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Chapter NumberIV
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Full Date1878-04-05
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Newspaper TitleThe Record and Emerald Hill and Sandridge Advertiser (Vic. : 1872 - 1881)
Trove TitleThe Law's Decree: An Original Story
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Br "Quiz."

CHAPTER IT. (Continued,J

The lawyer was convinced, however, of the loss of the pocket-book, and tbo knowledge brought an ominous cloud of dark import gradually down upon his nlTectcd nonchalance and uiiconcorn, so.much so indeed us to com pletely change liis seeming confidential aspect to one of uncertainty and despair.

"It is our mutual.interest, to discover tho whereabouts of the" contents of the book,: beyond this I cannot see that there is any thing in common betweou us, aow," said Dorset, unwilling to ullow tho matter to rc miiin' in doubr, any longer than eou'.d possibly bo'helped under. the circumstances, "lot our business be coufined to that investigation alone, and remember, I have no desiroto turn from its consideration for a moment, on any consideration whntover, and'least of nil do I wishthe matter to be thought of a secondary importance. Come, therefore, in this particu lar let lis bo uiiilcd, tlio exigence of tho

occasion deniauds that our combined eii'orts should seek the solution of this ono mystery and this only; Will you assist with your


"Yes," answered tho lawyor, " provided my advice is followed implicitly."

" I seek your advico from no idle motive,

:bo assured, " said Dorset; ?" but solely to act upon it. You will not, however, take any ;stop in - tho rfialter without first acquainting me .'of its nature and object." '. . ;

"As you please. 1 liavo no dosire to as-, sume other responsibilities than those" which I lmve already undertaken," said tbo lawyer, but as he did not volunteer to explain the nature of those responsibilies Dorset folt ,£omo reluctanco at tho moment to pursue the point, und satisfied himself with inquiring what slop." ivould be thought advisable with out arousing the suspicion of tbo idle and the gossiping.

" Would it-not be advisablo to send to ;Adoluidu for uvtloi^cfcive.--.Governmont would ; willingly; comply .with; my requbsfc'-fbr '.one,' and that without a moment's delay ?"

"Doubtless, but his interference would for a-certainty leave the mystery more "mystify ing at tho expiration of a uianth," answered tho lawyer, " than it is at present. In tho first pluce ho would be a stranger, and that fact aioilo would arouse suspicion; and, in the-second, tho majority of delectivo police are only rciiily sorvieeablo when Llioy have to deal with the criminal classes, iii which there aro always to bo found persons both willing and anxious to sell their partners in crime, either for monoy or to shield themselves from tho consequences of their participation. No, it will never do to introduce a foreign clement into the investigation, we must work with

tho material at hand."

" What material liavo wo at hand, pray ?"

"Ourselves," answered. the lawyer, "Lot us search together for the missing property at day-break, aud if unsuccessful, wo will then have a bettor opportunity to consider tho most advisable step to take."'

This plan win agreed to after somo further discussion, aud as the hour was late Dorset accepted tho lawyer's hospit.ilily for tho night. In the morning they proceeded together along the road which Dorset pointed out, but tho pocket-book could nowhere be seen. It was a cold fruitless search, and on returning to the cottage for breakfast, the disappointment of the morning materially lessened the excellence of that silent repast, in tho eyes of the gentlemen, who wero in no favorable mood to thoroughly and properly eujoy its agree.ib'.e and reviving Uealtb-couit ing freshness. "Wlion that meal, ail but untouched was removed, a scheme was formed to discover the whereabouts of the lost book, which shall bo allowed to developo itself ,iu ?its proper place. We must now return to

Sirs. Severu.