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Chapter NumberII
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Full Date1878-02-08
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Newspaper TitleThe Record and Emerald Hill and Sandridge Advertiser (Vic. : 1872 - 1881)
Trove TitleThe Law's Decree: An Original Story
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CHAPTER n. (Continued.)

_ " No, thauk heaven, but I fonr we will,' 2 i insist upon my husband's confidence and tntf*1 mere fact of forbidding you the house casts a' grave and torriblo doubt upon my character; a doubt, which, had any one elso uttered I would hava laughed to scorn, but when the slanderer is my own husband it bears a totally different aspect."

" Heaven preserve us from such unworthy suspicious."

" Ayo, Heaven preserve us !! We cannot bo cxpected to copo with insidious slauder ourselves. You must begone therefore, and novcr show your faco here again till you are

sont for."

"Tako this letter before I go, Grace, and read it at your leisure ; farewell!

Slio took the lotter, and its author faded from view .among the thiokness. of the


Having arranged the fallen honeysucklo, May returned to hor mother, but no .trace o! the interview was visible to her'unsuspicious


"I will pluck you a (lower, niotlior," said May euaxingly, " which shall be emblematical of your own sweet self."

" "And" what shall it be, May ?"

" This." said May, skipping away to a bed of fancy yellow flowers, " a jessamine."

' '"'But it is yellow, May," answered tin mothor, " what can it mean ?"

".A frog, a frog," yelled Harry from the other side of tho pond, "Mother, I've got a raal live frog !'*

"It moans," said May, " graco and elcgance, and that means you, you know," but the words had scarcely been uttered when sho suddenly changed her cheery aspect to that of

blank ainnzemeut.

" What can the matter be, May, you look ns if you'd swallowed a box of Holloway's pills," enquired Harry who passed hor jnst then with the real livo Trrig dangling idee Mahomet's colliU between' heaven and oarth, with every prospect of being ruthlessly butohorod before the morrow.

May's dismayed atid disconsolate appear ance induced Mrs. Severn to approach and learn the sudden change in her spirits, when tho former voluuteered a statement to the

effect that just ns she put out her hand to pluck the jessamine, a purple llowor sprung up besido the jessamine and hung ovor it as if it wanted to say farewell before its yellow friend was taken away for evor.

"Come, that beats the" language of the frogs," said Harry, but something in his mother's faco restrained his rising desiro to laugh outright.

" But what makes you so sad, May ?"

.'Don't you see what llowor that purple is,

motlior ?"'

'-Yos, darling, it is a very lovely hya


" Oil! mother, how can you call it lovely, it means -sorrow," and leaving thc jessmnmo still growing beneath tho purpio 'hy¬ęciutb,'TUay,

overcome at lust, buried her face in her wondering mother's breast and wept, while ilarry stood in the blankest of-all astonish ment, dungling hU real live frog from a string

of elastic which ho had attached to its nether limbs. :.