Chapters in The Chouans: A Tale of the French Revolution

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Launceston Examiner (Tas. : 1842 - 1899)
Common Title : The Chouans: A Tale of the French Revolution
Trove Title : The Chouans: A Tale of the French Revolution
Common Name : Balzac, Honore de
Trove Name : Unattributed

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#Chapter NumberChapter TitleDayDateMonthYearPage NumberArticle ID 
1VOL II Ch.IFOUGERES.Thursday3111870339678174
3VOL II Ch.IIIThe Miser's Cachette-The Attack on Fougeres- A Breton HutSaturday19111870339678473
4VOL II Ch.IVTHE PRISONER.Thursday8121870339678813
5VOL II Ch.VTHE MASS IN THE FOREST.Saturday17121870339679017
6VOL II Ch.VITHE BRETON SERMON.Thursday22121870339679096
7VOL II Ch.VIITHE CHOUAN CHIEFS.Saturday14011871339679478
8Vol II Ch.VIIIThe Ball at St James'sThursday19011871339679546
9VOL II Ch.IXThe ConfessionSaturday4021871339679875
10VOL II Ch.IXThe SpyTuesday14021871339680037
11VOL II Ch.XIITHE SNARE.Thursday2031871339680322
12VOL II Ch.XIIICHOUAN JUSTICE.Thursday23031871339680670
13VOL III Ch.IThe Thunder in the DistanceSaturday22041871339681213
14VOL III, Ch. IITHE SNARE.Saturday6051871339681404
15VOL III, Ch. IIIThe Toils Are SpreadSaturday20051871339681662
16VOL III, Ch. IVThe Net is SpreadSaturday24061871339682223
17VOL III, Ch. VThe ExplanationSaturday1071871339682345
18VOL III, Ch. VIThe MarriageSaturday15071871339682599
19VOL III, Ch. VIIThe EndTuesday18071871339682611
20ITHE MARCH OF THE CONSCRIPTS.Saturday16071870339676160