Chapters in The Story of a Selection

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The Queenslander (Brisbane, Qld. : 1866 - 1939)
Common Title : The Story of a Selection
Trove Title : The Story of a Selection
Common Name : Turner, Ethel
Trove Name : Turner, Ethel (Mrs H. E. Curlewis)

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#Chapter NumberChapter TitleDayDateMonthYearPage NumberArticle ID 
1ITWO WORLDSSaturday1105190189321262321
2IITHE WONDER CHILDSaturday1805190194121262398
3IIITHE SECOND LADY HELPSaturday2505190198821262711
4IVThe Painting of the Ship.Saturday1061901103721262959
5VIThirty Thousand a Year.Saturday8061901021263190
6VIIIAN ATHEISTSaturday15061901114121263228
7IXMORTIMER STEVENSONSaturday22061901118921263452
8XI Love You.Saturday29061901123721263872
9XIA Squatter Patriot.Saturday60719011721263948
10XIIR.M.S. Utopia.Saturday130719017321264145
11XIIITHE BUSH CONTINGENTSaturday2007190112121264596
12XIVHOME TO OUR HARBOURSaturday2707190116921264647
13XVHeart to heart.Saturday308190121721265033
14XVITHE ROSERYSaturday1008190126521265101
15XVIICROSSING THE VELDTSaturday1708190131321265349
16XVIIIA Skirmish by the Way.Saturday2408190136121265742
17XXMiss BrowneSaturday79190145721265970
18XXIThe Morning Cables.Saturday1409190150521266226