Chapters in The Romance of the Rallaby Riders

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Bendigo Advertiser (Vic. : 1855 - 1918)
Common Title : The Romance of the Rallaby Riders
Trove Title : The Romance of the Rallaby Riders
Common Name : Haverfield, Robert Ross
Trove Name : Haverfield, Robert Ross

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1I1. THE RIDERS. 2.MOTHER IGITUR.Saturday19101889288890150
2III3. THE SISTERS.Wednesday23101889488890326
3IV4. A LUCKLESS RIDE. 5. Mr EDWARD NEPLUS.Saturday26101889288890442
4VI6. A SHORT RIDE WITH MAGGIE.Wednesday30101889488890591
5VII7. A FURTHER CONFAB.Saturday2111889788890758
6VIII8. MR. AND MISS VELLIKETT.Wednesday6111889488890888
7IX9. KIBO, THE LETTER CARRIER. 10. PICKING UP TRACKS.Saturday9111889288891014
8XI11. A BIRD OF ETTYEBEE.Wednesday13111889488891180
9XII12. MR ZOROASTER ENFERNE. 13. HE GETS INTO TROUBLE.Saturday16111889288891291
10XIV14. THE ARBARILLA STATION.Wednesday20111889388891419
11XV15. A SAD AND UNEXPECTED EVENT. 16. A NEW SURPRISE.Saturday23111889288891571
12XVII17. UNEXPECTED VISITORS.Wednesday27111889488891711
13XVIII18. A CHANGE OF PROSPECTS. 19.A PLEASANT SURPRISE.Saturday30111889288891850
14XX20. NONE. SOME SECTIONS ILLEGIBLE.Wednesday4121889488892032
15XXI21. NEPLUS CHASED BY THE POLICE.Saturday7121889288892141
16XXII22. A SECRET DIVULGED. 23.CONCLUSION.Saturday14121889288892417