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Chapter NumberIII
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Full Date1885-05-27
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Word Count411
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Newspaper TitleBowral Free Press and Berrima District Intelligencer (NSW : 1884 - 1901)
Trove TitleThe Christmas Fairy
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What n roar of applause greeted her, aud "Vv'La'u .scuiois of opera-glasses wore levelled at }) e ! - =. •_ ;

"By rJoTo!" said Falconer to himself, she is'a, lovely,, girl-; not paint ,atid make 'tip, but genuiho'beauty."

" That's not her own'lmir, I know," said Master Williaul Mansfield, aged fifteen > but FWconor' was. .The colour, though a rare one (a goiden ,auburn), was natural; The girl bowed with graceful self possession to' the groetiiigs 'she received, find Ui<iu returned to her. attendants "and addresser! rhyming coinands to them, in a 'clear, sweet,, welhattuned .voice, with cor rect emphasis and-appropriate gestUro, each movement -full of grace;' Afterwards she! waved her wand, and the fairies 'danced' around her; ' theil they swept back, and Queen Carita danced a pas sdul.

Lord Falconer . had seen danciug of a.ll kinds in all the capitals of Europe, but he never saw anything to equal 'the dancing of Uertie Evelyn. ' 8he looked,'she moved H verifiable sylph. Her feet seemed hardly to touch the floor; there were no meaning less grins and, forced poses ; it was as grace ful as it was natural, as if she > welfe ? a real fairy, who danced alone .in some secluded glen,for her own pleasure. . " , ?

The applause that accompanied her sOmei times ' almost drowned the x orchestra) and .when she. went offj she \vas called back tumultuously;' No good to bow and kiss her 'protty hnncL The' house meant to \have an encore, arid she-must give it; and Lord Falconer* was not sorry to watch her again; ,.YeSj she wag very lovely, with deli cate I'oatureSj and great wistful, violet eyes, and a porfect figure. He thought of "what Dobbs had said', ' the' girl certainly did. 3iofa look like a daughter of Tom Evelyn's.

(Jarita scored that liigh fa; recalls and eti cores accompanied her throughout fcho even ing, and the-manager was on tlie tip-toe of delight.. He knew Bertie Evelyn would make a hit, but such a hit! No fear'of any other theatre outrivalling Drury Lane this i

year. /• I

As for her brothers^ they couid do noth-1 i-ng but talk about the pantomine< and es secially the Fair Queen, all the Way home, and they probably dreamt of dairies' and other pantomine glories all night, if they

were not too tired with excitement to dream at alL '