Chapters in The Adventures of Paul Loring

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Australian Town and Country Journal (Sydney, NSW : 1870 - 1907)
Common Title : The Adventures of Paul Loring
Trove Title : The Adventures of Paul Loring
Common Name : Jocelyn, H. W.
Trove Name : Jocelyn, H. W.

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1Part II. ILady Olivia's Reception.Saturday130618963371246784
2Part II. IV.-(Continued.)NoneSaturday270618963371247296
3Part II. V-ContinuedNoneSaturday40718963271295302
4Part II. VIIA Dance at Loring Park.Saturday110718963371295717
5Part II. X.-(Continued.)NoneSaturday250718963371296204
6Part II. XIII - ContinuedNoneSaturday80818963271296804
7Part II. XIV - ContinuedNoneSaturday150818963271297204
8Part II. XV - ContinuedNoneSaturday220818963371297342
92. IINoneSaturday20618963271247158
102. VIIINoneSaturday18718963271295841
112. XINoneSaturday1818963371296470
12IThe Ship Experiment and Her Captain.Saturday160518963171245765
13IIThe First Appearance of Mr. Paul Loring.Saturday160518963171245608
14IIThe Squire of Loring Park.Saturday130618963371246785
15IIIThe Experiment's Officers.Saturday160518963171245606
16IIIThe First Shadow.Saturday200618963271247157
17IVThe Experiment Gets a New Charter.Saturday160518963271245607
18IV Messrs. Biair and Travers.Saturday20618963271247156
19VMr. Loring Says Wool-bye to His Island.Saturday230518962871246040
20VA Friend in Need.Saturday27618963371247297