dirk, and a singlo pistol, mounted in sill or, and stuck

in tho belt

Thoro was a peculiarity m their swords, hov mg no guard «lintot ci, the sheath bomgof wood, oovorod with morocco leather, und ornamented

with siller hce.

Altogethei then appearance, mannoi andarms, added to thoirorect and maul} figures, guio thom

an oxtremelv mattial look

Hut nig at length surmounted tho chief difll

enltics of tho io id, thoy commoncod desconding from tho heights into a moro opon tr»ot of country, though still shut in by high rock}


Getting on tolorably lovol ground, tho young Circassian ohiof o-iuio to tho side of tho English

mon, and said

" I hopo, Boy, you do not fool fatigued Wo shall como to tho farm whoro we left out hoi ses m a vorst or so "

"Oh, no," loturnod Lord Courtlaud, "I should bo soiry to fool fatigued from such slight oxcrtion , but may I requost to know to whom I owo my release from captn lty, and ho« I como to bo known to you "

"My fathei is Sehomyl Boy," replied tho young mun, with an air of oonsoious prido, "you havo heard his nomo, I am sure"

" That most coi tumi} I have," exclaimed oin hero, gi oat 1} surpuscd , "and a gallant noble chieftain ho is considered by all Euiopo , but I understood Priuco ScliannTs sou was a pusonoi to Russia. Doubtloss, }ou havo it brother ?"

"Yes," answered tho }oung Be}, "I was a pnsoner to oin hatod onemy, but was exchungod somo months back for bouiiiI pi isoncia of im- portance. My fathei offered to ustoro tho PuncoBs Wiirhendoifr, and hor diuightor, and iittondauts for ni} release, hut tho 1 mpcior's answer was, the} desenod thoir lmpusonuient, and m then stead accepted others. Goncral W-, wife, and attendants, «ero therefore ri

lcu>od instead of tho Princess Win hi ndorft, «ho still ioniums m my father's foi tress "

Lord Courtlaud «as greatly surprised, but bo foro ho could tuako any romaik, tho young Boy


" When wo got to oin ' konaa' (resting plaoo) tonight I mil bo moro explicit, and explain mailor« You »ill, I fear, find joui piesont eostumo ill adapted foi tho Bovcnty of tho woathor }ou «ill cxponenco Our wmtoi sots in vory rapidly , but if }0u mil adopt our eos- tumo for a tuno, I can Biipply } ou "

Lord Couitland o\prossod his thanks, but said ho hoped to bo able to rejoin his vcssol. Ho bud loft directions, m caso of a mishap, Unit she should put into Gholfudjok, and tem tin there

for tome timo

"Ah1 that ib fortunato for many reasons," remarked Scham} 1 Bey, " «o mai now do some thing , but yonder is tho placo whoro ne loft our

horses "

A few inimités ¡iftorwuuls they halted at (ho principui farm houso of a Bunill ullage, consist- ing of about two do/en houses, there was u largo wall inclosed yard, and most of tho in- habitants wero collected lound tho place, seeing tho paity coming up m the distance. The principal porsonogos UBBcmblod round the young Bo}, no doubt unxiousl} seeking for nowa Tho intelligence they received did not, howoiei, scorn to ploiiBo thom , foi tho word, " Wai, »in, wai,"

was uttorcd scvoral times.

Scham} 1 Be} ii quested his companion to fol- low him into the house, and tali o somo refresh- ment before resuming their road, which lol, ho obsorvod, towaids Ina destination-tho Ba} of


Within tho largo room woro us«emblcd many of tho inhabitants, among them somo young fcmulcB, led b} cunosit} to boo tho " Inglis Bey

7udo." Oin hero sa« one or two extremely pretty maidens umongst than , tho room had little or no furn it uro in it, «Inch ho aftoi wards pcrcoiicd was miiiriibly tho cuso in all tho houses ho visited Ho wus rocenod by tho ownoi, ii "lion catci," and a bushiiingor, who boasted of haling slum half a do/cn Russians for cxoiciBO btforo hie ikfiiBt,

Nono but Sebum} 1 Bey spoko tho Russian language, but Lord Courtlaud, tin ough the iii toipretation of tho young chief, expressed his thanks for tho attention ho rocutcd, "and ti usted now thut Fruneo and Liiglund hud at- tacked their detested cnomy, thoy would be al lo to druw tho Russians from tho Ciicinsiuii tun

tory, tb it their just causo was highly populiu in I'ngliiud, und that all loi ora of freedom

wished them success "

'lins shoit speech gai o great satisfaction, and nuineious cxcluiiiutions followed, but Hadji Guz Biy, the ownoi of tho ulliij'o, mid the son of tho once furnoui Gu/ Bey, thu " Old 1 ion," declined thut tho lngl s Hey nus fit to bo uCir cassim chief, and that he should nile his futo rito tillite horse us long us herein lined amongst


Ibu, Schumyl Bet} ussuud Lord Cuiirtlund was an immense fuvoi-Hadji Gu/ lio} bang a chieftain of coiisiduublo importance, possessing othei liij'o ullages and lind

Having finished their up ist, Laid Coiirtliuid followed the }Oiing Bey into tho }ard, where stood tho whit ) steed ready accoutred

On j ripiirmg to mount the ran irkubly hand some nun (ion a ful hor«u, lou! Cuni Ihm 1 was piuticul irly etl ick willi the I itluon of the Cir cassiun s id Ho, so toiy dilleruit fiom all J uro penn accoutrements

It was a more frimo of wo id, very light,

covered nilli u 1 morocco hathoi, surmounted j by a Billilli flat und oblong cushion, «lulled nilli wool mid coi creel nithluithu, und ti inline 1 uilh Bilvu luce, but what puzzled him at dist h"!iI nus a píceo of wood, polished, abuut foin me lies

high, and »Inch lose right up from the s idilio j bon, andunothir, exactly smiilui, fi >m the bick i

loone unaccustomed to mount lliisduldl , thoro «as u conildeiablo ink of impuliiii' one's self Oui hero, hottetet, mount! d, iiiicl bung a spluuli 1 hoiseinan, und the munni bang one of grout epiiit mci iiction, the young Hey loolcd with ii Miulo of {'nut sttisfictioiiat lho men und grueo with which Loid Couitlancl checked tho somewhat ullughtud beast ¡ and as tho tioop filed lliroufch the g itc, tho horsi, oither knowing he was mounted by a sti inga, or from a nat ni lilli wild tempei, boc uno so dosporutcly | umuly lb it Iii» 1 OourHand, partly to show tho | natue* that Lnglaiid could boast of goodhoiso« | men as nell us tho mountains of tho Oitutusus, I pusliu I nilli spui and loico at tho ntono fonco | encircling the funny ard, and whioh was full five

feet high, und to the amuzorooiit of the

assembled Circassians-who, though splendid horaomen, never take o fcnco-tho noblo whito stood of tho Old Lion clourod tho wall without touching, rouuug m tho almost equally astoun dod Bteod, boside tho )oung Bo), panting with so unusual an exploit, who exclaimed with d hghtod admiration

" Wahi, wahi, welldouo, by my soul," whilst tho tioop îaiscd a shout of applause, and thon their chiofs exclaiming, " Du? Doghru" (light awi,)), the) all gnve tho spin to their steeds, dashed uvviiy ovei the short plain hko tho wind, und thon chocked their hoi sea so suddenly Hint thoy carno upon their haunches, hung overy ono his pistol at tho samo timo, without being lemurknbly particular ns to tho direction of tho


Though our heio was surprisod ho ovincod none, knowing tho custom of tho Asiatics is novor to show surpueo, although his feat of leaping tho wull did foi onco toko thom un owurea. Ho thoioforo chocked Ina stood quito calmly bosido the Boy, remarking

" You rovorso our custom, Boy , for whon wo Btort in England foi a nile, wo brootho our borées boforo wo test their pon or of spoed "

" Moro custom, moro oustom '" replied tho CircosBBinn, "tho hoiecB aro acouatomed to overy tim g thoy will go full speod down tho Bido of tho mountain ut starting, whon a man omi scarcely kcop his fcot, thoio ia no doubt but that y ou Engliah bui piiBS lia in taking walls ond foncos-foi j ou ti um youl horsts I supposo to it-I soo you oro a porfect horseman , but now I will al ow you a littlo font common with na Circassians, and perhaps quito now to you "

Calling to ono of Ins follow era, ho spoko to lum, giving him somo diicotiona in tho Oircassion language

The man spurted on his horso-wlulo nil tho rest halted , mid when nt eomo hundred of yards distant, ho throw his pistol on tho ground.

Youiiß Sdinuiyl Bey thon put his steed into a wild gallop, and piat ob ho como up with tho pistol, ho flung himself ob it woro from Iub horso, holding on with ono hand by tho upright pioco of wood rising from tho eoddlo bow, picked up tho pistol, was in bia soddlo tho noxt moment, and turning lound levelled his weapon at tho trunk of a tree, lodging tho ball m it whilo m full speed.

Loid Com I land hod hoard and load a grout deni concerning tho Cucussian horacnifii, und their nllo shooting, therefore, when ho rotiirned to his side, ho paid lum somo graceful oomph* monts upon his skill, good hiimouicdly chal- lenging lum to n shot with tho nllo, being lum Bilf rathei n limurknblo marksman with either nile 01 pistol, mid, ho well know, if a strnngci wished lo gum the ustoom mid good will of a wild ohivnhio race Uko Ilia CiioaBsiona, to show skill in nrnis or in uny wurhko oxorciao wna the truo w ii) to do so

" Most willingly," nnaworod the young princo, with n go) anile, "hut I muât wain you that I tim iicoounlod the bist shot m our tribe, uftcr Mun som, ni) father's henchman, mid no mun luiB ovor oxiollod him yot "

"Thon thtro will bo no disgrnco in boing van- quished," observed Lord Com Hand, gaily

"There, toko ni) nile," snid tho young chief, "wo «hull soon come up with some wild goûtai on yendor lull," and, culling ono of his men up,

ho took his nllo

'The young Prince's vvoapon waa ureinarkabl) hnndsome ono Thov now rodo on. All tho troop ulrciidy wore, by tho lino figure ond mun not of Loid Courtlnnd, and his skill in horse mailalup, untuipuling ii good c ntOBt, but novor unarming then young chief could ho equalled Thoy Boon carno up to tho lull, when ovor a dozon wild goals How up tho steep rocks with

tho awiftiiisa of don

" I will toko that milk whito gout m the haunch," saul tho young Bay, und lifting lim nllo, ho lui I. It »iii ii loiy long shot, tho uiiimal lollid over, bul pimped up nguiu, and bounded highor up the rocka, but just us it reached a roik, neurl) perpendicular ovei tho road, Loid Courtlund raised Ina weapon and li red , tho mun ul »piling into the au, falling dead into Ibu plum bim nth

As the I loop of Dib lxliuiiu liuaeil a shout of appribution mid bin pi mi, all who sturtlid b) a ci) thut run0' through tho au, liiBtuntly followod b) the hollow sound of tho tinniphiig of many

hurst B

' lull bude, full buck," »limited Schumyl Boy,

" tho Cossucl a '"

Ab he saul the words, Loid Couitlund per ci iv til, turning tho abrupt anglo of tho rocky mountain, u luifo holy of Cosauik horioinen With ii wild jell, the) bout theil huida to thou hursts' no In, thin long liintcä in nat, und then Binall but wild vigorous hoists, carno ovei the Bp ho beti,u n tin m und tho Circassians liku thundei 'J heio vvcic moro thun fifty of Hum, and Lou! Com timid, with no oilier thun un un loudul nile, begun to think Ina situation rather tiiticul, when the young chief turnod to linn,


" J nibt to your horac, Ht v, and you will eue vvhut it hu-, ht en brel to," und luniiii i tliein si Ives, the, wholo troop spin rid furioiuil) up the udo of tho lock) lull, opening thou ranks, und dnidiiif' into twos and thru», they oompl italy avoided tho (¡hotktif Ibu ( oi» ick lumen, at Hit buhu lime turning in tho Hiddle», tiny d'« dun gul Hi nile» with unirinig mm, emptying tim mi Idlet of foin or /ive ndna

loid Cnutlmil follovtl tho younn' Biy djHtl), surpiiail lo n 'li no ut (lu iilmoit linn.i uljua powir n 1 i ii luiuiitu of the Girt ia

bim lim »( a, windi k pt thin footing m (lins uppirtull) li only foi Hie mountain g ml Jin ( iiim ka di 1 not li| pi u to idish (his nu) li ol piont lu "' foi (he) dil not thetk the apte I eil

thin h i is ti I out of the rango of the Ciri is »nu nil », H y ti n I ' »'ch billi I. an I up niau Moil li ti iii ii] on wlut win next to be dom Hu Cue t» ians th ew lliemaolvcB from Ihnrhoi»! slu li I thin firths and sit down iiiiioiil it the luck», ml lily rdou ling their nile» and 1iii"1iiml mimi) it the dncoinliturt of tho Co»"ii(k» who, if tiny lui in thin onset, rarely litlunpt to dielodf e tho CucuB»iuna from tho


I ord Courtlund h id die nouutcd, ond wus put

ling und coothing Hie high spmtcd beuBt that had inriitd bun up tho Btup bunk with such povvor and induiuiKi, whon Schumyl Hoy caine and sut down b) his tide.

" I did not expect lo mott that tioop," sind tho young chief, " thoy uro quirtored in the for troBS of Aloon ¡ thtre must ho ii Rubsiiui infun try foroe not far oil,"

" It was vol) fortunato," observed LordCourt lund, " that wo woro oloso to Hub hill, for I don't boo how, ni mod us you mo, you could abide tho ohargo of tho Cosanck lances "

"'Thoy aio dangoioua enemies on opium,! oonfesa," Bald the young »'J. "torúnu liorms - aro Hoot, and ns will us ihui riders j but a atone o wall or am k ud of fewo will stop thom i they

will not stand a sooond dischargo of our rifles, if they can any way get out of shot "

"Thon what do you proposo to do now ?" in- quired otu boro, "they oro hovering on tho ocigo of tho plain watching us "

" Oh, you will seo our modo of warfare now, Boy I regret it, howoior, for your sake, but here wo must entrench ourselves, let our horses looso, and send a fow scouts out to ex- amino tho country, and bung up my men, who aro within a fow vorsts of us. Thoso follows will keep hovering about tho plum till wo driFO

thom oil "

Loid Com Hand would rather, if tho choteo had boon loft to him, havo eucountorod them at onco, with n well dncotod volloy of their riflos thoy could chock thoir charge, whon propared for it, and with then sabres and pistols meet the


On proposing this to tho young Boy, ho ap- peared to think for a moment, mid then wont and jomod his men, to whom he spoko vory onorgotioally f r sovoiul moments, whon thoy all startod up, saying thoy woro quito willing to foco tho onomy if tho English Bey considered thoy

had a fair chunco of success

In a lnomont tho Cn cassions woro mounted, ouch man with his nllo ready 'lho young Bey's plan «aB to movo on then mtonded road, and as tho Cossacks carno up, us they gonorolly did, at full spood, to gno them a volley, und thou suddenly open then lunka, lot thom pass, and reload, giving thom a shoitoi of balls from their pistols at the samo tuno.

Koopmg a «ury oyo upon tho nioiomentsof tho enemy, tho Circassians moi ed on Lord Court land rodo by tho sido of Schamyl Boy, but tho Cossacks contnvod to keep tho somo distance, evidently not liking, though supouor in numbers, to ottaok thoiu. Now tho} were ) repared, thoir modo of »arfaro consisting chiefly m sudden surpusos, or mid chnrgoa upon infantil

Skuting tho sido of tho mountain, thoy con- tinued through a mid and dcsolato track, tho Cossacks still following, though out of renoh of shot, till tho} were foiced to lomo tho side of the lulls, and moss a plain of somo foin milos in


"Now," said Sohomjl Bo}, hailing for a mo mont, "ho propoied , tho} will chorgo us as wo cross this plain to }ondci hill Do }ou seo, Boy," ho added, tin mug to Loid Courtlaud, " that atone pyramid on yondoi hill P Wo crosi that low rnngo If thoy charge us give thom a lolloi coming up, und then oaoh make foi yon- doi pyramid , up that lull thoy mil not follow."

lho English nobleman felt a strange oxcito nient in the afluir, tho picturesque costumo of tho troop, tho mid spirit of thou horsoa, thoir own uniumtion and ardour, united with the savage picturcBquonoss of the surrounding sconciy, nil conspired to raise ti feeling of a olnviilrio description , and in ho grasped tho nile ho held, ho ulmoBt fancied ho had plunged baok into tho wai faro of the muidlo ages

'lhoy had scarcely mot ed half nu do out from tho sido of tho lull, before the Coss icks ct idontly increased thou puco , tho Circassians Boomed to fly without striking it blow, but nhrunt last the «lid, fieico yell of the Cossacks pealed oier tho plain, tho «bolo tioop «heeled lound, and un- strung thou lilies

On oamo tho Cossacks like tho tompost, bonding beneath tho nocks of thou stooda-so much so us to olloi but numil maik to tho riflos of tho Circassians When iiitlim les than five hundred y aids, Scliitiuyl Buy gate tho «ord to firo, uni a simultaneous dischargo from thirty rifles aimed with den Hy uieuiacv, sent noars dozan horses and mon lolling over on tho plain ; still on tho sun ii oro came tolling, and their long luncos piotruding fur b fore their horses, while, ut tho sumo time, tim Circassians pcicoivod, coming out from tho rango oí wood on their loft, ii large body ot Russian infantry, nho openod bro upon tho Circassians at thuo lum lied yards, but without emptying a smglu suddlo. Tho Circassians thon broke and mudo for tho lull.

'lho Cossacks suv the ir pin poje, und nheohng then hoiaes, puioiio I, but tim nhitu steed of tho " Old Lum," wits not to bo overtaken, though i holly cliusod, by a Cossack horse 'lho foot of

tho steep lull «us mitha!, mid thon Schamyl Boy threw himself oil, mid um up tho hill with singular speul and indiirniicu, up tho stoop galloped tho noblo steed, oier lock mid biamble, with distended noBtnls ho urteil his way Tho CossuckB i omplctcly at limit, di-tharging thoir muskets uftei the fuj'itiici shuttoring tho piooos of rockcloBO by the in, but le ming them uuhurt

[?" "I" 'M'MU I

" On, motin i," sai I a lu I lo boy, ns ho stood looking at u lnko by moonlight, 'seo how tho moon «| nullica down nu tho «atu ' '

As old Von Miiocmip«, nu« gnmg his loungut, nho whs melin it lo bo ln/y, ii good con hiding, tho boy cn I out, "Oh, don't, fiuldu , it makes nu munt1' " Dnt's shoost mt 1 unit," «ni the ol I mail, as he ti hacked milly willi um wed vi"iii

A HINT to iillhetcd pu nts is allordid by tho following iidtoilifunuiit published m au I nghsh Chinch pmer ' II mm »anted foran iiiiinuniigcubli b)j, nn I "> »iib a ilugyniau. Strict, iicui I mid ml willing to

birch J ibeiul t mi«, «ii ,'a m choir

An eminent Scoin-li dune met tu o of his omi i ui-liioiiers ul t e li mibus of a lawyer

whom ho coiiM le ella simp a practitioner, lho liiitju iuu,i iciiuslt put tho question, ' D utor, Ilesa ire ni i I) is of your flock; m ly I ul, elo i ni 11 k up in th in as ii luto or ni blul «luipi" 1 loi I k n\ ' unswuedtho ilitim, duli, ' ninth I j ure bl ic coi tvhlto simp, but I k i ii if tim i re lo g hero, thoy ure 1 letty sun) to b 11 c eel

lui faha ol Mi Si 11 ins hal always for bl Idui hu to iiiniy nu in lui, lind of courso sho elio«u a mumbel ot I bee 1 I 0. nt lein m'a company, ii hum she teuetli ti died When Rogor Jumble In ard ul it lu na* luiiuus " Have I int," lui c te mine d, ' foi bailo }ou to many a pliyuf' Hie laly upln I, with downcast ty cb, that she hail nut disob yoi " What, miriam' lim) y m not allowed youisclf to many about tho wont pu foi mu in my company?" " 1 utctly so, nun mured lho timid bil lo, " no- body ian call lum mi uctor"

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