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Newspaper TitleThe Record and Emerald Hill and Sandridge Advertiser (Vic. : 1872 - 1881)
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CHAPTER I, (Continued.)

HE was evidently'annoyed at tlie unexpected turn the .conversation took, and being un willing to allow liis antagonist the gritifica tijn of. beholding his discomfiture, he deemed it more advisable to accept the opportunity oflbred him by the attention of Richard Wearing, the conversational young gentleman,

being attracted for u moment in another ! direction, than to proceed further in the dis cussion of a subject which might ultimately prove disastrous to him.

lie disappeared therefore around the street

corner unobserved.

On Wearing discovering the stato of ulVuir? he was very much astonished ami grcutly annoyed, and no better indication of the fact could bo obtained than the exclamation which he gave uttcranco to. He invariable .gave utterance to this identical expression ! when superlatively annoyed. It nas.

"P-h-e-w" acccutuatcdin such a peculiar manner, arid with such a lingering modulation a* io give one the Mia of the hardly percep tible wailing of tomo far distant curlew, s.> .often heard in these distant places when the night ahadea have fallen upon the bu#y

scenes around, and bccalmed them to quietude and slumber.

In the distant rccesses of 1 hp lorcst in then* primeval day?, long intercourse with tne uiiiloruetd and it's denizens, obliterated almost every recollection of former times aud their agreeable associations, and caused oiie to welcome wilh no unfeigned delight the plain tive wail of the aLteuuntcd curlew* whose sweet, melancholy voice gradually assumed a place in the forester's affections, often inducing ?iiim to look forward with feelings of longing

to the lirno when he would hear the distant Wailing of this most peculiar bird, from its .lark and dubious rerting place, iu time the voice of the curlew beeame necessary \o his ppuco ,of mind, and ut dusk when the J»nely bird spoko, to its companion, secreted in some distant bramblo ambush, ho i'elt that al though no others lived at hand, he was still notalqrie. , In the curlew he found companion -ship^ahd association* The warbling nightin gales musical numbers would have jarred UP°P ear, when the plaintive pleadings of his.-invisible companion, the lanky bird, denominated .the curleto from the peculiarity of it's wail, warmed his. heart, and madehiui feel perfect ly, at home in his dark uninhabited

seclusion. .

Richard Wearing, born :n the forest and brought up amidst its wihl'scenes; had" ion"' Caken a passionate lilTing to the curlow^ and1 no oneJtn^^ttcrMiow'to^iiui'.atc it, as none1 TcouUl comparer with liim iu"itS^aptiirir;'**IIe*

was an adejit in the forest ancikiu:wiuore of

"or5JlJjgJoW than one halfaho ilieoruticiil pro

ary 'ln Ohristeiiduuiy' . Indeed, f0CU;his &tuHy that occasionally 'n ho'iusuinedHhe

- and . aniuials?; of-hid aeijSifitttnce, "q'ufto 'baturallyl-aria^uccon

s-fuiisly.'- _ j-' . -v ; ':/

J-1 lu clinroctJrii3liuj of the curlew-had evi dently; madeira'very- deep impression-upon him, for latterly-ho had'thrown oil'his resenc apdx assumed^ tlio ;caroles?,'.' furtive) i aud u u . dignified niovevioiits_()fj.hat luvcl bird.

:-.jiVVlien,,ho, discovered his sfriendfs :de?crtioni liiu , iiiiudiiscibualy i'threw himjclf -: i»t > Hhe curlew s.famous-, attitude of progression and ..teTJ^c,W9«ro/.the t.lntel in rapid "pursuit; Onward ;hoiwenl,rJcoverir.'g the grbu id:verv rapidly, with Jiis;liead thrown forward, as i"f endeavoring to ,seo ; souietMng indistinct

the distunt darkntfss, and his'urms ^rawn-up till the hands were on a' linerwith Uie breast, similar" to" tlio'- birii's win^s wlieu it is in motion, while his loug lankv fc's witii great u.icorluinty of step, the cu.dew i? miver known to lly, struggled along with a generally earoless aiid uodiguiGed movement. :

? ' The street'iuto Vhioh'li'e' had turned' led . out uponra.'largoi!well kepticoririnon, through

which the river coursed,'Rnd'whero/innutner* able goats, pigs, dogs, cows, and'other hpocn dages of dbniesLic 'life supinely chewed'.i,iie cud or indolence, and, as he proceeded . aloiiK its' uiikcp'f footway,' a -(lark'. fi^m^'.cTidisiitlv that of his lateaTitagbnist, could easily besee'u making its wayysjowly across the common in au oppositji dirccliuUyf.Ke continued jin pur suit, having .^ajr, ^important conuuunieatioo to make belore .'' the.mule 'team* should 'be 'delivered' 110x6"' mbrnihV, a fact which ho had altogether forgotten at the mbtuent^of ineeljng -with jtjie ohje'jr pf/his

suatbu, u < nig 10 me excitement o:cusionod by 1 Dorset Sovj/'ii'd.daVrif^ ri.'lo dou'li tJ]L''butilcJcr-' strewn mountain - ridgo.i ' . ? . ' t

On-approaching;,! he ..further, extremity of Uie.' common,,, Wearing who., bail gradually gaiued'u'pon illo object of his search, was 'on ihe'pbint of 'discovering himself wheii lie oti-' sevyed.Porset Severn, sl jlt mounted- upon .Use fritting'steeilj 'approaching from1 a turn in , Llio . track . jvhich' leil, up into tlio .mountain, . .ilown-\vhieli:lio had so recently travelled. He

was eyidetilly, about to'keep a secret

'jnon t Uim' ,'wUoui Wearing ana all

(jawlcr had 'been . pleased to consider bis (brptber.; -It waSjbutfiiatural then .for him to , flgo'kiV.SlioU; tlio pvospeeb of\ tlio . brothers

meeting, thus in eeurit,. aikl out of the reach or possibility of!being overheard with _s,u» . '.piciba!and"di3lru3V.... .

. ?? 1'nlling Hat upon the ground, by which mBui.s ' 'liohoped to evade discovery, aud crawling on

all tlio shelter of .tliii hedged towards appiut^f^vliicli both (m>tieVmade,He,elected '? ult'cl^his subsequcnt^'coiiduct as.;

''uircuiiMlau.c<»v81foiil(l':.determinr. So far lie I

[\yii3':securo,'from:observation : and with tact, .iinifjlit-i-eat-in yenco there willi impunity. .

I'iio rcpuk'd broUitrd lnotj'Vtliu 'eqiicstriai)

by /bounding 'from his horsu and wringing'

?'warmly llm^o'utjtrolcli'ed'liaiidj'bf the pedes

trian, tiio lalter evincing no':les3 warmlh of feeling, as e'ueh'coiigratuliitcd the other upon, their meeting. 1:1 O'liic'li^Vd.l Wearing,' Iwho liii'd .not iy'et^ sue ccoded in getting within' earshot of th'n'pair, belied this sceuc-rwith indpscribablo amaze -merit,>'fbr; heV^iia a'-good many 'others !Wlio troubled^ J.licmselfej' wi'.h muddling ill 'he ? ^i?alfcaiiair8f6f't!ii'irinmghI)i>Ur8jr'Miad fully

agreed among ; thejiisclveJj that, the .brothers


.c&eiuiig uya(,(crs;of mora than passing import

uiie'e to the rural ^inhabitant s, ami their neigh-'" :bourhood.......j .,;0 ^-i ...

..itWiiy.ii tlio. 7peoplerflendminated ? tlio men brothers, was a problem, most difficult to ^61v^'wl:eii!it was; considered that they were it was gossiblc for ,two men to be. ''Poriet1*SeVn'rn. wiis "iT'daifk.".stalwart',..deter mined-looking man'within stem aspect and largo I uui iiwtfe'/ling lit,''spark ling, black-eagle 'iiyee, which loltl you at once of a self-willed ; lSitonntUlilo'dispositiou,' nbl easily s\x;aycdjor

inllueiieedijjTheii onco resolved and 'deter mined ujiou any courso of action, bis face vrns

t'leair^ivifh^tht "'exeeprion of' a' dark little' curling m.oustiiebc which wound itsolfdolicutely from hisjcoinpressed upper lip round upon tllf. cheek;', givjng cjtiile n .military: touch to his already' iinpressifb appearance and general iiluiiiy b0:inn£,':iiml with a largo open fore

lieuu;- indieafclug "grout mental power, aucl

? '.r'.'jj.'.f^ j'resolution';' * 'wliile, . on

companion .wasIselFjwHled, i.but{irro$olut;V: and:.113 e:isiiy persuaded front Wry'partioulur'eourso as'tlie'wealiier-cdct on

"llio clmugofqjjj|]^o.wiud.j Moreover his'portlj ^USLl'^oidilj^iiguro.gave.hiin.tho.appeara'nci'

moJeriiUl^weJI-ki'pt por poise' a luct wllfcli" often* coiidueetl lo greal nuri luii'iil uuionig certain audacious member.

of tlio-juveiiilo'-boiniHunity.'1A 'greater con ? I last j tUoreroiL!,, could, not bij ,oJ> tamed dtiioiii*

niuliy "fluff, was* to'b^VeeiL b'otli^intlio appear

and-, inaiineiv, ami conversation of Djraei Severn and Ins namcsuka< and companion,

Don Sovern.