Chapters in Did I love Her? An Australian Novel

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Illustrated Sydney News (NSW: 1881-1894)
Common Title : Did I love Her? An Australian Novel
Trove Title : Did I love Her? An Australian Novel
Common Name : A Hobart Young Lady
Trove Name : Unattributed

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1IMYSELF AND FRIEND-CREMORNE. Exdale, August 6th, 187.Wednesday25101882064034188
2IIMISS JUDITH WYNNE.Wednesday25101882064034186
3IIITHE GIRL I LEFT BEHIND ME.Saturday25111882064034233
4IVENTER-DICKIE LUTTRELL.Saturday25111882064034231
5VMISS JUDITH EN TOILETTE.Saturday25111882064034228
7VI"SHE SHINES US DOWN."Saturday23121882064034310
9VIII"THE WALLABY TRACK!"Saturday20011883064034372