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Chapter NumberIII
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Full Date1878-03-29
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Newspaper TitleThe Record and Emerald Hill and Sandridge Advertiser (Vic. : 1872 - 1881)
Trove TitleThe Law's Decree: An Original Story
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Ur "Q.oiz."

/ " - CIIAPTEK III. {Continued.)

The cbterio forgot for the time the in terests obit's proiccc, and it was not till two smart: detectives from tho city put in an np poKrancb-that everybody discovered that Wearing had not been seen iu Gawler since ti.e day preceding tho robbery and that on that. Oceanian' he .whs ;ob.*crrcd by somebody to leave the town about dusk upon the black cob which he usually rnde when goiug any lengthy dUlsttioo into tlu!,oiii»tvj. Iimae diutely upon this fact gaining publicity, the .delectives- withthcir usual acumen proceeded without delay (irst to discover a substantial evidence against hini, and secondly to ferret, put his!.place" of. concealment for they were fully . satisfied; that -h& had cither already, qiiiltrd the country, or lay concealed in Lilt recesses of the forest, with which iic was «o familiar. Bv degrees the. public voice con-; diVUifeU! 'JVeariiig without/allowing Ifirii tlit :

, ijr i i is 11, f i ni jjar I in 15 tjr and justice of being provetl'guUt'y. before proceeding to such -in-,

iqui'.ous-n-meisure-ns to condemn him .-1111 ht'oril. Conspicuous among the throng that condemned Wearing was Dorset Severn, who was 'understood to be largely interested iu the specie which had so|euddeniy6disappeared. Ai fortnight, after Ihe robbery had been com

niifcted, Kicliaivl Wearing walked coolly into the ^township and _then beard, lie declared,

for the' first-li'mo an account; of. thei robberyi btil,he(rcfused hidignantly to.eilher aecoiint lor ' his 'absence'or to explain'Whero I10 had been, and the consequence was that 011 the ill

forrmtion bv Dorset Severn ho wm nrrostcd. and placcd 111 tho security of:iho watchhouse, a seclusion neither compatible to his i.astca nor oondueivc to tho continuance of ; Ins pleasing versntilitv and jovial hght.-heartrd easj disposition... With the clank of the iron door upon Ins sohiury-oell a heavy shadow: sollled down upon htm, and ho aged ten years almost 111 »: dayj-so-unsxplicuble are the workirgs of human nature. -In the regular course of orcnts the unfortunate was tried and honorably acquitted, bv njury of twclvo of his counirvmcn, notwithstanding the apparent exertions of an itriscori moving spirit to fasten the guilt,oTjlhe audacious, transactionupon hiin.- . Tlirouglioiit'the trial briejjerioii alone

manifested uneasiness for tho accused-a

'youth named Pereiva^ffray ' ., ,

* The object of their united 'lives 'when the aouiuen o.f.J he"delectivoJorco_failcd,"ni3st lamentably to bring to light tae daring per petrator of.tho robbery, wasjalone to unearth the mouJter,-" only thiaand nothing more"-j how fur theyjsucceeded .in their .object will be "seen'in tho natural progress of Uie story.

This was.thcTcaiise of Wearing's animos'ty and euvy. to .Dorset Severn and: his suspicions of Dou's complicity in some net that might throw a light: upon the mystery.