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Chapter NumberVII
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Full Date1878-04-26
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Newspaper TitleThe Record and Emerald Hill and Sandridge Advertiser (Vic. : 1872 - 1881)
Trove TitleThe Law's Decree: An Original Story
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f ? OUAUXEtt TXtr.

It'may not bo au>iss to approprinto.. this, phaplcr . to ft -perusal of the contents, of tho mysterious pocket-book which Ims' beou-so frequently spoken of during the preceding, ipart'of ? Ilia story ; mid, to accomplish this purpose wo must bo patient and painstaking. -

"Wo seek no(;to rifle its contents unprovoked, j \wc are not in tlio least-possible 'degree dbpre datioiis, bnt seeing that it is the .proper' progress ol the .story that ah Viplana

tioii ot some sort' should "be' iiiade' 'with, respcct to tho motive which provoked such uneasiness in the, mind' of its owner oil dis . cuvei iiig'its loss.' wo follow in tlia footsteps/of ? Poreivul Q-rayj though-wo-inayj-porhaps, d -

pcoctito in part the act which enables us to;take: a quiet and unobserved.' peep* behind the scenes, l. -l -J -

Peroival Qray bceaiiie_,p.j;sosseil_ of tho pop.ictrbook by slrategv, hut lie had loo wiso a young head upon his youth fill shoulders to allow even his friend Wearing to participate in tue kuowlcdgc which a peep into it might unearth, lie held few scruple?, however, with respcct to opening tho book-himself, but ho was nevertheless most caul ions and re served; llo knew the man with whom he had to deal thoroughly, and that- knowledge studied his head audgave his hand a firinii- is which it, perhaps, required." Tho book'he wa« fully convinced contained papers which would, solve ths mystery lhat had arisen in ?connectionwith -the; escort robbery, and lie fully convinced liimsolf with specious and in exhaustivo arguments that it was his duty to possess himself, of the iufqimatipii. Still, he lemembered Wearing's" protest, and thought that there might be under!'certain circuin Slam-Ca a question whether ho was entitled to open tho book, but ho argiied that it was iu'the

interest. of justico and ho?. opened, tho book, foithwith. " . .

This ho did after Wearing had left for the

night, ai«l-wlion ho was alone.-. r; v. ? i

The first'papcr which bo opened alarmed him. iLwas.this- _

I. O.i I). . ,


Nov. 20, 18-.

Dox Sevbbn.

Now ho understood the lawyers unwillingness to provoke a breach mth Dorset Severn, wlio it must not bo lorgotfcn was the loading local banker,'^hu't he could not understand the pur pose for which the document had been given, lie was the -Lawyer's coufidental clerk, and prided 'liimsolf upon possessing tliorimplicit conference of his muster. No transection had' passod through tho ofllee, that made ituccossary for s«oU u'd^uuienl to bo yiYOiv tu tlie bank.

.Of tlmt fact ho - was"fully . couvinMd?^'Tlicre ^viusliil a respeclablc nccouut"* standing to Don Severn's na-Jie, in .the books of tho bank, ?aud unless it wm a purely private transaction ; bc&ireen Ihe biro gentlemen; he could not tin iderstand how Dorset came to liolu thoVdocu 1 merit nt nil.. It was m tho lawyers himdwrit

.?ihe, but*tho hand hud evidently shaken when; drawing it. rJL'lie firmness of the lawyers up' and*dowiVslrokes was ?.vanling.*-- G-ray plticbc! tho document upou tuo table. determined to turn his attention to it after perusing the other pipers. .' .

Kumeroua other private papers woro opened aud perused without interest, until ho came to ii tiyhlly bound. packet' from ?" Ilarcm Scarem mid Co," a linn of merchant? winch* commanded one of the largest trades ill the Colony, lie carefully .broke the aoal wnieh bound it'utid discovered documents addressed to ^Messrs i3a*ot and .Labat, solicitors accom panied i>y emphatic- instructions to foreclose upon.Dorset.Severn's property and plaeo the eilate at' iho insolvent court.

. PercivaLGrjy was naturally takon by sur

at thjs oviileiiciV but ho was 'moi'e so whea-tiiis brioMetter.'which, was..ultaclied to the fol'goTnjV'docu m c 111 s fell into""lii3'li:in(U

p.iGawler £Tov. 18

Messrs.13agot and Lahal, .. ... . . .

' Gentlemen,- '

W o desire tLut you slirill talco immediate action in Lhis matter. For that' purpose we have forwara all original papers herewith, per tavor of llie escort. It is the only safe means ot"conraTiiifctr-"J)elay "may lose' to-us- our priority of claim." ' \VTi Inivu no further con Ilclr cuco in Severn, and fear that bo coutcmplale? shirkiiiK 'liis'frasponsibilil.ies,': by; levanting. Xlia wreck must conic evontu ill) ; we. may as wellO hasten" 'tbo event'.: ;.before.-; all hope of saving whutevociof the pargo remaining is lost. We fear it is small' compared to oar claim. YVe will be satisfied, however, with

whatever \ve can got, but £29,500 will not

easily be recovered. We await instructions how to. act. Detective Suipe is active and may . be of serried to the bai'iii'i- We only urge lmiuudlate-actiou and impress upon you it s necc.isity.;: Do-.not listen 10 compromise

.on anytprorext. . If-sucii a proposiliju should: Do lu-.ido, believe that it is only for.-the pur .pose of gaiuing tnue.;- We remauii .vours, «<.'juilice"i;

. - pro Harem Sea rem & Oo.

-. T- 0. Uondos." :

. This precious and amusing little epistle solved more tnan one duhculty. It solved two. Without solicitation Percivul Grray nn i mediately answered two questions to hnnseii I with avidity. . ? . ' ????"??? . ?

I " Who best knew where to find tbo hc.-iO of

tho escji't'robbery ? he asked and ho an

swered ' ' ' ' ?" .

u Dorset Severn."

And ore the responao died away in it's t:ch°/ lie asked aucl" replied" to a' thousand 'lh^fc .Everything was as dear ua the unclouded 3uii in the heavctia ut noon-day. Tiie knowledge uiiule him reckless for the moment and he a wore to uvenge his friends in their-, mis fortune. . >

Hut this wa3 not easily to aceoinplish under thepeeuiiar circunutanu^ in which he found himself placed.:* '

: (To be Continued.) '