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Chapter NumberII
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Newspaper TitleThe Brisbane Courier (Qld. : 1864 - 1933)
Trove TitleLove Stronger than Death
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By tho Author of " Whltofrlars," "Tho Matrimonial

Vanity Fair," te.



Tue landlord's ndvioo vvns good, and I com plied incchanicallv, dunking tho spirits off at a draught

" Woll, su, for go and stay," ray prolix uifoi niant continued , but 11 cully think ho did not

himself hko to como to tho climax of his di end ful tale, "thcio wasn't tho hko of that beast evoi scon, when only ho could bo got to show the stuff ho was made of, but as I said bofoio, his tempci was so vicious thoro was haidly any dependence to bo placed on what ho would do

"Peoplo always kept then distance, howovor, when thoy went to seo lum, and good lcnson, too, after ono 01 two examples ho made as a colt

Thoro wasn't a groom in the whole stud durst go within a milo of linn, ovon to give him his coin, oxcoptmg Horsemongor Jack , but ho, being a gipsy, had tho whisper seciet Least ways, ho could keep him m oidoi at times-not always, oven ho Especially tho cienturo do tested tho smell of liquors, aud Jnck w as a httlo too fond of them , but a Christian can't always study tho humors of a hoiso Peihaps, how evoi, tho truth is, Jack was a little savage in lue own ways when ho vv as pretty full, and tho bruto know it, and so wouldn't lot lum como nigh, ovon to wait on lum, nt thoso tunos

"Whatovor his tempor, wo allsworo bv Hell

fire Diok m tho foiost I'd havo backed lum against the wind with all I possessed, uftei I lind onco bcou lum run , and so I did, piottj well, that famous Good'ood, and lost it, like tho captain and tho test As for tho captain him- self, ho doted on him, though ho duistn't novel go i ery neai lum either, and what lie bet upon linn that da\ was something wondoiful to hem But who wouldn't on such a hoiso, when tiny had lum in then own stables, and meant fan play ? And besides tho hoi se, nothing that ever stiodo pigskin could boat Horsemongor Jack na a )ockoy vvlion he ehoso to, and could rido tho piopor weights, which ho can't now, ho thrives so on idleness, and theso paupor childi ou's main


"And so thcio was such an opinion of tho ono that luid his money had tho least feai of winning, provided only a stint could be got at But tho mischief of it was thcro was some soit of a quunel botween Hcllfito Dick and his ridei on at tho ince time, and thoy were both as rovengoful as wild cats, and ho-tho horse, su-laid his plaas-Ihavono moiodoubt than if it was a Christian-to toko it out of Jack tho vol y fiist oppoi hunty, or elso ho had hquorod up too brightly, and the ci entino smelt it out But on tho voiy couiso, sn, just as the judges woro settling it, and a stait all but mado Hellfho Dick took to all sorts of games, kicking, plunging, tearing, so that no living soul duist go near for an houi, and thon at lust ho pitched his joel oy ofi, and trampled lum with his foiofcct so fearfully that Jack was all but killed No other jockey duiBt even look at him, and, besides, ho ran away, and wasn't caught agnm foi bonis, so ho didn't show at tho stat ting post at all, and all his engagements weio doclaiod forfoit, and tho Dovcioll stables woro disoiedited foi evei, and tho captain left tho race couisc a ruined man-almost a madman, ono might say, ho was such a pictuio of i agc and despair Peoplo all thought ho w as going to commit suicide, ouly thoy wero too busy willi then own ups and downs to attend much to him, andhonover epoko a word to Horsomongoi Jack nftei the accident, or took tho least troublo in bringing lum to, but set ofi" homo nlono in tho dark

"So j ou may imagino ho wasn't much in a temper to do the chantablo when he got home, and found tho poor ti amp girl begging foi food and Bheltor at his doois, particuhulv. as Iiib only chance for righting himself again was Miss riammock's money, which she had moiothan beauty, though one of tho best, and kindest, and tendel est heaited ladies in the world, and dotod on the enptain all tho more, perhaps, for being so much handsomer than herself, and so full of bia soft, blandy ways It must have been nwk ward-you seo, sn ?"

" How P Do you moan to insinuate-"

* I don't want to insinuato anything, sir, but as tho Dovcrolls havo been cleared out of the country now, and y ou'i o occupying then house, thcro can bo no great hann in telling you what was the private talk upon tho people at the time,' talkative Bomfaco continued " I should bo very sorry to say anj thing against a gontlo man, if he was still one, and lived at his place, but I'm only saying as tho heiress wasn't too handsome hcisolf, it wouldn't do to havo it go abroad-most likely to the father's ears, who wasn't agreeublc to tho match-that a beautiful young strolling creatuio hko that-foi I saw tho body myself-with a baby in her arms, had been taken in and tieatcd as one of the family at Dovercll Lodge So, as I havo said, sho wasn't, but was ordered peremptory oir tho premises And now comes the ead part of the Btory But I must finish my glaBS before I can

toll that "

Mino hoBt suited the action to the word, and feeling better foi the action, continued lins


" Well, sir," ho resumed, " Horsomonger Jack, I will say, with all his faults, is a regular gamo one So tho moment ho came to his Bcnsos again, bruised from head to foot as ho waB, ho determined to master tho boast, and punish him for his trick, como what might of it, and, besides, he was afraid to let lum go looso in the country, with his fancieB for biting and tearing things to pieces , so ho set off after him, and found him quietly glazing in a stubble field He'd had his revenge, however, and was willing to bo friends again , and Jack coaxed lum till he got upon his back again , and then, I'm told

-ho often boasts of it himself still-ho did so

whip and flog him, ho was more like a raw horse than a black roan that night And lie fairly conquered him, took all tho pitch and toes out of him, and galloped him home that midnight through thick and thin, as if he had hcen Old Nick on a hurricane, only it was a bit too late for any good, of courso, like most things in this world And ho got home, according to what he told at the inquoBt, about an hour after his young mnstci had gone broken hearted, to bed Indeed, there was nobody up to tell lum anv thing about the poor tramp girl having Btowcd herself away m Hellfire Dick's comfortable loose box in the riding house, and he himself was quite knocked up with fatigue and bruises, and didn't take the least painB at scoing after the brute's comfortB And so the upshot of it all was he turned the develish creature all blood and sweat, and foam, and wild with hunger and flogging, into the stable-locked the door, and took no further notico of bim till morning

" You muBt form a notion yourBelf, Bir, of what he found in the morning, when he got his

st g>


Ja of

orders from the captain to water him nt all ovents, if even they starved lum for a day 01 two to bring Ins snvageness down. Cut awain pously chawed up, and no nustako1 Poor yoting creature1 kicked, trampled torn, crushed, such a sight na mortal novel saw before 01 «nice And Hellfire Dick standing trembling fiom hoad to foot over it, bs if he knew what ho had done Only hei child saved by ten thou«aud miracles, or u mother's fiuntie love, nhvo mid well, and sleeping in the empty mangci hough ' '

It may bo imagined with whnt cmotioiiB I listened to tins hoartronding mid bombie history It was several minutes before I could speak aftci it When I did nt ln«t, I inquired

"But wcio tho facts of tho caso eleni h piovcd -clearly? Waa tho poor young cieaturo io oogmaod, and wcio Hoisemongei Jack's state- ments concerning her admitted as such ?"

" Why, as foi that, thero w as only lus w oi d for it, and tho identity could ncithei bo pro\ ort noi dispioved, fordneetly tho jin y had i etui ned their vol diet, tho body waa given to the gipsic8, foi bunal af oi tlion faahion, ub sho bolongcd to

then lot And it could never be discovcied

what thoy lind dono with it, the) would ncvci own oven to have received it, though Captain Do\ croll and Jack deltveicd it to somo of the gang fiom tho red stablo tliomsehcs And that was what Sqiuro John riammock mado such n stir about, for ho thought it a good opportunity, I suppoao, to get ntl of tho smtoi ho lnmsolf disapproved of so much foi his daughtoi Aud he said ovoi)whero that it was put out of tho way on pulposo to avoid identification, and hinted at somo daik mjstor) in it all, and foul play, and what not, until it carno to an open quarrel between tho captain and bun, and he forbado»hi8 daughtei evoi to think of him again, and that completed his mm, when it carno to bo known ho hod no longer a chance for the heiress, and he wns obliged to go abroad, and the) sold up everything ho had-and)ou're tho tenant of Dev ei eil Lodgo, sir1"

" But did notl mg over como to light on tho subiect ? No evidence obtained?' I inquired, tighust at tho tide

' I havo no\ei heaid of am much to tho purpose, thotijjli, to he sure, (hu blind woman that's Horsemongcr Jack's wife no«-guv o out nt ono tuno something queel about hei Boeing the captains own self, will a lantern lu his hand, guiding tho poor wretched )Oung crenturo over tho stable yard to Hollfuo Dick's box'" the hoBt rophecl with a peculiar signihcanco in his tones " And her husband-ho morried hei shortly aflor-sii)s it's a judgment upon hei for sa)ing so, hei going blind, und being obliged to stick to the basket making ni tho dark Ho keeps hei noso pi etty hard lit tho gundstono now, and it tiwi bo she deserved it if sho know things, mid wouldn't state them fairly out, for tho aako of getting such n rascal us that foi a husband1 But thoro was a judgment indeed upon Hcllfiio Dick ' Cnptinn Devon 11, his own self, although tho jui) only gave n deo ii ni k1, and saul nothing about dcstioying tho iinimnl, took n poleaxo in his own hand and went into tho stablo alone-a thing he novel dm st do befoie mid fairly hacked tho pool dovil to pieces, and had him buried under his own stall, hoofs, und tearing tooth, and all I And dilicato hiindcd, refined young gentleman as he is to look at, he scorned quito to take a plcnstuo m doing it foi ho was a long tuno about it and wouldn't bato any help, and though people wcro glad of it m tho mnin, I remember I was quito horrified when I heard the brute's shrilling and yelling out with the pani, and tho dioadful d)ing groans '"

I went bnck to my now homo a wiser, and most ccrtmnl) a sadder man, in possession of this tragic history But I took caro not to bl catho a word of it thcro Bull must confcsB

I sank )ot dcopci m melancholy reflections when I found m)solf at last lift at Dciciell Lodgo, with only women, childi cn, anti an old worn out serving man, for company and allies To bo sure, tho mun lind been a soldici , but he had suffeicd under a sunstroke and was by no montis any mnacle of intelligence at best

Foituiiatcl}, wo wcio all very weary that first night of our abode nt Dovoicll lodge, and sleep befiiended us Ncithei was theio any kind of disturbance Hie day that follower! was a glorious one for sunshine , and mulei tho milli

enco of tho splendid luminary, which once moro shone out, much that had seemed bo dismal and portentous tho night before resumed tho appear- ance which had in the first ínetunco charmed my fancy

My wifo began to discolor that tho place, though too largo and rambling, abounded in cupboards and conveniences for housekeeping, very unhko a modern London houso 'lhcro was room for everybody without jostling The child could play about in tin grounds, wherever sho liked, without tho necessity of being watched, and with no fear of boing run ovci

Even the dreaded Mann Martin stable itself lost a good deal of its terrors when T announced that I found it exactly suitablo for tho purposes of the great work of ort I contemplated, and which, in fact, threatened to require a canvas room as si?ublc as tho scones of a theatre But it waa in reahl) a long, wido, well contrived apartment, capitally lit from its high skylight for my purposes, and not letting m moro draughts than might reasonably bo expected of a wooden walled chamber, left for five years now untcnantcd and uncared for And I had deter mined not to be appalled by the fearful talo I had heard, and its associations with the place, from making a uso of it winch I thought must provo my chief, if not only, recompense, for re solving to bravo tho unpleasant impressions I had received, and remain in my dear bought cheap experience of an advertised country


Yea though on cxaminotion I found the stall BtiU remained in which the horrible tragedy must have taken place, rondered further con- spicuous by the irregular paving of the cobble stones there, and a sort of denting in the floor, as if by the much tramphug and fciocious hoof ing in that terrible onsluught And although, moreover, I half persuaded 'myself I still dis cerned traccB of gore m the sharp Btrokes of the

iron shod foet of the brute homicide '

With regard to tho infant victim in the afluir, I must, however, to my shume, confess that tho good intentions I had formed m its favor melted away on cool reflection and consideration

What, indeed, had I to do to trouble myBelf concerning a little pauper orphan, when I had so many anxieties of my own to attend to ?

Ho was too young for mo to allego any possible use for his services, though, indeed, my wife's compassionate and tender heart would have accepted any reason for an act of kind IneBs to an ill used orphan like this

And last, but not least, I grew to entertain -.. no Blight dread of again offending Horsemonger

Jack His chaiiictor was infamous foi almost ' " ovcry dogreo of criminality tho law does not dar« condignlj punmli His failure on Hollfiro Dick, I " and the ruin of his patron, had disqualified him insi as a jockey, as well as his growing too hoavy for trus average weights Ho was too lazy to work , hor but addicted erazily to drink, and cverv othor " kind of low plensuie Ho vns a poachor, lind oue bien tiled for sheep lifting, and was thought to von have had a sly hand in a burglarv or two, nitc aecompnuied with violence, that had lately turi occurrod in dwellings m tho foi est Ho waa the " tciror of his compcors, and a cruel wife buitei, hav although sho was blind, and devoted bei vvholo I " time to an industry that was the mainstay of the m i fannlv As foi his moilun, who leased out the,1 put small children from tho parish, under tho pio- tho toncoof nursing and rearing them, sho was notad I and foi being almost as savagely disBoluto and he diunkon as himsolf flin

And now I icflocted that I should at times be

obhgod to lonvo my family mulei tho weak pro tootion of nu íuflim, half simplo old man, how ovor pioturosquely his grey han flonted a In

Bchsarius, about Ins shouldei s, nud bl avo and ' faithful as I know ho was lhcioforo, I thought bri it best, though w lth a pang nt^hciu t, not to con rec coin myself any moio nitlio futo of tho luckless orphan of tho horse Blain trump girl, but to lot it go with the rest of tho wiougs and tnisones of lho woild I had no moans to provont or


I do not think I was at nil lulluoncod m this

resolution by nn uncouth and most unexpected

overture of scanting amity and conciliation I I hu locoived norn tho outiagoous follow himsolf i fu about a month nftoi my settlement at Dev croll li Lodgo

I had just got my grand project into soino soit of bealing, and wits mnkmg tho rough oui toons of my battlo pieco on n conspicuous seale, whon ono da> tho mau (if I must call lum so) intruded himself, quite unannounced, and, I am suro, undcsired, into my hugo and lathei cold and oxposcd studio But ho was familiar with tho inns and outs of tho place, mid did not scorn to stand on any ceremony with a sliangcr, who

was now woll known in the distuctns neither rich noi influential, nor cvon on foi ins of ncqiiaintauco witn any of its gicut peoplo mid


I confess, indeed, I was rnthor b1 uri led by tho visit, and glanced at u tovolvci I kept loaded m sovon chambers on a shelf foi horso bruslios and curly combB, well out of leach of little Seriipha, who was always playing m and out of

tho studio

And ho noticed tho dnfl of the glance, foi ho scicwcd hu ugly jivvs into what ho possibly meant foi n pleasant Birnie, und wiahed ray ' honor " tho best of f,ood mornings, and upo]o gi/ed foi coming in so on the " sudden loiko, ' because ho know I was nlttiws at my " pictui'B " Micro, und tho ' ci ibby old 'un " at tho houso lind told lum to mnko himself pcaiio theil, como foi vvhut ho might And now ho had coined on a henani ho thoupht would bo ' obliging" enough to my honoi, who, us lie heel d say, had but a small family, and no leal occasion whutsotnovcr foi tho stabling

Ile was mtilisted with a ' 'ausonio hodel," for he thought I might almost a k what rout I thought propoi, m reason, foi tho entiro out- building, to bo used as such, accotdingly, by a gent, who wunlid accommodation foi a uno gieat stud he was intending to hoiguni/u m that pnit of the country, which was so well adapted for training pul poses, besides thcro being several good hunts in tho neighborhood

I noticed that whilo ho spoko ho kept his eyes almost staimgly fixed on tho cartoon I wau busy upon at tho timo ol lim entunico

It lcjircscntcd a powerful liol se, i ealing allnghtedly, and snorting high in tho air, fiom some supposed foiinidnblo object on tho giound, Probably, u Saxon perishing under a Noimnn lance, but still dofuiding hiuiBclf with shield and spiked maco And such a devohsh leer carno ovei tho rullliui's fuco iib ho lookod, that that alone would havo determined moon n io fusal, if consent would bung mo bo ineligible a neighbor For I thought it likely Horscmongoi Jink had interests of his own in the ibsuc of his application

I, thoiofoio, answored drily enough, that although I did not want the outbuildings for horses, I did for othci pul poses, and had no intention or wish to let thom on any lental what

evci And I added no doubt with significance, that I thought thcro had been boree doings enough on the promises to dispense with any


" And yet your honor's making on 'em your Bolf on that there paper, and ns nat ral hko ns tho thing itsolf," ho lophcd, with not unskilful flattery " I am Biiro that 'oro teal nig pawing hanimnl is as like our Ilcllfiio Dick, Unit was, when he was a trampling and smashing tho poor gul as-"

" Oh, you witnessed that truly diabolical pieco of work, did you '" I could not holp in tcrrupting lum

I saw that his swarthy, leopard spotted com ploxion chunged to a ghastly hue as I uttered tho words, and ho quite stammered, as he


" Lord help you, sir ' Do you think I would havo seen it done, and not havo Bavcd tho poor young critter with hfo and limb ? Bad as I may bo, I ain't quito tho devil in Christian clothcB either, or a Dovcroll ' Especially, ' ho con tinued, in great confusion, after pionouncing this namo, " tho poor victim being an old acquaintance of my own, and ono I was always partial to whon I was with tho captain in Ire

land "

" Oh, you did know whore Bho carno from, did you'-and sho wasn't a gipsy tramp, as you pictended at the inquest?' I roturncd, with a glow of borrow und indignation rising irropros Bibly in my breast

I felt almost assured that I was looking upon a murderer, and ono of tho most unmanly, brutish, and inhuman sort imagination could conceive, or the gibbet reward

But I was startled with anothor idea in his reply.

" To bo suro I know'd tho poor soul in Iro

land, but not on my own account She wub the captain'B sweetheart when ho waB with the ridgment at tho Curragh, not mino And sho como'd over hero after him to bother and annoy lum with her baby, and spoil all his prospects with the hcircBB young lady at Squoiro Flam mock's , and ho served her quite proper in turning her out of doora in the wind and ram And if she couldn't take an hint, but must go intruding herself in strange places-in a etablo to sleep-leastways, a tan houBO, which sho didn't know what might frequent it or not though, to be sure, ehe was locked up pretty safe-"

" Ay ' on the outside, was it?" I exclaimed.

th de wJ te

"Who told you that? I mean, whoover 1 1 dares to say so?" tho wretch barked nt mo of t

" Why, if sho had locked hcrsolf in on tho ing insido, sho need not havo boon afraid of any in like trusión, and how could you have lot your tiger my

horso in ? ' I retorted

" Didn't tho captain alwa) s hang tho key in oue particular place wo both know of, to pio vent all danger of any ono but ourselves going into Hcllliro's quartois?" thd stupid rillara ro


" And did ho on this night, when ho must

havo known that-?"

"No, ho didn't-ho didn't1 Sho had slipped in unknown to linn, ho looked tho placo up puiposoly to piovont her from lurking about tho piomiscs, as abo tliioatcned to annoy lum and spoil Ins chances with Miss Flnmmock, and' he didn't ovon como down with tho koy, but flung it mo out ol his window "

" Did ho, indeed ? And yoi you said a mo mont ago you and ho had au agreod upon placo whoio you always stowod it out of harm's way "

'llio fellow lookod confused, and strokod Ins

I bristly chin foi a inomoiit, us if cndonvoi ing to

recollect himself moio eleni 1}

"Woll, au, I bouu'fc no lnwyci," ho said, at laat, " and I don't know what it is you aro ti) ing to make out lhe jury was satisfied and you can't ti y a man twico for-for murtloi or anything To bo anio, nobody was triod and nobody's going to ho AU I can say ib, it was hor own fault moi o than any body olso's, hunting afici a mun that didn't want anything furthoi to do with hoi, and it wasn't at nil ludyhko, whioh sho always stuck up for, though hoi paiouts woro poor bogtioltors It's truo they gave thomsoh os out to bolong to tho old kings of Ireland , but that was nil lush botho

ration ! Servod hei light I suy, howovor it cunio about, and I nish tlieto was moro on 'cm got their gooses cooked m tho samo way that s Bel themselves up foi aniioviinco to a man, whothu theVio his wifo oi no "

' And was this unhappy gul Captain Dovo loll a wife, then ? * I oxcliiuned ' If 80, lum certain mindel lins been committed-piohnbly at his cowal di} liiatigulioinniidby youl uithnnly


" Mind what you'ro Buying, sir Tboio's law foi tho poor as woll us the noli, and Captain Dovoroll luivo Ina friends Btill ni the vvoild to tnko his pint, and who hoc nil along Mind what you say, oi you'll bo in foi it, too '"

" Leave my place, rufliim, and w ithout ii mo mont's delny "

" I'm going, all in good limo, vvhon I'vo dono my on and But as foi you lo go for to say, oi to suspect, or to 'mt, that I saw Noi a Clara undergoing hei piopoi punishment without pin wonting it, if I could-and I wus utmost us dono up iib a child that night with tho cieaturo's doings to ni) self, as if Iliad fallon fi oin a houso top-it is a he, vvhethor you aro n gentleman oi not, mid I don't think you aie Wliitt's a pictur' mail, anyhow? But you might na well poison tho people's minds with saying you saw it youisolf, since you can draw tho iiniuiiil-und just whon ho wus tianijiling hoi down, too, with his e}cs tho colot of ml hot fire, and lus mano sticking bolt upright between fcai and rago "

"leavo my piomisos'' I now fairly Hum dorod , and I really think I mndo ii move lo wnrds my revolver But the niscal cooled down i apiti ly on itB occurring to lum that lu had somehow committed himself, or remember ing that ho wus not going ut all on his piopoi


" I'm oil, sir . I'm oil ' You noedn't seieuni to (ho Indies at the houso I'm suro thoyio timid enough, and sturts if ona only poops in al ii windon But I didn't menu to ollenil De fonce and not defiance is my mof to us vvi II us tho wolli tens," lie losuincd, roBpoctfully i nougli, and making a slight movomont, in com pimlico with an linporativc gesture on my part " And I hnv'n't auld in) any out yet, wot I wus commissioned to ptoposo, mid you needn't io fuso, because you think it's mo mukmg tho oller und that I can't pny tho rent slick to tho mink It 8 Captain Dev ti oil lnniBolf, an, that wants a part of his own piuco back for horscB ,

and ono gentleman oughtn't to spito another, I it if ho can obligo linn It isn't liko a poor

I person They'ro to bo trentod anyhow, and | fi I I trampled on all then lives wuss thiiu m thut

stull "

And ho glared a ferocious glare towards tho scciio of the ludcouB trugody, und continued looking m that du cction fixedly, whilo I mado my answer-and longor too

"Captain Dovorcll1" I ropoatod, Bcornfull), and yet much struck " Why, Captain Devoroll s as pool as anybodv, slnrving on tho continent

to uvoid his croditors and n prison in I<ngland '

" Tío ain't starving lhcre's ono looks arter lum thoro that isn't quito un angel to look ut but os good to 1 im mid his'n, ao far ns bIio knows of 'em I don t hvo so altogethor on boskets or snaring pussycats as somo protend And good's my right1 I lost my character through the set of 'om , and what's a poor man without a character ? Woll, I don't mind toll

ing you, Bir Squiro Flammock's in a sad, ailing way, and everybody says, and the London doo

tors too, ho can't hvo long And whon his tooB aro onro to the daisies, Miss '11 bo loft her own mistress, and seo if thcro's anybody olso in tho wholo world she'll prcfar to my mastor, tho captain, then '" tho roguo roplied, still gozmg steadfastly forward, na if, I thought to avoid my


But suddenly I saw Ina own dilato, and an expression of surprise and terror crcop over his ugly mug, as if a policeman's lamp had been turned upon it, to analyzo its villainous lines

" I don't caro for all the captamB and Miss Flammock fools in tho world," I said "You havo your anBwcr Uley shan't sot a foot, either of thom, in my place, and it is mino as long as I pay my rent, and Captain Deverell lives But what aro you petrifying at there ?"

' Why didn't you tell me, sir you had ahorao thcro a copying from ?-and as like Uollfiro Dick as if ho was alivo again ' only all covored mouldy like, like a sour maggerel ' nave you been a digging him up, or how-how-how ib he

there ? '

" It's your own black conacienco doing it for you you devil, or dovil's familiar ' ' I exclaimed, ' Ihcro'B nothing thoro but un empty Btull But you buried the horse tiger there, I know, and lie may well haunt you, or your moro savage maa

ter, for the cruelty of tho vongoanco you took on whut was moro your own deed than the wretohed

brute's "

" It was he served him out »o-ho alono-the captain's own self But to be suro thoro is no thing It was my fancy, and that nasty, livor colored sun through the chinks m the red wall This is the pole axe he did it with, howover '"


lid hia

Tho fellow returned, bearing n ruBty weapon of the sort mentioned, after palpably convinc- ing himsolf of the gioundlessness of his fear I liked noithor his aotion nor his look, and took np

my revolver

" Put that thing down, and go '" I said, calmly, but in a manner that showed I meant to be oboyed

Ho dropped it at onco, and, slightly retreating fiom mo, resumed, with groat elfrontory

" That shan't bo a quat i ol between ub I don't rohsh tho touch so much ns all that But what's your answei for booking sn ? Let mo odviso you as a fuond Tako tho odds while you're ofioiod them, for, if tho captain marries Miss Flammock, ho'll pay off Ins dobts with her monoy, and then ho li como into oil bis rights again, and what you've paul will go for nothing, and you'll havo no moro right nor power to be

boro than I havo now "

Thei o vv as some i enson in this -way of putting it, hut I was so disgustod and irntatod with the impoituinty of tho horned ruffian boforo me that I moroly possionnloly i cpoated the words

" Leave my promises bofoio I kick you out of thom' Hint's my answei Aro you going w ehr


" You'io not mau enough foi mo at nil events, wolf oi not bcBides, if it vv orcn't for thoso bar- kers of yoma Well, seo if I stund your friend when tho captnm comes bnck again, oi not, and boforo ho doos, if I can seo my way to it with- out lnjunng myaolf '"

This I filt and accepted as an opon declara- tion of vvni, and thoneoforth examined tho load mg of my rovolvor with paiticular oare, and firod off all the bands in succession ovory now and thon, to lot all whom it might concern know I did so , and it much diminished any lopug nanco I might otliorvv iso have felt lo nn opon uot of hostility on my part, which was shortly after winds uiged upon mo by my timid nervously

soiiBituo wifo horBolf!

It was nvory singuliii cnonmstanco-quite as singular as nny thing that had y ot befallen any of us, or our lntiudcis, m thoso strangely haun tod and portentous promises

Wo occupied in our sitting room tho apartment whoro vvo had lighted our fust Uro m tho house, mid eaton our Hist mool, whichlhavopioviously descubod as having windows to tho ground And hore it was that my vv ifo's piano and books woro placed And hoio it was abo assuicd mo -and my own oxporioncos moro (han justiQod mo in ci editing-sho hud tho strnngo adventure

I um about to relato

Sho was Bitting ono day at hor work basket nom tho fiio, with the hall end of somo searlot woisted in if, knitting httlo Soiupha a child's bo- dice Soi upha lind at tho limo an iiilinont, and lind cried lim self into n slcop, sitting on a stool, with hor head on her mother's lap , whon Mrs Diamond-whoso ey cs as sho told mo, woi e fi\od on tho deni one's little fovoiod foco, whilo her fingers mochiinicolly pursued thou occupation was aw ai o of something standing botween her and tho light from ono of thoso long narrow windows-Boino trnnspaiont, but visiblo, objoot thoio And lookin« earnestly she found horsolf gradually making out tho outlines of a fomulo form of a good statino, und vciy llnoly slinpod osjiocinlly m tho bust And jot it presented it- self so giadunlly, and, us it wcro, gliding out of the air, that abo kept fancy mg herself luistnken, and was smiling at tho powerful play of the imagination, when, quito of a sudden, it seemed tho form glow poifeetly mudo out, mid solid, and appeared to bo that of a young female, m a sadly tattcied and eliscoloiod garb, with naked feot, long streaming han, and a bundlo, with a oi uulied old straw hat on her arm All, indeed, thcro was to distinguish this object from a povoitv stricken stiollci girl on tho trump was lho oxccssivo paleness of liol countenance , with tlioclicndlul ox<option, ooitiunly, thut my wife, whoso mind waa not occupiod with theories of color to nu ount foi it, declined that sho con ccivod nt once that wbut I had takon for patchos of scarlet cloth woi o " guilts of goro "

And yet my wifo assured mo sho wns not ter nfied-not oven alarmed ' Tho figuro, she said, looked tinough tho panes (willoh woro a httlo froBtod) with bo benignaiitly tendor an expres- sion townrda hei-my wife's-sleeping child, in its hugo, soft black eyes

So fin fiom that, sho told mo, that whon the figuio mudo n mournful, but earnest, gosturo to wards herself, my wife softly tranBfeired hor sleeping child's head to a comfortable cushion of the half woven lamb's wool garment on tho arm chau, and compho 1 with tho unspoken request

When abo e,ot to tho window howovor, tho figure had passed from it, an I had already glided

-it could not bo said to wall -to some distanco over the lawn, which was nieiily with a slight fill of snow It could not indi eel havo touched

tho ground, for there woio no footprints, but going on a trillo further, it turned its lovoly, deathly whito visngo neilin an I repeated tho gesture with an unoai tilly bl in« lied hand again, high up in tho bright suiishmv air'

I suppose the courage Mrs Diamond dis played ni this fearful contingency was not her own but Rivoli to hor She has alwayB assured

mo sho did not mako a moments hesitation m

following but actually drew a w inn shuwlsho wore on her shoulders through chilliness, in the house, over hor head and obeyed tho super natural visitant's plainly implied bidding

In tho continuance of this maivolious incident,

Fmily stated to mo sho followod on, a similar distanco romainmg botween herself and tho np parution tho greater part of tho way, for a con siderublo s|iaco during which tiley passed down tho glade I havo mentioned as conducting to the high road

But not tho whole distanco

Tho phantom turned asido by a narrow path way in the forest, where I am quito suro Mrs

Diamond had novor previously extended her rambles oven under my caro

I did not even know myself I bohovo, that this stdo pathway led by tho direct and shortest cut to tho village if the few Bcattored cottages and squatters huts near about Dovorcll Ward Lodge could bo called so But so it provod , and my wifo, perceiving that sho waa meant to go this way, »till complied In fact sho stated, the apparition turned its long tressed head m a natural, corporal sort of way-excepting that even its pallid face had now disappeared, and there waa only something darkly indistinct and of a corpse like hue, to bo scon un 1er the hair as if to moko suro that »ho was following

, And on it went till they como m sight of a k hovel, the firet in the villago bv that way, near d a haggard looking clearing in the forest, with

gnarled stumps and roots jutting out m every direction and dcsconding by como broken cround to the edge of tho brook occasionally alluded to before And there it stopped, and.


in an appealing agony of supplication, and vanished at once and totallv out of sight ' And prcciseh at that moment tlio screams of a' afTrishtod child carno to mv wife s hearing and a htflo boy all in rags » d tatters, rush,

out of the cottage pursued bv a burly rufha' with a big milkstonl in Ins hand with which h was swearing to ' exturminato ' tho unfortunat httlo creature " from head to foot '

Man as 1 trust I havo shown myself in some dreadful emergencies other than are on record here, I confess I was frightoned afterwards with the mero account of my wifo's courage on this