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Chapter Number2. XXII.
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Full Date1891-09-05
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Newspaper TitleFreeman's Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1850 - 1932)
Trove TitleHand and Ring
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.; Bx A. E. Gkisjgn.



. ' Bl'itig roe unto my trial when you will.' — Henry VI. {Continued.') 1 The reasons,' proceeded Mr, 'Eenio, f fop eon eideriog you o pasty ao muclai opon to ouapicion Be M?« Hildirath, a?o Doveeol. TB'irot, V7O havo ©vidoBoo to piovo youc grant desist for a cam o£ money equal to your aunt'o aaciDgo, in ordsr to introduce on invontiosa uhich you hevo jnot patentee). 'Secondly, vie can show that you left your homo- in Baffalo the day boforo the assault,

oamoto Monteita, tha nost torcn to taio, aluuted ofc tfao remote Dtatioa assigned lo the me of the qaDFuyaaoB, crossed tho hillo and threaded the. v/codo till you came to a smell hut back of you? DQDt's houoo, whovQ yon pat np foe the night. 'Thirdly, ovidoaeo io aofc lacking to psove that x?hilo those \jon visited yoBE1 ount'a once, if not twice ; tho kofc time on tho ve?y moraing she T7GD hilled, entering tha hosoo ia o sapsoptitious vzoy by tho back doot', end leaving it in tho oamo BUQpJoioao Kaanaos. e And fouithly, wo eon pFovo that you occapod foom filiia plcoo ao you hod come, secretly, end ftnroHp.h d difficult and ?ouadcbout path oves the Mils. 4 Ms?. MaaocOlj those 2dc6p, fcclson v/ith you? cetioeaoQ ooaeoroiaf? a vicit so pjaoifestly o£ im fpoufaaeo to the DQtlio?itioa io Iinov7, moot at?ike ©wo you aa ©Storing gpotrndo £0? a ouopicion aa grove as fcbot attaching to Mi*. Hildtetb.' Wife a M&tfaint maiked ao il uoo impressive, Ml'. MQBaell looked at the District- Attovaoy for a momoafc, and then sgic? : ? 'You spoab o2 proof. Norc, what proo? have you to give that I put op, os son cell it, £0? 0 aigMc os? ovea £01? oa boa?, in the but which otondo ia the uoods book of my ouat'o honse ?' ' Thic,' uos Mi'. Pesrio'o reply. 4 It io known yoa V70EO ia tho woodo the afternoon pyeviou-J to tifoo QGcaalS rapoa yooi? anat, because you were csc-H Sbeso ia ooapDBy with a young l^dy with 'w'hos 570a uol'o lioldiag 0 fcs?ss&. Did you apeak, OIL'?' 'No !' v/au (ho violent*, olmoat disdain?^, ce joiBdcp/ 'Yoa ch-3 not dIgop q6 you? auot'p, £ol5 bos EO0S3D eoatciuoo! not ch ovidane'o of liaviap; booo opoaoel £02 o graeDfj while tlio hat vovecled more than oao t?aso of having boos usod na a clormi to?y. I aoold cvoa toll you where you cut the twigs of haeiloGli that sgevgcI you foe n pillow, and point to tho plceo whero 500 oat when yon sosibiled ovop fclio aarr»ia o? tho Buffalo Coueiee with a folao ponciis oaeh 00 that I how ogo p?o 3ootin^ faoK you? voot pocket/ 4 Ifc'io not aoof ssapy,' replied tho yotssg ebdd, Sasnvily foowning. Thea, with DBotboi? Dhort glooco at Me. Foi'eio, he ogaia do'saDDdod : 0 What Id youi? soacon foi? ototing I vioitod my nant'o lionco ou tho moraiug oho woo Bjuvdoved P Bid oayoao aoo ao do it P Op dooa the house. liko.tlio hat, oshibifc teaeoo 0? my puqqqbcd these ? at tbofc paEtieolop fcisao P1 Thoro woo Iroay 5q his toaer aaol a diodGin alffiflODo asBOHQtiog So scop in his wide-fluohing Mn'o ayoo ; but Mi'. Earns, glcnoiBg at tho band ©latched afooat tho ^ailiog oE tho deals, remarked qiaiofcly : s Yora doaot wodi' the diamoad rin^ you carried av/ay vyith you in?om the t?yst I moationsd ? -0ob it bo that the one which wdq picked up oftei3 tho Daoaolt, ob tho flooE of Mvq. Olem meno'o diaia^-sooEJ);, conld have falloa £rom your &ngo?,Mx. MonoollP* A Dtart, tho firot this powerfully eepveoood \W&® hod ^iveo, ohowad that bis avmoui' of re taiotonce had booa pierced at loot. ' How do yoa know,' he qaiokly aoked, e that I caffriod aw&y a diamond ring from tbe tryst yon speak 0$ ?' ' GivoumsttmoQs,' stunned tho Dhiviot- Attos*- ney, ' protre it boyond a donbfc. Mioo Dare- ? -' ? Misa Bdeo !' Oh, the indeaevibGble ton© o? this exclama tion ! Mr. By?d ohurldered as he heard it, and looked at Mr, Mcnoell with a new feeling, for whioh he bnd bo acme. 'Miss Dare,1 repeated the Diafaiofc Attorney, without, apparontly, regardinf? tho interraption, ?aolmowledgsa she returned you tho ring which you endeavoured at that interview to beotow ?apoa ho?.' ' Ah !' Tho word come after a moment's pause. 'I eeo the cooo hao beea 'ijoll v^orked up, and it only somoiDo foi1 me to pivo you ouch esplana tiono ao I choooo to make. Sir/ doolarod he, Dtoppin^ forward, and brioging his clenched hand down tspoo tho dook at which Mr. Ferris wao sitting, 'I did not kill my ounfc. 1 admit that I paid her a vioit. I admit that I otayed in tho woodo back o£ her houoo, and sven ?alept in the hut, ao you have odd ; bat that v/db on tho day previous to her naurdor, asad not ni'tor ?it. I went to nee her for tho purpooo o£ again urging tho ulaioiQ of my invention upon bos1, I -went Goerotly, and by tho roundabout way you ?dooeribe, boeauoolhad another puvpooe in vioit ing Sibloy, \7hich mado it expedient for mo to ?conceal my peooonoo in town. I failed in my ?eSosts to oslisfc the GyEapathies 0? sray an at ia rs ?«OEd to my plaup, aad I also failod in oompaas dnfj that othoi1 oiecira of my hoarfc of which the ??ing yoa montioa woo a token. Both fuiluuoa unaoKvotl mo, aad I lay 5e that hut oil night. . I ?§?ea lay tho?-o ^joafc ol tfeo riozb morning ; but I

did Hot coo my ount a,qninf und I did aot lift my hand aRoinot hoc life.' There wao indonciribabloqoiot in tho fouo, but there wno indoeeribablo pov.-oi? aleo, and tho lovh he lovollod a poo, tho Dictfiot Atto?noy v?dd qr wavoi'inoly oolemn and hard. ' You dony, then, that you ontorod tho wido^'o houas oa tho raoEoiiag o£ tho fsuc derP' 1 1 do/ ' It \g3 then, a qraootioE of vorneity bstwoon you and Misa DaroP' Sileaeo. 1 She aocoi'ta alio rovo yoa back tho ring you offered her. If that is 00, and that nap was in your pooDossion aftoi1 you left her oa Monday evening, how earao it to bo in tho widow'o dining-room the nexfc iaornin^, ix yon did aot ooi?2y it there ?' 'I con only rapocife my word/ sejoinod M?. Mouaell. The pick-iet Attorney uoplied impotiently. For vneiouo seaooaD ha did not wish to believe thio maa guilt j. ' You do aot oeem very on^riouo £0 as3iofc me in ray endeavours to reach tho troth,' ho oboervod. ' Cannot you tell me what you did with the rinc; aftar you lof fc Misa Dave P Whether you put it on your finger, 011 thrufit it into your pocket, or tossed if into tho marsh p' If yoa did not carry it to tho house, S3meoas 0I3O must have done go, and you oaght to be able to help us in deter mining who.' Bat Mr. Maaoell ahostly responded : 5 1 have nothing to say about the ring. Ffom the moment Miao Dare returned it to me, ao you aay, it was, as ita? ao I am concerned, a thing for gotten. I do not know that I ohould over have thought of it again, if you had not mentioned it to me to-day. How it vanished frosa my poseeE oion only to voappear upon the 30000 of taurder, ooao moro clevsr coajoros than myself mut-b ssplain.' 1 And thio ia all you have to ociy, Ms, Man sell ?' 'This is all I have to say.' {Bj/rd,' ouggeotod the District Attorney, after a long pause, daring which the subject of bio suspicions had otood before him as rigid and in gciufcable aa a otatao in bronzo, ' Mr. Mansoll would probably like to go to the hotel, unless, indeed, he deoiree to return immediatolv to Buffalo/ Oraik Manseil at once started fcrward. ' Do you intend \o allow mo to return to Buf falo?' ho asked. 1 Yep/ was the District Attorney's reply. 1 You aze a good man/ broke involuntarily from 4ho other's lipp, and he injpuloivoly reached out big hand, and cs quickly drew it back with a flush of pride that greatly became him. ' I do not Day/ quoth Mr. Ferris, s that I exempt you from ourveillanee. Ao prosecuting attorney of thio diEtirict, my duty is to seek out and discover who murdered Mrs. Olemmena, and your explanations hav.e not been as full or aa (satisfactory ca I could wish.8 s Your men will always find me at my desk in the mill/ oaid Mr. Manoell, coldly. And, with another short bow, ho left the [attorney's aide and went quickly out. 'That mania innocent/ declared Mi'. Fewis, cs Horace Byrd leaned cbore him in expectation of iostrBctiono to keep watch over tho depariing visitor, ' The way in which he held out hia hand to Eao opoke vo'lumeo.' Tho detective cast a oad glance at Oeaik Man soll'o. retreating figure. * You cannot convince Hickory o£ theft fact/ ?aid he. Chaptee XXIII. MB. OECUTT, ' What is ifc she does now ?' — Macbeth. ' My resolution's plac'd, and I have nothing , Of woman in me. Wow, from head to foot I I am marble— constant.' — Antony and Cleopatra. Theoe v/ordo rang in the ears of Mr. Ferries, For he felt himself: disturbed by them. Hickory did not believo Mr. Maaooll innocent. At last he sent for that detective. ' Hickovy/ he aofred, ' why do yon think Monsoll, rather than Hildreth, committed thio crime P* Wow thia query on the part of the District Attorney pnt Hickory into a quandary. He wished to keep his promise to Horace Byrd, and yet he greatly desired to answer hia employer's question truthfully. Without any special Eym pathios of hio own, he yet had an undeniable leaning towai'da justice, and jastioe certainly de manded the indictment of Manaell. He ended by comprcniisiiig matters, * Mr. Ferris/ said he, ' when you went io oeo Miss Dare the other day, what did you think of her state of miad P' ' That it woo a very unhappy one/ 'Didn't 5 on think more than that, oirP Didn't you t hink she believed Mr, Manaell goilfcy of this crimp P' ' Yef/ admitted the other, with reliotanco. 'if M'.so Dare is attached to Me. MaKsell, she must, feel certain of his guilt to oiler testimony against him. Her boliof cfjoald go for Bome thinjr, s:r ; for mucb, it strikes me, when you GoaoidoL' wbat a v^oman she io.' Tnio converoatioa increased Mi*. Forrio's un oooinepo. Much as ho wiohod to spare the feel iago of Mias Dare, and, through, her, those of hio friend, Mr. O/cutt, tho convicbion of Man Gell'n criminality wao olowly gaining ground in his mind. He remembered tho ipoouliar manner of tbo latter during tho mtorviow thoy had held togothor ; and hiu quiot acoeptaneo o£ tho pooi tion of a eu'ipectad man, and Ins mnvked rotieoace in regard to the rir.g. Though tlio doliouto na ture of tho intoroota iavoivod might bo sufficient to explain hiu bohavioQi' ia tbo lcttji.' eogard, hie V7holo conduct oouldnot bo aaid to bo that of a diaintoyostod man, ovoe if it woi'o aeeoooarilj , thofc o£ p goilty ono* Ia whfitovos woy Mi?

Fes?L'io lookod o'o it, ho could ooaao to btafc oue coq» J oluoioQ, carl thaft w/ic, that ju^'co to Hildroth' j cdlod for ouch official attention to tho evidonoe | v?bich had boon colloctod agciusl; Mnuoell an | - should cecarotho indicttiaontoi that man again fit whom could be brought the fficwo convincing pvco? of guilt. E'ot that Mr. Ferric meant', or ia aaywioo coaaidorod it gcoi policy, to hnvo Monsoll or. rested at thio time. As tho friend of Mi\ Orcutfc, it wno manifestly advianblo Jos? hira to prenont whatever ovidenco he pcaionnod againot Manooll directly to tho G?and Jury. For in this way ho would not only save tho lawyoi1 from tho pain and humiliation of seeing tho woman ho so much loved csllod np ao o witneao ngainat t&o maa who had saoceisfaliy Kivolled him in her a££eotions, but would run the chance, at least, of eventually preoerving from opsn knowledge the variouo details, if not the actual factt', which had lod to this person being suspectgd of crimo. For the Grand Jury is a body whous bunness it io to make sacret inquisition icto criminal of£jncea. Its members are bound by oath to the privacy of their deliberations. If, therefore, they should find the proofs proneatad to thesn by the Dis taet-AitDi'ne? insufficient to authorize an indict ment nguinf-t Mansell, nothins: of their proceerl iofjo would tr&nopire. Whilo, on the eontrauy, if thoy decided that the svideneo V7oa onch as to oblige theoj to indiofc Manseli iaafcsad of Hil dretb, neither Mr, Ofcuit or Miss Dare could hold the District-Attorney aocoantablo for the espoGurea that must follow. The couiso, therefore, of Mr. Forrio waa de termined apoa. All the evidence in hie poases sion apjainsfc both parties, together with the verdict of the coroner'a jupv, should go at once before the Grand Jury ; Manasll, in the meau tiaie, being go watched that a bench-warrant isouiDg upon the indictment wcxild have him aafoly in cujtcdy at any moment. Bat this plan for saving Mr. Orcutfc's feelings did not succeed as folly as Mr. Ferris hoped. By somo men, is or otho? tho rumour got abroad that anothov man than Hildreth had fallen under the suspicioa of the authorities, ond one day Mr. Ferris foucd hipaself stopped on tho street by the very parson he hod for a week been endeavouring to avoid. ' Mr. Oroutt !' he cried, ' hov? do you do P I did not recognize you at first.' 'JSToP' was the sharp rejoinder. CI am cot massif nowadays. I have a bad cold.' With which impatient explanation be seized Mr. Ferris by the arm aad naid : ' But what is this I hear P You have you? eye on another party ouopected of beipg Mrs. ClemmenB'Q mui'de're? p* The Diotriot-Attorney bovyed uneaoily. He ha-3 boped to escape the disousdoa of this sub ject with Mi?. Oreutt. The lawyer obssyved the omborrnDBmeat Mo question had caused, and iuotantly taraed pale, notwithotGndiDg the hardihood which a long careoE at the bau bad given him. 'Foi'rio/ he pursued, in a voica ho Gti'ovehcsd to keep oteady, ' we have always been good frieodo, in spite o2 tho many tilta we have had fogothes bok'oro the eomt. Will you bs kind enough to inform me if you? suspicions are founded upon evidence collected hy yoursalf 02 at tho instigation oic pat'ioa professing to know more about thio murder than they have hitherto revealed P' M?o Forrio eould aot fail to nndovataud the true nature o£ this question, and out of pure friendship assured qaietly : ? I have allowed myaeif to look with suspicion upon fchio Manseil — for it io Mis. OlemmeQs'G nephew who io at present oocapymg ou? aiten tion — bsoauGO the facts which have come feo light in his regard are as originating in thois? nature as those which have transpired in reference to Me. Hildfsth. The esamiaation into this mat ter, which my duty requires, has boen anything bnfc ploaoaiit lo me, Mr. Ofcutfc. The evidence of ouch witnesses as will have to be cummoned before the Grand Ju?y is of a character to bring open humiliation, if not necret grief, upon persona for whom I entertain the higheot es teem.' The pointed way in which thio waa said con vinced Mr. Oroutfc that his worst fearo bad been realized. Turning partly away, but no' looing hold upon the othet'a arm, he observed with what quietneoa ho could : 'You say that so strangely, I feel forced io pat another question to you. If v?hat I have to »sk striken you with any sui-prioe, vetaembcr that my own aotoniohmont and perplexity at being constrained to interrogate sou in this vray a?e greater tbap any sonoetion you can jouvsolf gx porienco. What I doeiro to know ia this. Amoag the witnesses you havo collected against this last suspected party, there aro s jmo women, are there not P' The District Attorney gravely bov7e-3. ' Fevtrip, io Mies Bate amongat them P' ' Orcutt, oho is.' With a look that oxpresaad bio secret mis tsuot, the lawyer gave way to a s addon burat of feeling. 'Ferris/ he wrathfully acknowledged, 'Imuy bo a fool, but I don't see what she can have to say on thio subject. It io impossible she should know any fcbing about the murder; and, aafor thio Manooll ? ' He mode a violent gestuvo with bis hand, cs if the v«ry idea of her having any ejequaintanoe with the nephew of Mxs. Clem men s wore simply preposterous. The District Attorney, who oaw from this how utterly ignorant tho other was concoroia* Mioo Dai'0'0 Belationa to the pesDon aamod, £olt his ombareassmont incraane. ? Mr, Ok'cutt/ ho i'ep'io^, 'oti'QUgo ao it may appear to you, Miss Dcio bes testimony to give of value to tbo prosecution, oi1 oho would not be reokonod cimoHg its witEOfSss. What that tes timony in I-ssraot Ieavo to hei; diaorotioa to m k? known to yon, no she doubtloco Will, i£you quoG tioa hov with onffioioat eoiaoicloi'ation. Imyn' forestall mattosia mvoelfj ao'J \7o\3ld yoa v?igb mo to tell voe v/hbi, umld saouo Ijooomingly 0OK5O horn Iioy o\m IsjcDb 23vii»p Ml1. OroBtfc, £hi

I can oay, thnt i£ ifc had booa givoa to 230 to ohooso between t ia 0 two aUoraativoc oic uooigning my offico and ot pussuing an inquiry which obligs-s eqo to uabrait to tho unplcasautuoGs of q udicial iovoatigatipn a pornon bold in s) rauoh regard by youi-celf, I wonld havo pjvfn up my officvO V7iih picas avo, go kooaly do I fool the em bprraoaosont of my pocition and tho nnhoppiaosD of yonro. But aay moro rooignotion oa my port would bave avnilod nothing -o nave Mits Dare from appearing before tho'Grnnd Jury. The ovidonoo s'»o has to givo ia (his matter makes tho cnGe agciinot Mannell as nlrong as that against Hildretb, and it wculd '00 tho dnty of any public prosocutoi1 to tacogniza tho fact acd aot accordingly.' Mr. Ofeutt, who had by the greatest effoxt Quoceoded in oalmiag himself through this harangue, flaohod Qareaotioally at this last ye* mark, and satvoysd Mr. Ferris with a peculiar look. 'Ate you sure/ ho inquired in n olow, ironical tone, 'that aho haa not succeeded in making ifc stronger P' The look, tho tone, V7QW naoirpocted, and greatly s';artled M.v. Ferrio. D;av7ing nearer to his friend, ho returned his gazo with marked oarnentness. ' What do you moanp' hs asked with secret ausiety. Bat the wavy lawyer bad already repented thio unwise botrayal of his o?7n doubts. Meet ing his companion' »i eye c?ith a calmness that amazed himself, ho remarked instead of answer ing : ' Ifc was through Misa Dare, then, that youE attention waa fir&t drawn to Mrs. Olosamens's uephow ?' 'No,' disclaimed Mr. Forrio, hastily. 'The detootivoa already had t'joir eyes upon him. Bat a hint from her went far towards deter mining me upon pursuing the matter,' he al lowed, sseinp; that his fciend was determined upon hearing the ttuth, 1 So then/ observed the othei, with 0 stern drynes3 that recalled his manner at the bar, 'she opened a communication with you her self P' . ?..= ? 'Yes.' . ... It waa ecpagh. (To he continued.)