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Chapter NumberXLII - XLIV
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Full Date1871-09-16
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Newspaper TitleThe Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933)
Trove TitleLife in the East
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Br Captain Armstrong.

Chapter XLII.

To Lord Courtlands gi cat surprise, ho por corred that the Russian coi yetto was drivou d.liore upon a reef of rocks, some fivo hundrod yards from the raain land , tue forco with which »he carno upon tho reef sent hi rjury foremast ovei the side, and to add to their misfortunes sbc heeled over considerably to seaward, bo that _er decks were repeatodly washed by the seas that broke yiolently over tho reef It was seen at once sho was a lost craft, uud ull hopo of get ting her off was mstuntly ubandoned, and perceiving that tho wutor wus comparatively smooth ho ordered his ciovv to pull carefully nud steadily round tho reef and como up under her


Dining this proceeding it eontmuod to blow with exceoding fuiy-the brokon scub going ovei the boat in all directions B ittlo lautorns wero bo.'ing m all directions on tho cor cito, aid tust us the lt'o beat íounded tho reef Lord Courllund was hulled by Lieutenant J ivvin, who saul, es the crew of the boit caught the ropes />rovvn them, ai d made fu t, " Why in the i arno

i tho fate», Hurry, did you leave tho yacht? We ore in a uico fix, but there's nodannoi of life"

" I do not know th it, Edgai, ' i etumed Lord Courtland, laying hold of a íope, and gaming the deck of the corvette, "Whole is Count WurheudorffP"

.' He's »afe enough , vro got Inn up out of the cabin, which is half full of v atoi , you soo wo do not li . with the sous-wo ute >v dged fast somtkoir lieft him in the lounl boneo on ¿cfk-]le is fe.i fully nmuous ubout his wife but 7 told lum sho was as safe on boaid tho little Medoia as the Czar in his pallico in St Peters

bur li Luckily ho speaks Ti euc1 Now if the»e confounded Russians lu 1 as much pluck A3 a calf wo should not bo hero now "

Just as L id Courtlaud was endeavoring to reach the spot whero Count Wuihondoill lay, ouo of tho Russian mates, followed by ti crord of nttu loaded with plundor, tomo cm lying lun terns, ushiug their way on to the bows of tho correttt, ho heurd the man say, ' Come, my heuiti.s, we'll sheith oui knives in those Engh h, and toko then boc,t "

Vu bout a moment's bc«itahon, Lord Court land j ull d a pistol from his belt, and caught tho mate by tho thioat, saying, in lue command- ing tone und manuel -

1 R_«cal, if you do not win' to get hanged the fir t thing to morrow, ulm n to vtur \\.l¡ , vou uit within a few unka of tho fort vvhcie there au above six thous nd men "

Vi Uh a suvago excciutiou, tho mon, who was a strong, powerful fellow, diew his kuifc, und strove to «I ib oin hero, but the i ext instant he was cast sprawling ovei the bulwiir! «, mid then tho Lughsh sailors rulhed lound their cominan der, thinking thero would bo a fig it with the mutiuceis, but scvcial of tho Rus tau olhccre, with Count Wurhendorll, who, tliou¡.h extremely weak, and shuking under a temblé uttack of aguo huinod to then 6ide and in a stein do tormmed manuel ordered the rioters to 'all buck

Awed by the finn deter nine 1 conduct of Loid Courtland, und tho bold Iroi t of tho British tars, uuued with pistol aid cull s-, aud tho pre- sence of their commande!, the mon w iveied, but

tho next moment ai îppcd then plundered foil


Still theie was no prospect of getting tho ship off the rocks, and after un houi oi moro of hard work, the boats weio launched, nud just as o faint light appeared in the sky, I .tokening dawn, tho gale rapidly fell, and tho sea also 1 miling all danger of remaining aboud passed, it was re.olved to dolay an hour oi two mou till strong enabled thom to rcconuoitio cleuily thei- situution Lord Couitlunl mid his friend caiefullv examined tho ship, and found thut bet cabins and lowei decks wero full of w .tor, and lint tbeie w is .ohio chinde- cf hot capsizing oiei the ledge into dcip walu

' The fnct is, ' said Ldgri 1 min, to his com panion, ' tho omit and ill his ofictis wou'd rutht she should peri h in thi3 manner, than remain a tio[ 1 y in oui bund. "

" lhat is natural," returned oui heio, as ho «pol e an ulurm spicad thiou_,h the ship that sho wns on fire and* s dd n'y a duo volume of sine! e buist up thiouah the fore 1 den

lins is the vvoil of some ot oin ti utoious vii am»," bind Count Wuihudoiff, us he joined the two futnrît, " u id it v ill b uitlfsut templing to exlu gui li it," an I then h added in a low voice, "thcio ij a laiç,e qutntity of pcwcitr in tin ni i.a/inc , wo h ii letter g t tho wounded and ILe re«t j-hor us tion us poa

-ii le"

Al! ogam became a set io ol co ift «iin , thoso who ran to look foi Ino cm» of the smol c and to i «Celt in the extent of t1 c'i c\ ' ii ne that it wr all ovei w th the «' ip i the li mies wciú alreuttv sprealu c, into the m n dee 3

In yum the Lti.h h aid tin Ru«sm i olhcir» stiovc to stni the pine, »ono of the mutineer attempted to sei c th i b i bu the Russian olllcei nid the 1 nah li ii is kq t thuu oil and got tho boils c "r o' the ure 1

muuy of Iho nun still i n um ' m to M u

duty Tho won el wcio brought up m then bedding, and n'acc 1 m Iho lum h I oíd Courtlaud pointed rut to ti cm t ic n ans of reaching the slnie bv pi ii ¿ th ar fr m tho ship to th« loci., the vv i i b ng . deep th it she 1 iy olmos*- as if ahne, i u qu ty INurn birs avai'td them« Ive? of tim i od I gc» ing on land othe do.p-'lfio t'c bo v ) it and some «wi ii, foi tho 11 e. hi 1 bu-st up i a \_«t vo um foin the fore lit\tch v ty ind «ami minute uf ern ails r ci i the milli (I c1 Co great low bec un the p ni , ti ut tot 1 lo-t then livt«, notvvit'i.tu lu g tho Ir i ton? c_t t ons of Lord Cour land, h s cr vv, und the hu «um OÛ1C013 Iho s i. w13 tidy o¡pilhn

fo tho flanie3 r -k1 f mou nth the gale 1 lowing, but f.rhmUl bloi i -> fi a n th » i

undhtr stein b.m0 tj (ho si j hi not udvauco aft vuih tho rapidity they otleru.o


" You must not wait her , ntJir,"iuid lieu tenant Erwin, " j nu lmv e d ne all v ou t in , the wounded aie in ti e launel and the otha boats the ri«cnls have cuueJ oil n d pito of up, for of louise, though I ti reite 1 them, it would not do to eut l'uni dow a li cv de

soiled Get the coin* and 11, olh . utiyour life boot,and pill eil, In till b ot ip shortlv ' And they lind not i cache 1 ihe be leh when tho coivette blew up, with ii tembló cxplo.ion, scattering ker timbera und sp-irs 11 the mr, und causing so vio'ei t n eomti olion in tho water that tho launch, being hinvily lo lied, vvu« nearly

svv amped

Rumbéis of tho men, afta petting out of tho boat«, wero about to proceed up into tho corni U, when ii numoroua body of Ciua-aiuiis, aimed

with their rifles, appeared on the heightB, and somo shots being fired at thom they rotreutod m dismay to tko boats, irresoluto wkat to do, for they were caught in a trop.

" This is a dismal affair," observed Count Waihendoiff "The natives will collect, anti

massacre tho men "

Oui hero felt that their situation was in ti nth critical, foi so teiriblo was tho animosity of the Circi«»iona to their cruel oppre««ors, that there was very little doubt but thoy would ovmce small respect for their misfortunes, but shoot them dow n like dogs

By tins timo it was broad daylight, tho galo had degencratod into a stiff breeze, und the sky opomng over them, a ruv of sunlight shuffled through tho masses of cloud Before tho boats touched tho beach, theio was a cry from tho Fngh.h sailors rowing tho life boat of " Heie's

the Medora "

All started and turned round with a feeling of lehef aud joy, and beheld, not two miles oil, tho yacht under double reefed top'aik, »tending iii,

i J looking as if -he had cncountoic I nothing very uuueuul tho preeedm- nmht She was standing in foi the cove, tho wind be ng a side one and pciuittiu- bet to um in and out

" iii ' think God ' ' exclaimed tho count, who was shuking lerubly m a fush attack of 04,110, which appeared ann _n gly «oveio

Lird CourtLud himself felt a loud takon ofl his mind

" 110 on your oar«, lads," ho exclaimed , sho will no doubt anchoi in the mouth of this cove tho sea 13 falling rapidly , tho best pi ice for tho count will be 111 the Medoru, at tho same time she will keep tho Circassians on tho heights m ched, till Schamyl Boy lands und control»

them "

Cu»ting the luunch oil, tho men 111 her attend ing lo the binding of the wounded, loid Coull land ordend his citw to pull towards the v icht

Bi t the vlodoio wus now within mu«kct shot, an 1, running into the bight, furled 1 cr to), «alls

and anchoi d

In ten minutes tho lifeboat waa ilongsi lo, and a lou 1 chea testified tho sitisftc ion of the crew Lord Com ti tnd s ivv th tal the fun des were oil dee!, vvrepped in then lur m intlts, und also Sihainyl Hey und In» Cncis«iuus lhojov of tho counto s w it gie it, indeed, wlun bIio be loll hoi husband Dicto vveio otht 1 h aila equally glad, cqu lil unxiou», ui 1 which be it molo nipidlv pel km», v hen Ljid Couiiltuul spnng upon deck

Scham 1 l'ov niottii lly became ei^ertoland with hu folloiuis, pioun-ung to pic cet the Rti'sians fiom injin y, uni nl«o to permit them to mak then w iv to liupt

A calm and not uiipleiisiut evening 1 iHovud the storm of the nifchl, the sen gri lu ill ic 1111

ing tranquille and every aj peal unco of fio«t telling in-tho wind gt ttmg will into the no11 h Iho Midori's unchoi wus got up, and nndir casv swell, she -an out fiom the little coro tlut lind witnessed tho de Unction of tho C/ii'b fivonte conctto tho'la lamez

Only tho Count and Countess Wuihcndoifl und tho young surgeon, U1X13 Losloll, lemuincd in tho J cdoiu, which, with ti Eteidy leading bieeze, two hours before sunsou tho following dtiv, was lying to, somo two miles off I'oit


Lor I Couitland had a quanti'v of quinine abourd, which ullorded itiiuioiiso lehef *o Couut Wuihendortl, vvlio30 grntitudo ntl iidmirutionof Lord Courtlaud's gallantly and noble gtutro«itv were great Tho countess wopt uiiustiaincdly as she embrace I the joung Princes, un I Juhu, and kiseed them iipcatedly, wlul.t her clinch tei seomed to feel hoi .eparition fiom tho two beautiful and charming feirls, v ho hud shown

her so much iittcntion und nllcclion mo t acut li In truth, both Cithoiinc mid J ulm dti ply rogrottcd then separation

' Ob' that this odious, hateful wai was over,'' «obbed the countess, "that enclin s of those v ho aro so inclined to lou md iidmiie

each other luiewcll, my lord," sho added, visiblv much afiected "tho mein îy of vom dal ing courage a_d noble fouoio it) will not ei leave my heart as long us hi.» la U und I ti list 111 God the dttv may como wh ii 1 11 lialiim.ii und Russians will cea«o to dtstioy ca li itlic for a n it 1011 thut h is 1 ver been the bit t- pti«e cutiti. e erny ol Chu«tiauity

Loi 1 Oouitluiid ki»sed hci check mid »ina-.

" 1 hope Iho tiny inuj com deai nu lim, foi peicoi« tho oilv truo bes 11 t» lo civilised

niliuns und to ull tho woild "

ihev had nppioihcd the cr ok iii thu -ledora's boat, with o lli¿ ol tnicc lit 11g in her


iho Lnghsh cuninind r lind ¡ rj o tly de lave 1 uri iv ing in loil Alcxai du ia, tint the ere /of iho ulimtzpiot cdin0 oui land niljin gel there firs., fulinj not ut all citttitn th I /.ul uaki would re peet u ii ig of t-uco ui 0 ung it carno fiom the Me lor , und tim« louie 11 jurv might occur to the p-it> in li bott Itfoieit was 1 ¡10-vn th it the Cou it und tom » \\ 111 henloiir vvtie 11 it

Ab the b. t s k el iouc it 1 lut «t- id, tho e in bet could peu 1 e that the. 1 till-, f the fort wei.crowdtl with armed eolelie » Ho pirlv »ftp, c I fiom the bo_t out on ti el li, a (1 tis the. yproici l,oi hnopiei lluitinmt comm,, tot rus tin m wi 1 a »li ii b I irlt of sol iten fully unit 1

1 W h t iii lint 11111 nein' 11 th count, s crnlv ' «in lv lu 1 le I. to 1 j et a iii. oi lue' Ile me 1 1 v 1 p ullin a f.w 1 rd» of ti 1 nil, m 1 I en 1 l ut 1 t J no»ki.l i

. If ti] pu iel 1, e li 1 1 d p L 1 k ic 0c» his foi .lu id, md a u i_: lui c ec wis u nuirow pin ti, whicl prov 1 th i' iho mtcntl d lj of Goloi 1 hi 1 1 .t imp ii 1 lu« b ut li n¿ the ititi A 0 1 til J Wiitin the Count a I Cuuutt». W 111 u 11 ho titi, wi 11 it loo ol s iv Oo fe- e H t 0 11 hero Ii {, it, mi loi el

count tint von shojld 1 ar 'opiviic'v sull iel

from the attack of this pir t t ti e ew of i ly

1 limen '

1 Ti! 0 care, lieutenant, hon von nllo v vom tongue to tako such liberties with my 1 a au ni ni). If," ob»eived lord Cnull-il a li 111-111/ co a to tho Rus'iin, his cheek ii bl g thu

se itnieiit

"C ntl 1 <dish 11111," ular 1 1 tho he 1 tina ti boili ifa with rttjO at hi ree it 1 nhap and the wouiil. In hal rec ive 1 Lef 10 lie coin I lu 1 li his s it 1 co ho men 1 I hu length on the s di ui v ig a blor fro ntl clenche I hand of the lu nud young nobl , the sil luip lone ed th 11 \ et» whilst ti o uuuiiiie linn tho bott 1 ape 1 0 1 shore, but tho Lo mt Wai

hen Iori! bio'ic from tho boll of his a0il ited Bpau.e und u 1 nicod closo 11 tho fui io is Ti os 1 as ho lose from tho giound 1 iiiiuli de 1 u ni cu.t falle 11, for ho saw by tho com 1 _ »lein f utures, and felt thal ho would not ho sujipoitetl by lum in k13 lash and hiutal couduot, tho eoi willy to muk in Russia being groat mdeod, und JurûBki

w is of low hirth

" Grouud your arms men," exclaimed the count fleicoly, "do you daro to disgrace your Emperor m thus broukmg a flag of truce ? Is this tho way to roecivo a nobleman who has acted with tho gicatest generosity, U3to i ig tho Linporoi'a subjects to liberty when ho might havo rotaincd them as prisoncis A3 to you su," turning to Taroski, who was livid with 1 ago " I ahull îopoit your conduct to thoEinpoior you may depoud." Jaroski, tLough tie-ublmg with rage and vc^at on, dared not ebon his pas siou furthei Aftoi a moment of hc«itatiou he said humiliated and crest fallen

" My loid, ovor zeal has caused mo to forgot myself "

" Rovcithelcä., »11," intciiupted tho count, " tko less you suy tke bottci March your mon to th a foit I cm tako oaro of myself so fal " Then turning to Loid Courtland ho Bald, " faro well, my lord, jon huvo my heattfoH thanks foi youl genei03ity and kinduoss, tho full and truo a count ot this nfluu shall bo fomurdod to tho

Empcioi, who, I 1 n quito sutisGed, vexed as ho mav be at the unfo tímate los3 ol tho Radmnez, willfully apprecnte your gallant conduct Wo uro onlv, thank God' political oncmic», our hearts aro fuo to loio and íospoet those wo aio foice I fiom ciieiiinßtaiieos to cull foes "

' Believe nie, couu ," lctuined Loid Couit lund, grasping the extended hand of tho Rub

sion with a leal fuendly feohng, "your feohugs uro those of housanJs of my countiy men, rho hnvo been duv 11 into thu «111 withoutuny fool

ni"3 of hostility 111 thou breu«ts " Pressing the counto 3' hand to his lip«, und rcceivn g many kind ex pressions foi his vvolluro und happiness, und hoi fervent hope thut Catherine Wai hen doi IF would mpy her fut mo oxistenco as her amiability and Dnuty merited, aid 1 s she was sure she would, tho countess and her daughter

hide him fuuwell

1 ord Courtlaud then re entered his boat and pulled oil for hu ship

Hie bout was »0011 alongside tho Mo lora, and springing on bond, Loid Com linn 1 joined tho puncc«s indina »islet, who bul anxiously ic m lined wutchinj them with tho gluss

' I seo von have b cn aimou» Catherine deal," said lout Courtluul, looking into hoi svvtct expie site features

¡ " I confc»s I hate," uphed Cutheiiuo, "foi I I e'utded that Count Zouboski, and now con I fe-s then wits s mictbmg unpleasant a"! oro, foi I we watch d von clo»elv, mid good ifr Bernard

was quilo n» uneasy us wc wcu , ho did not hko I to let me eco lie was, but I saw hoconstdoied I you 1 111 some 1 i»k "

j ' None whittvci with tho Count and Ooun

tcss Wnihendoifl , but, 1 confc«», without thou

I près ico, 11 (1 tg of truce ft oin tho little Medora . won't! huvo recoived small respcot "

I Iho Medoia was now tinned with her head

foi Ghelcudje', and ciowdmg ull tho canvass sho could canv, us tho bieezo was light und favor- able, she soon left Fort Aloxunduna fur behind I lui

CiiAPThii \L1IT

I WlMl It, gi nu, »tei 11, unflinching winlor, with ' nil its concomitants of fiost, sleet, snow, and

storm, bud uet in thioughout ull Iho region or

tho Guíense, Tho cut 110 Btimmils of Iho mjiintutna wtre covercl wuk snow, tho nveis Were frozen und the vallivs wero chocilcss, and deserte 1 by ßli pheidund way fai01, for the flocks who driven into tho encloud fuimi, and tho 1 natives t ht ns ¡101 kopi, foi tho most pait, 111

then homejtc id Nolwitlist 1 idiug the di aw balks of »now, fiost, and tueir attend mt huid ships, a v iv gnv und pit usant pin ty 1 troua semble 1 111 Iho sti ingo 1 imbling, but com foi t able old forticss of Aleucho-Prmco Sehamvl's , fuvoiitn winter utieut

' J ho Punce himrelf wus, hovvivei, firtivvav, I vv itching tlu RiiBsun forces, and ul-aucmg hu

own li )opt upon lillis

Tho foittesi of tho r.noHiittl diet «1 in chief at this time, contained neuily nil tho chief dr 1111 ilts j eisuna; of our toi)

i îTi ur v n for night h d tlip-el euee tho i ovt ita u or 1 J lu otu lui eli \ ' 1 hld taken

plucc Iho Mtdoia bud letch il t ic liuy of

..citus, but luleiuliilv ufleii eli 1 ? tlio 1 t »t und

I ' Ja

suf at nu kort jo on lkoCiicu««tuii <oit» , hoca«t ami or there, hiving foi 11 com] ii ion 111 13 Ion 1) aid hen de erted kaiboi, a iitti.'i

vc.-ul ol wut

It was it u mur! ably pit a« t it |0iiincy of tinto I y s to tht foitr »s of Ahucho, 11 11 ihou li not a lui c of vein f r cij y ngsiei ry loperfeclion, 1 1 bil '1 11 co 1 li > us Cue 1« 11 )ct 11 her t ii 1 ¡_1 1 lund 1 tltv liiuiiiitanit),li tveiMi 1 er 111 i|i«uc for ets, tiieu w t. much to ulluro uni cn_ tiv 1 e the un 11,1111111 11

Addtd lo 1 Inch, tho e«coit of DellKbcns, bv the diicition of .chutuyl Bty mid thin own act ret vii-ms k1 uhoMinj oil heft ro lhc two 1 uitiful maidens thev cscoii d, (eifjimed valions feats tf lioisomansliip uti 1 rill priclico,

111 nil windi 1 ord Ciuilliiud and Id iii nun

cu!_ciiv I mt 1, and fee ltd ti eir po Ui m fer aiiriu^ und »kill amongst the wil I ridu. of tho

Culte I3US

VT ne d 10I t'e nbotho mettingof (ho Ion/ uptiw 1 iinccsi with lui Leiuitilnl ui d u com ) h h d diuij hie The iconici I she li 11 bet 11 hu urn» h pud hu for 1 ctr. of 111 let) und np 1 uln no1 ni, whist Julia vv 1 cmbi-cl n9 a

tie dd tu0h cr 11 d 111 ti nth win loree as jin h , 1 id c3 th I e Puniera , 1 d up ni lhc (no li lu 1» ' 1 f ' I far 11 ol I 01 C ) il uni, she (linn! 1 1 Go 1 th it k111 p < milled her to bit oth her lilt! C ith 11 io I > h 1 f no it foi ho had lever I r ne 1 hi word 11 1 ni« he bud

I tu J li 1 b vtd t id fro 11 un y pe il«,

i ici c to ie t m lui 1 nd to ul as j he 1 .elf

dom a lonn' c j Imtv , foi, though j 1 f I y ut hbtitv to 11 j i) th lu r ultu d ti Kr tht betuti f 1 ci iv of th ull i 1 »ulm u indtviry II tuition 1 11 to hu 1 ni d wunt , till it wus cu¡ ti ttv

_ 01111 Scl 11 vi Boy, ufici 11 few du. uat »et oui foi lu« f hit's c imp His follow el a hud li hid up fiom the wuck of tho Ru« 1 ui cor vctti several ri ii«, nrnu, and lull», md oil u niliclc lu lih pnze 1 by thom

Ii 111 G011sato was uc ned by tho Prn ce»1, \\ uibc idoiil with distinguished fuvoi , und 3 oitly after his rilurn, in the presenco ol Lorn Couitlnu!, Schumyl Bi), und two othei Cn cn >

eian chief«, sho formally renounced lui ri(,htd ovei Ivan Gmlsin as ti suf lins field Iv 111 f-om the chum that bound lum, the weight of which ho bul cvu felt iii tho 1 cue is of his oin lieuie lord Comtluud, who felt great obligu tion to Ivan Gortsaro, declined, if ho uould re linn to 1 nglund with lum, ho would settle 1 handsome independence upon 1 un foi life lo ti is p opojition tho Rus lull leturncd mun) giatiful ex| liE'io 1, but stated that it was In wish to rem un with tho tribe of Princ. Schumyl

for tho rouiuindu of hu life

Iho forties, waa not, in iltolf, a rtmark ublo placo of strength, though, apparently,

from its ditches and walls, and othci do ' fences, to a casual obBorvcr it might look capa- ble of standing a siege fiom an cunny without cannon , und so it would, but being tommuiided fio n tho neigl boring heights, u few pnceo of urtilleiv would crush it lo puces But tho Cir- cassian tubes, m thou own internal feuds, havo no cannon to uso ; indeed, tho bow is still in uso with many of the tribes

It was a bright, clem du), with a haul fro6t, ' which tendered tho .not, that coveted ovuv pint of tho vulley of Ahucho with ila whito

mantle, hurd und urm (o the ticad When the ¡ approach of tho i enow neil Punco and piophot was announced, Loid Coiirtlund, Schumyl Bi), und 1 leuteuant Lrwin mounted then houe« to go and meet, as courttsy required, Iho gallant chief of the Caucasus J ho lud es, wrapped in then fui mantles, n»semblcd on tho long ram putt wall to behold his cutiunco 'Jhe gutes weio tluown open, und our hcio mid tho nst, with somo twenty follower», nil handsomely aimed mid mounted, iode fotlh fiom tho for ti ess, and descended tho mount on which stood tho building, Bunouuded by walls, ditches, and

v arion« defences

" Positively, Ham," lemorkod tho lieutenant to Loid Com t lund, "if it was not for oui un- gi acoful inodorn costume, wo might readily imagino we had gono to sleep and woko m tho middlo ugos. What a pietuicsquo and wurhko onay llieso cuieormg cuvuhcrs pic»cnt, with then chain mail, long spours, aud richly capan

soned horses "

" They ure corliuulv," lotuincd our hoio, "a noble looking ince, and their costume moat be- coming, and no doubt udupted to thou peculiar warf mo. Thut foremost wumoi on that si porb bluok horse m tho chain ui mom is Punco Schumyl, I am sure"

"That is my father," cried the young Bey, with natural pride in his uiiniicr, "und thut bluok bnrb is tho voiy horso líe iodo when ho had to fuco a Russian equuro, nftcr défont ing one army under Gonoial Dolgorouoki, ho thiovv the squiuo into disoidor, and with only a few fol- low us cut his way thiough tho socond uni) tent to oppose, that horso bus a chut mel lite, ho bus boruo lum thiough Idty hard tonghi fleldB " On being introduced tho frinco saul lo oui boro, spcnling in tho Russian hitigitago

"You aie welcome, Boyznid, lo our mountain home, I um happy to meet you, foi 1 hau heard u créât deal of you lnlil\, und I ussuio you your nomo is ukendy spoken of willi pro- found udmiiation by my coimliynun " He then stictchod o it his hand, mid shook that of Loid Com (land heartily, m the Lui ope m mini nor, vvlnlo oui boro replied, "] ussuio von, Prince, I shall always lemembti this ¡nilling with pride mid pleasure, I he mimo nud heroic deeds of tho Onenssian chief, who has di (lui, with Ins gallant follow ois, foi moro thuu twenty y eui s, the povvor und might of tho Russian Autoc at, rings throughout I mope it this mo- ment, mid pray ei s foi his sucee 3 mid llu cau»o of freedom mo ni eui) mun'» mouth "

" liishiiiillu, God is great Wt muy now hope foi victoi) ovei tho Russian," j ntl the Prince, leqiusting Lord Courtlund to ntlo by Ins cull J hoy kept conversing ciirncstlv upon somo re

cent none IhoPiiuco had hcuitlfrom Seb nlopol.

M o will not detain our i taileis with a full uc loutit of what passed at the i looting, nor givo the cul ne speech of Sehnnivl Hey the olilu. Sullu. it to sa), ho declined ull liuisom foi the Piince«3 Wtnheiidorfl iiiulhe dnugktcr Itvvus the unanimous dccieo of hini'olf und the olbor Ciicissinn chiefs He consult tod hunsilf ab- solve t from his vow by tho cncum-d mets of Iho uno Iho Brinetes li id Jsecn dtprived of hu i «tates by thoCzui, thuiforc olio possessed no

1» «pei ty

Lord Com (land vv is coi .ldcrnb!) moved by tht penerous ixpris'ioim und intentioiiB of the

Pin ce und Hie a» en bled thiel. His nimmer

and exprimions, and In« pn at« losco prospuily attei d thin cm e, pie i ed Iho chiefs gu tth , to which his noble li ure mid the feuts he hud puforuiid-in takm , tin coi wile tuting

oung '-iliumvl'» lift, nu 1 alt ii! ing the fort and ieliu«ii)g the mniduii.-l/cutl) contiibut il A feii't fo'lovved the lniLling, und two duys nftci wards f rince Sthninyl I ok a moat fiundl) lcucol tho Pnilce-» W iiilieiidoilljhci dall bier, Julia, and Lord Courtliud, but leuiing lu» son und fif y foll.v ers lo conduct them in suftty to Ghel-iitljik

At kurili n day w n pionouncul ftivoinblofoi di pu turc, un 1 m lime lliev beheld tho buy und hin bu of Oholti ti) L t 11, tiding nt her uiicIioib, Hu ¡Medora, lind u »new corvette, with the Li ti t.h ensign und pinn mt float mp in tho bm/i

Tho bouts wiro soon on ti o bceihieiuly toro cute tkem Iho chiefs of the Ciriiiniiuns ut conip nud them on bo inl, und the it b1 of tin duy wi-i putsed ni mututl und fiionnly intu cou o, and tiny nut Jo« ii in tho Mcdoia's hand- some taloon lo partake of tho lust mcul the) wti ive to oij >v to"cthcr, towards Iho ilo.eol v k ik u dc0rio of culieas euinc ovei ull Av 1 l-l joui g t uuiu)l Biy, Iiun Uoilsun , ina tko i lint c1 uf tiny li 11 i iii on linn way, io«o to

t ike. lu .ii le vc

Sduuiyl lit j vin not pulled from vvilhout d <ji ngrtt by I ord Comtlaiid J lit v lind gono tin ni;h seo us of pml ngillin , mth bud un dend the otlur nipoitut seltnes, und they se] sir ited with nil ti e in,ret brothcro could ex

pi ici p |

Hu Mudora lav lb ti i igt t nt und or in tho btv, und tho ni\t mon m ', with n fivornlk biii7ti mid a bright sky, lu ui is us up mid, i ntl hoi spin j r ¡iii i I, under ii cloud of can wits, bho glided out it oin lb huiboruf Crlu loiiujek.

Cn nu it \LIV

Foi tun uni, tliout,h the winter lind fulh set in, und th wutir» of the J uxino who ut tin a lu«hcd into foam, Iho Mi loin suftlv lull on liol iourte, thiough »tonn an 1 Buiishiuo,over li it boisleious eeu, till at loiii.ll), ufter u mode i uti h quick pns«ugt, »hu carno in bi Jit of Sib is tojiul, upon a bri_ht, ii in, but intoned) cold


Wisning to put his fiiind, 1 i vin, onboard his ship, which ho km v was with tho fleet fiom tho commundoi of tho screw ship ho lmJ li ft in Ciliclcncljik, induced oui hero to pursuo hu conree towards Scba lopo! Lven his fiirputsts ivisht I to huvo a view ol this renowned foi lins

llitio wus u fresh but not a poweiftil bremo blown [,, us the Mt lol ', undei her ton mis onl),

atoctl m foi the allied fleet

ulniiv aluiitl) cluer was permitted to iho* cn vis of thoso ehipj to whom lo d Courtlmd was known, a« hit yacht glided griiccfullv by, mid taino to u i iinohor noai the frigate of his old friend, Captain P-, w ho mamu d hu y arils mid guie our hero one true Biitish cluer, which wus lotuincd by the surpnsed Modora's ere»

1 ilgai Bunn, fliet duty wus topioeced tolus own ship. The Medora was to sail tho following

1 morning, as Lord Courtlaud well know it was no I

timo of tho year to bo loitonng on the waters of

the Black Sea j

Our hcio accompanied his friend onboard tho

-fnguto, where ho was most vvaimly gioctcd , by hoi commandor and his olllceis.

"By jovo' my lord," said Captain P-, " you put us m the back giound, with this io doubtablo ynclit of yours, thero ib scaicoly any 1 thing el-e tulked of at our tables but tho ex

p nits of tho Mcdoin, whilst hcio wo aro, loos ing topsails mid fuihug thom, only I um sorry ¡ to say to day-"

"All things will chango in tho spring," sold Loid Com tia id, " we huvo had a long penco, old

1'ngltiiid will piovo hoi light, and murninni hor j

glory yot "

Lieutenant Frwm nt tine momont joined thom, |

md Lord Com limul know ho had ícccived un- i poi(nut mt. lligouco by his countcnanco, which

was Hushed und kia munner cxoited. I

Beg ing Onptuin P-'s pardon for íntiud nig on thom, Lioutcnunt Edgai saul, addressing

lus friend, " My deal Homy, I kuvo just io- | ooived a long, long letter from my motlici ; ' thank God I havo found a relativo, und a dear j

ono nt last!"

" Mothoi '" repeatod Loid Courtlaud, sin- | pu«ed, "I njoico with you JSdgar, thal isa

dour tio to discover."

"Yes," lelurnod Edgur, with a dohghtful Bindo, "nnd thut mother is youi aunt, Julia l?ilzhardin¿ that was, now Mrs, Stoudman


" Well, in tiulh, Kdgar, you bowildei me,'1 obscrvod Lord Courtland, uftoi ti moment's silence. "Hovvcvoi, 1 alwnys imagined thero vvns somo stronc'synip"tby nll'aotod us to ouoh other from iho veiy first hoiu of oin acquaint. ance, and now I find wo aie eouuiu. "

As it wns just thou impossible to acquaint Captuin P-with fiinuly mnl'eis, tho two friends took thou loivo to roturu to tho Mcdoia, Lord Courtlaud having rocen oil Ino pucket of l-tteid, which had como out fiom Kurland in tho government steamer.

It vv ill bo uuuec'essui) tor ua lo explain to oui i eadu. th. contenta ot tho lottora locoircd, us tho events they rocoidcd uro well Ujiohu to


Aftei ii very íapid uud pleasing voyago, thoy leached înipii-, whoio (hey ro'ohcd to puBB tho vvintci, Lou! Couitlund hu ymg n handeomo villa on tho shoica ol its magnificent bay , und (hero lu- lonblup, in tho presence of the Bunsil um bnssiidor uud immy distingulshod English rosi

di nt., i ecu uti tho hand of tho beautiful Cuthorino Waihoudoill, whoso oxquisito ginee

mid loveliness ohcitod universal iidmiriitiou

In thu month of Mureh tho Modoiaonco moto

spread hoi canvass to tho brcczo, mid tho bioud Atlantic «us oioscod, and without tiny mishap oi much delay fi um adverse weat hoi, tho noblo Uti lo ynclit swung to hci anchors ni the vvutoiB of Torbii), tho whole purty landing ut Torquuy, to tho minnie delight of Commodoio Manners, uud tho bowildercd ¡ov of Ijm Doiany.

Wild lhake Lodge, whore tho wholo part) took up then abo le, bociuno tho gcciio of most um onimon i tjoiung Tom und Iho Commodoro woio in ti cn Oloiy , euch au i noa.tint bring of cannon, letting oil locket», hog«hcada of tilo tapped, and tuits cieclcd foi tho luiunls to on jo) the mino, tina the puoplo m tho interior begun to fancy that the Riissutis hld clloutod a lau ling.

Loid Couitlund ombiaccd his aunt und cumm- ing ousiu with »meero »Hellion und pluusuro Iho foruui pcrusul tho long lettois vvntton by hu son, and bioujhl by oin boro, with tears of grateful ullection, leturning euitust und heult filt ihiinka to Piovidonco foi ícsto mg to hei

stidi a eon

Aller aicsidt ice of u foilmght with tho kind uti 1 ¡ovinl old coinmodoio, vvhooiomid since tho return of Ins nephew to lim o tnkc i out u now ¡cuso ol hfi, eo youthful mid ticiivü di I ho bo

come, that lum biglin to fumy he would make a stint loi Sebastopol in oielui to lu à i hand in tho clcivvnfill Jotd Cmilliiud ii id his bl do uni! tho Pim.css, Bot out foi tom I lund loi or, whick pi ici lud und i gone, b) hu lordship's du ction-, conei Icittblc upnira mi I alterations, und might Ultu bo loolul upon uj ono of tho hiiuddOiiHst re ldcncca m 1 iigluuil

Bef ne soliciting cm iloymont liom Iho Go

vuninuil Ijoid Cottril ud excrUd hu intuest

in ¡nui unng n cominisuoii for Gtouo bhniv, who without I nowing through vvhojo intoiest it wus obtiniied was piomotcd to an ouciçiicy

I i 1 Joiutl uni -uktitcd anil num.mutti) waa nppi inlcd to tho < oinninnd ol one of tho lim st

rtiovv lii_uton in tho siivico Jhc Mtdoiu ne

tom} timid lum with tho saino cicw nu 1 com mululu it n tciidci, foi though lilli i (,lory wus to bl won b) tho II ig of old J iiglini I in tho lute it i in »o und ui)6torioiiö wu, ytt fin loi (Islip hu his »linro of such gloiy i « u is to bo w m I iciileiiuiil I i win, «hortly aller hu < oiuiii'u in

riv lui the Bl i'k Î3UI, wus appointed his fiidt lieutenant, um! through lila 1 rlahipt, mteitfit ho obt in td the co ninind ol one of Iho furl ¡_un bonis cliotincd foi the ucu of Aroll, ui oidci lo li ive u slime i i the hlootllesi

lint little crafts obi um ti in tho o ecu Jtu-t

bulolo the fill of ii aitopol, fn a vuy bulli mt cx¡ loil, lu was mido u coinmundcr

In the mountinia Oo i,;u bhiui, nsoliiii.. lo I udceiii the past, by luliiro pul ctiiiduit, und huvin^ hn In ait mid mind fully o ipic 1 i iib ti o mingo of hu nut co um, Nilli, au 1 in dmtly <U lump to distinguí li lulu« If lui!, evil) oj

| f 11unity lo do bo v lill the it it ol lhc o lici it of our bravo tu ni) wh» hil ibuuliiit op| ji

tuni ic» ol showui. lluir inuiul ua will iib ti it u pel «omi! i ouri| i

tevcrtl _ull ut utt< obi lined kin his lieu tci in ),nnl the ntt a upon tho Kulan, wheio lu mo-it con piciui sly distingiiislied luiiolf, ¡irouir d bun n < i itu n'a conm i jion

At li t .ihutopol, the nu h*y, almost limn cible, fell bef re the (.Inuti tlloiloof thoiilluj

Courtlaud Ioaoi ml Wild Un ko La lbu nyilil b lune the se no nf it | )i iii » uni kia t

f It | v I ulv Cotul md lit I lecomo tlio iiiother of a noble bay , undi null an I urlinliy the biautiftil Cithutuo loil.l fo » ti 1 I < il o icturiiof tlio himband sin to tml) und fmdl) loud «rulla hit/muli ij hal luid of her lovel'h cv.] ¡oils in the .i i ol A/oil, un I hu ¡no motion to ti cominan lu hip-willi uu ogiotublu ¡ul| ltutn i of Iho hcuit , mid nulle Nelly, the ti loptid ilnu 'htoi of lhc ol 1 (omit otlorc, lictonid willi ¡indi in ti a JO! in hci i Munt und lillee tiomtc In ut louitiiliil of Geoig Shuw's gul

lunt coiuUul

Be ic, so nrtluill) vvidbed foi by nil who felt

no (,1. i) wus to bo won or falso louown guincd I bv tim whoks lo Hlnughtor of tho human raco, uns piocluimul, but beforo it wub fully ratified by the conti ucting partios Loid Oourtlund had returned to ltnglaud in tho Medora.

The rapture . of Lady Courtlnnd when sho plucod ker boy, tho futuro heir of a noble ruco, in his arms, repaid her for all the sufferings sho had endured during his absence.

Commander Show, as wo may now stylo Edgar Emin, for on his return with Lord Courtlnnd ko kad fully proved Ids right to tho nnmo and estntos of the Shaws, of Kllgcrrun, received the hand of his beautiful and nmiiiblo Julia.

Coptnin Shaw hud uot then leturnod but wus oxpoeted, und there wns every reason to suppo.o that Holly, though sho retained li or maiden nnmo, would chungo her single state for happy

wedded life.

Titn LND.