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Newspaper TitleAlbury Banner and Wodonga Express (NSW : 1896 - 1938)
Trove TitleWhen Hargrave Turned Coward
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'(By Walter H^Iiigh't^ift /'Chums^)i; %

.;:v!?. ' '^u, ''MAPTER;:iir./;;^':;/;;;i,-,';; THE WONDERFUL 'GAME THAT HAR^ ,i/':v-/:W; '[ ...GRAViE PLAYED/;/\/^;:!/ ^';

n ; Hpw-; ;Hargi;ave '?-. liyed v: thr.bugh., ,,the ' 'few hqujs , that, winter yened -: between P!arslowe['s yisit; and.,: the /time ijfqr ^ ,tlae-',kipk-oft,. of ,Jt-iie match he^never, knew. ,;^Jqr^;by[ conflicting lemotions, itprturfed'jbyt]Unc;ertainty of/what the ;nex;t .minute,; might , -bring ;f oiv him, ., de cidedibne moment, .to brave 'the matter q,ut, the next; to. run.awa-y ?,and;! leave., at; alLvl.:e

experienced' ? thev- worst : kind; [of .jagqnyjrrrtho agony of spirit) .and; groaned; aloud, ,?:-, :?.; rrBut'how /shall the., match recorded? No .rpen/is: clever enough -to: describe ;a]l..i lie ? wonders 1 of that game,' -:and r.the oldest boy ;

at Farngate feels that he can give but a faint idea of -.''the- glories?of the -day. ,^V : '? Boys yelled1 themselves' hoarse, : andv mas ters i shouted; in , unseemly ; fashion ; at-; 1-nii wonderful play of their -beloved - OHargcvve. Beside him- the other players- .^vere- d wa.rf- ; ed.: He seemed tp: do everything hi iif;olf. I If 'the backs were /in trouble^ Harg?iivo; was there ; if the half-backs showed- :signs \ bT'waver-ing he was; among theni ; also:;' and; all/the time his lightning' dashes tlownthe: field . and Mhis; 'amazing' passes'lield 'tlii/ 'Ebw'ell team astounded. /;;'! ?-?; ; : ? ;; i - ;: ; ' /An,d ye1-. ,np; score ;was; redbrd^d inr .the; first half '\ ?' No /niatter 'what ?'thfe/I'afngath: captain accomplished', sbinethiTig ;r'vi)^ateci-; ly happened; to prevent him ;Trom '(?qrliig. . ';.?: And -so. the ; game wont on- ryitli ne; tr. ra; goal scored, five .minutes l/'.mo^.thp end. , ^Then occurred, one of; those^iiia-.^ el- lous .tuims of. play which come; to n man; but; ^lifetime. \:il': A ?;.-?: -?? -;..'??' \:v:u'-.-/.} '?? :; Hargravei' took f. the ball, f vom.o -\ 1 ;-.e fopt] of ., ian .-opposing . f orward j. just as /the ; latter: was ? :abbut -to ; shoot, ' paused, a mpment; to; takef-the: charge ;of: a?, madly .rUshing. half,; then started on a, wild 'dash down jthe field.: -Through: a.Tmaze'ofv half -backs he threaded' his] way, trickin g ? ? them w.ith ?. ? -marvellous; movements,: so that- they/ coul.d scarce.: keep; ?their -feet, straight down !the -field, until the/!: backs, ? both' fearing to? tackle :, this; giant ??: of players ?- alone/ ^closed in on the; goal- keeper to help -himun:' ??liis'; defence.;;:- Likev:a' flash Hargrayesaw that he could not hope, to penetrate ?;that;defehcei ?? Without paus ing in his stride, he flung the ball out to/ tlfe -right - wingv then- groaned in .despair as he saw both Fuller; and Marks, the out-,; side-nd.. inside' men,1 fall/ sprawling on the slippery .mud. .?;-;?;»(-;.? .I'-riii ' -//:,-; ?-./:;; '?'?'jA'lready -one of; the-backs /had: .started^ a frantic'': rush toi gain -possessibn of;ther ball %hen; Hargrave bounded - forward to: re cover it.' Side by-side they, raced ? for the matter of /about 'thirty yards, then Har grave seemed- to - bound/tln/oiigh the air:' He reached the ball less than a second heA fore his opponent, . trapped it with his rtght foot, met the'bhrushing; back with firin'^libulders and sent him, flying t.o.tlie »^?burid /' Then j str a iglit ; for goal he' raced ] 'past fii'st one, and then 'another : of; the' ,Lb ^wejl .te'aifr who, 'at a 'signal frbiri'their/cap :tairi^ were' hurrying /up' tp/ pack : the goah /A curious, ttjst';rqse'''''befbre\lijs/-!ey.esiPrdnd Ibjurred l\is yisipri.'/His heart :was '-beating 'at/a' 'mad' pace/ that ^^ 'th/eatehed;tb..tak.e/his !bireath/:: ' Then./ /for pne//;sebbnd the -/niist lifted and/ lie saw ever' such a/small, openf ing /between 'tlie forms iin..,thegbal niouthl Therb .'w-as ; a /mad shout,' from )th&/lonlqpk- ;-e'rs. . to warn ' him /that an -opponent .' was / ' apr- pi^oacliing, his. foot lifted and .shot forward just 'as a heavy foriii crashed /upon' him and'.hurled; him/to the', ground// /// / / ; He heard a wild shout, -opened hi^i eyes and/ saW;; the ball .. reposing, in ; the /far corner of/the rtet— then . sank ; back ; into unconsciousness.- That, wild run, followed by , the/last .crashing /charge, : had proved too much for the Farngate captain's, nerves and he had: fainted.-;../ ::?.;?: :'?.??.: - ;?'?'-. And iParslowe, watching from the: touch line. smiled. 'Ah,': /he himself ; as, oheer. lipon chper'rent the; air. -., A 'You've ? had .your -turn, 'jHai'crave^-it's mine now. ;I'mi ??'going.' to .the Head as; soon-;as ev.ei 1 he v. returns io The:-, time; is. getting, shb^t ' inowv'ii .bcu'? .v.roi..:.-; :-^;:qi^i'j.:^itiii -\ .-'i'-;|; j.

';;i i'^uoUoQ^GHAPTEPv^'nio ' ' .i-.r.U ; ; wi.'wa i't-'EXITi:p.APvSXi0WE:';' T/''1; '- iufij - OJ vn-vj^-: vninr:- -. STou-.i ..s.t.ri;,; 0.. ? ? AWSp. ' oUK-.,(captain— ^Hargrayeh-inrince.'bf ? ifooiballei's fi.ndithe.-best- of/igpocli fellows.''; j i:- ]iThe i schoolf-elevp.ti './were celebrating their :,vicijorj?4i as-j was;;their.-v wont:.; ;by,.a supper 1 in the.^dii'Mngi,jhi^H..^-iIt;iwas.-ithe.i:Usual^'thing, 4and ,Hargr«ave, knqwingvthis, ;hnd;,doiie his best: to /.slip away,; a's soon as ..hq,' ha'd,:re-; 1|c.pvRr,ed: froTn;,-,his swoon «and,,phanKed.;his. clothes^. But tlie others wotVld h.^ve none, of it. They did not know that their cap tnin wanted ,:;tq, go, to,, Jiis, room, write /n shqrt noter'tb thrv Head'.' Ami thon steal. awrtV'i ????'intoirtlte! ' '-night and disnpDonr from their1 midst. u:Tlioy thoupht -lus modesty made' him'--1 shun ''them' -and1 '? thinkirrc;'thati ?masteVs and ; boys' 'olung to him* /and drag ?ged^hinl'away t-b thevfflast. ',-'??'?'' /?? ' : v :.Nqw: I that tho/' excitement of the nftor n'Pon was over ' Hargrave looked toTr'ible in ?liis1 palerioss. Tho /few/ who ''noticed his cpn JclitioVi. .snid .ho/liad lbvertrainc,d, .and'yen-' 1 t'uved -.the /'hbpe ' t.hat ho had .riot' afFooie'd. lii.s, 'heart;' but the majority saw nothing Nviwie;. '' ' '?/??,: I ; Though in the' onvlior part of the/ even-/ ing tho 'icaptiririi'had sat senrco sp'enlring ;a \yonl except in reply', to remarks' iiijuh?!-'d:i- 'r^otly' to hiin.! Nnw had ?'? come ?'the' hardest ^hitjo/for' him^to bear. ? ? ?'' ?'-/'? ; ; ; ; ; ' ''.'O.Ur/captain— Hargravo— prince of '.f bol biillers and best- of ffoofrfellbws!' '?'?- '? Itv Avas the toast ' of the- even ing,1 pro

posed f by rBb|ts, tlie- /.soJipbTs' '?gpalke^^y//; arid' [the; wifd$ burnt ;antp; HaVgrave's/b/rajn/ like hbt irons ^ ' ' ? .?-. ui. -.'\..;.- ? k.LJ,:j,...x .?:;?/?/ ? The toast was received with - a roar of / applause, and Hargrave quaked. Stolidly, / he sat while the boys .yelled^ themselves ; hoarse and made the; rafters ring with the : musical honours ; ? -and all '/tli^ time the , thought of how different jit/ Iwould be if they only knew Ins/terrible : secret obsessed him A As the noise died away ... and- they settled themselves to listert^tq 'his reply a ' , great' resplve caime uponvliirii:; /He^wojild / tell* these \f ejldws r--tlie ti;uth--^-riiake known . / to thqmv''-;th^Kbi'i?ibie-;d0ed, he had commit- ;. ;/ ted. I ^He-'wquld, riot run-away. A plain / confessio'n;/it/.'/shpuld/;be/.and after that-r- / punishment/\( / -, '''?'.??;?. ?/ ..'?'; /?;;?'? He; gripped the \ edge; of the table and ?,./?

pulled ihmiselF-'-tlo.chis ;i;; but before a// word/cbukl/leayeV;hiss'pailid lips the door / was flurig..ppen and /the'.'. headmaster, with /: Parslpwe skulking at liis heels entered the / room.-; ; The boys had burst into a hearty / cheer as Hargrave. i'bse^ to his feet, but the / Head checked them with a peremptory of ;. the hand. . ' , //v. ? ?;' ?'?/; 'Silence, boys,'-' he cried, 'silence/ You are honouring one who has. no cla'ini/' to such honpur/ One; from .whoihy rath'er;,J^bii ; // should turn, with loathing and disgust^' /:/ Then he faced Hargrave. '% . ;'?/ 'You had bettei accompany me. to my// studyy-Hargrave,'!-he said in cahner-.-tones/ ;. : andr;;-inade as.r..though 'tq.w'ajk.,. f rbm/tho / ; / / room. ''^Hargrave's voice stopped liihi.' : /'There is no need, sir,', he announced quite cboliyr,/ .'I Hvas about, tb/tbll ?these good. ;fellq\ys the. '.story, which' I see/ has 'al- '-y r.eaQy /been;, .told 'to .rybiiV ''?.''. Tlie corifeksiqh shall be made now// I ; niurder'ed /' Yatestr* 'accidentaliy-r-but . stilly I ; riiiu'der ed him . We f ought on tlib/cliffs arid r/knocked/him byev and 'he'.was diwried, and I'^s ;tp|o much of a .coward tq confess my cnijie.' .- (,) There came a. gasp -.from those presen|, and; Hargrave steeledrhimself to ;tell} of jhis : ; other misdeed.,-; Tlien- a yoic^, sounded, from ;/. the-further eridrof rthe.jroom. . i ^.,1 ... s/; . .,' i'Don't'/talkorot, .Hargrave !M Hpw; cpuljd you have -murdered me if :l'm still, alive ?rf'i ^ :.: All eyes were -turned to where -the;' /voice sounded. There; was- Yates,;, dishevelled ;and .;?. dirtj', ; but' Yates for- all i that j advancing up thb room, a: cheery jismile; on his.- face! as though, his reappearance /after, all ..fthbs.e weeks was: quite, an ordinary matter..; '-- j

'./There' was ^ a clatter of; falling.' chairs :ias / boys ;leapt-to : their feet— ^ then, someone : cried,; 'Look tp Hargrave.' -The captain .was5 staring, wide-eyed and open-mouthed, ? at his old chum, gripping ;tlie table for sup port and swaying perilously. -' /As; ^onei of the masters placed a kindly hand on his shoul- // ; der he flurig.his arriis high above ; his head,- ;'/ gave brie piercing shriek, arid drbpped^uri-; //?: 'conscious to the ?flbor:?';-i:: ^-'/'-: _oif--. /-# ./In the 'dqctbr's room . that 'rsariie' tiight .Y.ates told his,' stp'ry. ./When he^; had '/fallen / down' into the sea^. lie said, he had pome- '.': itq./the; ;surfaqe/./berieath/!an /qverhanging rock^ and'to.-frighteri'/Hargfaye1; had^clung there :/;Unseen while' .' the' school . ,';captain .shouted his riariie vain. /. Wheii jftar grayie, had-, gone/ lie found; he ., could /nqt gain'; a footing on the'cliffs, /and he/was therefore forced, tb/ cling there until/two fishermen,, .passing, in their ..bpat, rescued him. ;;Tb these. two lie: told a tale/and/ pne . iirimediately/.coriceiyed the idea ^of Jblack- ;mailirig'Hai'graye//u /// './ ;... /.// '/'' ;/ Yates indignantly -refused to be a .pax'ty to- that arrangement,- ;and .was .consequent- ly kept -i.a prisorier' ip, the. cottage/: of qn© :of .the fishermen, ..while by threats. pf;; dis- closure the man. obtainedMnpney;. from fthe unhappy Hargra ve; : Parslo we, . . lie - a had jlearrit from one of/ the -men, discoyerjmg - what, was happening, .. paid . the nien, :moi'« inoriey: to keep Hargraye in a ,;state\of dread.. :He (Yates) ^lad/ made several !at tempts to get free,. but had been urisuccess- ? . ifulruntil this evening; ;?-' \..:^::1.-:-\;-i\.i ?: :: Such- was: Yates' feas'suring -story, -but' a. lbiig/ tiriie elapsed, 'before Hargrave could 'hear' it.1 /For' days he lay without moving. ? ? r';The ' story of /the missing money ?' :;liad leaked out /and within a week of the news it had been replaced ^by subscription ambng ?the boys i who; were only 'too eager tb::ido ?-all/iii: their 'power to show ?respect^ they :b/q¥e their '/captain. . Parslowe,i; it/may r be 's'arid/' took' no part in . thii/ He^; left 'the scliqpl \\;ithin ;twenty-f our ' hours of Yates' ? return'' A\vitli a strong lecture frbnivttho; Head ringing in ''his0 ear's. ; What happened ? to/the two fi$herrrien'whb brought , all'; the ; trouble Hipori; ; Hargra,ve ' will ' rievei* '/! |b'e' - / ^kn'bwri.': They disappeared from the town /^ ;irid/their.'old haunts.. / . // ,,!,:/V ' /c// // .'' ,.But; Hargraye never' ' a'gairi'playedj/fqr / the schqql//He thought .it best; to' ask'oiis' / 'parents ; tp 'rem'bVe./' him.1, Ho is / an/'qfficor ? ? : now in brie/bf the fobt 'regiirieritsV and' the ? dark days when he played the coward are 'alriibst fbrgotteri.'^/1-!;-1' -1/ ? -: /:'^;^^V ; . ? / : ; ; ! And althoxigh - : Yates. /his 'old j sch'&ol / ' chum,1 ;! visits ??him.' regularly/ thdir Ltalk ./.:,. never ; turns -^to;' that tbpic. ^TliCy^'havo ; ^/ 'buried it for- a'lways!. ''?' ;!; ?'/'/''-: :'--'K';!irt: . ..;/ -1 //V -At :)^:'-(?on9i^p^-;,V '^/'?-??i^'i^'- ??':/'?-