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Chapter NumberXXVI-(Continued) - XXVIII
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By Captain Abmstbong.

Chapter XXVI.- (Continued).

(JHAPTEU AAfi.-v>"""' -7

Lieutenant Ebwin was as pleased and de lighted as his former kind protector, who swore he would bave known him nny whore, and tuoking up the sleeve of hw shirt, Bill smiled as he beheld the confused and indistinct remains of the anchor he had punctured on the arm

"Well, Bill," observod Lieutenant El win, " your preservation, after I beheld you knocked on the head and thrown oveiboard, amazes me "

"Faith, sir, I was knocked on tho head sure enough, to say nothing of a half a dozen gashos the villains gave mo with their knives, but, you see, when knocked ovorboard, I pitohed into one of the proas alongside, there were half a dozen doad bodies thero already, and they broke my fall. I supposo I was insonsiblo, and did not recover till the villains wore pulling off from tho burning ship Thoy wore pitching tho deud bodies overboard, and I was dragged up by the leg, and was on tho point of following tho others, when I recovered sufficiently to catch tho pirate by the throat with such foi co-the clutch of death-that they could not separate us for a moment, and then como round shot from tho pursuing foignte, dashing the water right over the stern of the prone Why they sparod mo I don't know, but they did, and, having a won derfully fast boat, wo only out of the fivo cs caped. I saw the Ocean Queen blazing awny in the distance, but did not know that the shin pursuing us had sent her boats lo her. Tor seven long years I remained a slave to thoso pirates, the Muíais, but at last an opportunity of escape presented itself. An American gun brig gave chase to a proa, I was aboard, but tho proa ran away from her. Watching my oppor tunrtv, I jumped overboard, and escaped tho three musket shots and arrows the villains fired at me. It was a wild chance of liberty or death, but I swam on towards the brig, raising my arm and shouting, and when at the last gasp, I

was seen and rescued.

"I served two j ears in that brig, and was very well treated. At last wo returned to Now York, and having received some money for my service», I shipped for England, but misfortunes still pursued me-wo wore wrecked on tho west coast of Newfoundland in a denso fog

"The second mate, myself, and four others only, reached tho land, out of a crew of sixteen, and fifty four ill futed passengers, and wo only owed our lives to being washed overboard on the


" We made our way to Halifax, and thoro I entered ob a seaman aboard tho Lord Melville, Falmouth packet, she having lost several of her seamen in her passage out In her I armod at Falmouth, thenco went to Plymouth to look aftor my wife, whom I left thoro very well and comfortable when I shipped in tho Ocean Queen, but she, thinking mo dead, had cither married or gone off with a soldier to tho Crimea I Bhipped, shortly after this, in tho S-frigate, Captain Gobait, and since wo carno hero I tued to gain some tidings of my wife, but without success So, sir, you seo misfortune still attends me, but thank God, you aro ahvo and well, and I hopo wo shall toko this here placo, it's cost

ing our brave fellows ashoro misery and hard- ship enough, while wo're lying idle with as fine a floet as ever sailed upon tho ocean "

"Pationco, Bill," said Erwin, with a smile, " when they como to loggerheads at home, thoy will let us take this stronghold , at present they are wasting their breath m useless négociations at Vienna, and Austria is fcoding oui Ministers with lollypops-thoy aro fond of sweets ¡ but John Bull will got very angry by and bye, and then he will show his horns in right earnest

Now, I want to ask you if you remombcr off what part of the coast of England you pioked mo up in the boat "

" It wasn't off tho English coast, sir, wo picked you up, 'twas off Bnntry Bay, in Ireland. Tho boat was a fishing punt, and had tho narao of Thomas Dcrmot-I romotnbor it well-roughly painted on its stern, und hulled from Custlo Town We had thoughts of running into Bun try Buy, having sprung our mun boom, and stood closo in for tho lund, but tho weather ge'ting thick wo huulcd our wind, and in tho fog carno agnmst tho boat you woro in Tho captain, poor Captain Randal-you romombor sir, I daresay, kind hearted man cs ovor lived ho took tho greatest cure of you, wrote dow n in his book all the particulars of tho finding you, for he said you weie sonio gentleman's child, your garments were so neat ond fine, and when ho got you other clothes m Cunton, ho locked the others carefully up , but God holp ub, ho und my poor messmates met a misorablo douth, and I Bupposo ti o old ship after burning went to tho bottom I remember whon you hist recovered after coming amongst us, you did nothing but crv after your mother, and vou cullod yourself Eddy Shaw "

" Shaw '" exduimcd both his listeners with grout surprise

" I havo no remembrance of that name, Bill,' said Lieuteuunt Elwin. "My Christi m nume Edgar, soemed to stick to my momoi), but of the name of Shaw I hal o no remembrance "

"I remember it well, sir," saul Bill Houli ghan, " becaueo I carne from Bantry mvsclf My family hailed from there, and when von enid your narao wai Shaw, I was struck with it, for thero's an old and wealth* family called Shaw, that live near Bantu, tho Shaws of Kilgerr n Whon I first left homo I was about «oi nteen or eighteen, «o I remember well all ubout Ban try , and I know when jou \uio picked up, and said vour nan o was Eddy Shaw, I thought of the Shaws o' Kilgerrun, and fancied you mi0ht bo ono of them, und told Captain Rundul whnt I thought, so ho put it donn in lus book, and he intended when he got home to make inquine, but all was lost in tho Ocun Queen "

After some fuither questions and convert tiOD, very eutufactory to Lieutenant Erwin, Bl 1 Houlaghan was lowed buck to hu shin, his pooketbook restored, and a munificent present from Lord Courtland, who cxpreiscd u wibh to havo him lu his vacht, but untlor the then etist ing oircumst mees that could not bo , still, con

sidertug how ver) impoitunt Bill Ilouloghan'o statement of the picking up at sea of the child tho dato and veur, i.e. would be, he pioposed seeing Captain Gobait, and obtuinmg lue por mission that Bill Houlighan's account of tho event should bo mudo beforo propei witnosses, bo that, ehould any aceulont occur to Bill, las statement would still be of servtco to Lieutenant


At tho samo timo Lord Courtluud declared ho would write to Ina solicitor, to mnko inquiries in Bantrv about tho Shaws of kilgerran

Chaptbb XXVII.

Dtraisa the period that tho events in the last «Uspter woro taking plaoe, our fair horoino»

were waiting at Batoum till thoy could prooure a veasel to take and land them on the coast of OircaBsia. At length thoy found a Greek zotoe, of some eighty or ninety tons, manned by a pa drone and oight Greek sailors The accommo dation onboard the zotee, considering.the kind of vessol, was tolerably good She was of a light draught 'of water, usually plying in tho Sea of Azof, from Taganrog to Kertoh Sho was then bound to tho lastmentioned placo, but the commander ogiced to latid his passengers on the ooast of Circassia, noar some port

It was at this period, early in Novomber, usually a stormy and wild souson in the Black Sea, though so fir south and east as Batoum and the coast of CircaBsia, tho weather ie muoh less severo than at Sebastopol, or on tho coast

of tho Crimea

The little cabin of the zoteo was givon up on tirely to tho two mnidons and a young Groek girl Ivan Gortsare had hired to attend on thom, and who was quite willing to go into any part of the world with them With a fair wind, auch as was then blowing their vojago wub not expected to exceed three days

Tho morn ng they loft Batoum w as fino and olear, the wind off shore, and tho wators conso quently smooth The two girls kept on deck rogardiug tho singularly wild but pioturesque shore along which they sailod

" How vory fortunato," said Julia Filzhard ing to her beloved companion, " that tho forts along thiB coast were destroyod, or wo should never have been ablo to efiect a landing If wo fall into tho power of your countrymon, Catho rino, it will bo terrible We should bo sepa- rated from your mothor, and heaien only knows whou we should see hor nguiu Sho munt bo in great anxiety about us, now this terrible war

bus brokon out "

" I fear, mdocd, she is doubly anxious on that account," Cathenno Warhondorft ropliod " How I long to throw niyBelf into her nrms after theso long yeais of absence Iho eight of thoeo lofty mountains with thoi snow cupped summits, reminds mo so forcibly of our child hood These uro tho same mighty mountains that wo used, Julia, to gaze upon with so much awo and rovorenco from our oarlj home '

" I can uover look upon mountuius, ' íomarked Julia, " without a feohng of rovorenco und uwo They always stnkomo powerfully"

Towards evening tho breczo freshened, and the sky became ovorcast Ivan had boen \ery enrious during the day, and obeoruiig that tho Greok padiono kept further off tho land as tho night carno on, ho demanded the reason

" Why," said tho captain, " you euid you did not wish to meet uhy Russian vessels of war Soukuni Kalch is still in then hands, und I know thoy havo a wai stoainei uud two bugs cruibing oft tho coast, and thoy would overhaul mo if seen I fear nothing, if you don't '

Ivan Gortsaro made no answer, but ho did not hko tho man's manner, it was not so huuiblo and obsequious as before leming Bu toum Ho know well the Greeks uro uovor to bo trusted Ho was also sui prised to hoar that Soukum Kalch was still in tho possession of Russia for he bohoicd that tho three fortresses of Soukum Kaleh, Sotcha, and louaps, wero cither destroyed or abandoned, and that Anapa alone romamed capable of dofonco He did not retire to his couch till vory luto and wus aw oko early in the morning by a considerable bustlo on


The two girls wero also roueod, and almost immediately afterwards tho loud boom of a can- non caused them to spring from their berths, and hastily attire themselves

Gortearo was ou deck first It vus duyhghfc and quito calm

Not three miles from them lay two vossoIp, distant from each other about a milo or so Tho zctco was lying motionless upon the water, and all her crow wero congregated in her bows, anxiouBly obsorving the two vessels

" What is tho matter ?" demanded Gortsuro " Why do you rcgurd thoso two vessels so, and what was tho gun fired for ? '

"Don't you seo that ship on tho starboard bow ' Sho is an English corvette, ' said the Greek pudronc, " and the othei is u Russian man of war brig I know her , sho belongs to Sotcha, and carries oighteon guns, and is full of men She fired tho gun, and hoisted Russian colors I hope sho will tuko that English cor

vette "

' Why do you hope that ? ' usked his tom


' Vi eil, roturnod tho padrone, " I mu) veil turc to toll you now After I lund j ou, I um bound to Anapa, with articles thut uro contra band of war, for tho Russians If that J* i ghsli corvetto wero to oierbuul us, ho would seizo ves«el and cargo us a pn?e "

Ivan hud suspected something of the sort hut as long as they lauded him and his fun charges,ho could not bo injured by their nefari

oue truflic

Tho men wero now vory buey getting out hugo sweeps to urge the zctco onwurtl, und in tho direction of the shore, wnieh was about three leagues distant

Just then the young ladies carno on deck, aud looked anxiousl) around them But tho mo ment the Princess eics res ed upon tho English corvette, bIio caught Julia by tho arm exclaim


Oh' Julia that is tho Medora My heart

tells n e it is '

Julia turned round with a start und an oxcla mation of intense jo\ und lookin,, eagerly uttho hip, which wus h ng with hci brondsido to ware's thom, ie[ ated- The Medora, )cs,

thank God that he is here

Iv 11 Gol t»aro waa btand np near and on heal

ing tho nanii- of tho Medora, remained dxed to the deck He wub rathei ueur sighted, and did not mako out the icshI as distinctly as tho shuip keen sight of the girls, but there she undoubtedly was, lying gracefull) upon the slumbenng ocean under topgullant sails, and only a milo or so fiom her formidable untngomat -tho lluesiuti brig Idisoovor mounting eighteen eight pounders, and onohunurcd aid ten men

With tho pudrouo's glass, linn Qort*uio readily recognised tho Medoio

' Sho will Bu-ely," he exclaimed, "never attempt a tontest with tho Ru««ian '

CutLcinie heurd thoso words und for the first timo looked nt tho Russian brit,, turning palo as Bhe did so It was not a larger vcsboI to look at than tho Medora, and both girls turned to Gortsaro, anxiousl) asking him why ho eeenied to four that tho Russian bug would bo too muoh for tho )ncht, if thoy did ongngo

Ho wus oudently uncus), but meioly replied, 1 In the first placo sho is a vessel of war, houvii) armed, and full of men Tho Medora is onl) a yaoht, certainly woll armed, and no doubt with ti gallunt orow, but the odds oro too great

One thing is certain, tho yacht oan run from hej

antagonist when sho likes."

"Ah," said the Princess, emphatically, "that Henry Fitzhardmg will never do."

" No," responded Julia, with a ilushod oheok and a ilaBhing oye, " the Medora will novor owo hor safoty to flight. My brother will fight hor

to the last "

"You aro Fitzharding's oistor, no doubt of that," said Gortsaro, looking at tho high-spirited girl with a serious expression of countcuanco

During thisshoit diuloguo tho zetce, under four hoavy sweopB, was beginning to gather way, and tho Greek padrono called their atten- tion to tho Russian brig by obsorviug, " Sho has caught a breeze, aud is closing fast upon tho English corvette "

As ho spoke a wreath of smoko burst out from the sido of tho brig, and tho roar of hoi cannon pealed over tho deep All eyes becamo fixed upon tho Modoia, whoso guns us vot breathed no doflauco to her foo Cathorino

Warhcndorff hoidly breathed, so intensely did sho feel, but watched tho Modoru with a boat- ing heart

'lhs graceful yacht caught tho breeze-hoi yards wore biaccd sharp up, and crossing tho bows of tho RuBBian brig, sho poured o well

direoted broadside into hor, bringing donn hor forotopmast with nil it hampor upon hor deck.

She appeared to creato a slight confusion amongst the crew of tho RusBiun vessel, though sho rotuined the fire, as tho Medora stood on tho samo tack-tho breeze froshoniDg As sho sailod on she passed within a quarter of a milo of tho zotee, only then just catching the brocre At thut instant some of tho crow of tho zeteo caught sight of tho smoke of n stenmer coming out from the land 'Iho padrono declured it was the war vessol belonging to Soukum Kuleh

"Tins ib a small steamer," ho romuiked, " but sho enrnos four heavy guns "

" Good heavciiB '" oxclaunod Julia m a low voice to Cotherine, " this will bo fearful oddö against tho Medora, she may now fairly with-

draw from tho contest "

But tho Medora seemed to ha\o no such in- tention, for, having rcpaued some damage to her rigging, sho tacked, and this timo pilled so close to tho rotee, who had caught tho wind, mid payed oil to tho wostwnid, that thoso on boaid must ovidouth huvo recognieod tho ladies, for a loud cheer saluted their eau, and tho agitated girls bohold a mon spring upon tho bulwarks

and wavo his hat m tho air

Iho padrone of tho zoteo thou saul " That vessel is not a mun of wai, what eau she bo ?" nddresBiug Iv in Gortsaro

" ^ho is an English yacht," unswored tho Hussion, " but it eocms sho is quito enough for tho brig "

33oth vessels ogam crosBcd'oooh othor, at five hunch i ii yards, and both poured in u broadside What ctlect the Russian dischargo had upon tho Mcdoru, thoso ni the ¿oteo could not seo, but uane of hoi sails or masts appeared injured, while tho broodaidc of tho Modorn completely crippled hor antagonist, bringing do«n hei fore- mast ultogcthcr

But the zeteo was rapidly widening hor dis- tance, sotting all tho sail sho had to a strong westerly broezc

Tho girls, with cugcrand anxious hearts, kept then oyes on the Mcdoro, which, leuung her crippled but still formidable antagonist l)ing, cleunng away the wreck of her miiBt and yards, wuB evidently propanng to îecoivo tho stoamcr, which was rapidly closing with her, coming out from the sitora» between tho zcteo and tho yucht

Deeply us thoy doplorcd tho courso taken by the ¿etea, neither thoy nor Ivan Uortsuro could altor it Tho padrono was anxious to get uwoy,

unrl Gortauro lumoelf felt rntlinr Homrous of

leading both the yacht and tho Russian war vossols. They were now nearly four miles away, when a fresh cannonade betwoen the Medora and tho stenmor took piuco This continued nearly us long na thoy kept in sight, but tho breeze became vory fresh, und a thick mist cumo suddenly on, which hid tho \ easels from ull on

bouid the zoteo

"Oh1 this ia dreidful,1' observed Cathorino to Julio in n desponding tone, " wo uro left in i fourful unceitainty ns to the fate of tho Medoia What can elie do against a wai sti imcr -"'

" Oh, much may bo dono, dear Cuthcrmo, with the couru o and cncigy Heim poss>c«a b, ii steumu muj be crippled, you know M) brother eumo out into this boo well picporcd for anything thal might occur, und I fed satisfied ho would not wait foi this otcaincr to como up with lum if ho hud not good hopes und cvpectn tioiiB of dieubhng her "

"You ure a dear, good soul, Julia , you ul wa^s keep up m\ Hugging »pints I ncier knew your coui a^o fail, under all our li ínle, but once "

1 Ah," said Julia, "I was otorponcicd theil, I confess, whilst on tho \oyago from Gibraltur to Constuntjnoplo I ni way a expected-ut all event*, 1 hoped-thatBomo event, some unlooked for causo, would lead to u discovery of «ho wo wore, that Ltun Gortsuio might rolcnt or ultcr his vious, und permit tina ardently-wished for discoi cry to toko placo , but no such oi out hap- pened , so that, when we parted ut Constanti- nople nithout scaiccly n shadow of hopo ro man ing my boort sunk, I confes, and despair seirod mo for tho moment But listen ' Hark ' 1 do not hear uny moro firing " continued Juhu, " God s iid lleniy itw\ disnblo the stou mer , if so, he «ill follow us "

" iii ' nnd if «ho di-uble him," saul tho prin- cess, in u despairing tone, " what will become of him nnd us-1 Alas' misfortune sceius to pursue

us still "

"fcuy not so, deur Catherine," umwered Ju'iu, throwing her arma round her iuchJ'b neck , "I liuio every hopo and eonfi ctue m tho brure-y und skill of Henry Recollect, if tho ?lcdoru is only n yacht, Henry is u thorough Beaman, accustomed to pin), and has faced worse odds and ovcrcomo thom Mr Bernard, ulso, is un old and triod seaman, und almost all the mon on boird aio old mon of wara mon, und would Adit to the last, both for tho honoi and glon of thou llu¿, us well iib from lo\o lo thoir com muiulei Ah' Cuthennc, alnayB hope Docs no Kozlay say-'Wo uio boin m hope, wo pass our childhood in hopo, hope governs our wholo existence, and not till tho beating of tho bom t shall cense, will its bom0u influence leave ub ' "

Culhormo Bulled sadly as Gortsuio joined them, saying- ' How vciy singular this Btiango meeting with tho Medora , I trust 6ho may got away from her antogunist Sho completeh crippled tho brig, hci metal is ovulontly heuvier Sho may do so to tho stcamoi ¡ our padrono eiivB bIio is but a poor sailor, though hoi guns oro heavy "

" Would it not," usked the young Punccss, " ha\ o been practicable to havo ronitiined, and witnessed how tho ooiitest ondod Wo aro in u dreadful Btuto of uiiocrtuinty Mr. FiUharding evidontly recognised us with his glusses, at traoted no doubt by seoiug females on bourd this


" Thot ho rocogmscd you, I havo no doubt,'» answered Ivan thoughtfully, " and that he would havo boarded us had w o remained, and sUjceoodcd in beating off his antagonists, butthopidrono, I am sorry to say, is not to bo dopended on Ho is a kind of contrabandist-canying to Anapa goods which, if found in tho zoteo by English or French cruisers, would 'oso him his craft and his cargo I did not know this when I engaged him, but I suspected it yesterday, hearing some woids between him and one of his

crow "

"But aio you suro," mquirod Ciithouuo War hendorff, " that ho will fulfil his contract, and land us where ho agreod ?"

" I trust ho will," said Gortsaio Uioughfully , " if ho refuses, I rogrot to sa) wo uro in his powor " &

Tho girls looked vory Borious, but, hi o thou companion, fhoy saw no way of compelling tho Greek to fulfil Ins contract

lowurds sunset tho mist olcaiod off, und nil looked back in tho direction wheio thoy sup- posed tho contest to havo taken piuco Ono vessel onl) wus to bo seen-a lof y rigged ship, oarrying rovnls Cathenuo Wuihoudoril a and Julia ritzhurdtng's heurts bout w ith inerousod hopo lins ves«ol was following in thou wuko , it must bo the Medora It wus cortainly not a steamer, und tho Russian vessol could not carry ro)uls aftor tho damago sho had lecoived

The Greek /oteo, hko almost ull thoso veasols, was an extraordinary fast cruft, and tho pudrono, who suspected tho vessel following was tho English yacht, carried ovory stitch of canvass ho could With anxious heurts, us tho gloom of night oimo on, and tho mist agam epieadnt timos ovei tho deep tho maidens rotu ed to then bortbs, not to sleep, in tiuth, for their thoughts woio too bus), and their minds too anxious con oorning tho monow

As tho dann made, Gortsaro hurriod on dock -tho horizon was clear, and ho saw at a ^lunoo that tho Greek padiouo lutendod to botiay bun, foi right before them wus Anapu, and right astorn waa the Mcdoia, then within two miles of


Ivan Gortsaro was now exceedingly porplexed Ho discovered, when too lute, that a crooked policy will not ulwa)s succeed His wavering botweoniiLjht and wrong had now, ho foalod, brought trouble on «hem all, and, in tho end, most piobabl) d feut all lus projoets Ho looked at the Medorn, which, undoi u.oloud of canvass, was tearing through the wutoi He looked at tho zoteo, sho was flying through tho white crested waves cnri)ing more canvas than she owdcntlv well could bear, foi ut tunes abo bulled her shurp bons m tho sois, and tiomblcd under tho pleasure of hor camas

Tho Groel captain and his cr w woro most uuxioush watching tho ooming up of thol'ng hell ) acht, and certainly, if thi) had had six or seven moro miles to run, thoy must bo ovor

taken , but lum Gol t eui o saw tho port, ramparts, mid forts of Anupu, much nearer than that, and ho folt convinced the port would bo guiucd long boforo tho Medora could como up As ho watched the ) iicht, a wrouth of smoko curled out from her bows, mid thon tho loud boom of her Bhotless gun pealed ovor thodoop

"Ha1 ' saul Ivan Gortsaro, "thoy dospair of oveitaking us, so much tho bettei At picsont

it would not do "

Ho then walked over to tho Greek, who Booraod ploascd and snid-" Sho oannot ovcrtuko us now, signor "

" You havo broken your contraot, and will put mo to mconvonienco," said Ivan, angrily, to tho Grcok captain , " you aro running into Anapa '.

" I am," ropliod tho Creole, TrliUfc oleo anuid Ido" You don't know youl own mind, you said Inst night that you did not wish thut Fug hah jucht to overt uko us Had I attempted to mako a landing on the coust with thiB wind ana sea it would bo dangerous, in fuct scared) pos

siblc, and I Bhould hale been overtaken by that yacht, who must huvo soino govorumont ofbeors in her, or win pursuo mc p You c m probably

tell mo tho îoason "

Gortsaro ccrtamlv could , ho did not wish to bo o\ertul:on b) the Medora, foi thut would do fcut the plana ugi cod on b) tho Circussmn chiefs -not that he entert lined tho slightest doubts about out hcio not fullillmg tho conditions ro quirLd for the liberation of tho princess und the two girl«, but it i ould proio to tho thicfs that ho himself hud outstepped tho hunts of his ni

BtruttioiiH, and ti ut ni his uuxtot) to undo tho mischief ho ha 1 foimorh uitoi ded, ho hud, in fuct, parti) brol cn his outh and fuith to tho chiefs, hothcrcfoio did not wish tobo oveituken by tho Medora Iho dolay ut Butoum, and tho Midorus being foiccd eo niudi to tho oustward b) tho tembló otonn that íugcd after her depur turo from Bulucluvu, hud led to thou Btrungo

met ting

Catheime und Julia woio both rousod by tho )Oung Grcok attendait, with tho intelligence) thut tho I n(,hsh ship itiis following thom

' Oh, thank God'1 oxd uinod both, slatting up with their houits beutmg with joy und ro

new ed hopo

"Then tho Mcdoia," continued Julia, "hus beuten oil her foes, ind Han), dour Huiry, is safe and well, 01 sho would not bo following us "

In less thun ten minutes they wero on dook, und their guzo n tenth le ted on the Medora, which, under cioiy Btiteh of cutmia mmlublo, wus oioihuuling til«.ni fast, she was not two miles liston, but tho )»rt of Vnapa wus within u milo of them, ita foils bustling with f,uUB

' Goodness ' cxoluimed Catherine, wo uro running into a harbor with tho Russian Hug ll)iug ovei tho foits Oh, Tulla' this le Vnnpa, do )ou not leinombcr it? Took, thero ia tho lery mole fiora who cc wo stepped on bonid tho steamer when wo left Circnssin "

Gortsaio now nppronched thom-ho looked vei) anxious und unas)

" I suppose," hu reuuiked, ' )0ii both remoni

hoi tins pluce, but no ono hero will recognise cither of )OU, this nscally Greek hus bctra)od his trust, but I pruj jon huvo no feai, foi I havo tho inians of defoutiif,' this unexpected oient Hu1 b) St Ivan, ti» Low01 loit has oponed fiio upon tho Modoru" and, und ushoepokotho words, tho loud ronr of tho cannon from tho outer loit, echoed fiom tho lofty ohlfs ulong tho ro-ky shore

All o)cs woio upon tho Medorn, which gruco full) boro up in the wind , us u second und third gun wus fired, thoy could soo tho mum royul und its mast knocked into tho uir, and full, but still tho y adit pu) ed uw ay on tho other tuck without firing uihot- which would, indeed, havo boon a usoloss bravado, tho English onsign floated out bolJl) frcm her pouk, us gun ufter gun waB in ed withdut effect iho molo and qutt)8 woio orowdodwith eugor guzors, wonder ing ut tho singlo Iufehsh ship approaching so daringl) nom tho fcrts for ub fur as thoo)o could distinguish, not nnothor sutl wus in sight Thero was not a suglo armod vossol at that

time in port-two largo stoamors having sailod thrae days previously for Eortah and Taganrog.

There was no timo for conversation or rofloc tiou upon then situation, for tho zeteo ran in and anchored within tho piors.


Tkk zeteo lind sonrcoly swung to hor inchora whou a custom-houso boat, with two ofUcora of tho customs and an individual in military attire, pulled up alongside.

The ofilcors und tho Greek pndrono un mediatoly entered into an animated conversation while tho mihtuiy mdmduul walked up to Ivan Gortsaie, who «na nlono upon dook. Aftor looking at lum from hoad to foot, ho said m rather an impoiiona tone-" A pussongor I sup- pose '"

" My daughters, an attendant, and myself uro pnssongora m tina vessel," returned Ivnu Gort-


"You ino Russians-wini o oro y oin passport ?>, and whnt is you husmos« in this piuco ?"

Gortsaro hod cxpeotod thoso iiucstious, and bo tilling u hugo, clasped pocket book fiom his vost, ho oponed it and solected a foldod \clltnu, and without n word bunded it to the go\ eminent officer, who, îouding tho first few linos, turuod tho page, looked ut tho signature, und then uttered mi exolumotion of surprise , but ho gavo back tho document, saying-"When you and your family aro sottlod on shore, you will hn\o to uttend ut tho ooininnmluut'b. Whoro mo you oidered to in tin« qnuiter '"

"It was not my mtontion to lund hoic," said Gortsore " My minion ia umongst tho Cir- cassians ; i intended to penotiato into tho «ar district, under tho guise ot ¡in Armenian mer-

chant "

"Whutiesaol was Unit puieuod you to tho ontionco of the harbor, und so uuduoionsly bl aval tho guns of oui foits ? It is not u \ossol of wai, for wo could soe with our glasses that hoi complement of mon is am ill, and sho doe» not carry a pounant."

" I fuiioy eho is nn English yacht "

"A yacht '" oxcluimod tho Russian officer m oxcoodiug surpusc, and curling his long, bushy, gnzzly inoustuchios. " St Ivan ' n yacht m tl.o Bluck Sou in winter, and m time of wai , those isluudcig uro luuutics in some tluuga. But why did sho pursue this zo co'"

" 1 do not kuow thut she piusued tho zoteo,"

enid linn Gortsuio.

Just then tho tu o i uatoni houso ofliccis como up, und uddic sing tho Goi eminent olhcinl, 8uid, " Only thmk, Captain iúckouioff, that Jiiighsh vessel ia u pleasure yachi, und hud ictu nlly tho audacity, tho hardihood, to attack tho C/ar's l8 gun bug, and, tina Greek pudrono says, completely inpplid hoi , ho says too that tho bteamor from Soukum Knleh must havo en- gaged hei, foi ho saw lui lommg out, but a mist pio>ontod Ina witnessing tho result."

" Tho result '" ropoutod Captain Kiekomofl, in u Mixed und puB«ioiiuto tone "Did wo not soo tho yacht uninjured. Hero is somo decep- tion , she must bo a sloop of wai, mid lima hor mon eoncoulod, und is rocouiioitcung this port. lliOBO cursed islandors will got a hot reception if they como boro "

" Whoro do you lntond to put up?" inquiiod tho captuin, turning to linn Gortauro. "Aro you ncquaintod with tho town ?"

Tho poreon addressed hesitated a moment, and thon said, "I havo beou hire bofoio. I shull put up at tho Hotol of tho Groud Duko


"Very well," romorkod Captain Eiokomofl, and entering tho boat with tho Custom-houso offifw«, pulled away from tho zotoo.

" So far," muttered liortsarc, "wo nr» ««fo " In losa thun an hour, ho and his two supposed daughters wore comfortably ostubhalud m the hotol, which, standing on u naing ground, ovor' looked tho hurbur, tho two forts, und the wido oxpnnso of water boy ond.

"It Booms, dour Cuthouno," obsirvod Julia Fitzliarding, us (hoy sat in tho woll Btovod chumboi of tho hotol, gn/ing over tho dink wiiteia of the Duxino, "that wo uro likely to CBcapo tho danmor nppichondod fiom our being obliged to ontor a Russian garrison town "

" Hie docuinei t, constituting him a secret agent," rophid Cutheiine, " bus saved iib from suspicion ut present, but, still, holms only been questioned by u subordmoto othcer. Suppose tho Goveinoi or Coinmandniit of this placo should take it into his head, before wo uro ohio to lia\o, to oxauuno Ivan moro «trietly, und re- quest to see Ina letter of instruct ion, appointing lum o mission amongst tho Circassian, no would bo puzzloct what to suy; uwaken only a biispi eion, and wo should surely bo diacovorod not to bo his daughters Our situation, I think, is ponlous."

Ivun Gortsnro, when ho roturnod from u visit to tho Coinmundunt'a, o messcngei having boon sent, ordering lum to go there, looked pulu, and his manner waa ugitutcd.

" You look \oxed, Ivan," romurkod Cuthouno, kindly, "lina any thing iiuplcusant occurred at

tho Commandant's?"

"1 cannot conceal it from you, Princess," said tho Russian, loiy ecriously ; whoulwnys, when by thoinselios, Btylod Cathorino Wnrlion


" What has otenircil, then-does tho Com- mandant suspect anything wrong ?"

"No, madam, no, hut, though you weic too youii,,' to euiembei lum, IhiaGoiornor of Anupa romiuiburod mc instant!» I eonfesB 1 wusi on founded when I beheld lum, ho loiiitiintly \ioittd at the goneial'a pnlneo ut St Petirabuig, und «na one of tho ginorul's uido de cumpa in Ina lust camping!! in Giriussia "

"Who is he, Un ni" naked Cithci mo War hondorll, rather sturtled.

"Tho Count Alcxundir Zouboski."

"Hu1" oxclaunod Cutliirino, coloring and lpoki g i cully nlaimcd , "1 huwi u strong nicol lection of that namo, 1 hn\o hoard my dmr mother inoiitiou it, und heaid her say he was u wild, di siputedman "

"You uro light, i'lincoss-too light," '.aid lvun , " thiB nobloiniin has been disgracod, mid sent by tho Lmppror to this dietunt und remote post for fhc ycais. Ulna mun ouco uapircd to bo botrothed to you, Princess, wlnlo you Nero yot u moro child "

" Ifeui oin ' is that possible?-I Iiiho no ro collection of that, or of lum peisonn'ly."

"Such, howitor, wus the fuct," Biid Gort- saro, " but your mothoi spumed bia ollers und proposais, und I belie\o from thut timo, ho bo mino u bitter enemy, und secretly wus u spy upon ull jour lumontcd futhcr'a trunsuotious in

tho CuucaauB "

"But toll ua," intonupted Juliu Fitzhurding, who bud hstonod unxiously, " whut puBBod m your mtorviow with Count Aloxundor Zou


"I will do so," answered Ivan. "Whon I roceivcd tho summons, I proceeded to tho Oom

mandant's houso, unfortunately without asking who he was-if I had, I should not havo been takon so much by surprise I was shown into a saloon ; whore, sitting at a tablo, with wino and rofroshniont8 on it, was a tall, powerful

looking man Ho lifted up his heud , and with a start and no doubt a chango of color, I bohcld Count Alexander Zouboski "

" ' Ha .' oxcluimod tho Count, looking at mo, ovidontl) as suiprisod ua myself, ' whut-is it you, lum Goitsure? How is this? I under- stand from Bomo ono I saw lately, thut you woro omployod in England, and hoi o you nie, and I understand with two charming, beuutiiul daughtois You uro a widowoi, I supposo, as I hovo not boord thut you bl ought a wifo with you ' "

Both Oiithcrino and Julia oolorod to tho temples

" Iho Count looked at mo koouly tis ho spoke. " ' I wos m England, Count,' I rophod , " but it was thougnt, with my knowlodgo uf Circissio,

I could bo of moro ed vico thore '

"' Pray, who do you communicate with ?' ho domuuded, observing mo vory Bteudily

"1 wus prepuied foi a question hko this, und iinsworcd without hositation, 'With his high noss Punco Woioiuow, in lillie ' "

" ' Humph > I'm told that he is tho-o now, and that Schuinyl is udi unciiig upon thut pinto But how cunio juu so uiiicli out of ) out course ? I heal you cunio fiom Batoum What patt of tho Caucasus 01 Gool gin uro ) ou going to ?'

" ' I intended, Count, landing sotnowhoro bo

twoou Soukum Kalohand tho foitiess of louupa, but my rascall) Greek padiono lind a concealed oargo foi this pluoe, and lotuecd to lund mo '

1 'And what mo ion going to do willi join handsome daughtois, lum,' usked tho Count It's a dangerous pluce to tiko handsome gills to , thoso Circissiun roliels will i ob you of them Bottei loa\o them under in) elim go'

" ' I thank you, Count Zouboski, but thoy mo noeossar) to ni) piojeots m tho couutrv I um going into '

"'Hiero mo minors allont,' rcninrl ed the Count, 'that tho PrmcosB Warhondoitl is hold a cuptno by Punco Sohuui)l Do you know un) thing concerning tho Pi incoas uni her daughter ? who, if abo ia in any rospect hko her mother, must bo a iel) haudsoino gul I io member ho when ii child , sho piomised well ' "

Thoo was a ahudo mor Outhoiino Waihou dorfl s fan und oxpicssuo counUnniico us Goil saro proccede 1 in Ina account of Ins intoiview with Count Vlixatidüi /ouboski that proie 1 hu heuit w is ill ut ultu , willie lulia lit/hiiidiuc/s Blunt uppoi lip culled with a contemptuous, pioud oxpicssioti, but lum, though ho uuu"ht tho oxpiessioii ot then fcutucs, continued without mi) le mark

" ' How do )ou intend to pioceod ft oin this piuco?' naked Count ¿oubosl i, not icpoiting his provioua question

" ' With tho hrst purty of Armenian mci

cliunta, Count, that puss tinouBh fiom Kei tell and h illa I hem tho monthly sicamor is duo '

" ' Yea,' lephod tho Count, ' but thoy suspect soino of tho English or Fiench ships mo erins ing in I lu so willum, but tho scujon ia getting luto, und tho onomy will not uttompt operations against oui forts during tho winter months, and before tho spiing wo ahull bo too Btrong for thom You may letire,' ho addod , ' I shall boc you again , und as I havo heard ao much stud about tho bounty of your daughters, I shall pa) thom a visit to morrow or noxt day ' "

" Oh, hoavons," oneil Outhorme, in u loxed tono, "oannot tina most iniwiahod for honor bo prevonted ?"

" It ib that vory viBit troubles mc," said Ivan

Oui lomo " I fciinw tino Count Vonlimlu to bo

a most uneciiipuloiis, unprincipled mun, cupublo of anything lu this roinoto district, with nearly eight thousand mon undor his command, ho ia u person whoso will ia law, ut such u period iib this, besides, I duro not attempt to leave with- out liiB pel mission "

"Suppose wo feign illness mid refuse to seo tina abominable Count Alexander Zouboski," stud Julia 1'itzhurding, "at lill oiouts, you, Culliorino, cun keop out of tho wuy, for fear youl singular and romuikablo likeness to youl mother might stoke linn I do not four to soo linn-ho tun boo nothing in mo "

"I'xcopt u vory lovel), captivating maldon," obsorved Catherine, with u sraili, putting her ni in round Julia's nook ulleotiouutoly " und thut mun is not to bo ti usted with suth a Bight,

if wo tun avoid it"

" Oh, 1 um not at all ufrmd about niysolf, for Ivan's dotumoiit is a strong safeguard, piovidud You uro not recognised , thou, indeed, it would bo iinpoasiblo to avoid discovery 'Iho Count would, no doubt, Bond us to St Petersburg, und imprison lum."

While tho pnrty woro conversing with Iiun Gortsuie, us already stated, tho Coinmuudnnt of Anupa, Count Alexander /ouboski, was pacing tho saloon whoro the luttu bud left lum Ho wus u tall und vciy powciful mun, mid hud for morly been ono of tho Czar's guarda Ho alood full Bix feet four, und wua uccountod u íeinurk ably handsome mini j ut tina til io, ho wus not moro thiin four oi (ive und thut) Soino uct he committed displeased tho Czar, who romoied him from tho guards, though lui continuo! m Bomo dc(,rco tho favorite ol tho J mpuroi-for ho uni a brave and uiilliuchmg soldmr, but totully unprincipled und u sciupulous II« tlureforo mudo him Commandant of Anapa, and banished lum from ¡bt Pctcrsbut, h foi Ino

)o ira

iho Count /ouboBki, after the dcpmliiro of Ivun Uottsato, tobo from tho tibio ai d com menced pacing tho loon, und then lune, bia bell-" Hat d Captain Kickcmofl hero," he sind

to tho utti ndunt who entered

Cuj turn hickonoll soon mudo his appear mco -ho wus the Count's right hand mun-what wo ni J iifjlund would cull u ' toud),' a kind of spy upon "li ti o other ollicen, und, in fact, up* lill within tho foils mid town of Anupu

"Well, Jvn'umofi, ' sud the Commandant, " liuio )uu jniinpcd tho Cucck luaoul who tom nundi) that /i te« quitu diy-havo )0U gumed uti) furtner intolligunco > Illino had au itttoi

new with lim GortBiu, and I foti eutieflcd there is aoino ni)Btor) with respect to tho two girls ho tulla his daughters-no moro his chil- dren than )ou or I. I »hall not let him out of this piuco till I omi gut information from Priuto Woion/ow, whether ho omplojod him oi not j loi, I Buspeot not "

"I havo lournod quito enough, Count," miBworcd Captain Kickomoff, " to sutiaiy ino that thoBO bouuliful girls-und tin) uro ox quiBitcly beautiful-are not his duuglitus Hint Qicok pudrono would sell Ina father lor twenty i oublos. Ho told mo (hut hi« passeiie/rs

caine from liobuond toButoum, and lined lum j

to lund them somowhoro nour Soteîiu, mid that

ho wus greatly afruid of coming upon noy Rus sinn vossol oi port | and thut the) all know the

English vessel, and thoao aboard of hor, that followed thom, and that ono evening, having bia cm losity excited, ho listened at the thin partition botweon tho hold and tho main cabin, and hu heard his passengers speukmg in Russian, and Ivan Goitsaro called ono of tho young maidens Princess Cothinno "

"Hu' Buy you so," exclaimed Count ZouboBki, with u start, his fuco llushod with exoitomont. " By St Nicholas I be¿in to ¡,nm a clue to this mystery Ihw Ivan Goi t«uro is a serf of the Princesa Cuthermo Wur'undorff, who it ia now wollknonnisu luptiro to the Circisatana-to Punco Schomyl, I belie/e Ab sure as you aro there, one of thcBo girls ia the Pi incosa' daughter. It must bo so , and now the thing ia to lind out which io tho Pimcosa, but I think I could almost swear to her if I saw her. As u child abo bud aplondid lui go bluik eyos, and jot bluck

huir "

" You oro right, Count," mteriupted Captain Kickomoff, " I snw them both without being eoen niyoclf, ut the hotel Ono ot tho maidens is pist üb you describe bei-a perfect Vouus, tho other is ii splendid girl, moro to rav taste, I like blue ovos anil uuburn huir , besides, abo hits u foot hko un unge "

"Como, thut'a going n long way for a com pin ison, Kickomoff Lpon my soul, I don't think you o\ei au« or will seo on ungol'a foot. Ho«oioi, who eau this othor gul bo Lot mo tlinil iho Princess Wnrhondorfl left St Pototabuig with this Ivan Gortauro, hor dnughtei und tho duughto of on £ íglish mci eli mt, who died ut Odiasaasiichoi Crcesus 1 lenuuiboi till tho cucii untunes well, u'a ton or oh»on yours ago, and thov won n vu hourd of uftci thoir departure It was thought ut St Petersburg in tho higher circlm th it ihe was ovortakon, and lmpusoiied by tho Lmpuor's outers in somo distuni foi tres*, so nil about them wus forgottui indeed people wero ufrmd to mention eilhoi the Piinccaa' immo oi thut of hoi husbuid, General WathoudoiU lho Czar was so lurious at tho disuuco inila ted on the army by Ina defeat und sliughtci by Prinoo Schiiniyl But in these hist few months oi so, it has been discovered by the ocupo of aomo piiBonoia fiom oin of lho Caucasian foi tu asea, thal the Prime«» Wnrhiiidorll ia ii ciiptue to Pi muí ¡bellamy I, but they said nothing of hor dnughtei boinD with her No« if it should turu out thut ouo of these gula ia Iho Piinoess' daughter, it would buiI m\ mows to moko hor my nile lho I mpirn is auro to restore hor

motnei s estates "

"Still," lemuilid Ciptun Ivicl omüff with somu hesitation as if ho dnubtad tho feusibihty of tin Count's pioj ct, "\ou mmt e,ot the nundi u o consent, foi nu highly connected as sho is-oven distantly allied to the Ca inna, it would bo danginoub to uttempt to foioo her uiehnu

tiona '

"My good fuoiid" liteuupted the Count, inthei eoiitomptuously, " do lot trouble youl self ubout hei inclinations Who troubles thoui Bolvca ibout the nu limitions of u young girl of boi eileen Whin olio ia my spouse vou need not fee nlnrniid ubout her inclinations, Una is not tho lira! tin u I havo thought of this young Pi mica* foi a wifi £<o« if you hu\o o mind, Kiel emoff, to becomo a bouodiet, thore's tho othor girl fordon-u first roto spéculation, for if sho tuina out to bo tho I'ndiah girl, abo will

no doubt have u noble foi tuno "

" You forgot tho wui Count Zouboaki, it's not very likely that hor fortuno would bo puid to un oiioniy "

" Wur, niduod '" retorted Houboßki eontomptu oub1\ 'lhoro will not bo ono of those boasting islanders loft before noxt spring, Thoy aro only a handful of mon What with tho bungling of their own blossod ininistorB, tho cholera, und tho ocvonty of thowmtor, they'll d10 like stuivod

ruta "

Captain Paul Kiokomofl at ill looked vory doubtful Ho wins quit» willing to enter into nny projiot or Bchiinu to better bia foi tunca, but to nioddlo with 1 young lady connected by funnly ties with tho C7111, of whom ho stood 111 awful duud, appeared uatoundinjy presumptuous

" My lirst object will ho to scenic the person ol tina Ivun Goi tsui 0, saul tho Count, " I suspect lum , ho ib deceiving tho fjinporor, und und is cngugod 111 Bomo echemos of ina omi I will Bend n courier to i i¿nnrog, to D-, tho ohiof of tho Beeret polleo , ho ia lhoro now Ho bus tho aupcrmtoiideiieo ol thoso spies It atrikos mu ua 1 iillu r uxt moulin viv thal Goitsaro should bo ordorul fiom I nglund wheio his presenoo is oaaentiiilly neeesjiiry at lins moment, to bo sont into the Cuucisus, whoio lu can bo of litt lo or no son leo I w ill lune lum ai rested to morrow} ii I um wiong, 11 fow weuka' confinement will do bun no harm, und dut in j thoso fow weoks 1 cull muko my self ngroooblo to tho two maidens"

[lill UMIMM J

O Host Si I INO-Wo lind quito un intorest mg iiecount of ihost seeing in the pigesof u «01k entitled "An ina of Spmtu di 111," und a still uiuio 1 itiristing evl lonutioii of why "'li Bta mo sometimes seen Iii niitlioi of the work aiiya that "'hosts ino uo'liing more thun u luminous, gmioua Hume that uns a fiom nil hodic» mid iBpiu illy thoo undu"oing doeom position llieso oi limitions, he siys uro of bo otilenul 11 11 iluro thut inly perçons of petuhar orgamaatnns 1 in see them unies* on boiuo oc lupioim, where tiley ne prc-i it 111 tri it foico. Of eouiso in l.1 ivi ^ ud , lui 11 ft me it ' lukes no 1 leal stretch of f 11 H to shape tho upright, luminous, willing cloud into human foim" lho uutlioi pioiioumca tina a Himplo fact lil chemistry, and ti inks it siuj,ului that from it should hain uusiti all thu unbelievable stones of ghosts and hobgolluiB windi ilont tlnoudi pco| lo'd brains and terufy thetn , ull 1 I uiiiM nu morn ixistrnoo Ihuu n wisp of llamo or fog like cloud ' A singular instance m l,ivou us hupponing 111 Clirniuny, m u loi ihty known ub Pfeilil'd Our lui, ut Colmar Pf liol will bo riinembund us the ulind Gorman poet und ho had engugid 11 young tierny mun mund Billing us his uuiunuinsts 'D10 poot waa dnu>a led hy his umunuonsis win 11 ho wulkid out, whioh hub most fnquontly 111 lila garden After 11 timu Pfv (lol romnrmu that ovury tuno the\ 1 uno to a particular spot in tho gurdin, Billing's uriu tumbled, uud ho manifested unou moss Somo loiivireo'ion about it finally'occuirod, when the young oleigyiuun idiiiUuitly stutid tint us alton us thoy pussod thal spot certniuseusitioiis uttuikud bun, which ho 1 ould not uuiuomo, and which ho always ixp ncnud at pliitci whoio humanbodnaworoburiod Wliuihoiumotosuoh plueoB ut night, ho 6iiw uti mgo si Jits With a view to cuio this niau ot his di ludion, the poot returned with lum to tho g iden that night ¡ and whon norn enough, B Ming sudln «1« «hat ut first appeared to be unhid, mumu rial Humo, which then took the foim of u «oman-oiieurm mid buoss tho bodi.the other »laufcing down,, 0. ut Hst, the ftol eli va'; 1 »"¡ö"»'»« hnnd buiidiliiobüii thegiouud P did walked no to it, ua the y «ung man would not, and Btuick through tho spot with his cuno¡ but tho spectre did not rnoio nor ulter It wus us win 1 0110 stnlis a stiok through ulUmei tho fbry sh ipe always recovered the sume f 1111 Man}

otluia also sa« it, und quite 11 wub cuated, und ut hut Pfellol hud the Jilaeo dug up, «lion u skeleton wus lound, eocoied with quick lime, ub iii timo of pestilence Tho bones «oro tikou out, tho bolo (Mud up, and the spictro was novor seou ugam