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Chapter NumberVII
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Full Date1885-06-10
Page Number2
Word Count1129
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Newspaper TitleBowral Free Press and Berrima District Intelligencer (NSW : 1884 - 1901)
Trove TitleThe Christmas Fairy
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'Say, Falconer,' said a club friend, moot ing the viscouut iu Pull Mall one afternoon; • have you beeuto'tb'e DKu-y Lane 'panto

mime ?' -? - -

My dear follow, I escorted thither on Boxiug'Night four youthful cousins.'

• ' You did! And do you moan to say you haven't been since?'

' Ain I usually a patron of pantomimes ?' ?So; hilt hang it, man I are you insen Biblo : to;' the charms of" the' Fairy. QueOu ? Bertie Evelyn is just divine;'

,lA very love!}' girl and a perfocfc dancor;' jiaid Lord ,'Fiilcoucr, linking- liis arm ' in lha"s of his 'friend.- *. ' We'll, ;PonI tony, how m:i;ny scented notes have you seut'to'hor?'

•"Oiier'two nights ago-, - but I liavo lmd ?tio " reply h'tf yet. "The piiss is;sly; I shall syi^'u'splendid boiiquet'.to-night,' .

• .\'o gooil.'iuy sou.'

I'. iiUeny st.udd. ,

"I'-Vee,''- he* - &ud,'«:-yo'iv "afo ' beforohand

iv irli" me'.' * " "

• Not' "I, 'honour bright; but 'Bertie ll\elyii is'a good girl. 'I'don't suppose she bvl'u saw your iiot.e! her mother has all I hose tilings given to her and tears them " up.' 1 ' * ' • . ' '

Piiulteny'bnrst out laughing;

• Oh, Falconer ! Come; ?!'say, that's too, gopli a'jblte ; ' a'girl like that, " .I'll try her, any-wily''Til'/get a bouquet put into her


As YcW pleasei' said Lord Falconer,' trail

quiliy, r'b/vt ,'fo6liu'g 'very much' inclined to ' knp'tikiiis'companion down. ' I warn you of your fate;' ? .

''Falconer 1 ' You "don't' mean to'sayyou have faith in tho virtuous dancer who sup ports a widowed mother, eh ?'

' My dear'fellowi mistakes'are'sometiniea made by b'eiiig: too worldly wiser ' There are good girls—even hi the music-hall line; and Bertie Bvel.v'u' doesn't keep a 'widowed

mother. 'Both her parent's tu-e living, niid . uhe lms a'brother and "'sister,' ' ' ' . !

1 Th4y:woii't bo' too particular, ril war rarit,' said Mr.' Poultony;" Don't yon spoil my game,'that's'all, Falconer. Ta,'ta! I havoWappoiutmoiit for four.'

Hehailed a'hansbuvand was driveii off. . Lord" FiilcoiVer contiifuod, his way with very mixed feeling.-!, in which doubt of Bertie

IiriI no part.

He was established'now on-qnite a'fft'm'il-.. iar fooling at Elm Lodge. . Ho came and wentWlifirpl'cascd/aud was always welcduio and Bertie was always glad to'see him— frankly glad. He wasbegiuning to look upon lier:as in a manner belonging to him;

and as to resent, as; though it were an;insult ; to liim—through her, any'such'attenipt as

that of Poiilteny's.'"

' How dare anyone "tiy to injure the child ?' -he said to., himself'; but did' not— would not pause to ? consider whether his own ? conduct was just or honourable; whether'she; was hot in far more peril from

him than from a1 dozen such men as Poul- :


.'He looked at his watch ; it was not yet - thrr-o. ' He had plenty of time to-run down to. Kensington-for au hour or two, before'i

the 'Evelyns left1 for thoir various avoca-3 •

ti\un. ? •

fltt jumped into a hansouvand was driven off ^stopping on the way to purchase some He alighted a little way from Elin Lodge arid walked on.

.' Master and Missis and Mr.:Jack ? is; out,' • Bfiid Mury Aun, when she opened tho door; • but tho young Indies is in the parlour.'

aiAII right ;; I'll surprise them.' , •'

'die oponed the iparlour door noiselessly; aud peeped in. .

.?.There:" satfNellie; by -the -hearth / stitching, away: ab<some properties' —Nellie -was a' jnosfc industrious ue'edlewoman ; and, seated ah:.tlio:r-ig;(was'Misis Bertie, with • an open

book on her knees. - i

<?':0b;; dear,!-,;tho 'girlexclaimed,as; -Fal

cnneii1 opened ithe door;;t'.'.' what < a' lot: of FreijL'li J. lvwisl).I'.kriow-French;! Nell; •: If

onJyjViiv Falconer were hero, lie'd translate

it (or me.'

' Fairies';s;W)shea .arepfalways.rgyanted !' said a soft, clear voice at the door, and Nel lie uttered a little cry. - t.

"Bertie" sprang to hor 'feet—clapping her hands tocher—

Oh !•? how "good' of .you! to come,''she said.- ' Did-you hear what'I said?'

v'.To be .'sure'I did!! kissing her" hand; and then saluting Nellie in like: fashion.(.' And t have brought you both some flowers to wear, to-night, if yp.u will ?' ' . ;

-j.':How, good ; of you. , Oh! wlmfc lovely , flowers,' said Bertie, under her breath, f And, ' -Nellie,,,too,-thanked liim warmly, v

' He had, divided the flowers wish etriefc impaftialityr^-giviug to' each" girl a '''button-' hole' of'similar flowers. But he knew, which would'have the greatest "pleasure in wearing theni j./and lie wondered, as Ber-V tie's dainty fingers closed round the bunch of exquisite exotics, whether she would keep'them','or.throw them away when they

were faded.-- . - . ••

' 'Well, what "is the'-difficulty -about'this' French ?' lie said to Bertie. ?

?' *.?-,0h,'FwilB show fyou,! said-she,-running -r^Bertie':-seldom ;:walked:—ito -tbo irug and pickingnip the-booki which sile: had-dropped; in her delight at seeing:'.Mr.!',Fiilconen, - ;,' she added ; ' but there.are a Jot of places/ ,!?,, . ,

:,'I daresay wo can ma'nageihom all,' said Lord Falconer, seating, himself and taking the .book.from her hand. ' Viletle !' Ab, tliat is half written' in' French.' .

' Yes;'.isn't" it stupid to make people talk all French'iu an English book ?' responded Bertie.; and, bringing a footstool to her • friend's side,''she - knelt down upon it—so

that she could look over him, and follow the words ashe'translated them'for her.

'•?'Be sure-he'wa's nbthing loth to*have her so close to him; her golden hair sweeping his1 shoulder; her breath fanning'his.oheek, as she bent-over the book and'again arid

a-^aiii' her -little hand toucliod his, while she

'fluttered-over the leaves to find the place

,. '^liewanted.

?''????' Tliei'o:it is-!* ?? she said at-last.'!; •Now, i'pleas^ tell ine,1 sir, what-the-doctor is! say

ing ?:• I .tried it with tho dictionary, but 1 couldn't get on mucb-tlKit'.way.';-. r

1 Bertio is always getting hold of books "With French in them,' said Nellie,laughing.

.'I wonder vsho.-doosn't try a French piny. ; ShethaS -some J, know.' •„ ,

'}, v' You' shall tell mo1 whatFronch plays you have, 'Fairy Queen ?' said Falconer, smil ing. 1 ' And-wlien wo ha'vo dono with this book, wo might start a French play to gether.'

' Oh 1' cried Bertie, clasping her hands, •that would be to'o lovely. I should al ways remembor afterwards what tho Eng lish was. ' But,' reoollecting herself, ' that wotild bo troubling'you too'mucli; sir ?' '

' Nothing is too much for any of you,' said Lord Falconer; ' so don't vox your sunny head on that score, Queen Carita. Now for tho doctor.'

[to be continued.]