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Chapter NumberVIII
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Full Date1885-06-20
Page Number4
Word Count395
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Newspaper TitleBowral Free Press and Berrima District Intelligencer (NSW : 1884 - 1901)
Trove TitleThe Christmas Fairy
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What a happy time tlmt was to both I—to tho girl of happiuess unalloyed,! for she 6oarooly know sho was happy, far loss why : but ho know how prccious was every mo ment with hor,. and how deep and wide was. tho gulf, between them. Ho watched: the sweet faco, as sho sat boside him, her lips half parted with a soft smilo, hor clear eyes gazing out before her with a dreamy, far-away look. Was she thinking, and \vas .lie in her thoughts ? or was she only feeling—only her . heart; speaking to hor in languago not yet understood ? He bent down, laying,bia hand on hers..

' Bortie,' ho said, '. what are you thinkiug


Shff looked up in his faco and laughed, a little, happy laugh. - ? ??

' I don't :lmow,'; she said. 'I don't bo lievo I was thinking at all.' ,

1 In a roverie, eh, Fairy Quoen ?' '.[ suppose-so.' ,

A pause: then, '„Wlmt hasbeoomo of my llowera, Bortio ?' ; ;

.'I have them still, in wator. I thought they were almost dead when Iroachedhome, but they revived in tho water.'

• Thoir doom then is only deferred.'

' What doom ?'

' You will throw them away when they

are dead ?'

' No, I shall not,' said tho girl; quietly. • It was very kind.of you to give them to ine', and I-shall:l:eep them.'

'Kind of you.'' Always that ring of grati tude— mere< gratitude !? or was thero some thingf'dooper, which Bertio instinctively sought to hide'? Ho bit his lip an^ turned asido. What right had ho i to -probe her like this ? • • What good could come of it?

He-said no more till tho cab stopped at Elm Lodge, and then, beforo ho got out-, he

took both her-.'hantls • and kissed 'them.

Then he sprang to the ground and lifted her.

out. ? ? ? -: ? -

' Good night,' ho said. ' Remember me to them all.'

' Good night—-and thank you so much for coining with me,'said tho girl, earn estly."

' You .thank me for giving., myself a very great ploasure, my child. ? Onco more good night.'

Bertio ran up the'garden path, and Lord' Falconer entered the cab again and was driven back to town.